CNN: Unite the Right Trial Exposing the Chasm Between White Nationalism’s Leaders and Fighters

I heard that Elle Reeve wants to talk to me.

I finally that deeply hilarious. I did read her latest article though and will respond to her bizarre argument.


“(CNN) – A key federal defendant accused of conspiracy over the 2017 Unite the Right rally was forced this week to confront his own explicit calls for violence — and who should do the actual fighting — in the months before the deadly event unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia. …

What has become clear over three weeks of trial is that, for all their talk of brotherhood and unifying the White race, some in the White power movement expected others to carry out violence for the sake of their cause and considered those people disposable. …

So, who exactly was to be that “cannon fodder?

“The Charlottesville organizers have long said they didn’t know James Alex Fields, who murdered Heather Heyer with his car in the chaos after the Unite the Right rally, and that the violence wasn’t their fault. But their private communications unearthed by the plaintiffs reveal the White nationalists apparently anticipated violence in Charlottesville, even as they framed it among themselves as “self-defense.” …”

Did anyone want James Fields, Jr. to become “cannon fodder”?

None of the groups who went to Charlottesville knew that James Fields, Jr. even existed until the car wreck after the rally. He was thrown into a dungeon for years until his trial which is when we learned for the first time who he was and what happened that day. It also came out in the Sines v. Kessler trial that Fields wasn’t in the Discord chat. He was a loner who came to the event on his own.

According to Elle, we came to Charlottesville to engage in pointless violence with Antifa. It was our goal to be deplatformed from the internet. We wanted to get sued in federal court. We wanted all that bad publicity. We wanted to be denounced by Congress. We wanted some of our people to be railroaded by the FBI and DOJ. We wanted to get people doxxed and fired from their jobs. We brought our women to the event to get pepper sprayed. We brought a bunch of elderly men to the event to brawl with Antifa. We wanted our friends to go to prison. We wanted our people to have legal and medical bills. That’s what we set out to do by holding the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

In reality, the plan of the organizers in Charlottesville was a surprise torch march, the Unite the Right rally and an after party for socializing. The Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police had months to prepare for the rally. There were more than enough police on the ground in Charlottesville to maintain order which was their job that day. We fully cooperated with the police and our gathering point in the Market Street Parking Garage was adjacent to the Charlottesville Police Department. The Nationalist Front groups didn’t participate in the torch march because word of it had leaked on It’s Going Down. The same groups also dispersed and left Charlottesville when the rally was declared an unlawful assembly and McAuliffe issued his “state of emergency” which he had ready to go before we even entered Lee Park.

It is not our fault that the police refused to do their jobs on August 12th and barricaded themselves away from the crowd and choose not to separate the two sides. It was not something we had anticipated or had ever seen before. We entered the park, waited for the Unite the Right rally to start and exited the park when it was cancelled. Then we left Charlottesville when ordered to do so. We could have paraded around Charlottesville for hours after the event starting small fights like Antifa. The Nationalist Front groups could have gone to the torch march and fought with Antifa. The people who were inside Lee Park socializing while waiting for the rally to start could have started a huge brawl in the streets. If we had violent intentions in going to Charlottesville, it simply would never played out the way that it did.

Charlottesville was an anomaly. There wasn’t any violence at dozens of previous events. There were events after Charlottesville like the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville. We specifically chose to hold a rally in Shelbyville to show that peaceful demonstrations could continue in other jurisdictions where the police are allowed to do their jobs. There were several other events in Tennessee after Shelbyville. Ultimately, we chose to completely cut Antifa out our events 4 or 5 years ago to ensure there was no more violence, as they are the only reason there is ever violence at these volatile public events.

It is important to distinguish between our strategic goals and tactics that advance our goals. You could say that our strategic goals are to demonize and discredit our opposition, to discredit “journalism” as fake news, to delegitimize and undermine the political establishment, to erode the dominant taboos and to gain political traction by making our views more acceptable and having them permeate the national conversation. When ordinary White people who are our natural base in rural areas and small towns are coming around to our views and the gap between us is narrowing, we are winning.

