Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter Is Declining

BLM has making a bunch of threats lately to resume rioting.

NBC Narratives:

“A new poll shows a decline in support among Americans for the Black Lives Matter movement, a year and a half after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other high-profile deaths of Black people in encounters with police sparked a global outcry. 

According to a national poll conducted by Civiqs, a nonpartisan online survey firm affiliated with the progressive media group Daily Kos, 44 percent of respondents said they oppose the Black Lives Matter movement. Another 43 percent said they support it, while 11 percent said they neither support nor oppose it. The survey has tracked respondent’s viewpoints at multiple moments from April 2017 to this month.   

According to the poll, support for the Black Lives Matter movement peaked  in June 2020 at 52 percent, a month after the Floyd killing.  During the height of the movement, protesters marched in cities across the country  to express their outrage at Floyd’s death, which was seen by millions via disturbing video displaying Floyd losing consciousness as a white police officer kneeled on his neck for almost 10 minutes. …

While 82 percent of the respondents in support of Black Lives Matter in the most recent poll were Black, more than half of those in opposition were white, reflecting a pattern of public opinion when it comes to racial justice movements, said Vida Robertson, director of the Center for Critical Race Studies at the University of Houston-Downtown. …”

This was from a different poll earlier this spring.

This is the poll result discussed in the article:

What is causing this?

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      • N*ggers are little more than bi-pedal animals. Jews are antichrist- men who have consciously, willfully traded in their humanity for demonic possession masquerading as a ‘religion’ that ‘denieth the power thereof.’ (i.e., Christ)

        Between the two, Jews are the more damned. But that doesn’t mean the N-words aren’t cursed, as well.

        “We now reply to the question, Can we know the sense of the prophetic law of Noah [Gen. 9:24-27; 10:1-32] with absolute certainty? We answer most unequivocally, Yes. How, then, is it to be known? By the perfect conformity of the fulfilment of the law to its legitimate interpretation.

        Has such fulfilment occurred? Most unquestionably.

        Where is it seen? In all quarters of the globe since the flood, but most sublimely in America. It is obvious in a universal and permanent trinity of races; in their political inequality of condition; in the Christianization of all the Japhetic nations, and of no others; in the occupation of the Shemitic wilderness of America by Japheth; and in the service of Ham to Japheth in the Southern States, in the islands, and in South America. . . “- https://faithandheritage.com/2018/03/the-westminster-confession-is-kinism-conclusion/

  1. They should be hated by blacks as well. The image they’re presenting of them is hardly positive, but just downright embarrassing.
    Using a career criminal (Floyd) as a poster boy, rioting, burning, destroying, endless victim screeching……..I could go on. It will hardly unite society.
    I can’t see race relations ever healing in America when all it takes to send cities up in flames is for a police officer to accidentally kill a career criminal in the line of duty who is black, not white.
    These are the facts:- whites are killed by police. Whites are killed by blacks. They never generate riots.
    When a white kills a black:- ‘riots, all whites are waysis, take the guns’.
    When a black kills a white:- ‘not all blacks are killers, he was oppressed, we must unite against hate’.
    Though I don’t hate individual blacks who are good people, I see a lot of issues down the track.
    We’re constantly reminded that ‘diversity is our strength’…………then lectured to by the left everyday as to why there are problems…….that we must fix, not the minorities. So……..is diversity a strength, or a burden? It can’t be both.

    • Jews and white liberals have done far more harm to the Blaxxx and the public’s perception of them than we could ever do!

    • Make no mistake about it, there is a race war going on, but only one side is fighting. The other side is too colorblind and too christianized.

      • It is for God to deal with those who make war on the innocent. And it is for God to deal with those who defy his laws. Watch.

  2. After all of the major polling companies, save Rammesun, conciously fudged the methodology of these polls for Trump, over four years, I don’t trust them anymore. Who the heck ever supported BLM, an astroturf organization funded by corporate america and created by Soros, other than low information Blacks?

    • Remember the Quinnipiac polls? I never trusted them, because they were conducted by some sketchy online school calling themselves a “university”.

    • That’s right, BLM’s support was basically a bandwagon stampede, these women on social media were told they would be considered racists if they didn’t put a black flag up. It’s “organic support” the way people cheer for Kim in North Korea.

  3. Off Topic:


    I read that they played your video deposition made you look like a “Big Teddy Bear.” Not the effect that the (((plaintiffs))) in Sines vs Kessler were hoping for, but it certainly made you look like a non-combatant and peacenik during the fagtifa and blm state approved and supported violent riot in Charlottesville August 12, 2017

    • November,

      I wrote the following comment on Political Cesspool. While this website has too little censorship in my view, Political Cesspool might have too much. I wonder if PS will print what I wrote so I publish it here.

