Darrell Brooks (aka MathBoi Fly) Ran Over a Bunch of White Kids In The Waukesha Christmas Parade


Police say Brooks wasn’t being pursued.

Police say Brooks was in a “domestic dispute.”

Police charge Brooks with five counts of intentional homicide.

Police say it wasn’t a “terrorist” incident.

Police say Brooks was fond of running over people.

Police say the deceased were Dancing Grannies and an old man.

In sum, Brooks was just let out on bail for running over a woman. He was fond of running over people. He intentionally plowed his vehicle into a Christmas parade of Dancing Grannies and children.

I decided to resist the temptation to post a hot take and to sleep on it last night and wait for more information to come out about this incident before jumping to conclusions.

I woke up this morning feeling slightly ashamed that I had done so. I reflexively wanted to wait for the facts to come to light. I care about the truth. My frontal lobes kicked in, quelled my emotions and stopped me from rushing to judgment. Has that ever stopped our opposition though?

If a White male had ran over a Christmas parade and killed a bunch of black children in Waukesha for whatever reason (premeditated or fleeing from the scene of a crime), what would have been the result? Would the “journalists” have waited for the facts to come in before blaming all White people, declaring it domestic terrorism and inciting a race riot? Would Waukesha have gone up in flames last night?

In Charlottesville, the media narrative was instant and unequivocal: James Fields, Jr. was a domestic terrorist. He intentionally drove his car into a crowd of peaceful protesters. There was zero interest in getting the facts right or his side of the story. The incident also reflected on the entire Alt-Right. The narrative that was swiftly built around James Fields, Jr. was impenetrable in the media.

In Waukesha, the police haven’t even announced the name of the suspect yet. We still don’t know the motive. We do know though that Darrell Brooks was a Black Lives Matter supporter and had explicitly posted on his Facebook page in favor of car attacks. He killed and injured more people than James Fields, Jr. Maybe this time we should just conclude that is good enough for us?

Why should we care about nuance? Why should we care about the facts? Why shouldn’t Whites just perceive this as a racially and ideologically motivated attack and roll with their anger even if it turns out that Brooks was a common criminal who was fleeing the scene of some other crime? No one on the other side gave a shit about the facts in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Note: In Charlottesville, the GPS in Fields car routed him down that one way street, which is why he ended up in that situation. Did anyone in the media ever point that out even once?

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  1. He left his drivers license in the car? And he parked his car in a driveway with the front end damage facing the street? Why?

  2. Have you heard of Coulter’s Law? I think it goes something like: If a White person did it the corporate media come out with the facts immediately, and they always say White collective racism is responsible. If a non-White did it, the corporate media say nothing for hours and hours, until they work out a good talking point, and send it out to all their anti-White media shills.

    In this case the MSM are going with the talking point that it was an accident, despite him swerving into the crowd, having previously posted about running over people and getting away with it, and making posts supporting BLM.

    • Yes you’re right. The problem lies with the level of indoctrination of the majority of whites. Do not be surprised if families of the victims come forward to appear on (((Gaslight media))) to forgive Brooks, maybe even with a negroid “preacher” in attendance – for “healing”. This is what the churchians love of course. They are like the pharisees with their phylacteries and public displays of righteousness – which are in reality blasphemies of the worst type.

      The above scenario has taken place countless times over the years in the wake of heinous atrocities carried out by blacks upon whites. The script is basically the same each time. It’s also a good way of distracting from the decades long campaign of the tiny hats stirring up negroid resent, hatred, murder and rape of whites of all ages.

      • Before Stormfront was taken down, there was a running thread of White people murdered by non-Whites, mostly blacks. There were about a thousand or so, 2 of whom I knew.

        There was an article written back in 1995, that is worth reading. It has been 25 years since it was written, so you might imagine what the numbers are now.

        by Paul Sheehan. Saturday, 20 May 1995
        The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

        Western Civilization is being destroyed, America is being destroyed, Kalergi Plan in action, White people are being destroyed. Time is running out to stand up and stop it.

  3. Yeah crickets from the media on the race of this filthy POS. Of course if the races were reversed it would be white supremacy 24/7.

    As a side note, I’m not so sure that the “normies” have gone full blown pro white yet. I periodically visit BB and GWP just to see what the opinions are. Still quite a few people on the DR3 trope.

    I don’t know what it will take to convince these people that we are hated and that war has already been declared against us.

    Sitting on the fence isn’t an option if survival is the end game.

