Liberal Larry: Stop Saying Let’s Go Brandon!

We haven’t heard from Liberal Larry in a while.

What is Larry up to these days? This must be how woke coastal progressives are perceived in the rest the country to get a R-10 to R-13 result on the generic congressional ballot.

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  1. “Richard Pryor and George Carlin? Nah. Jimmy Dore and Liberal Larry? Those guys are freakin’ HILARIOUS!”

    – HW

  2. No more Trump, I voted for the guy twice, but strategically he is just too impulsive and alienates too many voters. I want someone reasonable who can win.

  3. Personally I cannot stand that phrase.

    The most enthusiastic ones who constantly say it are the low IQ conservatives who are more interested in the entertainment aspect of politics.

    They were the Qtards and red hat wearers who didn’t care that Trump wasn’t doing much of anything for 4 years

    Unserious people that treat politics as a professional wrestling match who never buckle down and accomplish anything politically.

    • Ironic- I said this same thing, months ago.

      Now I find this moron is also an AIDS-demented FAGGOT?
      HW, delete this scum. It’s ideological feces all over your site.

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