Poll: Trump Tops Biden By 11 Points In Iowa

Your Favorite President is returning in 2024, folks.

If nothing else, you know Trump will run again for the grift, but the temptation to run again when you can win outright and settle scores is going to be irresistible for him.

The Hill:

“Former President Trump leads President Biden by 11 points in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup in Iowa, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by Selzer & Co and Des Moines Register/Mediacom, found that 51 percent of likely Iowa voters would support Trump in the 2024 election and 40 percent said they would back Biden.

Four percent of respondents said they would not vote for either of the candidates, and 5 percent said they remain unsure.

Trump won Iowa and its six Electoral College votes in 2020 by 8.2 percentage points. He also won the Hawkeye State in 2016, besting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 9.4 points.

Trump’s lead in the new poll appears to be driven by support from independents in the state, who broke for the Republican, 45 to 37 percent. Biden has 95 percent support among Democrats, while 91 percent of Republicans are backing Trump. …”

Do you remember my controversial take on the 2020 election?

Trump lost the election. He lost because of White voters. Specifically, he lost the 2020 election because he lost too many White male Independents. It wasn’t fraud. He just lost too many of the swing voters who had supported him in the 2016 election and couldn’t make up for it with higher Republican support. Those people are storming away from Joe Biden with their hair on fire.

Take a look at Iowa.

Iowa 2016:

Iowa 2020:

Iowa is an important state for two reasons.

Iowa is culturally the best proxy state of how the Midlands is swinging. This is how we knew on the eve of the 2016 election that Hillary was collapsing and Trump was going to do unusually well across the Rust Belt. Independents swung against Trump in 2020 in Iowa and all over the country. He still won the state in 2020, but by a smaller margin than in 2016. It was enough to tip Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan to Biden. Trump is now outperforming his 2016 numbers in Iowa.

The second reason that Iowa is important is because it tells you a lot about how White working class rural voters are trending. We got a preview of that in Virginia. How devastating will the 2022 midterms be for the Democrats in the Trump Belt from Maine to Minnesota where White working class rural voters are a higher share of the population than elsewhere in the country?

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  1. He might not win or even run IF the U.S. population stops believing in the “American dream” and wakes up to reality. Then the Democrats won’t win either. Common working people will win.

  2. Iowa is a weird state – hard to call.

    Like New Hampshire, Iowa folks love all the attention of being a first primary “The Iowa Caucuses” , just love the media attention.

    Getting on TV is very addicting for individuals and for groups of Whites.

    When the NY Times ran that smear on Rep. Steve King – that King dared say a few positive things in defense of Western Civilization, the Iowa GOP through him under the bus and supposedly Conservative, Populist, America First voters folded like a car made out of tin foil!

    All polls say White American voters hate the (J*w, homo, BLM) mainstream media and pathetic, fake Conservative alternatives (RINOs and Cucks) but most still fall in line.

    As in anyplace where large agriculture or just any agriculture and meat processing plants/companies like Tyson Foods, Cargill dominate, intimidate state and local economies, politics – these places just love low wage migrant Mestizo/Mayan even Somalian cheap labor.

    Bad tax exempt Religious Right, Christian Zionists like Mike the Huckster Huckabee also do real well here… this translates in to:

    Israel Uber Alles

    Maybe a rather big BLM/Antifa race riot, mass looting might change things, but I thought that would happen in Minnesota and Wisconsin politics and the Libs, BLM, BRA just double down took the state houses.

    There are some rumors that beloved ex Viking and GB Packer starts like Brett Farbe and some defensive lineman are talking about entering politics.

    White voters always go for beloved retired athletes, football coaches and old actors like Ronald Reagan, Arnold, or a reality TV star like Trump. White voters never go for policy wonks.

  3. Yes, they will now set up for 6+ years of deradicalization by letting the “good cop” of the “good cop, bad cop” routine win the midterms and probably the next re-election.

    This will completely derail any “secession” impulse among White Americans, and mostly deflate any growing racial awareness of themselves as anything except deracinated “we all bleed red” citizens of the world, rather than a distinct people.

    Meanwhile, the demographic swamping of the USA under hordes of foreign wogs will continue unabated, while the rapid internal decay caused by feminism, homosexuality, trannyism, and an increasing push for normalization of pedophiles will also proceed undisturbed by the Republicans, who are really just 19th century radical leftists.

    • Well said. Except they’ll probably just be content with Virginia and the midterms for the deradicalization. I doubt inflation levels and Covid restrictions will still be as bad in 2024. Biden/Kamala will pass some popular economic policy or legalize cannabis or something before 2024 so Trump doesn’t win again.

  4. If you didn’t know Rabbi, you’re living in Jewocracy, where the same clique of Jews manage both Rep/Dem parties behind their visible Prez puppets in rigged elections. Same basic system exists in all these ‘democracies’ of the world. Now it looks like millions of white wing morons are going to vote again, believing that some phony Zionist conman is going to ‘save America’.

    This never ending Trump worship is sickening. The fools that still love Trump have obviously never studied what this man has done for Israel and Jewry, and his parting shot pardoning his Jew buddies but throwing his Jan 6th supporters under the bus is all the proof you need to never entertain this traitor as a potential candidate again.

