Kyle Rittenhouse Explains Why He Lost Faith In Justice System

I strongly agree.

This is also my takeaway from Charlottesville.

We were incredibly naive in traveling to Charlottesville to attend the Unite the Right rally. We made a huge mistake in working within the system. We trusted law enforcement with our security. We assumed that a federal court was protecting our constitutional rights by issuing an injunction that allowed the Unite the Right rally to proceed. We trusted the ACLU of Virginia which baited us into a trap.

I spoke with one of my friends tonight who is a Sines v. Kessler defendent about the irony of this case. On the one hand, we had so little confidence in the system that we want to secede from the Union. We are deeply skeptical of liberalism. On the other hand, we trusted the system to protect our rights and liberties in a place like Charlottesville. We went to Charlottesville to champion liberal norms like free speech and free assembly. The outcome of the case has at least resolved the contradiction.

Do you want to go on living in a country like this? We’re not the only ones saying it. Kyle Rittenhouse is saying the same thing. He found himself in an anarchic situation because Democratic state and local officials ceded sovereignty to a violent mob. The same bloodthirsty mob which deliberately allowed anarchy to break out on the streets wielded state power against him in Kenosha. It hasn’t happened once or twice in a few places. It happened all over the country in various cities during the George Floyd riots. This collapse of order is a chronic problem in places like San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.

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  1. As to the Charlottesville verdict.
    Judge Moon’s law (((clercks))) were accepting money from the plaintiffs.
    An obvious justification to overturn the verdict.

  2. The only reason this rotten, discredited System hasn’t fallen yet is because there is nothing to replace it with. CW2 should’ve happened over 50 years ago, but the elections of Nixon, Reagan and then Trump postponed it. Now the situation is close to intolerable.

    • “The only reason this rotten, discredited System hasn’t fallen yet”

      Is because they have papered over the flaws with 30 tril in debt !

      • ” . . . they have papered over the flaws with 30 tril in debt !”

        Yes they have but they are running out of room to run. Inflation is in high gear now and that monster will not be contained, it will ruin the currency and impoverish most people. Without a constant, increasing stream of money the whole rotten Globo Homo Shopping Mall system grinds to a halt like an engine without oil.

        The rotten system relies upon more and more money to feed the parasites at the MIC, universities, the massive surveillance state e.g. the FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, the legal system, Wall Street and all those who have attached themselves to the Government. If the system were honest it never would have accumulated $30 trillion in debt, it wouldn’t have needed it to survive. This system cannot continue in its present form much longer and what cannot be continued won’t be continued.

        What comes next is unknown.

  3. When minorities are the victims of something…….riots.
    When whites are the victims……..’oh we must come together’.
    With Kyle Rittenhouse, he shot whites, but leftist whites…….so he’s somehow a white racist or something.
    I just can’t see the West getting any better from here.

  4. It sucks, but we need more of these clearly biased applications of the legal system to thoroughly demoralize “conservatives” who seem to have an endless level of naivete with regard to the legitimacy of the military and police.

  5. Death to the Jew World Order. DttJWO. America is dead. Long live the New White Christian Ethnostate, where (((they))) are outlawed.

    Only whites can be (and should be) Christians. The ‘Jews’ of Rom. 1:16-17 died centuries ago. All that remains of that promise of the Gospel, remains with and resides in the “Hellenes’ of White Europe- the White Nations of Christendom.

