Brian Stelter: What Is The Metastory of Joe Biden’s First Year?

I’m going to answer this one.

The “metastory” of Joe Biden’s first year in office is that he has managed to drop to a 30% approval rating with White voters, a 28% approval rating with Independent voters and is currently above water in only 7 out of 50 states. He is underwater in states like Illinois and New York.

So, that’s the metastory. How do you fail so badly as a Democratic president that you would decisively lose to Donald Trump in 2024? How did Joe Biden become so unpopular that Oregon and Colorado are swing states? A political collapse like this hasn’t been seen since the 1970s and 1980s. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, the main issues were inflation and gas prices and black crime and White backlash against cultural degeneration and defeat in a foreign war and disgrace on the world stage.

“Journalists” aren’t picking up on this because the two parties have been divided for so long that it seems like the stalemate would go on forever. Inflation could be breaking the gridlock.


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      • in particular, VP knee-pads Hollywood (((Jew-lawyer husband))). I suspect he is the actual Prez,

        just as, during the ostensible Trump regime, the actual Prez

        was his son-in-law….Wall Street Jew (((Kushner))).

    • “His Jewish cabinet is looting and terrorizing America.”

      All the while packing key government positions with more jews and blocking meritorious WHITES with POC appointments.

      How they always work.

      • True, but how do we communicate this issue to America? Post this most anywhere else and it will get taken down, if not forthright blocked by filtering software? Say it in code, if the code is easy to figure out it will probably also get taken down. If you make it ambiguous then yes the brighter bulbs will figure it out, but not everyone. And most of all if you could say it as it is most people would ignore it and see you as they have been successfully programed to as basically a bully beating up on a little helpless puppy. What needs to be done is a campaign to try to get enough people to connect the dots and draw the proper conclusions that they can figure out exactly how things got so crazy, and then someone in virtually every social circle is privately telling the truth and even the densest start to go with the flow. Is this even remotely possible? Or will whites pay for their irresponsible universalist governments they installed, drunk with Enlightenment sentiments with their own extinction?

  1. I saw your comment on Twitter about this Brad and thought you had a good point but your skeptic did as well. All people are so dissatisfied with the state of things and the fast decline of America that whomever is President is going to take the most blame. Biden is awful but has done a few good things and mostly just terrible things. I cant think of a single thing Trump did in action not Tweet that helped us. The difference his fan base would be loyal if he shot their parents in the head.

    Polls are more a guide to overall dissatisfaction than one man

  2. The Democrats walked into/created a perfect storm. COVID-19, and another Great Depression brought on not by a virus, but by the hysterical response to it. Collapsing supply chains. Inflation that will be followed by collapse of the dollar, or extremely high interest rates, if they want to try to save the dollar. Bitcoin putting preassure on the dollar. The rise of China as a military power. The fall of the competence of the American empire. Racial division and riots. Energy crisis. Collapsing border, historic statues torn down, and the overthrow of the Constitution. Criminals running wild in liberal cities. Non-whites killing White people with the support of the mainstream media. And greedy rich White Boomers in denial of reality as usual.

    Overseeing it all. A President so out of it, he shits his pants in public.

    I could go on and on. This is looking like the fall of Rome.

  3. “Inflation could be breaking the gridlock.”

    Add a recession or falling stocks or falling home prices and ‘could’ becomes a certainty.

    • @arrian,

      I really hope that the stock market bubble burst. That is where a lot of these egalitarian and materialistic baby boomers are really invested in whether as pure capital gains or in their pension plan’s portfolio.

      • I believe this stock market crap is one of the worst evils of our time. The investor class isn’t creating much of anything or doing anything useful with their time, just playing games with money. They aren’t creating capital and jobs the way the industrialists did a hundred years ago. These greedy self absorbed pricks need sent down the dustbin of history.

        • When the stock market (and everything else) crashed in 2008 it had the effect of drastically reducing the budgets of all the “liberal” NGOs, so-called “charities” and university budgets too. The Brookings Institution, PNAC, university endowments, Soros Fund, ACLU etc. were heavily invested in the stock market and suffered significant losses in their portfolios in 2008. Unfortunately they made it all back and then some as the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury rescued the wealthy from losses starting in the Spring of 2009 up until the present day.

          Fast forward to today and the same bad actors are heavily invested again in the stock market, especially meme stocks like Tesla. When the stock market crashes again they will suffer big losses again which will effectively act as huge budget cuts. Already universities, the evil root of the Left, have financially suffered because of the disruptions of 2020 resulting in many people questioning the value of a college (so-called) “education”. Smaller and less prestigious institutions with consequently smaller endowments may be forced out of business, a trend gaining steam anyway.

          A Federal bailout of the markets will accelerate inflation drastically this time resulting in either higher interest rates to compensate for inflation or suppressing interest rates resulting in destruction of the dollar, a devil’s choice. It’s too late to fix this problem and do another 2008 type bailout. Congress would have had to completely reorganize the budget, cut spending, destroy monopolies and do other things to put the country’s economy on a sound footing back in 2009. Their choice to postpone doing the right thing back in 2009 means this time around the consequences will be drastic indeed.

  4. Whats a metastory? God I hate “intellectuals”. Fuck anybody with a graduate degree.

    Bidens reign as figurehead of the regime has been the gayest tyranny in history.

    Wake me up when racism is funny again.

  5. The real question is: How long will White people continue to believe that “voting” is real and/or will ever change their fate for the better?

    • It’s the same whites who think skin color doesn’t matter, and have no idea what really makes up a race. They are so worried about being “fair”.

  6. The Democrats have the same problem. They’ve been far left wing and Pro everybody but White People and can’t get a White vote if they tried. They got some in 2020 but that will be lost in future elections until they stop hating White People. This country is better off with numerous political parties having more Moderate views and running the country. The 2 party system will forever be a problem and nothing will ever get done for We The People. Deo Vindice !

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