The Times: Far Left Threatens The Very Idea of America

This is a good point.

I regret that I didn’t take note of the symbolism of this event myself.

The Times:

“John F Kennedy opened a speech to Nobel prizewinners in 1962 with these words: “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

On Monday a statue of Jefferson, which had stood in the city council chamber in New York for more than a century, was removed. According to one of those who had it taken down, “Jefferson embodied some of the most shameful parts of our country’s long and nuanced history”. In other words, he kept slaves.

The principal drafter of the Declaration of Independence, who was so celebrated by all Americans down the ages, is now persona non grata on the modern American left. That was the start of America’s political week. It ended in a manner that would have surprised Kennedy even more. A tweet from the left-wing group Women’s March ricocheted around a bemused nation: “We apologize deeply for the email that was sent today. $14.92 was our average donation amount this week. It was an oversight on our part to not make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving”. …”

Thomas Jefferson’s memory was officially cancelled in New York City.

What does that say about the state of liberal norms in the largest city in the country? Are these liberal norms rock solid? Are they reliable? Can you have any confidence in liberal norms?

New York Post:

“They’re New York’s Grimmest.

More than half of NYPD cops wish they never joined the force in the first place, according to a damning internal department survey of 6,000 uniformed officers obtained by The Post.

The survey is a sobering snapshot of how the Finest feel in an era of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter riots, the Defund the Police movement, bail-reform laws that keep violent offenders out of jail, and legislative measures that put the burden of liability on officers while emboldening criminals.

“My retirement date is next month,” said one 20-year veteran who took the survey. “I can’t wait to run out of here.” …

Most who took the survey think things will only get worse, with 79% of the 5,935 respondents polled in March saying they don’t think the city will be safer in two years.

“The city is absolutely not safe at all. Bail reform. Criminals being released. Everyone knows what’s going on,” the veteran cop added.

Not only did 56 percent of cops say they wouldn’t put on the badge if they had to do it all over again, but a majority feel the public disrespects (46 percent agree, 42 percent disagree) and distrusts (44 to 41 percent) them. …

A staggering 80 percent of the officers, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants and captains surveyed now fear aggressively fighting crime because of the threat of criminal liability,  being sued, or being unfairly disciplined. …”

You are invited to believe in liberal norms.

In New York City, over half of police officers wish that they had never joined the NYPD due to the hostile political climate inside the city, as a large swath of the public who are Democratic voters – the same is true of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Charlottesville and so on – no longer believe in the concept of law enforcement. The police are afraid of enforcing the law and offending the woke mob, which could riot at any moment, and dream of getting out of New York City and transferring to Florida.

Note: It is worth noting that no one believes it will get any better under Eric Adams who wants illegal aliens to be able to vote. He was horrified by the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

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  1. The threat from the illiberal left | The Economist
    Why ‘wokeness’ is the biggest threat to Democrats in the 2022 election
    Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN

    So now The Swamp sounding alarm of their own made monster. And mass hunting of Donald supporters is forgotten.

    It is very good. The Swamp will fight the brats and Donald supporters watching safely from distance how the enemy ripping itself apart. This is how stable genius is supposed to lead. Regime will be taken down with very little damage from nationalist side.

      • Get out of here with that Nordicist crap. Anglo Southerners are hardly well-known for being a population of geniuses, and Northern European “High Trusters” are arguably the biggest cucks out of all Europeans.

        • They were too well insulated, and never really had a taste of what can be lost like Southern Euros have.

        • @Nikandros,

          Well said.

          As someone one quarter Norwegian, the only gift I received from that DNA is a tolerance for cold weather.

    • @Juri The left? I was just forced to listen to hours of Fox news at my parents and they gloated about how the evil murderers of Ahmad Arbery will rot in jail because America is not racist and the system works. The only problem is democrats. If you think the right in government is going to fix this you are crazy. There is no one in the press or politics that wants to do a thing

      • @Captain Shill People don’t know how to segregate by race. They keep up the “Everyone’s an American” BS. They keep including other groups among us, and that IS the problerm.

      • Brits had the right idea, pay the slave owners a 1000£ for each slave then ship the slaves back to Sierra Leone. Problem solved!

        • 1000 £ is a lot of money, especially in 1865 £ but still vastly cheaper than fighting a civil war, Reconstruction, maintaining a regime of segregation then the dissolution of said regime resulting in economic losses on par with the Civil War, again. We should have picked our own cotton. Economic considerations should never be the primary concern.

