Current National Political Landscape

If the 2024 election were held today and it was a Blumpf vs. Joe Biden rematch, this is how it would likely play out based on current polling and the Virginia results.


“That poll was conducted among 600 likely voters in each of the five states from November 11 to 16 and had a margin of error of four percent.

It found that Trump led Biden by 12 points in Michigan, 10 points in Wisconsin and six points in Pennsylvania.

Trump won those three states in 2016 by less than one percent in each case, securing him victory.

The former president also led Biden by eight percent in Arizona and three percent in Georgia—both states that Trump won in 2016 and that Biden successfully flipped last year. …”

Sounds about right.

It is likely to get worse over the next year too because the president’s party almost always loses ground in the year out from the midterms. Biden should be bouncing after BIF.

Trump’s approval vs. disapproval rating held constant throughout his entire presidency and hasn’t really changed in his post-presidency. No one really changed their mind about Blumpf after 2018. He returned to the 52% to 54% disapproval range through COVID and the economic collapse. He dropped after the “January 6th insurrection” only to bounce back within a month. He never faded.

This could change over 2023 and 2024 and could improve somewhat for Joe Biden. Maybe it doesn’t though and we are stuck with gridlock, inflation and malaise for years and Joe doesn’t bounce back. Maybe most people have now made up their minds about him like Trump.

Joe Biden is settling in the same 52% to 54% disapproval range.

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  1. Voting is not the answer but If you still believe voting will save us than the right needs someone right of Trump. Someone that not going to pander, grovel, worship and court every minority group.

    • Trump is a failed Jewish Operative, and little more. I admit it, here and now. I was fooled. (though I think I’ve already admitted to that sin….) However, he is DONE. Like the turkey two days ago….

      I’m not a fan of Youngkin nor de Santis, for the same reasons. ANYONE in the Pay of teh Christ-killers, is OUR ENEMY.

      Can we stir up the Right enough to override Trump’s attempts at king-making, and posit a TRUE White Nationalist? We need a Male, a REAL Christian, A non-cucked White, and an INTELLIGENT man, who knows something to help this nation; say, an Economist, a Statesman, a Leader?

      I know of no one…..

    • I can see your very good point. In addition, there is still the problem of the Lugenpresse or as President Trump calls them, “The Enemy of the People”, that do a remarkable job of brainwashing the public. Some of the Lugenpresse’s greatest hits…Portrait of Evil: Walter Duranty, The New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief Who Deliberately Hid Soviet-Imposed Famine that Killed Millions

  2. One of the great commentators of this site called him Judas Dump, which cracked me the hell up, very natural to the way that fuckhead looks and acts, ultimate scumbag personified, and I’ve been calling him that ever since.

  3. I say voting is a farce.And the 9 White women on the Georgia jury need to live under Jew/nigger rule even more completely than it has been.It will almost be worth it to see them suffer under those they love so.I’m done voting.And we see how the new Va Governor is repaying his voters.BLM mammy and LatinX/homo both on his staff.It boggles the mind how decadent the controllers et al really are.

    • White women in this country deserve some degree of punishment for their collaboration with this anti white leftist monstrosity. I don’t want to hear any excuses for them, women in Palestine don’t betray their men like they do here. They deserve to have their heads shaved and walk in shame just like collaborating women France after the war. Shawn Thompson on AM560 said he won’t forgive anyone for voting democrat in 2020, “oh now your sorry, well it’s too late, as far as I’m concerned you did a rotten thing and I’m through with you.”

      • Not all women are liberal. There’s probably just as many liberal men out there. The whole “gender war” thing is stupid. Stop watching “the news”.

      • The very same. But you know how important Miami is to our jewish friends. NY, LA and possibly Vegas are the only other US cities which are even jewier.

        • Are you naming bombing targets, Spawn? (I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do…..) LOL

    • @Spahnranch 1970,

      What will that matchup do for us? It gives the same gaslit illusion that White Gentiles are in charge.

      • You’re absolutely correct, I’m just talking about the potential entertainment value of such a race. Newsom is the “bad boy”, an aloof and arrogant West Coast liberal with villainous good looks. Desantis is the clean-cut, wholesome and patriotic Red state conservative-populist. Which one will white female voters swoon over more?

    • Newsome would win in a landslide. Who is giving up this $300/child? Repulblicans cannot Wait to strip it for the Upper Class. Use this money to teach them. We raised out boys in a racialist household. It took a woman or two to change them. We cannot Win this way. I am crushed by this reality. JB told me that we can only do what we can.

