The Omicron Variant

I don’t really have anything new to say about this.

My position on this has long been that COVID is an endemic virus now and we can look forward to endless variants of it and ultimately we are just going to have to live with it like HIV. H1N1 is still circulating a century after the Spanish Flu. This is never going away. These viruses usually evolve over time to become more infectious and less lethal and that seems to be happening here.

As for the politics of the issue, Trump lost the 2020 election because of COVID which helped the Democrats who successfully portrayed Trump as an incompetent buffoon. More people have died from COVID though since Joe Biden became president and the vaccine became available. The politics of COVID are gradually shifting in favor of Republicans. The antibodies from the vaccine are going to wear off over time and the dumb culture war over the issue will eventually give way to exhaustion and resignation.

In the meantime, the Omicron variant will be used as the latest excuse to boss people around although probably with diminishing returns as the vaccinated get infected with it.

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  1. But Pfizer et al are raking in the billions, even if it has the same efficacy as saline.

    How much is Fauci’s cut ?

  2. Anyone else notice the surging deaths among pro bodybuilders?
    I wonder if there is a negative synergism between vax and PEDs ?

    • Strange that men like pro bodybuilders who care so much about their physical health would submit to taking a “vaccine” they know nothing about for an illness they were extremely unlikely to contract. But then again many such individuals take dangerously large amounts of steroids.

  3. Government workers get up to 15 weeks paid time off, for Covid. Most of the postal workers have already used this benefit. Public sector workers only get sick days to use, if they get any.

    Meanwhile, businesses have to fight any mandates that will destroy them.

  4. The Omicron variant will be used to explain the side effects of the vaccine, since using the cold season as an excuse for blood clots and “winter vagina” came across as too ridiculous.

  5. Wasn’t that a name of a scifi movie in the 60s? After that one will be another one and than another one They’re really pushing this hoax for all it’s worth.

  6. It’s time to start suggesting to your Italian friends, and, neighbors that they not leave their houses, and, that they wear their masks 24-7. Just as Holy Father Biden, Saint Pelosi the Holy Mother, and Saint Fauci want. Tell them not to forget to get the booster for the booster too.

    At his press conference today the Holy Roman Catholic Biden and Saint Fauci said you will go to hell if you don’t do the above. Saint Pelosi was too busy praying to herself for a comment.

  7. The Internet was starting to discuss the fact that only 6% of Africans are vaccinated, yet no one is getting sick in Africa. Then BOOM! Omnicron variant, which is an anagram for moronic, appears in Africa. What an amazing coincidence!

    For some reason, the elites are really desperate to get people to take the jab. I wonder what is in it? I wouldn’t want to be them, because the crowds demonstrating against mandatory jabs and passports, are getting bigger and angrier, and they are all over the world. Do they have space ships and a planet to fly to? They are going to need them soon.

    • The elites aren’t as smart as they claim. Getting rid of the race that works, invents, discovers, and lives a high standard is stupid. They can’t all wall-off or live in gated areas or compounds and not travel out of them, it would be a self-imposed prison.

      • Pilot: You’re right. If the Chinese ruled over us instead of white race traitors, hindoos and hostile Semites they would not be trying to kill us off, they would value us and our contributions. But they would get rid of the Negroes immediately.

        • The Chinese will do genetic engineering and eugenics to improve their own people. They don’t give a damn about Whites, or anyone else.

  8. Im holding out hope that those who got down on bended knee and praised the likes of fauci and got the shot will wind up with serious health problems and croak. People like thay are not needed in a sane, just, normal society.

  9. The vaccine is more of a threat, especially to healthy people and the young, than covid ever was. From the beginning, anyone could see it couldn’t be completely contained and eradicated and would become endemic. Not to mention, Florida and Sweden showing that doing nothing was equal to or better than the shut downs and masking nonsense.

    What is really going on? The powers that be want a green pass like they’ve implemented in Israel. They’ll find ways to stoke this culture war, as you put it, until they get their way.

    Their aim is depopulation and the tracking and control that a vaccine pass offers plus infinity boosters, exotic variants, and eventually a smallpox outbreak are how they’ll achieve it.

    • Agree, and it’s only to reduce the number of whites. Nonwhites can keep coming across our borders and no one tests them or forces them to get the vax. No one tells them not to have so many kids.
      Some of the rapid tests cost $140—WITH insurance, so you can see how they are making a fortune.

      I don’t think most whites will ever wake up, not that it would really do anything. It’s about having power and money.

  10. Wouldn’t it be so nice if the Government would stop creating new viruses in US Government funded medical labs in China and here in the US? They came up with the Spanish Flu and they came up with Covid-19. Sick people….I’m talking about the New World Order scum that rule the World. It’s time the NWO is kicked out of power forever and replaced with Nationalists who respect human life and will make the World a better place. Deo Vindice !

  11. As the third jab will soon be imposed onto the public, another variant is now evolving. I’ve always believed that the best defence is your own immune system, which strengthens once exposed to any virus. Maybe the elderly and weaker populace face greater consequences when exposed and should be extra careful, but the rest should just treat it like anything else in life. I’m not a doctor but the key is good fitness and health. If you have those, things tend to take care of themselves.

    • The people most afraid of the flu are going on cruises and constantly eating out, where someone they don’t see or know, is touching and breathing over their food.

  12. I figure two years is about the maximum amount of time that the media-government-pharmaceutical complex will be able to extract fear, compliance and profits from this scamdemic. Then people will get bored and want to start playing a new game featuring some other boogeyman.

    • If you want some laughs, read old fearmongering corporate media articles during the flu seasons of 2 or 3 years ago. It’s like they did a copy/paste: overwhelmed hospital systems, outside tent ERs, shitlib nurses wiggin out and demanding unearned praise from the public, etc. They really bank on Americans seemingly collective ADD. Our current boogeyman/men is transitioning to Whitey and climate change with the solution to those problems being feudalism?

    • There’s always “muslims”, “white supremacists”, religious zealots, and just plain normal people, to target.

  13. Stock markets dipped briefly then jumped back up when it became clear that the Empire will continue to take only weak, ineffective mitigation measures (will continue to to let the pandemic rip) regardless of the death toll. So far “only” a little over one million (real death toll versus the official figure of over 750,000) have died of (or “died with” as anti-vaxx conspiracy theoriers insist) the disease witihin the borders of the U.S. “homeland.”

    • I don’t know of anyone, either personally or anecdotally, who has died as a direct result of the Wuhan Flu. The real death toll comes from those who have committed suicide out of despair because of the lockdowns and social isolation, or from the sometimes deadly side effects of the COVID “vaccine”.

      • “I don’t know of anyone, either personally or anecdotally, who has died”:

        Maybe you don’t know many people. If you know three hundred people you should, on average, know of one fatality. I know about a dozen personally, and as many long haulers, which is a bit more than I should on average.

        Re: “the Wuhan Flu”:

        That is a conspiracy theory expression. SARS-CoV-2 is a natural, zoonotic disease that probably cross-infected and adapted to humans somewhere in southeast Asia a few years ago, and it is definitely not an Influenza virus. Influenza is firmly established in swine and poultry and would be difficult to eradicate, but there is still some chance that SARS-CoV-2 can be eradicated, and China is showing us the way.

    • Novavax, a protein subunit vaccine (same technology as hepatitis B and papilloma vaccines) is nearing approval and appears to be 90% effective, as much as mRNA vaccines.

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