      My comment to Political Cesspool by somebody named Fred Reed who lives in Mexico with his Mexican wife. Somebody abandoning his country and heritage is going to give racial advice??

      To Political Cesspool,

      I am not sure what to make of this article or it’s author. It is probably better than what is occurring but then almost any solution is.

      I looked up Fred Reed. In 2000 he wrote for blacks and whites interbreeding with each other and that was a good thing according to him. That seems to be his preferred solution to race problems. Destroy what you are softly rather than fight to preserve yourself.

      Here is an excerpt from Fred Reed from August 2000

      “Where white women fit into interracial dating is less clear. Black men are physically more attractive than white, being better built and more muscular — and usually able to beat the stuffing out of white men, which whites of both sexes know. They are also unapologetically masculine (and misogynist, but that can be played down when useful), more assertive, and often charming. White-collar Caucasian men these days tend to be neutered, carefully inoffensive, and in general browbeaten by militant feminism. It is easy to see how a white woman who wanted a masculine man would find a good-looking black guy appealing. ”

      More attractive???? I could go on but I find him nauseating. As much as I might get mad at this website it still has merits.

      • Hi Christina,

        I didn’t know The Political Cesspool has any reader comments.

        Yeah Fred Reed is pretty much of a waste – old White guy retired to Mexico to get some cheap booze and some sex with a poor Mexican.

        Not very noble, but not really civilization destroying. Why anyone cares what he writes about American race relations is beyond me.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          Nice to hear from you. Are you going to write any future articles for this website or be on Political Cesspool in the near future?

      • @Cristina,

        I am not familiar with Fred Reed, but he uses a lot of jewish projection onto White men.

        Like you, every other non-negro race surveyed, blacks (both male and female) are the least attractive by a large margin.

        Back in the late 80s and early 90s there was a pencil necked pip squeak named Ralph Redd who was a prominent Christian evangelical leader. Nothing that Ralph Reed advocated for became law, nor did his vocal opposition to degeneration change television, movies, the increasingly X-rated drift that American society was plowing into at flack speed. What Ralph Reed did do quite successfully was fill his pockets with the donations because he promised decent people to that he had access to powerful people in the federal government (retardicans), and he could persuade them to make America wholesome and Christian again. He was just a fraud and a grifter sorta like Joel Osteen.

        Unlike you, I have never written to Political Cesspool, so I cannot comment on how they filter or moderate letters or comments.

        I think OD does a very good job in their moderation of comments. Hunter lets people speak their minds, as long as they don’t “fed post.” There are several people that post on OD that I do not agree with on a legion of topics and/or ideology, but I think they should still be heard. Obviously, anti-White comments should get shoahed, as spiteful mutants who espouse such points of view have the entire msm, and every other social media platform in the Occident, in addition to both the leadership of both left-wing and right-wing political parties.

  4. June 3, 2020 is the peak.

    Jun 23, 2020 — Shaun King, the controversial Black Lives Matter activist known for pushing false claims, called for the destruction of Jesus Christ statues….

    Jun 22, 2020 — “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” Shaun King tweeted.

  5. If BLM stood for Black Liberation Movement and was a legitimate militant organization from the ‘hood they would be worthy of some respect. But this is something that was cooked up by Globohomo billionaires to impose their evil neoliberal agenda.

  6. Women are slowly coming around, but a bit too late, the damage has been done. Women are easily fooled, that’s why the experienced Alpha ran the city in the bronze age, the least likely to get fooled. It takes a while for people to come around and realize that 1-800 number you saw on Maury and got your “Online Degree” from is not taken seriously when you list that Fake School on your resume. Or those cases of $65 a pop bottles of noxious oleander skin lotion you received on credit card auto ship when you signed up for under the delusion you’d be getting rich getting all your friends and relatives to join in and become “distributors” too! You just got struck down by a smooth criminal. Problem is in such cases it’s too late, just like these creeps they voted in, empty shelves and inflation. That’s why they only wanted 25+ male property owners to vote, problem is that didn’t even work, they ended up losing their common sense and expanded the franchise faster than Quiznos and the results in both cases were disastrous.

    • One of the greatest mistakes of my life was thinking too highly of women. I suppose they might return to some sense when they can’t go shopping anymore.

    • Not all women are fooled. I’ve met just as many liberal men who horrible. I’d say the majority of white Boomers are liberal.
      They just play up the whole female thing, but those TV shows like Maury are all nutcases, male or female.

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