    • “I don’t know what it will take to convince these people that we are hated and that war has already been declared against us.”

      Surely not the nature and one-way direction of interracial rape and violence over the last 5 decades or more. Rape is a common war crime, but feminists say nothing.

      • ” . . . Rape is a common war crime, but feminists say nothing.”

        ‘No Enemies on the Left’ is one of their tactics, that is why the so-called “feminists” were remarkably quiet about Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein et al. That is also why the Lügenpresse needs a certain amount of time to frame their common response to the latest atrocity, everyone has to know what the approved narrative is before they can support it. If the Lügenpresse were to report the truth; all of it all the time, the Left would implode in a month. The job of the Lügenpresse is to suppress the truth and shape the narrative all of the time.

        SC Rebel

        NOVEMBER 22, 2021 AT 11:53 AM

        “Yeah crickets from the media on the race of this filthy POS. Of course if the races were reversed it would be white supremacy 24/7.”

        Indeed. According to the Lügenpresse black crime is always random, an aberration, rare and caused by mental illness and racism which only afflicts White people BTW. The only logical conclusion from this false narrative is that blacks (and other colored people) are innocent lambs, mercilessly attacked by evil Whites causing an inevitable and completely understandable backlash from the normally reserved, quiet, law abiding and peaceful coloreds. How many times have peopled heard this shit on TV from some screaming, obese 400 Lb. negress: He was a good boy, he was turning his life around, he was going back to school, he was getting back together with (one of) his baby momma(s) etc.?

        The mirror image of this story from the Lügenpresse is that a despicable White criminal is always representative of all White people regardless of the facts. All mass murders are White (according to the Lügenpresse) instead of blacks being overrepresented in that criminal category. All the violence in history was caused by Whites such as peaceful Indians (feather not dot) minding their own business, studying nuclear physics, discovering the laws of motion and thermodynamics, working out celestial navigation problems and inventing antibiotics. Evil Whites in Jamestown, VA. and Plymouth, MA. set out on a rampage against these Noble Savages because of Whites’ vicious nature.

        The historical truth that the N. American continent was mostly empty, the aboriginal people were truly : . . . merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. . . “ as Thomas Jefferson accurately described them must be replaced by the 1619 falsehood. Instead the blacks laughably founded the English colonies and are entitled to (with other coloreds) rule them and take possession all the wealth accumulated unjustly therein. Whites should be subject to the tender mercies of the coloreds such as Lothrop Stoddard documented in Haiti while Mexico levels of violence is perpetrated against us justifiably. For Whites to justifiably act in self defense as Mr. Rittenhouse did constitutes an inexcusable crime by all Whites etc.

        They want us dead, six feet under. They don’t care about that BLM sign on the “conservatives'” front lawns. The conservatives/liberals would be better off replacing that BLM sign with a lawn jockey statue; the BLM/Stop Asian Hate sign won’t save them, it’s not a magic talisman.


      • “No Enemies on the Left’ is one of their tactics, that is why the so-called “feminists” were remarkably quiet about Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein et al. ”

        I understand why media feminists don’t question interracial rapes, but I don’t understand why everyday, bus-riding feminists don’t. They have had the experiences with random, pushy and aggressive black men, and know what goes on. They know the stats are right, yet still follow the leaders.

        • @Todd – It’s simple enough; they are programmed to blame ALL males for violence and rape — and their brainwashing has taught them that colored men are not to blame because “evil White men” control everything. Since “evil White men” are what (they genuinely believe) control the way colored men behave, so it goes that ALL rape and violence are part of White Supremacy. There is an old feminist slogan about not blaming the victims of oppression for displaying the symptoms of that oppression.

          It’s all sick, delusional and suicidal. But really, that kind of mentality is rampant in White people. For example, even Whites I know who have been red-pilled are exasperated when I point out for the umpteenth time yet another visual display of WHITE ERASURE. “Oh come on, it’s just a sales brochure!” Yes it is — with NO WHITE PEOPLE ON IT.
          White people: Wake the fuck UP!!

  4. The comparison with Fields is telling. Recklessly fleeing is consistent with Fields but this guy looked to be creating a Massacre. Speechless.

  5. He should have been in jail for nany different crimes. Is it any wonder that some people feel the need to step in where the police and government refuse to do so?

  6. When do we start to hold the media and public figures responsible for incitement? Julius Streicher was hanged at Nuremburg for drawing cartoons. It is also interesting that this evolutionary throwback was so unconcerned with the after effects of his actions that it didn’t even attempt to hide the vehicle.