As a tactic, violence doesn’t help us advance our strategic goals. It has the opposite effect which is why it is not in our interest. If Heather Heyer had dropped dead of diabetes, no one would have ever given a shit about her life, which is why it is especially tragic that James Fields, Jr. who suffers from schizophrenia threw his life away. We don’t have anything to gain either from engaging in pointless street battles with Antifa. We don’t want unvetted and unstable people like Fields showing up at our events. We don’t think pointless street battles accomplish anything either which is why there hasn’t been any in years now.

As things stand today, we don’t really need to hold public events to advance our goals. We changed course after Charlottesville. Antifa have made themselves politically toxic without any assistance from us. “Journalists” have been discredited and will soon be fired en masse at CNN. White identity is surging along with support for secession. Taboos are eroding and our ideas are gaining traction with a much larger swath of the electorate. Normies have been radicalized to the point where they were the ones who stormed the Capitol. Joe Biden’s presidency is also tanking and Democrats are staring into the abyss.

In light of all this, why would we need mass shooters or car attacks or pointless street battles with Antifa or more exhausting legal battles? What would that accomplish? Maybe it would give useless surplus “journalists” like Luke O’Brien something to do and report on before they get laid off? Things are quiet right now and we should all hope that it stays that way and these trends continue.

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    • I’ve spent twenty years watching various WNs have meltdowns that kill random people and can confirm that the tactic has always cost them their own lives, backfired on the wider cause and hasn’t advanced any strategic goal. It has accomplished nothing. It doesn’t work

      • This shit is coming down on it’s own. Protecting your community and creating borders and checkpoints will likely be the only sacrifice required. Then the rebuilding…

      • Agree. Can’t think of a single instance where it actually proved to accomplish anything positive for whites in the present era. It works all the time for the enemy though, who have the complete support of the state apparat with gaslight media cheering them on. The only example that could (questionably) be cited has having a long-term net positive effect was Breivik, who basically decapitated the upcoming generation of the Norwegian ruling elite.

        Even in this case there was no gain in the short term. Norway is more cucked than ever and will miscegenate itself out of existence unless there is serious repentance. There’s also considerable evidence Breivik was working for Mossad/CIA (basically the same organization). The leftist party whose camp was attacked was about to announce its support for the Palestinians, which of course was immediately dropped after the attack. HW’s point about withdrawing from the public sphere in order to allow the enemy to rage on and alienate the retarded normies seems to be holding true.

  1. What CNN is calling WN’s leaders are only “intellectuals” , the bloggers and Podcasters like the guys at TRS, Spencer, Wanglin, that never had any intention of leading anything, but have tried to ride and shape the wave of the White Dissident movement to celebrity for personal aggrandizment, precipitating the collapse of the Alt Right into conflict between big egos mutually engaged in self interested faggotry at the expense of the interests of the very thing they pretended to represent, Whitey.

    I don’t need to name them all. We know who they have been. They were our own grifter class. Mike Lindells without good pillows. Dimestore philosophers and holocaust revisionists. Kooks and autists.

    If anything good has come out of the aftermath of Charlottesville its hopefully the utter ruination of these toxic malefactors. Whitey is still here despite them and its all I’m interested in.

    • This is pretty much why no one wants to step forward and become a leader of this “movement.” Even if there are toxic people like Anglin around, there is no solidarity within the movement. No one has any incentive to in invest in its success or expose themselves. So, you end up with lots of bad ecelebs

      • They’re sitting around expecting others to do the work for them. I don’t think Anglin is necessarily bad; he’s another journalist.
        Most people have jobs to protect and can’t go public, so maybe some who would be good leaders can’t do it.
        Also, who wants to lose their freedom, or even die, for these people?
        Most of the alleged “leaders” in the alleged “white movement” are probably working for the government.