    The situation was/is SO BAD that those not disposed to vote for Satanic Communists put their faith in the Jew Trumpster because he was the only alternative. Problem is that the Trumpster is a slave of the Jews,
    and he pulled off the greatest scam ever in the USA. NO ONE on the national level is on the side of
    American Christian gentiles. NO ONE. The US Congress has not even ONE patriotic American.

  5. I can think of fewer things more depressing than a Trump win in 2024.

    Another 4 years of clown show stupidity and civilizational decay. It will also set the stage for a more radical leftist comeback in 2028

  6. All I know is that I’m getting more spam Trump related emails than all the other spam combined.

    Boomercon’s gonna Boom.

    • After he betrayed us, he wants us to vote for him. That other country that runs ours…always needs a good puppet in charge.

  7. Voting doesn’t matter anymore. People are appointed now. If you think people are going to get elected, you’re delusional. I can’t believe people go on and on with their predictions.

  8. Biden got 81 million votes? Yeah right. Total fucking fraud. 6 states stopped counting at exactly the same time then restarted with Biden leading? Don’t be a sucker. This system is not recoverable.

    • I voted for Biden via early voting, but will likely be back with Conservatism Inc. next election.

      Everyone sees the Dems going all out on anti-white hatred. Tony Norman at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just wrote an article about the Rittenhouse trial called “White Tears.” This is in a critical swing state. Blasting inflammatory stuff like this to normies everywhere will blow up in their faces.

      While the alt-right no longer exists, shitlibs are out there amazingly showering everyone with redpills. It’s a bizarre situation. The problem isn’t so much the system as the legions of Republicans who can’t seem to shake the kosher narrative of fighting for freedom and opposing statism. Putting these ideas into practice is a self-own.

      Socialist policies are also popular. 53% of Republicans support raising taxes on the rich. It is the woke stuff that is driving whites out of the Democratic Party,

      Wokesters are basically working for Mitch McConnell for free and are functionally indistinguishable GOP operatives; what they’re putting out there is that senseless. It absolutely helps Donald Dumpster too; looks like he’ll get a chance to pardon even more rappers and Israeli spies.

    • Yep, just looking at Wisconsin alone should be enough to convince anyone not delusional that the entire thing is rigged. And the “burst water pipe” and expulsion of observers should do the rest.

      But, Mr. Wallace, for all his excellent qualities, still believes 100% in “Muh Democracy,” and the unimpeachable honesty of the Democrats, Negroes, and the press. Unfortunate, but he’s always been a better historian than contemporary political commentator.

      • If he was down somewhat in Iowa, which is what happened in 2020, he would lose narrowly lose Wisconsin. Trump’s margin from 2016 was down all across the country even in Red States where no one says there was any fraud. BTW, the real fraud was Trump milking hundreds of millions of dollars out of his supporters after the election and pocketing the money instead of spending it on Stop the Steal … LOL

  9. If Blumph decides to run again and he will because his ego needs to be stroked. What minority groups will he pander to this time beside blacks?

    • He might bring back the big billions to blacks pledge he had going on. I guess it was supposed to be reparations, but I think it’s supposed to be more money to move more blacks into the Middle Class, and move more whites out, aka “wealth redistribution”.

  10. Yeah, there was no fraud in 2020. Okay.

    Incidentally, if there was an artificial thumb on the biden scale to get him over the line in 2020, the absence of that thumb going into the 2022 would look like a red wave, when in actuality you just had bogus numbers in 2020.

    This interpretation makes more sense to me given what I could actually see was happening in 2020. No turnout for Biden at staged events with no apparent audiences, poor campaign performance that didn’t register in the polls the way it does everyone else. The precipitous decline of approval of Biden in the last 10 months.

    So you think that all those white suburbanites that flipped for Biden cause they were scared about covid and mean orange man tweeting are 10 months later gonna flip back red because they forgot all about that covid thing, when the scare tactics of the regime have if anything intensified? Nobody is that short sighted. Even urbanite scum.

    There’s been no real decrease in the regimes shilling for Biden. He’s totally managed and clearly is just a meat puppet. There aren’t any more cracks in the regime now than there were a year ago during the election. Its no less apparent that Covid was a psyop. Everyone at this time last year had already taken their sides on the issue of Covid and how policy should be crafted to deal with it. Same for the issue of lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Nothing has changed in the last year.

    Occams Razor says Biden never had support in the first place, and the decline we are seeing in the polls is the inevitable result of reality peeking through the smoke and mirrors of the full spectrum gayop that was Biden 2020.

    • Yeah, it was pretty clear that Trump was losing Independents for the four years that he was president, which is why he sunk in the polls in 2017. This explains both the 2018 and 2020 election results. It is not really mysterious and the results are what you would expect if swing voters … are just swing voters. The same thing is happening with Biden now and it fits the pattern of backlash politics which has been the norm since the Obama years

  11. “Iowa is culturally the best proxy state of how the Midlands is swinging.”

    They’ll never believe, think, or vote, like we do in Dixie.

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