          Now, if post-1965 diversity could be repatriated . . .

          • 1000£ is cheap, in any era, for the problem being solved.
            Too bad the brits lost the sense of their ancestors.

            (You’re really right, 1000£ was a fantastic amount.
            That’s how much they valued getting rid of the problem.)

    • Dear God, SMITE ‘Eric’ Adams publicly, so that all may know THOU ART GOD.
      Let his entrails spill out on the floor, as thou didst to Herod and the traitor, Judas.*
      In Christ’s Name, Amen.

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      *Josephus states that a loathsome disease descended upon the ruler [Herod] as a judgment from God on account of his sins. He describes the horrible details —burning fever, ulcerated entrails, foul discharges, convulsions, stench, etc. (Antiquities 17.6.5).

  2. Washington needs to be deleted. Fucking Rothschilds toady. Lincoln especially. These are the people that sold us into Talmudic slavery. Jefferson not so much but he failed so fuck him too. Same with the rest of the “Founders” (except maybe Aaron Burr). If you need a barometer the more praise Shlomo heaped on them the more treasonous they were. FDR and Eisenhower are good examples. Military industrial complex my ass. It’s the international bankers and their war theater.

    • Washington was going to stomp out the Whiskey Rebellioners with 15K Federal troops over Muh Taxes – that shows you what a swell goy he was.

        • Mad props for President Andrew Jackson who destroyed the Second Bank of the United States by removing U.S. Government deposits from the bank in 1832. He did many other good things too. It wasn’t until 1913 that another National Bank misnamed the Federal reserve was founded with all its attendant problems we are enjoying today.

          Henry Clay (a Whig i.e. proto-Republican) opposed the closing of the Second Bank of the United States.

  3. I think we are on the cusp of a major demographic transition/collapse, in that the internet will allow a crucial fraction of elite skilled workers to leave major cities. With the loss of top tier professionals, others will follow. This will leave major cities with ever decreasing revenue and escalating cost of welfare and services.
    The POC will attempt to follow their WHITE ‘oppressors’ with very little success, as rural areas aren’t receptive to welfare parasites. Then fedzog will attempt to compensate by offering incentives to POC to relocate to rural areas, i.e. section 8 etc.
    This will be a limited failure, but it will drive more ppl to become expats.

    I can foresee a new class of people, the commuting expat, who will live overseas and make a few brief returns to US annually, eventually decreasing to none.

    A perfect storm, in that America will lose its elite skilled class, boomers are all retiring, POC are attempting to replace boomers in skilled trades and crushing debt.

    Along with the above cheery outlook, i foresee a pension crisis, soon, like 2 years.

    • Section Ape housing would be an impossible proposition without city water and sewer service. Nogs, Wogs and their property managers couldn’t deal with wells and septic tanks even if enough rural land could be bought to build the housing on to start with.

      • @fallen

        You have no idea how lavish ZOG is, when it comes to POC. they’ll put in miles of pipe and a mini treatment plant, just to service POC sec 8.

      • @flax

        I wasn’t clear.
        They will move POC to small towns, where all the infrastructure is already available, knowing that apeoids will spread throughout the community.
        The main goal, getting young ppl to interbreed, rural kids have to come to school .
        That will be the main way to contaminate rural WHITES.

      • Some Nepalese UN White Helmet with Cholera shit in a stream in Haiti during fake earthquake relief (did anything change?) and they have had Cholera ever since.

      • I know something about that. It’s White guys called out to fix Section 8 and housing projects when the coloreds inevitably tear it up. They destroy elevators, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, electrical, lighting; everything over time. How any of it works is a mystery to them, more of the White man’s magic. Without us they are dead in the water, helpless.

        It’s patently obvious with medical things how screwed up they are, they go to emergency rooms for everything from the trivial to the life threatening, mostly routine and trivial of course. The White man’s medical system will also fail in the cities as everything else goes, it’s just a matter of time.

        When systems like transport, water, electricity, gas and food supply fail the chaos in places like NYC will really begin especially if it’s during the summer. It’s best to be at least 20 miles away from U.S. shithole cities when they fail.

      • ” maintain the hydro-electric dams in a hurry.”