        • Why would anyone want to step up and be a leader of the pro-White movement?

          It costs you:

          – Severe economic hardship which is what those who stay anonymous avoid

          – Severe social problems in many cases with friends, family, your community, etc.

          – Finally and most importantly, there is no solidarity inside the movement, so you end up sacrificing your own life for nothing. You can’t lead disengaged, disorganized anonymous people with extreme views to any objective

          The movement attracts autists and sociopaths and narcissists and grifters and some genuinely earnest, stubborn and principled people because only those people have the sort of personality which would motivate them to want to be in some kind of leadership position

          Richard Spencer tried to be a leader. He has so many obvious flaws that it is unnecessary to repeat them here. After watching what happened to Spencer in Charlottesville though, who would want to take his place? Who would want to lead a crowd of anonymous people who will turn on you the instant the slightest thing goes wrong?

          • I agree. The alleged “white movement” has been infiltrated with “alt right” tribe members, and reckless whites.
            I remember reading long ago how one white group had a leader who hired a guy who got mad about something, and sent the credit card numbers to the SPLC for vengeance. Imagine someone being so unstable, that they would endanger innocent people for his own issues. Imagine someone like that being hired and having access to private information.
            The other issue is groups letting nonwhites in. This makes no sense.
            There’s too many whites who either want notoriety or money from all of this.

          • I mentally sort people into these respective categories: autist, sociopath, narcissist, grifter, attention seeker, fed, earnest true believer.

            I won’t share my private assessments, but James Edwards, Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood are true believers. Matt Parrott is a true believer and autist. You meet fantastic people in the movement and terrible or flawed people. Average people keep a lower public profile and with leaders you get the best and the worst.

            Michael Tubbs is an earnest true believer. He is one of the most candid, straightforward people who I have ever met. You can disagree with him, but you always know what he thinks

          • @Hunter
            You are my favorite blogger. I’ve been reading you for years. I think you will make an excellent leader, when Whites are ready to follow.

          • HW, anyone pro tribe isn’t on my side. Anyone who takes their money or chooses them over whites…no one can ever answer why David Duke was kicked out of some conferences. There’s never been a good reason for it. Any site that bans or removes comments that criticize a certain group isn’t on our side.

            Edwards’ book was written at an elementary school level. You have to wonder what profession he is in, that he can go public, and not lose his job.

            There are far more purists in the millennial crowd than in the boomer crowd.
            Millennials have more to lose than boomers.

            I find Vincent James, Nick Fuentes, Adam Green, and more…say exactly what needs to be said.

            Millennials don’t have the money to have “conferences” and fly all over for socializing in this, but Millennials are more likely to donate money to help those imprisoned or compromised.

            More millennials have to work than boomers. More boomers have a lot of money to just approach all of this as some kind of social hobby, and are not directly affected by the liberals or increases of nonwhites in this country.

    • Ironic Sock Account,

      People got jammed up with ZOG-USA trying to save a statue that meant a lot more to Southern Nationalists than WNs. Their main error was getting involved in an event that in the scheme of things wasn’t worth the cost. They should have allowed the verbose Southerners who love to crow about their military experience in combat arms. Oddly, those “keyboard warriors ” haven’t stopped one Confederate statue or monument from being removed, defaced, or damaged.

  2. Hopefully you don’t need to be reminded what she did to Chris Cantwell while he was scared, vulnerable and running after Cville.

    His interview with her, and all his guns, was devastatingly stupid.

    I would highly recommend not doing any interviews with her. She’s a piece of shit.

  3. This is jury tampering. The kyke are losing this one and they know it. Elle pray to Moshiach he will help you win this one. You know she married a Greenberg?

