The Last True Believers In Liberalism

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now.

As we await the outcome of the Sines v. Kessler trial, it has been on my mind all week. Back in 2017, the Alt-Right fell under the spell of the Alt-Lite and sought to emulate them in key ways that led to the disastrous outcome of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. This is especially ironic since the Alt-Right had traditionally defined itself against mainstream conservatism, but in that moment the Alt-Right was championing liberalism and had positioned itself as the vanguard of civil liberties. Far from championing “fascism” in 2017, the Alt-Right died on the hill of defending liberal norms.

Consider the following:

  • The Richard Spencer tour which included stops in college towns in Auburn, AL (Auburn University), Washington, DC (American University), Charlottesville (University of Virginia), Gainesville, FL (University of Florida) and East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University) was inspired by and modeled on the MILO tour. The idea was for a controversial speaker to hold an event on campus, “trigger the libs,” defend free speech and gain publicity in the process.
  • The reasoning behind the MILO and Spencer college tours was that college campuses had become bastions of wokeness and illiberalism and that opponents of these things should challenge and break up the safe spaces by exercising their constitutional rights.
  • In Auburn, Charlottesville, Gainesville and I believe East Lansing as well, this involved asserting a First Amendment right to assemble and speak and engaging in legal battles in court. The Spencer college tour continued after Charlottesville with stops in Gainesville and East Lansing before grinding to a halt in 2018 as the Alt-Right unraveled on social media.
  • Jason Kessler was involved with the Proud Boys, styles himself as a defender of civil liberties and a civil rights activist and conceived of the Unite the Right rally as a way to invite all these different groups under the defending free speech banner in Charlottesville. Initially, the rally was supposed to include all the Alt-Lite groups who backed out over fear of being accused of racism.
  • Jason Kessler saw similarities between Berkeley and Charlottesville which were extreme progressive college towns with a reputation for intolerance.
  • Long after Charlottesville, Jason Kessler was still championing the free speech cause and positioning himself as a defender of civil liberties and a civil rights activist when he held the Unite the Right II rally in DC. It is important to keep in mind that this continued after Charlottesville.

I vividly recall two key events in particular in the lead up to the Unite the Right rally:

  • In the wake of the unannounced rally in Charlottesville in May 2017, Jason Kessler sold us on participating in the Unite the Right rally there by pointing out that he was being bullied by a local group called SURJ which were violating his civil liberties. Kessler made the same civil liberties argument to try to get everyone to participate in his Unite the Right II rally.
  • The Unite the Right rally was a “go” after the ACLU of Virginia worked with Jason Kessler to get an injunction in federal court that allowed the rally to go forward

In the lead up to the event, there was a profound difference in how the two sides who clashed that day responded. The Alt-Right side was eager to make their case in federal court and to cooperate with the police and trust the police with their security. The idea was to hold a large free speech rally around the issue of defending Southern heritage. The Nationalist Front groups even parked in the parking garage adjacent to the Charlottesville Police Department. In contrast, Antifa came to event to engage in violence to disrupt the Unite the Right rally and did not cooperate with the police.

I will never forget how all these illusions that played out that day:

  • The moment we realized that we had walked into a trap was when we came out of the parking garage and marched up the street toward Lee Park and the police had barricaded themselves away from the crowd of Antifa who had encircled Lee Park. The police made no effort to separate the two sides, to intervene and stop fights or to provide safe ingress and egress into and out of Lee Park.
  • The Virginia State Police deliberately pushed the Alt-Right crowd in Lee Park into the crowd of Antifa in the street
  • DeAndre Harris and his friends and other Antifa assaulted people who were dispersing and returning to their vehicles in front of the Charlottesville Police Department while police officers stood around and watched it happen and did not intervene
  • It later came out that Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas boasted “let them fight” because it would make it easier to declare and unlawful assembly and shutdown the event
  • Antifa paraded through the streets of Charlottesville for hours during Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “State of Emergency.” Heather Heyer didn’t show up until over an hour into the “State of Emergency.”
  • At one point, naive Alt-Right protesters chanted “Blue Lives Matter” at the Virginia State Police before they cleared them from the park

I’m bringing this up now because Charlottesville is relevant to the ongoing debate over classical liberalism on the Right. In Charlottesville, we saw how the whole system of free speech and free assembly and federal courts and constitutional rights and civil liberties and civil rights and the police as a neutral authority with the responsibility to equally enforce the law could crumble in practice. It is highly relevant to this debate that the most extreme groups on the Right were relying on and defending liberal norms and were championing traditionally liberal causes like free speech.

As things stand today, only one side is defending these liberal norms. The ACLU itself no longer believes in civil liberties which it pointedly abandoned after Charlottesville which was the turning point. The Left no longer believes in non-violence, free speech, free assembly, equality under the law, pluralism, equal justice, tolerance, due process and so on. They do not believe in “agreeing to disagree” or a neutral public sphere. They do not believe that the other side has constitutional rights which they have a duty to respect. They are ardent believers in censorship and the heckler’s veto. It is one thing that progressive activists believe this. It is another thing when their values are reflected in the system itself.

