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  1. We should really go all out passive-aggressive to let blacks know that Christmas is a WHITE holiday and furthermore that Santa Clause (St. Nicholas) is White and NEVER black (also the case with Jesus Christ, but I digress).

    Blacks absolutely LOATHE being denied participation by whites in white activities. Let’s help them by denying them their ruination of OUR holiday. As soon as they start thinking that Christmas is racist, they won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

    They can fuck right off and have Kwanza or whatever they call it.

    • Thanksgiving and Christmas are White holidays but this ridiculous “Black Friday” thing is really a black holiday. Just look at the looting gangs cleaning out high end stores in S.F., Chicago, LA, NYC, Minneapolis etc. If that isn’t typical black behavior I don’t know what is. Not a lot of looting going on in states with ‘Stand your Ground’ laws though. The blacks know better than to try that shit in places like Fla. or Texas.

    • When you’re in the car, tune in to listen to christmas music on your local radio station, and guaranteed you will notice an increase in negro-style christmas “songs” this year than previous. You will hear some gospel sheboon jiving or a rap jingle that’s implicitly about twerking for the holidays. Anyone who doesn’t have serious negro fatigue at this point, is mentally disturbed and insane.

    • LA Times:
      “Guard fatally shot as TV news crew covers smash-and-grab theft in Oakland”

      So much for private security.

  2. This is the quincentennial of the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving and no one even cares. Everyone is too busy buying Chinese made crap which is being relentlessly hawked by jewish merchants in the jewish controlled mass media. By contrast the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving a century ago was a huge, unabashedly pro-White and pro-American affair, replete with patriotic parades, solemn religious services, grandiloquent speeches and numerous other special events. The USA is now nothing more than the North American consumer – economic zone of Globohomo Enterprises, Inc.

    • @Spahnrach,

      Wasn’t that just the Mayflower landing? Did they celebrate the first thanksgiving with the timber niggers the following year?

      • Most of the pilgrim story is probably nothing more than a foundation myth, like Romulus and Remus being the founders of ancient Rome.

    • I’m %100 in agreement with the NYT and the negress in charge of the overwhelmingly black school she runs. Whites in Minneapolis should do the integrating, and right now too. The Whites in Minneapolis are overwhelmingly the “liberal”, prosperous, I-don’t-see-race, lecturing others about the wonders of diversity, typical Left Wing, BLM/Antifa supporting hypocrites.

      This will be the first time in their deluded lives they will be getting a taste of their own bitter medicine. I hope it’s delicious when they chug it down just like Monica chugged down Bill Clinton’s love juice. They have led sheltered lives for way too long now. It’s time for them to get hit upside the head with a 2 x 4 of reality, the reality their miserable type have been inflicting on others for a looong time now.

  3. Looting is the least of our worries.

    S.Africa: Blacks: Witchcraft: Soweto woman finds human body parts in her boyfriend’s fridge

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