        The idea that you can maintain anything in a POC mongrel nation is a joke.
        You’ll have parts shortages and incompetent POC bureaucrats looking for impossibly big bribes.

        In situations like that, the only thing that works is maintaining a gang of ruthless thugs to control your local area. Just look to Mexico.

    • There is nowhere Americans can go, this late in the game. When SHTF, White Americans will become persona non grata where ever they are, and will be marginalized at best, or outright deported if they are lucky. All the things that have allowed White people to “expat”, will soon go away. And, if White expats think their non-White “friends” will help them, they are mistaken. The expat delusion will soon end.

      And make sure you voat moar harder…

      • I know people who sing the praises of Panama, Costa Rica, even places in Mexico as ex-pats. They can live there on SS and small pensions in USD and live well. What they refuse to accept is that they are only tolerated in these places, they are still really just hated gringos.

        When the money goes bad their paradise will become Hell on earth for them in the blink of an eye. The USD is still the world’s reserve currency in spite of its manifest flaws and a USD failure will cause chaos all over the world by disrupting trade and ruining people’s savings. Local gringos will no longer have much money to spend and will get blamed for ruinous inflation too. They will be forced to flee their paradise as refugees back to the U.S. with nothing but a greatly diminished SS and pension to start over. Good luck.

    • Nope, “work from home” is loved by females who then spend the day playing with their kids and watching daytime TV consequently getting very little work done. All these women joyously “working from home” and celebrating it as the new normal are completely oblivious to the true message they are sending their boss: if she can “work from home” then someone in India can also do her job for a tenth the cost.

  4. 50% of JYC cops want to quit because they hate their job – boo-fucking-hoo – what are the percentage of people who work at McDonalds or Walmart and hate their jobs – 95%? Fuck those whiny, Kneel-Before-BLM, retire-after-20-years, Israel-trained cunts. They will stand around with their thumbs up their asses and collect their $150K+/year salary and not quit because they are worthless and otherwise unemployable.

    • Chicago cops actually had an early serious go at BLM/Antifa with dead and wounded. They clearly were told to stand down after. I don’t see how Chicago survives without active policing.

      • Chicago is a self-sustaining system. The problem is, people are starting to realize it. I do not see us winning this with hatred. My mulatto neighbor is lovely. I may be banned for saying this, but I did not realize how putrid my neighbors were until they moved in.

        We will not have them in our house, but I think we need a new stratergy. We will not leave Home & Hearth.

        • “. My mulatto neighbor is lovely.”

          Individually, they can be, but once the numbers change, the behavior changes.
          Plus, you’re living in times of super abundant prosperity, what will it be like in times of poverty and shortage?

          WHITE have been media corrupted, to be unfeeling commerce zombies.

        • I think most of mulattos are ugly. They are visually difficult to look at, and they always identify with the lower IQ races. Even when they are 50% or more white, they STILL hate whites and go with the inferior side.

    • The white police in this country have been radicalized by recent events, no doubt, this is good news. If a patriotic president declared a state of emergency and seized the mass media and silicon valley to root out a marxist revolution festering against us for decades the police would be all on board. That’s the only way the country can be saved, extraconstitionally with a pearl harbor type strike at the mass media and communications system followed by a complete purge of leftists from all positions of influence. Not this naive Prager U crap, the public is majority bad, like the lowlifes enjoying bread and circuses in the coliseum. No the remaining decent people will have to rule with iron will unapologetically. The 20th century is never coming back. No more fighting like Erol Flynn’s Robin Hood and handing the Sheriff of Nottingham back his sword out of chivalry.

  5. >@bradlander

    He’s a Jew — link — note he approvingly retweets a story about a female rabbi trying to stir up resentment/hate against the McCloskeys, the St Louis couple who brandished weapons when BLM tried to march thru/stir up trouble in their neighborhood.

    For comparison, here’s a foto of armed black racial militants marching en masse outside the Arbery trial — foto — and here’s an article about it:

    Ahmaud Arbery case: Black armed militias gathered outside the courthouse, issue warning

    That was more than just an attempt to intimidate the jury; it was an explicit threat against the entire community, as well as Whites in general — but the Establishment and Jews have no problem with it.

    I heard the Left’s persecution of Rittenhouse and their reaction to the verdict described as a ‘war on cognition’, meaning however you feel about his armed presence there that nite, the evidence of self-defense was overwhelmingly obvious — but that makes no difference to the psychotic racial demagogues intent on demonizing and scapegoating Whites.