It appears that the Right will soon find itself back in power and possibly even in an overwhelming position of strength. Donald Trump is the favorite to be the next president. Should the Right continue to champion conserving liberalism and liberal norms which the other side has abandoned? Should we continue to believe in liberalism and liberal norms after Charlottesville?

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  1. As a student of Russian history, it is unnerving how closely 21st-century US disintegration and Antifa-Marxist violence mirrors that of Russia from the 1860s to the 1920s. Both Russia and America produced a comfortable liberal middle-class that believed in free speech and constitutions. But somehow, that comfortable, wealthy liberalism always produces young people with a virulent hatred of tradition, Christianity, and “social injustice.” Lenin and his brother Alexander Ulyanov are prime examples of this.

    At the age of 21, young Alexander was studying natural science in St. Petersburg University in 1887, dissecting worms and insects. His wealthy, upper middle-class family was never “oppressed” or suffered from living under Tsarism. But then one day, he joins “The People’s Will” a Marxist terrorist group, and begins building a bomb to murder the Tsar and his family. From his own court testimony, he boasted about how he built the bomb and how he had filled lead projectiles with poison, in order in inflict maximum causalities and kill as many bystanders as possible.

    How did liberal, wealthy, middle-class, comfortable Russian society ever produce such young men like Alexander and his brother Lenin, and thousands like them? There are various theories, but one thing is certain: upper class, wealthy, middle-class, university educated, liberalism in the US has produced the same violent young revolutionaries who’s only desire is to destroy the society that nurtured them, and usher in a worker’s utopia of class and racial “social justice.”

    • Wealthy, upper class are shielded from real life. They didn’t have teachers picking on them for being white, ala CRT…
      They’ve never had to go without anything.
      Having to go without, or struggle some in life, has its benefits.

    • Americans probably have 10 IQ points on Slavs but yeah, submitting to Jews none the less. Ukraine is pathetic. Hopefully we do better in the end.

    • @MM, not only does the liberal, wealthy, upper middle class produce young revolutionaries, the previous generation in the same class supports and has sympathy for these revolutionaries. That was the case in Czarist Russia and is the case in the US. It is indeed unnerving how similar are the developments in the US when compared with Czarist Russia.

    • Dostoevsky’s “Demons” or “The Possessed” is as prophetic as ever. It is one of the older novels I’ve read that feels contemporary regardless of how old I become, even more so with the collapse of our culture.

  2. Hunter, thanks for writing this.

    Much of 2017 was just MILOism — trigging the libs — a plan with no step two after the libs are triggered. They certainly were triggered.

    Many have since learned a lesson from the Covington kids and Rittenhouse: make it easy for normies to help if bad people in the media etc. come after you. It is possible to not LARP and just be normal without cucking.

    The American right needs to get comfortable with statism fast, otherwise it will lose ground even wielding the state with large majorities. Everything it hates from tech censorship to rioting to illegal immigration can only be solved by big government.

    • A “Big Government” that hates Whites is going to solve the problems of Whites? Got it. We just returned from a trip to DC – you look around at these vast edifices full of bureaucrats whose only job it is is to sustain the current White-hating system and you realize how futile it would be to ever expect anything remotely pro-White to spring from here.

      • If we can’t even muster the guts to tax our fellow white people at the same effective rate as white people (see: capital gains) then good luck with anything else. Their power to change America comes from their shekels, not from Social Security and Medicare benefits.

        Worker protections and guaranteed income would supercharge white identity politics by millions of people as it would neutralize the dox. Some people don’t push this because they enjoy being big fishes in small ponds.

        Our freedoms come from Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin etc. reading us fairy tales from Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard about the evils of government, why greed is good, and why their behavior should not be regulated. How about we redistribute their wealth and start putting some rules on what the Bloombergs and Zuckerbergs can do instead. It wasn’t .gov that deplatformed Trump.

    • “The American right needs to get comfortable with statism fast, otherwise it will lose ground even wielding the state with large majorities. Everything it hates from tech censorship to rioting to illegal immigration can only be solved by big government.”

      That’s right: like it or not, state power must be used by our side to crush the jews & their Cultural Marxist race traitor whores, just as they’re using it to crush us right now.

      And for myself, I savor the prospect: I yearn for REVENGE on the fucking scum. To use legislation & lawfare to financially destroy them; to grind THEIR faces into the dirt & dog shit.

