Breaking Points: Study: Dems Losing ‘Normal’ Voters Of All Races

It is due to the toxic combination of normal midterm backlash politics with sky high gas prices and inflation, Wokeism and their own base’s disillusionment. The media is also obsessed with Trump and the “January 6th insurrection” and basically talks to itself all day which is annoying.

The Intercept:

“In the Virginia election, two arguments that have been running parallel in Democratic circles for the past several years finally collided. One is the question of how Democrats should position themselves in the ongoing culture war, with jockeying over fraught and contested concepts like wokeness and cancel culture. Critical race theory is one example of this; Democrats can’t seem to agree on whether it’s a good thing that should be taught and defended or a Republican fabrication that’s not being taught in elementary schools at all. The other is the round-and-round debate over race and class: Are voters who flee Democrats motivated more by economic anxiety or by racial resentment and eroding white privilege?

While these debates have unfolded, Democrats have seen a steady erosion in support among working-class voters of all races, while gaining support among the most highly educated voters. That movement would point toward class divisions driving voter behavior, but the rearing up of critical race theory as a central plank of the Republican Party appeared to throw the question open again. Maybe it’s racism, after all? …”

The Rasmussen poll has the GOP winning middle class voters earning between $50,000 and $100,000 a year, 55% to 37%. Supposedly, they are winning 30% of blacks and 47% of other BIPOCs now. Independents are leaning toward the GOP by a 22 point margin.

Note: Blumpf lost the 2020 election because he got clobbered with these middle class Independents. He narrowly won them in 2016.

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  1. As I said before, the two party oligarch will never end. Both will pretend to promise their base what they want but in the end, both lie get rich or our stupidity.

    • not really. The Dems top – Jews – and base (Jews, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, urban White cosmics, etc.) get pretty much what they want.

      normie White Republiscam voters have been shat on by “their” party since 1953. Evidently

      they enjoy it.

  2. So now the DemonKKKraps are only interested in appealing to affluent, mostly white and jew liberals in urban hipster zones like Austin and San Francisco? That doesn’t seem like a winning strategy to me.

  3. I always give credit where it’s due. The Republicans did successfully prevent subversive jews like Lani Guinier and Merrick Garfinkle from being appointed by Clinton and Obama. Obama did do something about providing health insurance for millions of people who had nothing. And Biden did end the stupid, pointless US occupation of Afghanistan, an occupation that he has consistently opposed for years. I’d be hard pressed to give Trump credit for achieving anything positive, though.

    • “Obama did do something about providing health insurance for millions of people who had nothing.”

      Just another reason everyone else’s costs keep going up.

  4. Democrats and Republicans are like items in shops that are made in China:- you take them because nothing else is on offer………and are constantly let down.
    You can’t buy items made in Sweden or Canada much these days, or vote in a party other than the Republicrats, as much as we’d like to.
    We’re force fed shite that we really don’t want.

  5. What? People who call mothers “birthing person” and women “people with uteruses” aren’t well received by nromal sane people?

  6. Here is the Left Wing Establishment site Politico running a piece about Dementia Joe being seen as mentally incompetent by voters, particularly independent voters:

    This is after CNN, the biggest cheerleader for the Left on TV although also a failing network ran a piece about Cackling Kamala being grossly incompetent:

    The normal thing is ‘No enemies on the Left’ for these scumbags so what is going on? Is the Deep State getting ready for big changes amongst their useful idiots at the top?

    • Yep

      Stable Genius pushed system into self destruction mode. Now the knives come out. Who f…ed up communism ?

      This how draining The Swamp looks like.

  7. The woke crowd won’t stop. They aren’t going to reform or simply go away. To expect woke mental defectives to moderate or go away on their own is foolishness. They are deep in every aspect of our culture/society. Whats needed is an authoritarian, pinochet-like president or a civil war resulting in some sort of secession- to rid of the cultural marxists. Won’t hold my breath for any of that to happen though.
    The individualist, republican sheeple are fine with being led by losers and con-men and just wanna be left alone.They hate white collectivism and identity politics. Just vote for the least worst jew-tool and get back to bbq’ing, watching transvestite porn and watching racial inferiors play sports ball.

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