Poll: GOP Has Record Advantage Heading Into Midterms

The Democrats are dead in the water.

It is not exactly news around here. We saw how the 2021 elections went for them. At this point, the Democrats have virtually no chance of holding the House in the 2022 midterms. They are going to have a bad year. The real question is how shattering will their defeat be in the 2022 midterms. How large will the GOP majority be in the House? Will the GOP take the Senate too?

Take a look at this.

ABC News:

“Republican congressional candidates currently hold their largest lead in midterm election vote preferences in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 40 years, underscoring profound challenges for Democrats hoping to retain their slim majorities in Congress next year.

While a year is a lifetime in politics, the Democratic Party’s difficulties are deep; they include soaring economic discontent, a president who’s fallen 12 percentage points underwater in job approval and a broad sense that the party is out of touch with the concerns of most Americans — 62% say so. …”

This is the ABC News/Washington Post poll.

If memory serves, this has been for the longest time one of the worst polls for Trump and Republicans. It had Biden winning Wisconsin by 17 points on the eve of the 2020 election. This poll had Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania by 7 points. Normally, I look at the Washington Post poll as a measuring stick of “the optimistic case for Democrats.” It has the GOP up by 10 points heading into the 2022 midterms.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Joe Biden is down to 39% on the economy
  • Joe Biden is down to 47% on COVID and is two points underwater even with the vaccine mandate. This is especially damaging given the intensity of the opposition to his COVID policies
  • Joe Biden is down to 35% with Independents
  • Joe Biden is down to 49% support with “Latinx” voters
  • Joe Biden is down to 33% approval in key swing states with contested Senate races – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
  • Independents favor the GOP in 2022, 50-32%
  • Suburban voters favor the GOP in 2022, 54-39%
  • 63% of Independents support the infrastructure bill which passed Congress and 58% support the “human infrastructure” bill, but only 35% of Independents support Joe Biden

In short, Democrats have lost the Center.

Harry Enten, another one of their top Jews, has some more bad news for their Democrats.


“(CNN) – President Joe Biden’s approval rating is at its lowest point since he took office. His approval rating has slid into the low 40s this month. And while the President has plenty of time to recover before his potential reelection in 2024, history suggests that his chances of becoming popular and Democrats gaining ground by the midterms in 2022 are small. …

Just one, Donald Trump in 2017, picked up appreciable support (i.e. more than 5 points) in the year before the midterm. He gained about 9 points from a nearly -20 net approval rating to about -10 points. …

Still, Biden shouldn’t be looking to Trump for too much inspiration. Beyond the fact that Trump was still unpopular come the 2018 midterms, Trump had an approval rating of 80% among Republicans at this time. Biden is in the 90s with Democrats. All Trump needed to do was coalesce his base to be in a better position. Biden’s already done that.

The other worrisome sign for Democrats is the generic congressional ballot. The two parties are basically tied on it now in an average of polls. …”

As bad as these numbers are for Joe Biden and the Democrats, it almost always gets worse from here for the party in power. Trump was an exception. He improved his numbers heading into the 2018 midterms. He did this by becoming more popular with the Republican base by delivering on tax cuts and Kavanaugh. The economy was also good for Trump heading into the 2018 midterms.

The Democrats already have their base. Joe Biden isn’t going to make his base any happier with him. It is worth noting that nearly half of them already don’t even want him to run for president again in 2024. The swing voters who made Joe Biden president and who gave the Democrats their majority in Congress have decisively turned on them. Maybe COVID will ease, gas prices will come down and crime, illegal immigration and inflation will abate. Maybe Joe Biden will get a SCOTUS appointment through before Democrats lose the Senate. Maybe none of these things happen though and Democrats haven’t hit the bottom yet – their base could easily become demoralized – which is the more likely scenario.

Note: It goes without saying that I don’t expect the Republicans to do anything with another congressional majority. I’m not siding with them or cheering them on. I’m just observing the demise of the Democrats from the sidelines. They have crashed and burned with a trifecta. It is what it is.

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    • They are highly engaged right now, but yes, we have seen this dozens of times before. The GOP is nothing but a vessel for backlash politics. It doesn’t have a positive and popular governing agenda. Republicans get elected, sell the agenda to donors and lobbyists and spend their time delivering victories for them. Inevitably, this demoralizes their voters, and they lose power. The Democrats return to power, stir up the Republican base and they ride the next backlash back to power. This is the cycle. Backlash politics leads to grifting and grandstanding and at best a temporary relief from whatever awful thing that Democrats are doing with power.

      • The GOP is an integral part of the Anti-White vicious circle. Hopefully, more and more Whites are starting to realize this, will hold Republican feet to the fire or get them the hell out.

    • U.S. politics feels like a time loop. And not just in regards to the “Backlash Politics” cycle. Most of us here, myself included, are old enough to remember the “Religious Right vs. Secular Left” wars that began in the 70s, reached a fever pitch in the 80s and 90s, and spilled over into the Dubya years, not really ending until the 2006 midterms. I was born in 1989 and raised in an Evangelical-Fundamentalist household, not to mention I have a natural interest in politics and philosophy, so I’m intimately aware of what this dichotomy looks like.

      Here we stand in 2021, and so much of the rhetoric and arguments I see these days are a reflection, even a direct call back, to that old dichotomy. Its painfully obvious that Democrat supporters of Joe Biden, such as Richard Spencer, were on the Leftie side of that old culture war. The “Moral Majority” is like the Left’s eternal boggyman. They must always be on guard against it. They eternally campaign against it. Its revealing. I personally am not attracted to the “Christ is King” or “America is a Christian Nation” stuff promoted by GOP politicians like Marjorie Green Taylor, but I’m also not really bothered by it. Its obvious that Lefties in the WN Movement HATE that stuff at a deep, spiritual level.