    Here’s another kind of psychosis, a mass delusion: Whites who think America has a better class of Blacks than the ones who robbed and murdered white Rhodesians while utterly ruining that country, and are now doing the same in South Africa.

    • The siding with a black excon casing a remote neighborhood to steal against three upstanding neighbors protecting their community is an absolute verifiable example of “gaslighting.” They are even running a documentary about this dumb excon this weekend called “nowhere to run” the complete lie that he was jogging is the definition of gaslighting. Imagine if the media had 100% thrown in with Scott Peterson’s lie that he was “just fishing” the day he dumped his wife’s body in the bay, or that Larry Craig “just had a wide stance” when caught soliciting disgusting public toilet sex. Yet too much of the white public sides with the media. Yes they were gaslighted for 70 years, but you still have to have the will to survive despite adversity to actually survive. Can you imagine a jury of 9 Palestinian women voting to convict one of their own for killing an Israeli? The Poles and Hungarians siding en masse with their Soviet occupiers against their own people? This is pretty much the kind of biblical situation you hear described as “the people had lost the favor of God and were punished by a conquest of outsiders” a theological way of describing a society abandoning natural law and becoming un unfit society in the darwinian competition for survival against other hostile peoples who covet what they have. Those treasonous 9 white women who hung the McMichaels out to dry for trying to protect them from black criminals are EXACTLY what the story of Eve eating the apple is about.

  6. I don’t know about Hymietown, but the amount of building: commercial, industrial, residential, in the Chicago suburbs the past few years has been staggering, just humongous. They are just leaving, in droves.

    Chicago itself is largely spic. The majority of the school system are tacos. The slavics are gone. The joggers control the south. My bet is on the burritos. They will control Chicago, like they do Los Angeles and Houston.

    At that point the spic gangs will control the police, same as they do in Los Angeles.

    • The suburbs of Chicago are trash – the Mexicans have infected it and the Negros are moving into the cheaper exurbs in counties like Will and Kane and Dupage in droves to escape their fellow City chimps but the ones that have moved are just as feral. All Illinois cities of 100K+ have a Nigger Problem – Rockford, Springfield, Joliet, etc.

    • My brother was always quite racist while I allowed myself to be warped by a marxist high school teacher and believed such crap until I hit my mid twenties. He lives in the Chicago suburbs and has given up on any sort of old white America and has thrown in his towel with the hispanics as the best hope for some sort of civility against a complete black and jewish leftist takeover. I was there yesterday and saw all these huge 12 story condos everywhere along the 40 mile Metra tracks clustering around every station. Seems to want to attract the “city living” types who want out of Chicago proper but can walk to the train station to go work downtown. Problem is I think the downtown will soon be abandoned by all companies as soon as the leases are up and turn into another Detroit. Even the Bears are abandoning the city and will be relocating 40 miles out in affluent Arlington Heights. The only hope is if the Mexicans take over from Lightfoot and the blacks in the next election. I’d rather have the blacks have the place so all the trash that moved downstate goes back to enjoy total hood life in the dirt cheap property that will soon follow once Detroitification takes over. They are shipping these section 8 welfare queens and their criminal spawn downstate to change congressional districts that used to be as red as Indiana. They call it “The Amtrack-I57 Crime Corridor” although they also spread out to Decatur and Danville destroying those places, Danville is exactly like Flint.

  7. An oppressed black Mayer standing up for a poor Jewish peadophile who was shot while attacking someone who was helping the community……….. there’s enough material there to drive millions to our side. Why aren’t more waking up??!

  8. This negro is a retired cop, too.

    The left has taken over every major metro area in America. For all intents and purposes, they have won their undeclared war. If the good people of America want to take back the country, it’s going to take alot of elbow grease and actions that go beyond ‘voting’, as if voting and fair elections in America even existed anymore.

  9. “Thomas Jefferson’s memory was officially cancelled in New York City.”

    The North is, and always has been, a different country from the rest of America. Unfortunately for the rest of us, those sixteen states have the numerical majority that has allowed them to totally dominate the country, politically and culturally, since 1860.

    The Jews knew a ready made, turn-key system, when they saw it. So they turned the key, and became the new owners.