  4. Voting gets you cucks like Youngkin, complete with their BLM and LGBT advisors, not to mention the (((donors))) pulling their strings. Trump – despite all the huffing and puffing – is no different.

  5. Notice that Trump’s many ‘serious legal problems’ have mysteriously faded, suggesting there is a ‘deal’ or successful blackmail. Trump is mostly ‘behaving’, quiet about some things, whilst pushing elite agendas like the vax.

    Trump is long thought to be over-medicated, Adderall or whatever, and drugs take a toll on olderly. Trump (born June 1946) would be age 78 in Jan. 2025, a few months older in fact than Joe Biden (born Nov 1942) at his inaugural.

    Seems some chance that in a 2nd term, Trump would be another Biden, just as medicated and out of it, and just as managed by handlers – Ivanka & Kushner again? God help America

    • I think the left powers that be were smart enough to realize that Trump is better alive and kicking than as a martyr. If he runs in 2024, it’s going to cause all kinds of trouble for the GOP (from brutal infighting to Trump’s inevitable verbal diarrhea as he pushes 80) and likely hand Dems the win. I’m frankly a little surprised they haven’t let him back on Twitter.

  6. In anticipation of large electoral gains next year, the republicans are not even waiting to get into office before throwing their base under the bus.

    • The Democrats may be insane but at least they’re all on the same page, they share the same warped agenda. Their only complaint from people like The Squad is that the latest anti-White program didn’t go far enough not that there was a fundamental disagreement. Their quarrels are a matter of degree, not type.

      With the horrible Republicans it’s always the beneficial owners of the Party who despise and betray the average Republican voter. The idea that . . . if only we could get the right guy elected everything would be great . . . was really put to bed by Trump and his absolute failure to deliver on his agenda. He ended up trying to outdo the reparations agenda of the Democrats with his “Platinum Plan” and pardoning Jared Kushner’s horrible criminal pals while leaving his gullible supporters to rot in jail. He will use and discard anyone who can serve his personal agenda.

    • 2% of the population rules us. Blacks are an unknown quotient. They knew the Jew before we did. Let’s stop being stupid. We are not Winning.

    • “Shlomo is not giving up power.” then it must be taken from them. Plowshares into swords, in other words. (just giving a biblical analogy, HW…)

  7. Terrible Tommy Metzger was correct when he said, “worse is better” and “Whites will only begin to resist, and fight back when their backs are against the wall.” Too many Whites are still to comfortable, complacent, and apathetic to our situation.

    • “Worse is better” isn’t original to Metzger but to Vladimir Ulyanov, better known as “Lenin”. Both are unfortunately correct about this (in a broken-clock kind of way) – for exactly the reasons you mention. That’s what I brought up the posts by a “Diabolical Genius” over at Unz: they illustrate a non-violent way to accelerate the collapse. The entire system needs to collapse before you will see large numbers of normies race reality. Voting for Republicans – or doing anything at all which serves to keep the rotten system afloat – makes our survival less likely. The empire has to die. Even living under direct Chinese rule (which is pretty unlikely) would be more survivable than living under Judeo-Satanist rule as we are at present.

    • It looks as if whites won’t start taking their own side until they are forced to fight the spics and the coloreds for that last, moldy loaf of raisin bread on the supermarket shelf.

    • @November “Too many Whites are still to comfortable, complacent, and apathetic to our situation.”

      Exactly. Most boomers are fairly rich, spend their days golfing and going on vacations, gambling, buying boxes of beers, and eating at sports bars.

      You saw them cry and whine when Covid interfered with their vacation plans, so they went and got the vax so they could “travel”.

      Most boomers are on government pensions and live pretty well. A non-educated boomer lives far better than any millennial white male who went into a STEM field and worked his ass off.

  8. Please, someone more clever than Trump, he had his chance and wasn’t up to it. The impulsive tweets were counterproductive. Only someone Machiavellian can save us, it takes wit, Putin never acted like this, Clinton never sent out impulsive tweets giving conservatives ammunition, he played the country like a fiddle. There has to be someone who is smarter at playing the game.

    • @Nightowl,

      Haven’t you received the memo yet? What year do you think this is?

      You could vote for the reincarnated Theodore Roosevelt, and he would be an articulate pawn of the judeo-elite oligarchy. Barring that, the bought and paid for whores in the US Congress would be an obstacle to any serious reform.

      I hate to break it to you, but America is a corpse that people on the patriotic right like yourself are trying to use necromancy to resurrect.

  9. You need to understand how candidates are chosen. Usually a group of law firms and corporate lawyers get together and nominate candidates for both political parties. That’s how it works kids. You seldom, if ever get an outsider.

