Woke Black Professionals React To Rittenhouse Verdict

I think some people on our side have been too critical of the interest in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

From my perspective, White conservatives have become more defensive and racially conscious in recent years. They defended George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson. Tucker defended Derek Chauvin. They all defended Kyle Rittenhouse. Increasingly, they openly perceive and react to these people the way we do and say they are anti-White.

David French still wrote the conservative case against Kyle Rittenhouse. This would have been the standard take a few years ago. Conservatives are celebrating Rittenhouse for blasting Antifa and being acquitted, not merely expressing relief that he was innocent.

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  1. Never heard about that case until today. But even as a non-expert i understand that it was an act of self-defense and that the fat little boy is not guilty. The verdict was spoken. So the case can be closed and show can go on.
    But obviously those TV negers still don’t seem to grasp it and want little whitey to rot in prison.
    One can send negers to university, put them in nice suits, give them a degree, or a TV show…
    But it all does not help. They will always remain stupid negers.

    • So simple a cave man can do it…whatever happened to that ad campaign? I always thought it subversive to imagine a parallel universe where Neanderthals were still extant and living in modern America. The thought experiment inevitably leads to rethinking our perceptions of the blacks.

    • @Robert Browning – It’s not the “innocent” they hate — It’s WHITE PEOPLE they hate.

      • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother—–why did the Jews kill Christ and why do the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong for 2,000 years? Take all the time you need. You will come to understand and empathize with the suffering of the innocent son of God who did no wrong through your suffering and torment at the hands of the very same persecutors as Christ. The lawless prey on the innocent. And the Jews worship, the man of sin, the lawless one, NOT CHRIST.

    • Christ was a horsefaced brown kike with a midface long enough to land a plane on, and ugly hook nose and a unibrow, stop worshipping this oriental semitic religion.

      Christianity: Spread the other cheek!

      • @Christofer—–How was Christ a Jew? Christ was the son of God, which means he had the power of God in the palm of his hands. If Christ was a Jew then why didn’t he meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah? Why did he chose to die instead? Can you answer me clown?

        You have been swallowing to much of the Jew lies, todd. Christ was not a Jew, how could he possible have been? He gave himself and that is not a quality that any Jew ever possessed. Self sacrifice is a gentile virtue there todd.

    • How are the riots developing?

      “Man’z i ain’t goin out in dat muffunkin’ col, i’z goin stay in dis warm gubberment pay’d aparmenz and lissen ta jay-z”

  2. I want to know who used tax money to relocate blacks from Chicago to Kenosha. They didn’t get there on their own. For that matter, who bussed them to Chicago? Qui? Probably the same that sold them as slaves in the first place.

  3. We had quite a few basic thinkers & hot takers in our midst who don’t understand that changing the climate with these kinds of cases is extremely important. We went from even acknowledging white people exist in 2016 to white people are under attack in 2021. .
    If you can’t understand why that’s a big deal, I can’t help you.

  4. Many, many blacks do not care about truth or justice. Justice for them is getting their way. American blacks have it better than any other blacks on the planet, but it will never be enough for them, until they are holding the whip over Whitey.

    • …..right, and white supremacy, IS moral supremacy. White protect the innocent and condemn the guilty. That is the difference between us and them and that is the reasoning for white supremacy. Who rules? The moral and the just or the lawless ones? The lawless, one the man of son, the anti-Christ, the Moshiach he wants to rule, but he is not moral and just. He is wicked and evil.

    • They’re a bunch of spoiled noggers. If they could see how noggers live in South America or Africa, they’d shut up.

      • @Jannie,
        Oh they know alright. That’s why as much as they pretend to be endless victims, they never hate the West, or America quite enough to leave. There’s no whites in Africa to be ‘oppressed’ by, or claim welfare from, so Africa has no pull factor for them.
        ‘proud Africans’…………as long as they don’t have to live there!

  5. Kyle should never have been indicted.

    In Texas, Todd Broom and Joe horn both shot and killed blacks in public, neither was indicted.

    HW, you expressed bewilderment about more ppl moving in our direction , even though most of our ppl are being quiet. It could be that each time you see an ad or commercial there’s some gorilla face staring at you.

  6. From my perspective, White conservatives have become more defensive and racially conscious in recent years.

    Maybe — but support for Rittenhouse specifically is pretty milquetoast, since unambiguous video evidence of self-defense was available from the outset.

    How many of these ‘White conservatives’ voice opposition to non-white immigration? — or to Whites becoming a minority in America?

    Underlying all of this is a racial struggle for political control of America — and to facilitate the demographic theft of the country, Whites must not only be outnumbered, they must also be neutered, which is why there is such an effort to label Whites as: morally flawed inveterate ‘racists’ and purveyors of malevolent ‘whiteness’; undeserving beneficiaries of unearned ‘privilege’; builders and rulers of an ‘institutionally racist’ system that cruelly exploited non-whites; etc — all of that is designed to demoralize Whites and make them easier to subjugate.

    The is the unmentionable backdrop to nearly everything going on today.

  7. Rittenhouse didn’t shoot or kill any coons so why would blacks call him a White supremacist? I guess they were told to by their jew masters.