  4. There is a disposable attitude toward the followers of the movement though. In Sines V Kessler several of the defendants tried to pin everything on James Fields. Cantwell was the only one I’m aware of that stated the obvious “Fields is innocent.” In the immediate aftermath of the event, several people threw each other and each other’s groups under the bus. IE and the rest of the preps tried blaming everything on the Nationalist Front because they entered the park from the opposite direction which they blamed for causing all the problems. This, of course, is BS. BLM and antifa violence, allowed and enabled by the state of Virginia was the problem. Then you had the republican vs nationalist proxy war via the red herring of optics. TRS was swift to ban TWP and LS supporters from the 504um. The term “wignat” was born by republican operative and facial recognition company operative Ricky Vaughn.

    Even if we take all the republican infiltrators out of the equation, there was still serious disloyalty between some of the leadership (Spencer, IE, Kessler, Daily Stormer, TRS) and plenty of the attendees and other groups involved. Daily Stormer demonized men like Jacob Goodwin and Dan Borden, instead of encouraging people to write and donate to them. I could go on…

  5. “James Fields, Jr. who suffers from schizophrenia threw his life away.” So what should he have done? He finds a route home via the gps app on his phone, and tries to leave Charlottesville. He encounters a police barricade in the path that was illegally moved by Dwayne Dixon, who then forces him into the street with Heather Heyer at gun point. He slowly drives down the hill, braking before the crowd. Antifa and BLM spot his white polo shirt and become hysterical. They yell death threats and start beating his car with clubs. An antifa guy in all black rushes towards his door with a handgun. A bottle of frozen urine is thrown into his windshield so hard it gets lodged into it. Scared, he ducks and his glasses fall off. He is scared for this life.

    But yeah Brad, blame supposed schizophrenia and side with the false narrative that he went there to run people over. Nevermind explaining why he didn’t floor it from the top of the road if that was his goal.

    “Throw his life away…” SMDH. You better hope that if you get into a situation like he did, that all of us don’t side with the enemy’s bullshit narrative like you just did. Shameful.

      • His court appointed attorney was not only a former county prosecutor but an adultress, with ties to the prosecution. He was railroaded. Didn’t you follow the Fields trial? As far as Sines, he was once again railroaded. Like anyone who didn’t show up they take that as a guilty plea.

        Fields is an innocent martyr.

          • He had to in order to not violate Fields’ plea deal. Plus he’s working for the insurance company and doesn’t two sh*ts about a mentally ill young man railroaded by The System. For more lies from that farce of a trail, listen to the RAM guy Daley’s forced through torture Nuremberg style video disposition. As I said here a long time ago, if anyone expects a fair trail from Norman “K is for Kangaroo Court” Moon, they haven’t been paying attention. PS, for all the MAGAtards, did you know that right wing jewry’s number one favorite shabbos goy Dumpf rewarded the federal prosecutor in all of Kangaroo Court Moon’s show trails, little Tommy Cullen, with an appointment to the federal bench?

          • Aside from avoiding execution, his guilty plea got him moved from a zoo from hell state prison to a relatively decent fed prison. At least that’s what I’ve read, I have no inside knowledge.

      • Hunter,

        If James Fields actually had untreated schizophrenia, and functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence proving his extreme mental illness, just about half ass lawyer could used Fields’ condition to use a temporary insanity defense.

        It is very unfortunate that a libertarian true believing attorney like Gerry Spence was not around to take Fields’ case.

        At the end of the day, the facts are that Fields’ actions were not premeditated or intentional. He was in fear for his life from a rabid mob armed with guns and bats that had him pinned in.

        • Killing with a car is a practical activity. If he wanted to kill people he would have driven up on the sidewalk and garnered a much higher body count. Instead he drove into the back of two parked cars. Unless he had something against parked cars, he wasn’t trying to kill anyone. He was just in a panic to get away from a dangerous situation from which there was really no good escape.

  6. >I heard that Elle Reeve wants to talk to me.

    Given what I heard about the experience of others who’ve spoken with ‘journalists’, I wouldn’t talk to her.

