Brian Stelter: Mike Lindell Sells Pillows and False Hope

UPDATE: I see someone got angry at the anti-Joe Biden agitprop at the gas station.

Is Mike Lindell really selling false hope?

Clearly, Trump is the favorite right now in the 2024 election. If the election were held right now, the GOP would take the House and Senate and Trump would be restored to power. Sure, you could say Q and Lindell and Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and their ilk are ridiculous cranks, but they can just keep up kicking the can down the road to January 20, 2025.

Note: Lindell is sucking up to Trump and stroking his ego and it will probably pay off for him in the long run. Maybe he will be White House Press Secretary in Trump’s second term.

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  1. Too funny. There’s so many like Trump, who talk tough.
    All talk, no action.
    So if you like a lot of big talk, vote for these guys. It won’t matter anyways.

    • We need electable candidates who specifically advocate for Whites. Maybe by 2024 we’ll have a few that do. Trump isn’t one of them.

  2. @ Stinkfinger and donny lemongirl, should get married, when they get too port au prince, on a unrelated note, Whites in the western cape area in south africa, delivered too to the south african p.m., A petition this past Friday, seeking to secede from south africa and establishing a white country in the western cape area.

    • A Free White State in South Africa would be wonderful. But President Trump would immediately order sanctions against it, no different from Biden or any other stooge.

  3. It is settled for me at this point.

    I’ve pretty much decided that yes, voting is a waste of time IF (and big IF) you actually expect anything to change because the person you voted for said they would change something. Politicians don’t change anything willfully. Not in OURDEMOCRACY™?.

    This is no longer my purpose at all in voting. My purpose in voting is now completely strategic. I have noticed, HW, that you like to refer to the current GOP strategy as “backlash” politics. And that is certainly true. But each election cycle the backlash gets stronger and broader. I know that grifters and conmen have been reaping the benefits of this for the most part, but it has definitely served to stoke discontent among the people. People who otherwise prefer to do their grilling and sportsball. Yeah they’re still grilling, but those $25 ribeyes have got a good many of them pissed.

    That’s why I’m all-in to vote for a GOP clean sweep in 2022 as well as 2024. I don’t think they’re fraud schemes will be able to cover up the coming tsunami of backlash that coming.

    One of two things will happen. Either the frothing at the mouth shitlibs will be shunned and shut down as common sense starts to creep back in to the mind of the moderate liberal, OR, they get so much more insane that they do provoke secession and maybe civil war. Either way, the outcome will be better for white people and southerners than the current zeitgeist we’re in.

  4. Donald Trump:”‘I will bomb the shit out of Iran if I am elected POTUS in 2024….and I will reinvade Afghanistan…..and I will continue the US occupation of Syria for my Jewish friends….and I will legally import China’s and India’s youth into America..”

  5. Overpriced pillows I’ve heard they are, even the “premium” version filled with chunks of foam that are said to “feel lumpy, compress and flatten.” Salesmanship (taking advantage of people by persuading them to buy things they don’t need and pay more for things than they are worth) is THE quintessential American product, and the surest road to riches, and fame and political office in this money-worshipping “culture.”

  6. Shelter is jealous because he never built a business and never will. All he has is his job with CNN lying for his bosses.

  7. I promise you, Stelter was a bedwetter until well into his teenage years, and very likely was one of those kids whose mother continued to nurse him until he hit puberty.

  8. Stelter is merely a bulbous broken clock. He’s correct by sheer accident. Lindell, yet another grifter, is indeed selling a false hope. If God-Emperor of Grift Cheetohead the Clown is magically “elected” to a 2nd term in 2024 it will be a re-hash of his utterly miserable first term – except worse: endless tweeting while his Satanist son-in-law is put in charge: hiring swamp-dwellers to drain the swamp, funneling boatloads of shekels to Israel and the tribe in general, cementing the totalitarian gains made by the Pelosi-Biden-Garfinkel regime and and knifing Cheetohead’s clueless supporters in the back at every opportunity. The Dominion machines will be programed to ensure he wins the next edition of the mostesss important erection evahh. As the Q-tard’s like to say “it’s all part of the plan”. 666-D quantum-chess you see.

    Sinners can repent but stupid is forever.

  9. The Long March CPUSA/CCP comrades will have the burning it all down better complete by 2024 and let’s go Brandon will run away with his did I do that Urkel tag team comrade Barry from Chicago.

  10. Mike Lindell, and the Telavivevangelists over at TruNews should join forces with the Infowars and American First (groypers) grift of the Trumptards, MIGAtards, and Qtards.

  11. The democrats made a huge mistake when they very effectively branded their product as “black.” Not just a “well spoken” black front man, but radical pro crime positions that appeal only to criminals, low IQ dummies, and out of touch coastal eggheads. Before they were seen by all the Fake Americans just off the boat who get America about as much as you get a foreign language film with the subtitles turned off as the modern party of urban smart people. To foreigners the cities in their own country are the up and coming modern places you want to go, they don’t get that in America the cities have been given over to the morlocks and everybody with a brain moves way out to the newest suburb if you are forced to work there. Now though with Trump Derangement Syndrome the Democrats responded by empowering the worst black dummies putting a black face on their party that is impossible to ignore. Along with this black face comes incompetent economic policy. They really have hurt their brand and are so hissingly hostile most don’t even seem to get it yet.

  12. The main defects of the 2020 election, created by intent, have not been solved:

    a. unlimited, unverified mail-in-ballots.

    b. No post-mark necessary on ballots.

    c. no deadline on stating results of election, e.g. no close polls when the Trump candidate is losing and bus in more ballots/keep counting until the Manchurian candidate wins.

    d. cutting the mike of Trump during debates.

    e. massive, naked censorship and canceling of banking services for Trump influencers

    f. FBI/Justice Dpt. persecution of main Trump organizers (a new development.)

    • The Deep State sees none of the things listed as a problem but as successes, they got away with all their crimes unscathed. They don’t like Trump talking about things like “America First”, how bad the wogs are, what shitholes American cities are, how corrupt the Government is, endless wars etc. but the Deep State likes the policies Trump pursued, the Deep State’s agenda %99. They are concerned about Trump having changed the discourse in politics by using nationalist/right wing rhetoric but he governed like a typical Republican.

      Trump and the Deep State were on the same page on all of their most important issues. The Pentagon got all they wanted and more, the (so-called) “intelligence (sic)” agencies continued to run wild, none of their wars were stopped. Saudi bought weapons and got full U.S. support for their Yemen war, U.S. troops were increased in Syria etc. and of course, for Our Greatest Ally every day was Christmas morning.

      To end Herr Trump’s miserable presidency he pardoned Rappers who (rightly) gave him the finger on their way out of prison and also pardoned all of Kushner’s friends. While pardoning the most loathsome characters he could find Trump also allowed his most stalwart supporters to rot in jail where they are today. The Q Anon retards have learned nothing while Trump grifts off of them for 2024. What a guy, he is shameless and his supporters are clueless.

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