    • Just curious what Anglin has said or done that you disagree with.
      I see people on here call him names, but I’ve always enjoyed reading his commentaries online.
      I know most on here disagree with Nick Fuentes, but I have only disagreed with him when he was associating with Laura Loomer. I always wonder what the big unselling point(s) are, when you see someone as no good. There hasn’t been anything I’ve disagreed with Fuentes or Vincent James, as far as their political stands.
      I find myself disagreeing more with Boomers than anything, since they are okay with having tribe in our groups, and even promoting them among us. It made it so easy for them to infiltrate the “Alt Right”. I saw people just going along with nonwhite speakers, as if that didn’t matter.
      I don’t see Spencer as a leader, just an intellectual, and I don’t always agree with him, either.

  3. America has no Right or Left, it has two flavors of Jewish liberalism. Both are loathsome in their own unique ways but only the Right pretends to be on our side. For that we should attack the Right far more ferociously than we ever attack the Left. Only the right tries to take our people away from us and lead them down a path of destruction. The left on the other hand are quite honest about what they stand for.

    We’ve got to stop thinking in terms of left or right. It’s one Jewish system and to participate in the charade is to accept the terms and conditions.

    By the way if Trump get’s back in my hypothesis that the system was never really against him will be proven correct. He incited a riot so they had every opportunity to get him put away if they had wanted. Trump was never against the swamp, Trump is the swamp.

  4. Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative are terms that will have very little meaning in the near future. The only terms that will matter are Us and Them, and more importantly the possessives, Ours and Theirs. The System we all are living in is dying. Good riddance.

  5. “It appears that the Right will soon find itself back in power and possibly even in an overwhelming position of strength. ”

    I won’t be represented, so it won’t be the right coming into power, but Republican establishment types. No, they won’t do anything differently. They’ll use their mandate to try and buy their way back into the graces of big business. It will be unpopular but lucrative for the same people it always is, the power will shift again.

    At no point will White rights be asserted.

  6. We on the Right were fools for ever showing tolerance for these people or thinking they had benign intentions and would play fair. It was all a power move on the Left’s part. I’ve got issues with specific aspects of Right Wing Authoritarianism – I don’t like the sexual puritanism of fundamentalist Christians, for example – but at the end of the day, Left Wing authoritarianism is cruel, whereas Right Wing authoritarianism is merely annoying.

    Bring on suppression of the enemy. Ban homosexuality and the LGBT movement. Stuff these people back in the closet and marginalize them. Ignore their feelings and their supposed “rights.” We never should have ceded an inch to the Left. There is no quid pro quo with them. No reciprocity or honor. Every single Leftist movement is Aids: Fags, Trannies, Environmentalists, Communists, LibFems, RadFems, and of course, Civil Rights and anti-racism above all. And now, the Vax Mandates and the lockdowns. (“Trust the science bro!”)

    To the Left Wingers in the Pro-White Movement who makes an identity out of owning the Right: You people bought anti-white hatred on yourselves. You have reaped what you sowed. Your degenerate, feudal movements allowed White Genocide and the Great Replacement to happen. YOU are responsible for it. Maybe George Fitzhugh had a point about how some Whites belong in slavery. It used to be the Irish. Maybe it should be the High Whites and Low Whites. Imagine Richard Spencer and Mating Call Mark Brahmin as unpaid Starbucks baristas. Dont spit in my PSL boys!

  7. The problem with the right is everyone want to be a leader or chief. Ego’s don’t win wars or battles, organization and smarts does.

  8. It’s a mistake to think that the Populist Right will attain national US power again in even the limited way that Trump’s 2016 victory represented

    The Populist Right is being played right now … the Virginia Gov election, the perhaps stage-managed Kyle acquittal, the recent ‘polls’, are all big moves, and they have affected the psychology of Hunter and many others … the powers that be are making efforts to re-convince people that ‘the system works’

    The most corrupt rigged gambling casino always still trumpets a few ‘winners’ they produce

    The establishment is buying time so that a new version of the ‘kosher sandwich’ can be prepared, a re-vamped ‘Right’ as well as ‘Left’ serving oligarchs … e.g., the new Austin TX anti-woke university … led by Zionist Jewess Bari Weiss

    And just as new Repub Virginia Gov Youngkin is hiring pronoun-pushing quasi-‘woke’ assistants, the establishment will promote other people who appear half ‘based’ in campaign, and then disappoint

    The present ‘surge of the Right’ is just the establishment recognising that USA plebs weren’t ready yet for full submission to the Dem Party type control grid, so they are adjusting strategy for a while … till control techniques and tools get enhanced a bit

  9. These are eternal “perennial” values that wax and wane with the cycles of history; the problem we are facing is demography not ideology.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with classical liberalism. Classical liberals were not in control in Charlottesville and the communist like violation of rights of White people was not an example of classical liberalism.

    • A lot of people have caught on and do not call these people liberals anymore. They are just leftists, Marxists, Bolsheviks, Anarcho-Fascists….whatever.

  11. “It appears that the right will soon find itself in power and possibly even in position of overwhelming strength” – believing that anything remotely positive for Whites would come from that is the height of naiveté

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