    If you want, i.e. you would like to tell your side if possible, you can suggest she send you a list of questions via email — you can review them, and then agree with her on the ones you’ll answer — then post her questions and your answers here on your blog, telling her she’s free to quote from your answers in anything she publishes online, as long as she also includes the question and links back to your post here so a reader can see the full context.

  7. Andre “the Asian sex tourist” Wigger-Anglin is a mixed race manlet who fancies himself the next Colonel Walter Kurtz; Matt “plastic army helmet” Heimbach is a self-destructive neckbeard ass-clown; Mike “I married a jewess and look like Fred Flintstone” Peinovich formed a make-believe political party that accomplishes nothing; Lady Richard Spencer is an effete narcissist with a strange private life; Lord Jared is a pretentious snob who craves respectibility and will run away like a little girl at the first sign of trouble; And HW has let us all down by deciding to LARP as a “Southern gentleman farmer” . The only pro-White activists who have their shit together are Handsome Truth and his Goyim Defense League.

    • Why do you expect writers to go fight your battles? These guys aren’t “leaders”, they are commenters and writers. Just because someone talks about pro-white causes doesn’t make them a “leader”.
      Jared isn’t even pro-white.

  8. “I pride myself on moderating the comments at Occidental Dissent using CPT (Colored People’s Time)”.

    HW, the Washington Post, January 2021

  9. Free speech is the alternative to violence. Those that censor or suppress free speech are practically inviting violence.

    • @More the Same,

      JFK basically said the same thing; “Those who will make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. “

    • Yep. The white genocide cat is out of the bag, and not returning. America will see open ethnic cleansing of Whites within 10 years. Coupled with an expanded prison system, a browner local, state and federal PMC, we will see the nation’s prison population become whiter and less brown. No or lesser sentencing for browns, and stiff and mandatory sentencing for whites. This is systemic, and full spectrum.

      Hunter is dead wrong that this woke shit is a phase and we need to just grill and chill. This shit is just now getting started.

  10. “He was facing execution. No admission made under that kind of duress means anything.”

    Bingo. Also the Orange Turd – the then alleged President of the Untied States – declared him a murderer before the show trial.

  11. “Why did you kill Christ?”—–You could not have Richard Spencer throwing that aerial bomb at that kyke Roberta Kaplan so they had to go out and find a sellout to front it, Karen Dunn. Make no mistake this is a Jew persecution of the innocent, all that get on board to aid the persecution are going to hell.

  12. The defense lawyers should have doggedly, no compromise, threatened to walk out of the courtroom if refused, emphatically insisted that they be allowed to call Timothy Heaphy as an expert witness and give him a day or two to explain what really happened in Charlottesville in 8-2017. Everyone should read the book Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite The Right to find out who the REAL conspirators were who caused all the violence in Charlottesville. These degenerate Jewish Communist lesbian lawyers from NY are liars (not much of a shock).

    “It definitely continues to reverberate,” said Timothy Heaphy, a former U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia who led an independent review of the events and is the chief attorney for the University of Virginia.

    “It brought to the surface a lot of issues that were always there but kind of erupted in August 2017,” he said. “There are breaches within this community that have not been healed.”
    — “Four Years After ‘Unite the Right,’ Charlottesville Still Struggles to Move On”, Neil MacFarquha, The New York Times, Thu, November 18, 2021.

    No real political help. (The Republicans just use every “crisis” as bait to get unsuspecting voters to vote for them only to find out that this party of Lincoln will then immediately put every “crisis” on a back burner and then go full steam ahead to achieve their own goals: more wars, more tax cuts, more power and money for the Repubs and their filthy rich donors etc etc etc…)

    Where is the wall? I mean a real invasion-stopping wall and not some “chicken wire” fence. Why is abortion still allowed? … etc, etc, etc ….

    Every county, city in NC (at least) should have a prominent statue of Jesse Helms (the best Southern Republican, whom most current Repubs would turn on today) as a reminder of how White people should conduct themselves against these radical Communists on the Left who have “almost” taken over the Yankee Empire.