      Basically, what U.S. politics comes down to in 2021 is really not much different than it was in 1980: The Democrats repel Right Wingers and Conservatives, but they resonate with Liberals and Progressives, particularly the PMC archetype: Educated, Professional, Affluent, and values being “Smart” above all else. I saw a tweet that Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is 85% White and votes 90% Democrat. That’s not only Joe Biden’s base, its the spiritual type that is attracted to the Democrat Party and Wokeness, which are one and the same, and have been one and the same since the 1960s.

      There’s really no point anymore in pretending that Right and Left are “just used to divide people,” when in fact, they are reflections of essential spiritual divides between two different types of Whites: One Aristocratic and Neurotic (Liberals and Progressives) the other Plain and Tribal (Conservatives and Populists). One type wishes to Control, Rule, and Dominate – usually for sadistic and selfish purposes – the other is a salt of the earth type that just wants to be left alone to enjoy life, liberty, and happiness. One is about always going on the offensive, the other is fundamentally about self-defense and protection.

      In light of this, the theory that the two parties “are the same” is neither relevant nor interesting. What’s interesting – what’s fascinating, and what will determine the course of the future – is the differences between the GOP and Democrat base, the former like a Warewolf, the later like a Vampire. Get ready for an intensification of the Culture Wars in the years ahead. The Democrats supply so much of it, and they do it because its what their base wants more than anything else. The eternal struggle between the degenerate Aristocrat and noble Commoner continues. The Whigs were right all along.

  1. It doesn’t matter if Republicans take every seat in congress and the senate and never lose them again.

    The constitution is null, and the three branches have been usurped entirely by an entrenched class of elite malefactors that rule defacto in their place.

    The bureaucracy, the banking/corporate interests, the pentagon, the media. They control every aspect of the imperial infrastructure. It doesn’t matter which way the hamster runs on the wheel. Thats its purpose.

    The only narratives of value are those that damage the facade of legitimacy the hamster wheel is adorned with, and those that legitimize the increasing efforts by state level actors to reassert their independence from Zog.

    My only interest in national politics is the possibility of State level institutions throwing wrenches into the works, thumbing their noses at the Federal government and sticking their fingers in Zogs eyes any chance they get.

    The dichotomy of State Sovereignty versus Federal Sovereignty is the only legitimate frontier we as normal people still hold any ground on. Washington is lost.

  2. The Democrats’ strategy of swinging to the far right and out-warmaking and out-big businessing the GOP instead of pretending to be the party of labour is backfiring with some crucial swing voters who keep looking for a better deal. But who cares? The parties are identical twins.

    The Democrats’ (AND Republicans’) pro-corporate “public health” strategy of pretending to want to fight the SARS coronavirus while letting it rip is also backfiring with voters, because it obviously doesn’t work. Coronavirus cases and deaths keep going up not down in the U.S. and capitalist Europe is being hit so hard it is returning to fake ineffective lockdowns (not like China’s). Laissez faire Sweden has one of the worst outcomes in Europe, and has quietly instituted the same mitigation measures as other European states. Nothng will be done about the pandemic that doesn’t have to be done to protect big business (the interests of the upper class and superwealthy elites).

    As long as the two twin parties can take turns instituting the exact same bad policies (bad for the people, but perfect for the elites) nothing will change. Mainsteam media, which includes Faux News, works to convince the target audiences (Faux News has its own target audience) to pay attention and believe they have a choice and a part in the political process.

  3. “The only narratives of value are those that damage the facade of legitimacy”:

    Spreading knowledge of the hypocrisy and failure of the present system is important, but spreading knowledge of a viable alternative system that does provide peace and freedom to all people is the real danger to the present system.

  4. It’s a rigged game from several aspects, not the least of which is the two-party (flim-flam) racket. That being said, the “alternative” parties are fake too. Libertardians prefer to run crackpots like the smurf who ran for Senate in Wyoming some years back (he took so much colloidal silver his skin was literally blue and his hair white – probably dead by now). Talk about bad optics…

    Other alternative parties focus entirely on the presidential race – basically ignoring the often more directly important state and local races. The Republicans are well beyond any hope of reform. They and the Cheeto-Jeezus need to be tossed onto the garbage heap of history where they belong.

    • The Libertarian “muh Free Market” Smurf is dead. He used his magic powers as a Libertarian Retard to dose himself with about 10 oz. a day of his colloidal silver concoction for years turning himself blue. Bad optics indeed but if I were in charge of the U.S. Globo-Homo Shopping Mall I would have made him Mr. President just for the laughs. He certainly couldn’t be any worse than the fucksticks in charge (or hoping to be) now.


      The ultimate ticket: Smurf as Mr. President and Cheeto Jesus as Vice President. Blue and Orange, back the blue as the new campaign slogan. Trump would be boiling mad as only Vice President playing second fiddle to the Smurf as Mr. President. He would be having public outbursts like never before. The laughs would be tremendous, better than any other ticket.

      Ultimately one of the most important jobs of Mr. President is Chief Entertainer of the Three Ring Circus known as the U.S.A. so why not pick the best? The only alternative would be Cackling ‘Heels Up’ Kamala as Mr. President and Willie Brown, former Speaker of that august body of scumbags known as the California State Assembly as Vice President. No doubt Cackling Kamala would come out of her meetings with Willie Brown wearing her stained blue pantsuit and presidential kneepads just like Monica.

  5. The Republicans had both houses and the Presidency in 2016 and failed to do a thing. The next time won’t be any different either. They are just as compromised as the dems.

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