  10. The Southern people faced another threat: that of the freedmen. Roving gangs of blacks roamed the countryside and looted, raped, burned, and murdered with impunity. The only legal authority was the Radical-controlled U.S. Army, and a large portion of the black criminals were enlisted men.

    There are countless reports of black soldiers forcing their way into homes, or lying on the roads or in the fields in wait, gang-raping White girls as young as five years old. For the first time, rape became a common feature of Southern life. Women and children lived in constant fear, only leaving home if they had to. Small-scale race wars occurred in Crittenden, Lafayette, Pope, and Yell Counties, with the worst of the violence in Chicot County.

    Of course, this epidemic of black crime was covered up by the Northern press, which instead printed fabricated and exaggerated accounts of White resistance. As one woman put it, “In full-volumed indignation over lynching, the usual course of the Northern press was to…lose sight of the crime provoking it. It was a minor fact that a woman was violated, that her skull was crushed or that she sustained other injuries from which she died or which made her a wreck for life—particulars too trivial to be noted by molders of public opinion writing eloquent essays on ‘Crime in the South.’”

    Newspapers regularly ran columns headed “Southern Outrages,” and every conceivable mistreatment of blacks by Whites was represented as taking place on a large scale. For ten years following the war, Union “witnesses” fed false atrocity tales to the Northern public; Harper’s Weekly even published sketches of sinister Southern women wearing necklaces made of Yankee teeth, of desks constructed of skeletons, of cups fashioned from skulls.

    You see, the lying press has always been the enemy of the people. This atrocity propaganda was utilized to justify the Federal government’s increasingly repressive measures against the South, carrying on the long tradition of stigmatizing the South as an ultraviolent, backward, reprobate society in dire need of punishment and re-education. This is the same genocidal rhetoric that we can see issuing forth today from every power center in this country.

    — “Reconstruction in Arkansas”, by Neil Kumar, Neil Kumar’s keynote Confederate Memorial Day address, given at the Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for the Southern Memorial Association of Washington County.

    We all know what finally saved the South from Yankee and black destruction and gave the South peace and instilled fear in those who would dare attack White Southerners.

    Secede now from this godless Yankee Empire!

    May God Save the South!

  11. I have a hard time feeling very bad over the NYPD’s sense of betrayal. There are enough of them – well armed with up-to-date advanced weaponry – to overthrow the completely rotten NYC government with force, execute the numerous parasitical ‘officials’ on the spot and proclaim a ‘Praetorian Dictatorship’. They’d probably have to start with executing their upper-level command. Instead they meekly obey lawless orders from criminals for the sake of pensions which will ultimately be looted by the likes of Blackrock. If they’re not going to fight they should all just step-down and allow the low-life criminals unlimited opportunities to loot and rape the shitlibs who live in situ. Shitlibs have it coming.

    Also, collecting their 150K salaries while doing nothing at all accelerates the collapse of a hopelessly rotten system.

    • @Cyclops that is the best comment i have read in awhile. These guys will sit back and watch you get robbed and beaten to death if they think it will interfere with their pension. The street cops are all either black, black women, or Indians. You wont see a white beat or traffic cop in new york city. Just bunches of them leaning against walls or talking to each other.
      Waving you through lights or trying to ticket you.

      I feel no sympathy for a lot of them. I met a good cop when I was in new York that was an older black guy and you can see from his face and fat female partner with long nails nonstop talking that he had enough

  12. Conservatives hate real change. The majority of republican voters would probably be content with another bush/rino like president, so long as it’s republicans running the show and not the democrats. You would think that there would be a pendulum swing in the equal but opposite direction of far leftism, but i see none. The normies and boomercons just wanna be left alone. They are simply betas who blabber on and on about “muh constitution” and how the democrats are evil and corrupt and hate black babies. They see biden as the reincarnation of hitler. They don’t care about the white population dwindling or race awareness or exposing the jews, because that’s all collectivism.

  13. The Times propaganda organ that says “Far Left” doesn’t seem to know what real left is. Fake left (and right) populism is predominant in the West, while genuine socialism (true left) has become so rare that it is almost extinct. Again and again, even the most straight-walking, truth-talking “left”-ists’ real capitalist natures and motives are revealed AFTER they are elected with landsllides of popular democratic vote. The recently elected “Far Left” President Pedro Castillo of Peru is no exception to the rule:

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