    Martin Luther King repeatedly refers to his ‘non-violent movement.’ It is about as non-violent as the Marines landing on Iwo Jima.
    — Jesse Helms

    Dr. (Martin Luther) King’s outfit … is heavily laden at the top with leaders of proven records of communism, socialism and sex perversion, as well as other curious behavior.
    — Jesse Helms

    “I think most Americans would feel that the participation of Marxists in the planning and direction of any movement taints that movement at the outset . . . . Others may argue that Dr. King’s thought may have been merely Marxist in its orientation. But the trouble with that is that Marxism-Leninism, the official philosophy of communism, is an action-oriented revolutionary doctrine. And Dr. King’s action-oriented Marxism, about which he was cautioned by the leaders of this country, including the president at that time, is not compatible with the concepts of this country.”
    — Jesse Helms

    “The [Washington] Post caters to homosexual groups. Just about every person down there is homosexual or lesbian.”
    — Jesse Helms

    “weak, morally sick wretches” … “incredibly offensive and revolting conduct” … homosexuals, lesbians, disgusting people marching in the streets, demanding all sorts of things, including the right to marry each other”
    — Jesse Helms

    “Compromise, hell! That’s what happened to us all down the line — and that’s the very cause of our woes. If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?
    — Jesse Helms

    “I thought it [the Civil Rights Act] was very unwise. It was taking liberties away from one group of citizens and giving them to another. I thought it was bad legislation then, and I have had nothing to change my mind about it.”
    — Jesse Helms

    the single most dangerous piece of legislation ever introduced in the Congress.
    — Jesse Helms referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    “White women in Washington who have been raped and mugged on the streets in broad daylight have experienced the most revolting sort of violation of their civil rights. The hundreds of others who had their purses snatched last year by [Black] hoodlums may understandably insist that their right to walk the street unmolested was violated.”
    — Jesse Helms

    “The [Blacks] cannot count forever on the kind of restraint that’s thus far left him free to clog the streets, disrupt traffic, and interfere with other men’s rights.”
    — Jesse Helms

    It is interesting to note that the Nobel Peace Prize won’t be awarded this year. When one recalls that Martin Luther King got the prize last year, it may be just as well that the committee decided not to award one this year. Perhaps it was too difficult to choose between Stokely Carmichael and Ho Chi Minh.
    — Jesse Helms

    “Crime rates and irresponsibility among [Blacks] are a fact of life which must be faced.”
    — Jesse Helms responses in TV editorials at WRAL-TV in Raleigh during the Civil Rights movement, which he also described as filled with “moral degenerates.”

    “[Voters] sent me to Washington to vote no against excessive Federal spending, against forced busing of little schoolchildren, and to vote no against the forces who have driven God out of the classroom.”
    — Jesse Helms

    I didn’t come to Washington to be a ‘yes man’ for any president, Democrat or Republican. I didn’t come to Washington to get along and win any popularity contests.
    — Jesse Helms

    “Your tax dollars are being used to pay for grade school classes that teach our children that CANNIBALISM, WIFE-SWAPPING, and the MURDER of infants and the elderly are acceptable behavior.”
    – Included in fundraising letter sent by the Jesse Helms campaign in 1996.

    I reject that criticism because this is indeed another kind of holocaust, by another name. At last count, more than 40 million unborn children have been deliberately, intentionally destroyed. What word adequately defines the scope of such slaughter? [After 9/11] the American people responded with shock, sadness and a deep and righteous anger — and rightly so. Yet let us not forget that every passing day in our country, more than three thousand innocent Americans are killed [through abortion]
    — Jesse Helms

    Did Jesse Helms ever call UNC-CH the:

    University of Negroes and Communists?

    That line has been attributed to the late longtime U.S. senator for many years by many sources. John Dodd, president of the Jesse Helms Center in Wingate, says it is “a fabrication.”

    I have heard some say that it was Chubb Sewell, a colleague of Senator Helms, who actually came up with this very appropriate name for this ultra liberal school.