    • @ Race fights in the metropolitan areas, We still have control of what counts, Food,fuel, water and all the resources,

  7. The title of the alleged perpetrators music video is ” Murder Vehicle”. Come on Sean Patrick FBI can’t you come up with anything better than that?

  8. Looks like he slowed down and tried to get around the marchers at the start and the just powered through. Not the actions of someone trying to get maximum kills. What do we even gain by competing with the left in the oppression Olympics? We end up becoming the sidekick to grift-right faggots like Andy Ngo.

    • So this wasn’t intentional? Is that what you’re saying? This fucking ape with a rap sheet a mile long that held violent hatred of white people dindu do nuffin? This was just an hour from Kenosha in a predominantly white city that voted largely for Trump at an overwhelmingly white event. Again, what the fuck are you saying?

      • not to mention the fact that Andy Ngo has taken a few face punches for us.

        Butt-Goy may have taken something too….but most likely up his ass.

        • You support “based faggots” do you? Well that tells me all I need to know about you. Go have a big long cry about racial double standards and see how far it gets you.

      • It was intentional, but did he flip out when he encountered the parade in a sudden attack of black rage? Or did he go there intending this all along? Waukesha is the heart of Wisconsin GOP country, it seem a likely place to target. Why was he in Waukesha? I know listening to the blacks talk at work they definitely know the racial dynamics of all the nearby towns. The blacks in Milwaukee would certainly know Waukesha County was where very culturally white whites lived. The fact a hood rat came there just seems fishy.

      • I’m tired of pro-whites futilely trying to beat the Jewish establishment at their own racial grievance game. In addition to being mentally draining it just makes us the flip-side of the BLM movement. Spencer is right it is a loser mentality. Have Blacks achieved any level of racial self-determination with the vast amount of victimhood placed upon them? No, they are just as controlled as when they were slaves. You’re more than welcome to tie yourself into knots because someone you didn’t know was killed by a Black, I’m just more interested in the big picture.

        White Nationalists think this kind of navel gazing increases racial solidarity, it does not. About the only thing it does do is encourage the unhinged among us to go out and commit atrocities in our name. Which of course is exactly what the Jews secretly want.

        • 1. Ask any Black American whether they’d be alive now or the 1950s during Segregation. 100% of them without fail would choose right now, even as they crow about “Structural Racism.” It doesn’t matter whether you can concoct some tortured argument for whether Blacks are more or less in control then under slavery, because what matters is that Blacks (correctly) perceive that they have more freedom and sovereignty in 2021 then they did in 1951. They don’t live under the White Man’s boot like they used to. That’s a W for them. The problem of course is that now they parasite off us. Separation is necessary for White Survival.

          2. The “Big Picture” you speak of is this: The mainstream is united around integration and racial amalgamation. All races shall be free and equal citizens, as Roberta Kaplan gloated in her reaction today. This is the future that Jews, cuckservatives (David French types) and Cultural Liberals want. Against this tide are two competing options: White Separation, which is what Right Wing WNs such as myself want, and White Domination (Aryan Globalism), which is what Wignats like you and Spencer want.

          It does make sense why WigNats downplay the Rittenhouse verdict and downplay the attack on conservative White GOP voters in Wekusha, Wisconsin. A race of “dominators” and “conquerors” doesnt have a heart for victims, not even its own. Of course, the Whites of Wekusha arent *really* your own. You’re a Cultural Liberal yourself at heart, despite all the protestations about “butt goys” and such (lady doth protest too much, etc etc).

          WigNats and Antifa are effectively cut from the same cloth: A bunch of genetic trash whites who support communism and exist to tear down Normal Whites who remind them so much of their upper class parents they hated with a satanic passion. Admit it: You felt personally attacked by your peeps in the local art community or book club for critiquing Whiteness on twitter all day, so you joined White Nationalism and tried making it safe for Cultural Liberals again – even though it was Cultural Liberals who created and supported anti-racism in the first place.

          High Whites and Low Whites aren’t gonna make it and don’t deserve to. You’re the cancer cells on the White Racial Body. I’m glad our enemies handed you the verdict you so richly deserve today (Dr. Michael Hill excepted. He’s a good man)

  9. The Rittenhouse verdict completely exposes the Establishment’s Anti-White bias and hatred. “Conservatives”, true to form, will chalk it up to something else. The Democrats are the real “racists”.

