Bill Maher and Kid Rock Agree On Democratic Messaging

Everyone keeps telling them the same thing.

The Democratic Party is perceived as being dominated by an ultra woke set of Twitter-based, urban, White college educated Millennials who are outnumbered by a much larger group of Americans who despise these people. They are annoying and aggravating White and “Latinx” voters.

Note: Kyle Rittenhouse is celebrated as a hero on the Right because he defended himself and shot and killed these people.

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  1. Kid Rock must be middle aged now. So many of these rappers’ names have Little or Lil or Young in them. Since they fortunately don’t usually live beyond 40, we’ll never have the spectacle of, say, Old Thug or 30 Days to Retirement Thug. “Shot in the Studio by a Homeless Thug Thug.”

  2. Bill Maher is a typical pseudo intellectual never funny smug condescending piece of shit. “we just need to go back to hating dumbfuck Whites in secret and enacting our White hating policies less publicly, like as minor footnotes hidden in the thousands of pages Orwellian jargon in the NWO kleptocratic bills we want the democrats to pass with faggot names like The American Rescue Plan or Build Back Feudalism”.

    Caring about what Bill Maher thinks is really pathetic. I’m not a Kid Rock fan nor am I into White trash glorification and haven’t heard a song by him since Cowboy which was 20 years ago, but I don’t recall him trash talking Whitey then making an about face to stay relevant.

    • “Bill Maher is a typical pseudo intellectual never funny smug condescending piece of”

      Jewudo intellectual 🙂

      (He doesn’t have to be funny or informative, he has jewish privilege.)

    • It’s sad that people on our side imagine shitlibs care what Bill Maher thinks, or that Bill Maher isn’t being put forward as “being on our side” so right-wingers make fools of themselves hyping his comments.

  3. Why should I celebrate either of these pieces of shit for stating the obvious?

    I thought the maher monolog was cringey until I tried to watch what looks like 60 year old White trash act like the same dumb wigger music from the 90’s is something anybody wants to hear.

    Why is any of this on here.

    • @ Ironicsockaccount, Sir, drop the ” White trash” phrase, you wouldn’t say it too his face, a lot of our young soldiers like him,

  4. I hope they keep pushing the message. Whites need to know they are an endangered species. Some are too stupid to get it, or just don’t care. They are worthless trash.

  5. Maher can forget trying to mollify non-kollige edjewcated/rural Whites by encouraging the Cultural Marxist race traitors to try to win us over by starting to explicitly appeal to our economic interests as they do those of muds, and by pretending to suddenly shitcan their smirking anti-working class White attitudes: they’ve already made it 100% clear that they hate our guts and they want us dead & gone. And boy, do we feel the same about them.

  6. Car full of niggers run over multiple people, injuring over 20 during Christmas parade in Wisconsin. This was pay back for Kyle Rittenhouse verdict according to blm and antifa. Do you still think we should sit on the sidelines and do nothing? The fight has come for you White man and you’re worrying about what the jew media will says about you and optics. We deserve everything we get for our cowardice. We are being laughed at by our enemies.

    • But… Kyle supports BLM and he’s not Muh Racist – he told Tucker so. The fat-faced kid ain’t White and he’s no White Hero – he’s just some dumbfuck that wanted to play Tough Guy and the Goyim got sucked into it.

      • This isn’t about Kyle (I support BLM) Rittenhouse. Attacks on Whites have been going on long before Rittenhouse was born. He was just the excuse to kill and main more of us.

    • Jews filled the blacks’ heads with hatred of the white man, and then they ran over innocent girls celebrating Christmas. Because of this incident, I have come to believe our enemies are demons in the shape of men, and I’m not a religious person.

      • “Jews filled the blacks’ heads with hatred of the white man.

        They’ve been doing it since the 1960’s. Non-stop ‘hate whitey’.

    • Constant jew anti-White demonization, combined with low African IQ equals maimed Whites in the street.

  7. The ‘My fellow whites’ types must see how this is all going to shake down, and are already doing (((Damage))) control. It won’t save them. We now have DNA banks.

    Drive the Amalek into the sea.

  8. @ John, Our enemies can laugh all they want, SELF RESTRAINT is not cowardice, we will see who gets the last laugh !……….

    • How long do you want to go before you get the last laugh? 20, 30 50, 100, 1000 years before you say enough is enough? Restraint is what got us in this mess to begin with. Doing nothing has consequences too as we have seen over the decades.

      • @ John, you make your point, very well, as an individual, I know what too do, protect my family, my friends, the weak, the innocent, collectively I don’t know what the answer is for our people, beside collective repentance, when I see our people being harmed, I hate it, I feel a rage, I can barely contain, I am not without hope though, there is a reckoning coming……

  9. @ When they opened up the new hockey arena in detroit, he was the first act too play there, the joggers raised hell about it, made all kind of threats, simply because he flew our sacred banner as a back drop, for his show, by.sacred banner, I mean the rebel flag, the night of the show, there was 10.000 white guys on harley.davidsons, in downtown detroit, riding past and around the arena, the whole time the show was on, he alone could probably raise a division of troops, for us quite easily.

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