  8. Automatic weapon ??? Illegal weapon ???? Crossed state lines wi a weapon. ????
    Just lies! apes can’t think, they just spew words.

  9. One of them was a child rapist?
    Sounds like Rittenhouse should receive the ‘American of the year’ award for service to the community.
    As for Joy Ann Reid, I’d like to thank her for reminding me as to why people with my views have to exist.

  10. ” . . . David French still wrote the conservative case against Kyle Rittenhouse.”Of course he did, of course. What else could he do?

  11. The Rittenhouse case cuts to the heart of why different individuals with vastly different values and priorities choose to join the Pro-White Movement. I would hope that most choose to join because they wish to defend themselves, their people, and their way of life, all of which are under attack by hostile, vicious enemies, with Jews as the leaders and Muds as the foot soldiers.

    Unfortunately, its obvious that too many choose to join because they unironically do have a “White Supremacist” agenda: They wish to dominate and subjugate. They wish to go on the offensive. “We are the best. We Rule” as Spencer said at his 2015 Amren speech. They are driven by the same foul spirit as the Jews, who likewise wish to dominate and subjugate all other races before them.

    And then there are others who join because they feel like they personally benefit somehow. This takes many different forms, not just grifting. Groupies and punks join because of the skinhead scene, which gives them something to do. Underclass Whites join because they think the movement is what the Democratic Party was supposed to be. TERFS join because the trannies deplatformed them, then they try to make the movement safe for low value women. MGTOWS and Red Pillers join because of the overlap with biological determinism and then make no distinctions whatsoever between good White women (Krystals and Ambers) and bad White women (AWFLs/Karens), which feeds into the TERF agenda. Its all so tiresome.

    The Rittenhouse case was an acid test for those who believe in White self-defense vs. those who downplay it because they have a secret ulterior agenda that they don’t want exposed because they know how bad it makes them look in a movement that is fundamentally Right Wing in nature. To be Right Wing is to take your own side and do what’s honorable and noble. High Whites and Low Whites are incapable of that. White Nationalism isn’t for them.

  12. So the Zionist grift-right is all over this Rittenhouse thing like a rash. And 99% of WNs think it’s a great thing we have these disingenuous shills getting out in front of us, pretending to be pro-white, and stealing what should be OUR narrative?

  13. OT

    linkCollege teaches White Women to hate their Sons

    Look at the graphic at the link (graphic) — among Whites generally, in this survey white women with college degrees were by far the most likely to say Rittenhouse should be found guilty of homicide.(almost 60%) — almost 40% of white women with no college degree thought the same.

    It’s not misogyny to notice this.

    • White women with college degrees should not be allowed to vote. Whites with college degrees period should not be allowed to vote.

    • Many women are just plain stupid. It doesn’t even make sense from an emotional standpoint. Feeling bad for that poor pedo who got blown away. Pfft…I know of one who knowingly stays with a convicted pedo piece of trash.

      • >It doesn’t even make sense from an emotional standpoint.

        It does when you consider natural female empathy, no doubt a genetic behavioral phenomenon, which causes women to align themselves with the underdog, sufferer, or perceived/portrayed victim — re the latter, as I’ve said before a remarkable achievement of the media industrial complex is that it is able to hijack and redirect female empathy, especially white female empathy — here the constant propaganda about Rittenhouse as a criminal perpetrator, and those he shot as victims, likely had some effect.

        A paradox is that when it comes to their sexual/reproductive choices, women generally do not choose sufferers or victims.

  14. Best comment I’ve read so far about this White-Hating Charade:

    “The difference between Rittenhouse and the vaxxx is that Kyle’s shots were effective.” – Chad Prather

  15. I have zero contact with TV or the media, especially since Covid. It simply became nonstop propaganda. Same with their war against Trump, and that’s all it was. The exception to this is when I go to the gym to work out. There are eleven TV monitors, and I can’t escape them. So, I ended my 30 minute treadmill at 4.0 speed to fifteen minutes, then I do 15 minutes on the track. Fifteen minutes is all I can take of the media, especially MSNBC which seem to be on three or four screens. Besides, there is all the stupid shows, the endless chatter, sports, those dumb annoying Liberty Mutual commercials with the dumb white guy and his Emu, and visual depictions of a culture I want to avoid.
    So, I just avoid it, especially these blank minded ‘black’ journalists and commentators. Them and the black infestation on commercials is simply parts of an anti-white offensive that is now permanent.

    At least white people now note the TV saturation and complain in private. Finally, they get it.
    I simply scroll pst all of the above. No point to hearing what I know they’ll say.

    Time for another workout.

  16. lol – this little bitch told Tucker Carlson said that he supports BLM – I hate to say that I said this kid was fucking stupid but…

    • Considering: what he has just been through, i.e. charged with murder and facing a possible sentence of life in prison; that he has been subjected to intense anti-racism propaganda his entire life; that he’s still really just a kid and not intellectually or psychologically/emotionally mature; that it is still possible he will be legally persecuted/indicted by the feds; and that he will likely sue media outlets for defaming him (and so needs to burnish his reputation), I will give him a pass on this.

      But it is a little disappointing, and not a huge surprise.

      Fox is basically a ‘Democrats are the real racists’, civic nationalist honey trap for Whites — I’m sure the outline and content of the interview were agreed in advance.

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