  10. “In Waukesha, the police haven’t even announced the name of the suspect yet”

    Did you see the color of the police chief ? Take a guess.

  11. I know it sounds lame, but…..

    Please spread honest Vdare, Amren, UKDaily Mail accounts of this racial slaughter hate crime to low level White GOP state reps in Wisconsin, GOP Congressional Staff. Follow up with phone calls, e-mails thank you for listening to my concerns.

    I can get all Wisconsin GOP state reps to anyone who will do the hard basic work.

    Bitching and moaning or wasting all our time with gun revolutionary fantasies that never helps.

    • The jspin has already begun,

      “SUV driver in parade crash may have been fleeing a crime. ”
      (As if that justifies his actions)

      He already has a record as using a car as a weapon. He ran down a woman at a gas station, breaking her bones and sending her to the emergency room.

    • “ Bitching and moaning or wasting all our time with gun revolutionary fantasies that never helps.”
      -some yankee without a plan.

      Except when it does. Worked out pretty well for the Nationalist during the Spanish Civil War.

      If you hadn’t noticed, there’s been an ongoing Revolution for a few decades now in America. When it goes Hot, as all Revolutions eventually do, you’ll be trapped behind enemy lines in your Blue hive.
      Meanwhile, those of us in rural Red Southern locations who have the training, the materials and the wherewithal will do the heavy lifting.

      You won’t be needed nor welcomed at our Fellowship table.

  12. Again, I rage……

    Why aren’t sites, such as this one, filled with women and the young ?
    They are the ones at greatest risk of harm in a degenerate society.

    Tell me.

    • here’s some news U can use:

      for every white-hating Jew,

      there’s 30 White shabbatz goyim

      on the Jews’ payroll.

  13. Would not surprise me if this guy was acting on orders – or deliberately triggered by handlers. Seems BLM/Antifa have a never-ending supply of mentally unstable foot soldiers ready to carry out politically correct attacks.

  14. “and had explicitly posted on his Facebook page in favor of car attacks.”

    He didn’t. This was supposedly an account by a police officer if you actually read it. Ngo got this wrong and it’s a shit example anyway- it’s from 2016.

    A better example is this FB post where he advocated violence against whites, even the elderly: https://twitter.com/oaktreeupheaval/status/1462645665612193797

    The video was of that one young white girl who filmed herself arguing with her parents about “racism” that happened in the early days of the Saint Fent riots. This and similar videos were notable for resembling something out of the Cultural Revolution.

    Another one where “the enemy” is white people: https://twitter.com/oaktreeupheaval/status/1462679052762763270

    And this one is also quite explicit: https://archive.vn/xWNLy

    This soulless ape hated white people and this was 100% an anti-white hate attack.

  15. I’m so sick and tired of these “just imagine if the races were reversed” narratives from conservatives.
    White hatred is THE ISSUE/WAKE THE F UP.
    The GOP and conservatives will not save you. Be kind to everyone and pray to God that you may be in a state of grace with him when some random kills you because the media has told them you are evil.

  16. You will not escape the war jews and blacks have declared on you White man. Sooner or later you will have to fight back or the carnage will only get worse.

    • “It’s always the mulatto who hates White people the most.”

      That’s what my dad always said. He was born in 1930. They already knew this, way back when.

      • I find it funny that mulatto’s always claim their black side over their White side. Why? Because they know that’s where their opportunity comes from. If there was a such thing as “White” privilege, all of these half breeds would call themselves White but they don’t. Whaever

        Whatever the jew media says, it’s the complete opposite.

    • There might be some truth to that. The most virulent of the NOI Zebra killers was a mulatto. Wonder how many are out of jail now thanks to Newsome – handily re-elected by all those Latinx and Asian Trump supporters in CA (where whites are a minority).

      • But, but, but hispanics are “natural conservatives”. I know this is true because the worthless Republicans, FOX TV and ¡Jeb! Bush told me so.

  17. This is our future in weimerica ..
    Being, raped ,robbed ,killed and tortured nonstop as we are told we are ‘racist’ if we notice- meanwhile the coloreds and mud people get coddled like infants and told they are never responsible as the common people of all races type stuff like ‘free’ (insert your fav rapist rapper niggers name here)
    all over the Internet …
    I see it daily and it won’t be long before the cries of everyone demanding to ‘free’ this ape will be seen and heard all over jewmerica.