    Before NC had a state zoo, Jesse Helms reportedly said.

    “Why build a zoo when we can just put up a fence around Chapel Hill?”
    — Jesse Helms

    Some say this again came from Jesse Helms’ colleague Chubb Sewell.

    Prep, prep, prep…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  13. First, let me say Rittenhouse’s verdict made me rejoice. It was like Trump’s election. For one moment, at least, we won. The peasants stuck it to milord.

    I agree with HW’s comments. I can switch him on and off, but he offers a reasoned approach to activism. As for Fields, I believe he did what anyone would do, and in effect in several self-defense manuals say if surrounded by mob: drive through and the hell with it. Beats getting beaten to a pulp. I agree, Fields did say he did this on purpose, but you wonder what kind of manipulation he faced from his attorney. Most of them just want to make a deal. Pity Trump could have sent a high-class lawyer, but what’s done is done.

    I agree C’Ville worked up to the torchlight parade. Afterwards is a rotten indictment of the establishment there, and also how the ‘conservative’ movement was of no use. Lessons well learned, but HW is right that the price paid is enormous. A lesson learned is great…when you aren’t the one in the trenches.
    Harold Covington had mixed feelings about C’ville. It was a form of streetwalking, as he calls these demos, and he had a lot of doubts about Richard Spencer. Doubts later confirmed.

    I agree with HW that our movement has a lot of unstable people. It also seems full of what Covington called “fearless leaders” who wanted to get donations and do nothing. Covington said William Pierce told him that on the far right, a lot of people were chasing the same small dollar. It is a shame the National Alliance couldn’t have developed into a large, white-based national group with a couple of hundred thousand members and a media service to offer a white nationalist response, but Pierce died and his successor blew it. But this is typical of many organizations. Like Marcus Aurelius, who left his empire to Commodus, a useless nut.

    I also distrust violence, although we may have to think about what to do when the left really comes for us. Andrew Anglin speaks a lot about this. Some of you hate him, but I think he says some thoughtful things, and he is funny. We need a sense of humor. But too many times, the guns and killing get nowhere. I think of Glenn Miller, when he went on a rampage against Jews, and wound up killing old people, some who weren’t even Jews. Yeah, real helpful. These random acts serve no purpose. It’s usually going after the weak, like these blacks who beat up old people or asians on the subway.

    I do agree and admire HW’s living a life with his family, and this, I believe, is noble and good. He wants to do the right thing for there future, and this is how it is done.

    I thought of this watching the film Belfast last night, about an Irish family in N. Ireland in the 60’s who live and love, have grandparents they respect, and laugh and the father has a crisis in getting a good job in England, and being forced to join the Ulster Provos or else. It’s a very thoughtful, human movie about whites, and HW should see it and comment on it.

  14. I never understood why groups like the National Socialist White Peoples Party and the National Alliance thought it was conducive to growth to reimagine themselves a religious organization. “The New Order” in the case of the former NSWPP and the Cosmotheist Church in the case of the National Alliance. Did they miss that part from Machiavelli whereby he warns against attacking the dominant religions of the realm?
    A true White political organization ought to be secular and allow Protestants, Catholic, Agnostics, and Atheists in its fold. It is about racial preservation in the here and now.

  15. Another issue is the leadership are effeminate weirdos that worship asians and jews as their natural superiors and fear/worship blacks on a visceral level (think of classic, Steve Sailer-esque paens about black masculinity). The HBD-o-sphere autists, regardless of their prominence, have these views as a rule.

    This is obviously has consequences in other areas, the timid nature of the right and the promotion of jew/asian supremacy and infiltration.

    These neuroses are then projected on the far-right in general, and we wonder why the far-right is looked at as a bunch of dorks.

  16. Imagine how much more effective Dylann Roof would have been if he had not shot anyone and instead had just made a poster that read ‘It’s OK to be white’ or such, and he picketed along the town sidewalks for a day….

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