    Anathema to any other point of view. (see St. Philaret quote, below)

    “Though the gospel has been announced to all nations, to pretend that it has been, or can be, embraced by all ethnicities equally is supported neither in Scripture, history, nor common experience. The mandated genocides of the Cainites and Canaanites, the divorce and collective reprobation of Israel, and apostolic missionary emphasis on the Levant and Europe, all militate against it. Alienists may delude themselves to the contrary, but the Westminster fathers, in their very Calvinist doctrines of nations and providence, and whose lives were defined by opposition to Rome and Spain, did not believe every ethnicity had an equal relationship to the Kingdom of God. They, like the continental Reformers and all Christians of their day, used the ethnic terms “Turk” and “Jew” as synonyms for reprobate.” –

    Even granting a “brotherhood of men” under Christ, “the brotherhood of men does not imply their equality.” He continues: “Neither does men’s equality before God imply their equality as among themselves.” Even if God, from his divine and lofty standpoint, views us all as equals, any putative inter-human equality “is entirely irrelevant…”. –

    “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” – H. Belloc

    “Who, knowing the judgment of God, that they (sodomites, marxists, feminazis, abortion whores, trannies, lesbians, Democrats) which commit such things, are worthy of death.” – Rom. 1:32

    “The consolidation of the States into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.” -Robert E. Lee, 1866

    “War is the continuation of politics by other means” – Carl von Clausewitz

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    ????????? ? ???????



    Thomas, are you the same poster who wrote this marvelous essay? (all except Footnote 13)

    If so….
    How can you be so woefully duplicitous, when you read HW’s essays, and have read my quotes for some years now? Your own Christophobia blinds you to the ONE final solution to our common problem.

    And the commenters who actually believe your lies, only serve to damn themselves even more, by agreeing with you. Shame on you… especially when you write so well.

  7. The Rittenhouse trial was supposed to end the same way the Charlottesville disaster did. The only reason it didn’t was because the “victims” weren’t POC’s.

  8. I posted on this blog, a few years prior to C’ville, a comment to the effect that the police could not and shoult not be trusted by anyone on the right. I got dogpiled for it – I particularly remember that blowhard “John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia” spouting crap about how the cops know who the bad guys are so of course they’re on our side.

    I take a certain satisfaction in how that sort of talk has totally disappeared. Mind you, it should have been obvious WITHOUT the egregiously visible demonstrations of where LEO loyalty really lies. But better late than never.

    I live not too far from C’ville. I did briefly consider going. “Briefly” as in for about 5 seconds.

    I knew better.

    Everyone should have known better. (And before you bring up the earlier no-problem marches, they were way lower profile. Useless as propaganda for the right, therefore useless as targets for the left.)

    On January 3 or 4 or so, my dad commented to me, “There’ll be these buses picking people up at 3 AM on the 6th for the trip to DC -” I said: “I want nothing whatseover to do with it.” Him: “Yeah, okay, that does seem wise.”

    James Fields was and is as innocent as Kyle Rittenhouse. He was, however, more foolish and less clear-headed under pressure.

    This whole process is stripping away people who have their hearts in the right places but don’t think too clearly. It’s sad. But it also turns out to be necessary.

    • The brutal lesson of Charlottesville: Torchlight parades come after victory, not before. Until we successfully neutralize Anti-White propaganda with our own propaganda we’ll just keep going round in circles.

  9. Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson that he wants to go to college, and maybe even live on Campus!
    Is he out of his freaking mind? And does he really support BLM? He may have been acquitted, but he still hasn’t learned his lesson!

  10. The prosecuting jew attorney has a agenda, it’s putting White gentiles like you in jail. That’s his only M.O..

  11. Rittenhouse, like Sandmann, is likely to become a millionaire many times over. What he ought to do is use that money to productively channel his rage at being screwed by the (((system))): support things like pro White media efforts, deplatform-proof social media & crowdfunding, etc. Maybe invest in Bitcoin to turn millions into billions.

    Of course, this would require that he actually BE pro-White, and there’s no evidence that he is. On the contrary: all indications are that he’s just another garden-variety MAGAtard, with his cringe Ol’ Grow-ry crocs. Becoming awakened to the real (((cancer))) that tried to destroy him would take a lot of serious study. But now he’s hobnobbing all starry-eyed with the glad-handers & back-slappers of Kahnservantive Inc. – the Orange Turd & Carlson, etc. – so not much chance of that.

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