    Yes … free all nonwhite people from prison who have committed acts of violence and jail all white peepow who have committed the crime of wrongthink ..
    We are almost there.
    i am afraid that there will never ever be any peaceful way to politically defeat psychopaths who want to murder you and rape your tranny-ized children

  18. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about situations like this, because according to HW and his little pea-brained sidekick “Pilot” taking physical action against our enemies doesn’t work. But we can still subscribe to The Free Magnolia and read obscure books about Henry Clay or the history of Southern populism.

    • The only thing the niggers and the jews understand is force but unfortunately, many Whites would rather die than be called bad names by the jew media, adl, splc, aclu, etc. Superman was afraid of kryptonite while the White man fears being called bad names.

      • the first comment i ever left on this website ten yrs ago was – “there is and never will be any peaceful way out of this mess”…
        You cannot and will not EVER vote your way out of genocide.

  19. No Con, Inc outlets are describing this as an anti-White terrorist attack.

    By the way, jewish, black, and self-hating White gentile leftist were posting virulent anti-White venom on various social media platforms in regards to this act of racial terrorism.

    Thanks to several members of NJP, screenshots of many of these posts were saved, before they scrubbed them.

  20. I failed to mention that jewtube deleted this pavement ape’s hate-filled and violent imagery rap videos

    Big tech is obviously protecting one of their creations.

    • Funny how jewtune, FB, Twitter and other sites will delete his images and every other anti-White rhetoric but if it was a White guy, it would be used against him in court and the media would be plastering it all over their networks.

  21. I watched “live” coverage last night which mostly consisted of repeats of the same video over and over and no real information. Emails started pouring in a couple of hours later with name, rap sheet, criminal history, mug shots, etc about Brooks. Gateway Pundit seemed to lead the way. Breitbart finally followed and named the perp, but didn’t show his pic right away. Today they have.

    Listened to Conservative talk radio off and on. Lots of discussion of this, his name, his record, etc. BUT NOT ONE REFERENCE TO HIS RACE, THAT HE IS BLACK!

  22. Jewish Lizzie Grubman –
    Yelled ‘F–k you White Trash’, as she rammed her Mercedes SUV into a crowd, injuring 16 people
    She served 38 days in jail

    James Fields Jr –
    Panicked and fleeing an ANTIFA mob attacking him with baseball bats, his car pushed into a crowd, an obese woman fell over and died; and he deeply apologised

    Sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years

    James Fields and Lizzie Grubman photo meme –

  23. Of course the media kikes are already pushing their hastily slapped-together (((Mitigation Narrative))): he was just fleeing another crime. “Oy – he was so panicky & emotionally distraught! That’s what caused him to be so distracted that he plowed into the crowd! Nothing to do with racial terrorism, goyim!”

    The fact that it happened to an almost all White parade in an almost all White Wisconsin city a few miles from Kenosha right after the Rittenhouse acquittal?

    “Means nothing – NOTHING!”

    The kikes, professional niggers like Mystal & Reid, and the race traitor scum who incited this murdering nigger retard are even more guilty than he is. THEY shrieked their filthy lie that the obviously innocent Rittenhouse “escaped justice” because of “the White supremacist system”. THEY must have the blame for these White dead hung around their necks like a millstone.

  24. The timing of this just on the heels of the Rittenhouse verdict, and the predictably duplicitous reaction of the usual suspects is quite possibly perfect for highlighting the legal double standard Whitey is subject to.

    The victims are “dancing grannies” who I’m sure are White because otherwise they would be called the Twerking Grannies. And and older bank employee who is also gonna gonna be White as I don’t think there has ever been a black bank employee in the history of banks or blacks.

    Happy thanksgiving, fuck the Left

  25. This was a deliberate Anti-White terrorist attack in revenge for the Rittenhouse aquittal.

    Cope, seethe, whatever…..

    Deal with reality.

    It is what it is.

  26. Thankfully no children were killed. Sorry for those who lost their grandmothers. Black filth shouldn’t have been roaming free.

    • DIG, a little girl died yesterday. I hope the trial zeros in on this death. Folks don’t like it when little kids are killed.

      • That evil niggers entire ape lineage should dangle for this crime…..instead he will probably get coddled and paw slapped by some leftist traitor judge…

        How long until niggers like this rape ape can claim that “the little boy called him a nigger so he snapped and ran him over” and then gets away with this?

        How much longer until the “n-word defense” frees every nigger murderer who kills a a human with the threat of rioting and cities being burned is implied openly?

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