MSNBC: You’re Woke, OK Boomer

Black PMCs are the biggest supporters of wokeness.

Here is a short list: Ibram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Carol Anderson who are the biggest avatars of the movement. The insufferable woke blacks include Joy Reid, Tiffany Cross and Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC, Don Lemon on CNN and Charles Blow in the New York Times.

Note: Glenn Loury was correct when he said at NatCon II that these people are an asset for us. Lots of White people listen to these woke blacks and guilt and shame and deference aren’t what springs to mind. MLK was vastly more successful at manipulating White people than his successors. I don’t think people like Tiffany Cross appreciate how unusual and precarious their position is in American society.

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  1. Add this “The 1619 Project”-Clown to the list. But then, ofc they are supporters of woketardery, bc it means lots and lots of cash from gult-ridden white libruls.

  2. Any black who thinks he’s oppressed and demands to live with his oppressors when he can go to 50+ black countries to be with his own is a fraud.

  3. And every fucking pop up ad has some frizzy haired baboon with mulatto offspring in it. There is an arduino ap that blocks ads at the router. If I don’t tune out completely I might have to install this.

  4. Boomers constantly rehash political philosophies and candidates. Meanwhile, our nation is invaded by millions of nonwhites living off of our taxed incomes.
    It’s like someone dying of cancer complaining about a hangnail.

  5. This CRT is coming from these 95 IQ so called black intellectuals who just don’t like the fact that the black man always winds up on the bottom of the dung heap no matter where he goes. They hate excellence, the normal way our society works has to be racism because there is no fair way for them to wind up anywhere other than where they do. It’s like the spite of Tonya Harding against Nancy Kerrigan, she knew there was no way she could beat her in fair competition so might as well kneecap her and win by default. Same with the loser blacks wanting to take us down any way they can to appease their bruised egos.

  6. You are supposed to forgive and forget not torment the innocent, unless of course you are a Jew. Do any of the woke crowd know Christ? Doubt it. They are all in love with the Moshiach.

  7. These miserable, loud, obnoxious, stupid, black PMCs are going to have a fall from grace for the ages when the U.S. financial system disintegrates. High and going higher inflation is just a symptom of the underlying financial instability caused by trying to build a Globo-Homo Empire on debt, de-industrialization, military spending, immigration, diversity and rule by oligarchs. The thread is just about played out now, inflation is just starting to impoverish the vast majority of people and foreclose the bright, fraudulent futures the diversity types imagined for themselves.

    The U.S. Government was able to spend recklessly over the decades because the USD was the world’s reserve currency allowing the Fed to print dollars at will. The resulting inflation ate away at the value of existing debt allowing the system to continue. The money going bad through inflation means there will be nothing left over for these diversity frauds. The whole so-called “Civil Rights” era and its attendant anti-White legislation over the decades was only possible because the U.S. economy threw off enough money to indulge these leeches with EEOC jobs, EBT, unearned big bidness positions, unqualified college/university admissions etc.

    Each round of inflation always carries a risk of destroying the currency because inflation always runs away from the geniuses at the Federal Reserve with their academic theories. This looks to be the situation now with inflation at late 1970’s levels at the beginning of this latest round of inflation. Inflation was at current rates at the end of the last big inflation cycle in the late 1970’s meaning we’re just getting started on inflation, not at its end. Inflation is necessary to destroy the value of the unpayable debts/unfunded obligations the U.S. Government has accumulated over the decades without a de jure default.

    Without real money it’s the end of EEOC, so-called “Civil Rights”, money for useless education programs and general feeding at the Government trough for everyone. The coloreds, especially the angry ones on TV will have to rely upon their scarce charms and even scarcer talents to earn their daily bread when the wheels come off the Big Globo-Homo Shopping Mall. Fuck ’em.

    • There’s plenty of money for them, and no sign of it running out. Check out the link in Krafty Wurker’s post above, which shows the dispersement of money.

      • Yes, I read Ann Coulter and of course she is correct. More money for the colored folk and Whitey gets the tab. The problem for the U.S. Government is that the purchasing power of its dollar is being eroded by Government caused inflation. This is going to cause a financial crisis worse than 2008. With Government finances in terrible shape because of all the debt and unfunded liabilities the Government won’t be able to cut interest rates or print their way out of the crisis like they did in 2008.

        The Fed is planning to to taper their intervention in financial markets next year which will raise interest rates if they even do it. Even if the Fed doesn’t taper their problem is that inflation is already driving interest rates up just to compensate bond buyers for inflation. Check out the 10 year which is over %1.63:

        The Fed can really only do two things; cut interest rates and print money which they did to an extraordinary degree in 2008 and 2020 because of Covid. There are only so many times they can go to the well with this strategy before causing high inflation which appears to be the case now. High inflation will anger White normies like never before and make Government programs cost so much they will become financially untenable.

        That is the position the U.S. Government is in now; they must cut spending drastically to reduce debt but they must also increase spending drastically at the same time to keep their rackets going. They are in a damned if they do/damned if they don’t position this time. Government money showered on their pets simply won’t have nearly the effect it has had in the past because of rapidly increasing inflation which is not transitory like the guy on TV says. As this situation worsens the Government will be pushing on a string with their spending.

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