You’re The Republican Base Now

It is sad, but true.

We have finally gone mainstream.

Congratulations, you’re the Republican base now.

BTW, if you didn’t vote for Trump in 2020 and don’t identify as a strong Republican and you think the system is rigged and that there is “no political solution” and that “voting by people like me doesn’t really affect how government runs things,” these views are normal and pervasive in the “Populist Right,” which is what the Pew Research Center is now calling our swath of the electorate. Some of the hallmarks of this cohort of voters are a strong sense of White identity, alarm about changing demographics, rural or small town residence, strong populist views on economics and institutions and an overwhelming cynicism about politics and a sense that life was far better in the past than the present.

Educated people and activists have much more coherent ideological views and follow politics much more closely and thus are far more easily blackpilled than normies with similar views:

“Populist Right” is the most likely group at 61% to say that voting doesn’t really affect how the government runs things. A majority of all other groups believe that how we vote matters in how we are governed. 87% believe that the economic system unfairly favors powerful interests. 81% believe corporations make too much profit. 82% believe that large corporations have a negative effect on the ways things are going in the country which is higher than all Democratic groups except Progressive Left.

Back in 2008, the Republican base was very different. It was much more suburban and college educated and held together by “fusionism.” Democrats were much more competitive in rural areas and White working class districts. This is no longer the case today.


“Iowa’s 2nd District, in the state’s southeastern quarter, simply doesn’t fit the bill of a Democratic district anymore. According to the government’s latest American Community Survey, 63% of the district’s residents 25 years and older are Whites without a college degree. That puts the district in the top 66 of 435 (15%) of the nation for adults who match this description.

Democrats represent a mere five seats of the 65 districts (8%) that have a higher proportion of Whites without a college degree in their ranks. All of those Democratic representatives were incumbents heading into the 2020 elections (i.e. no non-incumbents like Hart won in these districts). Going further, a mere two of the top 50 districts with Whites without a college degree have a Democratic representative and none of the top 10 do. …

After the 2006 elections, Democrats controlled 44% of the districts with as many or more White non-college graduates as Iowa’s 2nd District. They held 23 of the top 50 districts matching this description, or 21 more than they do now. Additionally, Democrats held five of the top 10 of these districts compared to zero today.

One of those five in 2006 was Democrat Zack Space from Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in the state’s 2nd District. He won by 24 points in an open seat and by 45 points in his home county. That district, in its form then, had more non-college Whites as a proportion of the adult population than all but one district nationally.

To give you an idea of how much things have changed in the last 15 years, former President Donald Trump won Tuscarawas by 40 points in 2020.The cultural shift that has allowed education to become a predominant factor in our voting patterns has also shifted the way we think about class in politics. …”

During the Obama presidency, a huge number of White working class voters in small towns and rural areas who had previously elected Democrats, but who have conservative views on social issues and populist views on economics were alienated from the Democratic Party. Those people shifted from being Democrats and Independents in the Obama era to becoming Republicans in the Trump era.

Note: White Democrats have become much more woke on race over the past 14 years and one of the biggest reasons that happened is that everyone who disagreed with Wokeism has steadily left the party in spite of their views on economics and the Republican Party.

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  1. Our sentiments are now mainstream because the Zionist Jews who own the right have appropriated them, made them retarded, and fed them to the public. Now you have large numbers of people aware of the fact that a hostile foreign power controls us, but they think it’s freaking China!

    When I see a right wing idiot raging against China in the YouTube comment section I physically cringe and slap my forehead in exasperation. There is no hope for these morons. They will always be sheep.

    • It used to be “Muslims”, then Russia, now it’s China. They don’t see millions of Mexicans invading the US as the enemy.

    • Getting in bed with China hurt the average American very seriously in the pocketbook. Their livelihoods were callously stolen from them and “flyover country” turned into one gigantic Pine Ridge Reservation full of addiction and despair. It’s good that they are becoming angry over this, who said you can only have one enemy? The angrier and more desperate they are the more likely they will sit and listen to the answer. You can explain it like this: we are in a bad marriage with these people. It’s like a spouse with mental health issues who insists upon adopting 8 troublesome foster kids or fills the house with cats and dogs to ease their mental angst. Add to that a will to totally control you and every aspect of your behavior. That is a toxic relationship.

      • Chinese are a strong counter-force to jewish world domination and degeneracy, especially with xi jinping at the helm. These anti-China fools on the right are mostly patriotards and philosemites. Jews are way worse than chinese will ever be. I trust China more on making sane foreign policy decisions than jews.

        • Exactly. It’s the biggest offender pointing at someone else as the culprit. They’ve demonized China, Russia, Muslims, Iran…

        • John Bircherism runs deep within the American right. For the American right, it’s impossible to believe that Americanism failed on its own, so they have to look for a vast communist conspiracy to blame. China fits well enough. Nevermind that we can actually watch all of the American media, American academia, American corporations, American intelligence agencies, etc. causing all of these problems. The Bircher right will just say that all of those people are paid off by the Communist Party of China.

          The same people will go on and on about the threat of “globalism,” but then support the American military, the most globalist institution in existence that has bases in dozens of countries all over the world. For them, globalism means some weird doofuses in European think tanks, not the actually existing global American military empire that has been enforcing globalization and the destruction of peoples and cultures for decades.

  2. In 1984 Reagan won 70% of the white vote. The CIA was extremely worried about that. By the end of 1986 they had wrecked the entire party. This is nothing new. The Edomite Party is only the Right Hand of ZOG. The only base it has us Jewish money.

  3. The Right Wing Base of the Republicans better get prepared to be taken for a ride by the “conservatives”, again. They never seem to learn or get better. The Republican Party is just another Big Bidness which sells its voters to the highest bidder, Our Greatest Ally’s friends time after time.

    At least the Democrats are on the same page as their lunatic voters as they drive their crazy bus with no brakes off the cliff 1,000 feet down into Hell. The Republican Party is owned and run for the benefit of their oligarchs who hate Republican voters and mercilessly exploit them as they laugh at them all the way to the bank. The Republicans are irredeemable. The lesser of the two evils is still evil.

  4. If the worthless Republicans had an ounce, even a grain of integrity this would be their position on immigration and they would have built a concertina fence across every yard of the southern border on day one of the Trump administration:

    A policy of massive deportation would have followed had the Republicans not been in the pockets of the corrupt oligarchs.

  5. Note that, according to your polling data, the “Populist Right” don’t favor raising taxes on corporations and raising the minimum wage, and they don’t seem to oppose private, for-profit banking. Just what I thought! They’re just as much confused and wrong as the other categories, only they are confused and wrong in different ways than some of the other categories. All of the categories or groups are confused and they all support the System in different ways. The System remains strong and secure because it has no real effective, rational opposition.

  6. But the billionaire donor class hasn’t changed one bit. So we can expect to hear a more convincing message, but then, as usual, get none of it. We can also expect more “plan trusting” from the fake nationalist Fuentes crowd.

    • You really do misunderstand Nick Fuentes. You have to go deeper than just how things look on the outside. But don’t worry, they aren’t going to let him do anything.

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