    • Agree. It’s more like someone being picked for a top managerial position at a corporation. They want to make sure he/she tows the party line.

  10. Why are many conservative/republican sites ignoring the fact that America is currently drowning from third worlders, and how things are going to get worse demographically, by 2024? What if biden issues an executive order amnesty? Or is amnesty no longer an issue for the right, since MAGA came along? Amnesty was the nightmare for conservatives during the bush and obama years, now they no longer care, because of recent delusions about “based hispanics”.

    They foolishly believe that non-whites will become trump supporters just because they are turning on the woke democrats. The fact that blacks and hispanics will look out for their own race and are opportunists is something they refuse to accept. You see how conservatives are more pissed about vaccine mandates than black lawlessness or whites becoming a minority. Conservatism is selfishness. All they care about is being left alone and being passive-aggressive wimps.

    • I disagree with this take.

      1.) Immigration is the top issue for Republican voters behind the economy. Gas prices and inflation are the biggest concern for pretty much everyone now. Immigration has risen in importance though. More people are angry about it than ever before.

      2.) Joe Biden has an abysmal approval rating on immigration. It is one of his worst issues. He is handling the issue so badly now that Hispanics don’t even approve of him.

      3.) Amnesty isn’t a nightmare for conservatives because public opinion has shifted so much on the issue that it is impossible for Republicans to get away with supporting amnesty like they did back in 2014. In the Bush and Obama years, there was far more support for amnesty. The huge wave of illegal immigration has decreased support for amnesty.

      4.) Amnesty isn’t going anywhere in Congress. The Democrats have tried to push this twice in the reconciliation bill. They are going to try a third time but it is highly unlikely it is going to be in the “human infrastructure” bill.

      In sum, nothing much is happening in Congress on amnesty because the politics of it have changed. Democrats don’t see the issue working in their favor. Republicans are much more on the hot seat with their base.

      • My point is, how can people still be talking about a republican future and winning elections in 24′ and 28′ and so on, if the USA gets darker every year and the non-whites/illegals become a significant majority? The conservatives and republicans have a severe case of normalcy bias/optimism if they think they will still be able to win anything ten years from now. Demographics is destiny. The republicans turned a blind eye to third world immigration, both legal and illegal, for decades and don’t plan on stopping it.

        • I agree. It’s not about “voting”. There won’t be any more real elections, and most in the past were probably just theater for us.
          More and more nonwhites come in, and live off of us. Eventually there won’t be enough well-paid whites working to generate enough taxes to support these nonwhites and their free housing, food, utilities, and free medical care. We are spending trillions and trillions on these people.

          And why would the government have to even bring THEM here, to affect elections? They can do that without them.
          The whole “great replacement” thing is going to work out poorly for the tribe. They aren’t so smart. They might get to control the brown ones much better than us, but they will be ruling over third worlders.

          They want to make North and South America, from Hudson Bay to the tip of Patagonia, into an Indian world. Mexicans are just Indians. When Indians are the dominant group here, the Americas are going to be even more massive hellholes than they are now.

  11. A presidential election year is a lot different than an off-year election. Joe Biden would carry Virginia today easily despite the gubernatorial results. The same is true for states like MN, NV, NM… a presidential election will revert more back to the overall partisan lean of the state.

    However, the stolen states (AZ/MI/WI/PA/GA) would obviously go for Trump today, likely beyond the margin of fraud

    Also worth pointing out the Biden vs Drumpf numbers in the “Rust Belt” vs Georgia.. how useless is the South now? Between white-liberals in the population centers (most imported from other states) and demographic replacement, the South will turn forever-Dem soon enough.

  12. You’d think with Antifa and Black Lives Matter launching Race Riots and Violent Terrorism in 2020 that a Democrat wouldn’t have a chance. However Joe Biden still won the White House in 2020 because of Trump’s lack of handling Covid-19. He would have probably done the right wing if the Freedom Caucus idiots wouldn’t have got in his head. So America changed because of it. Violence in the streets shouldn’t be tolerated from any political party or organization. Democrats was in the wrong and Republicans as well. Trump looked the other way while Republican thugs invaded the US Capitol and what did that even accomplish? A bunch of them was arrested? Bingo. Joe Biden and Trump should have been kicked out of both parties because of what happened in 2020. Democrats should have ran a Moderate Democrat, Republicans should have ran a Moderate Republican, and brought the country back together and went forward in defeating Covid-19. Oh but not the D and the R just hate each other while us Nationalists are looking at them like…..You nuts are the real extremists not Us! Deo Vindice !

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