NY Mag: If Trumpers Lived In Germany, They’d Be In The Fascist Party

Jonathan Chait is back to crying about the growing menace of “fascism” and “authoritarianism” among Trump supporters this morning and the demise of “liberal norms” and faith in “democracy.”

NY Mag:

“A recent global poll, which came to my attention via the Liberal Patriot, framed the political choice facing the public in an interesting way. It asked which position comes closest to the poll taker’s own belief: “We need to be vigilant against groups trying to impose new cultural values and views about religion, gender, immigration, or race that don’t reflect our society’s traditional values” or “We need to be vigilant against groups that undermine democracy by attacking judges, questioning election results, and promoting societal unrest based on conspiracy theories, racism, and anti-scientific claims about vaccines and climate change.”

The question, in other words, is whether threats from the social and cultural left are more serious than threats from the conspiratorial and illiberal right. What is perhaps even more revealing was the split among voters in different right-of-center parties. Supporters of the British Conservative party were split almost evenly between fearing cultural change and fearing right-wing extremism. Supporters of the Christian Democratic parties in Germany deemed the far right a much larger threat. But Trump voters, on the other hand, took a dramatically more conservative stance, deeming the cultural left a bigger threat than the far right by overwhelming margins. …

David Brooks attended a recent conference on “National Conservatism” and had difficulty summing up its beliefs other than a shared hatred for the left and determination to fight it by any means necessary. The National Conservatives express some disagreement with the party’s anti-statist tilt, but their sense of using state power to improve people’s lives is at best inchoate. Josh Hawley has proposed to “break up Twitter,” apparently in revenge for the platform kicking out Trump.

You’re invited to believe in our liberal norms!

You’re invited to believe that “liberal democracy” is the greatest system of government in the world!

Here are some of the things that the Left has done over the past five years:

  • Created a complex racial hierarchy based on social justice ideology and placed cishet White men at the bottom of it while accusing them of possessing White privilege
  • Created a complex racial etiquette on the basis of social justice ideology that is far more elaborate than Jim Crow in which “White men” has become a racial slur
  • Imposed this social justice ideology on all American institutions from the top down from medicine to sports to business to “journalism” and especially on the Democratic Party
  • Spend all their time sowing racial grievances among non-Whites and encouraging them at every opportunity to resent Whites
  • Weaponized the FBI and used it as a tool to suppress their political opposition
  • Weaponized the “intelligence community” against the president
  • Weaponized government bureaucrats against the president and praised them for heroically subverting the president
  • Impeached the president twice over the made up Russia Hoax and the leak over the Ukraine phone call
  • Created a 24/7/365 show trial of people who are associated with Donald Trump who are hauled before Congress to be threatened and harassed and in some cases imprisoned
  • Created a literal gulag for Trump supporters in DC
  • Spread fake news like the Steele dossier which was used as a pretext for the Russia Hoax which consumed the country for years
  • Used COVID as a pretext to change election laws to tilt the 2020 election to Joe Biden
  • Organized the worst nationwide race riots since the 1960s to unseat the president and confessed to doing it in Time magazine
  • Got away with causing billions of dollars of property damage
  • Created massive bail funds for people engaged in violence and rioting
  • Justified rioting and looting and violence in the press
  • Progressive DAs dropped charges against thousands of people who engaged in violence and looting
  • The FBI looked the other way at people who quite literally laid siege to the White House and burned down the country on national television
  • Defended and protected Antifa in Portland who laid siege to a federal courthouse for months
  • Antifa were allowed to intimidate juries in the Derek Chauvin trial
  • Embraced mob violence from Antifa and BLM who routinely get away with it in progressive cities and whose bail funds were promoted by Kamala Harris on Twitter
  • Decriminalized shoplifting in California
  • Deplatformed rightwing content creators from payment processors which have been politicized
  • Abolished ICE through executive orders allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade the country
  • Used COVID as a pretext to empty prisons of thousands of violent criminals
  • Defunded the police all over the country in cities like Portland and San Francisco
  • Merrick Garland’s DOSJ has put the police on trial in Minneapolis, Louisville and Phoenix
  • Merrick Garland’s DOSJ has meted out social justice by indicting Derek Chauvin and the McMichaels in Georgia on federal charges
  • Demonized Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist”
  • Downplayed or ignored the Waukesha Massacre because the victims were White and the black perpetrator didn’t fit the narrative
  • Redefined the term “racism” to mean systematic racism and “white supremacy” in which all White people are “complicit” and “racism” is baked into the law and institutions
  • Pushed lessons based on CRT into K-12 public schools to demonize White children on the basis of their race
  • Pushed transgenderism into public schools to sow gender confusion among the young about their sexuality
  • Created children’s books based on social justice ideology to indoctrinate children in White guilt and “trans” ideology
  • Pushed “equity” at every level of public policy through the executive branch which discriminates against Whites in everything from loans and debt forgiveness for farmers to the vaccine distribution
  • “Journalists” have become commissars who dox private citizens and threaten and punish them for having the wrong political and cultural views
  • Progressive DAs and the social justice system now selectively enforce the laws and charge people or choose not to charge people on the basis of race and ideology. This ideology has seeped down into juries and murderers are often acquitted out of racial solidarity
  • Continued the ongoing purge of all cultural institutions of people who do not conform to woke progressive ideology. In many cases, liberals are now being purged by leftists, as conservatives and people further to the Right were driven out a long time ago
  • Universities have become as ideologically cohesive and hostile to anyone on the Right as madrassas in Medieval Islam. It is not even fair to compare conservatives in these institutions to dhimmis who could pay a tax an be left alone
  • Made it nearly impossible to hold a professional class job or even in many cases a working class job for blacklisted political dissidents
  • Abused the civil courts to repress the First Amendment rights of political dissidents by claiming that free speech rallies are the equivalent of Klan violence. The actual Klan is not nearly as violent, censorious or race-obsessed as these people.
  • “The Free Press” has demanded that tech companies censor the internet to repress their competition
  • Censored the entire internet and rigged the internet up to and including deplatforming the president
  • Repeatedly banned books on Amazon
  • Deplatformed countless rightwing influencers and destroyed their careers like Stefan Molyneux, sued them, hauled them before the January 6th show trial committee
  • Pioneered the deplatforming of dissidents by banks
  • Deplatformed Parler from the internet
  • Repeatedly tried to deplatform Gab from the internet
  • Pressured police officers into standing down and allowing Antifa and BLM mob violence to take places in progressive cities
  • Launched a purge of the U.S. military and law enforcement based on political ideology
  • Weaponized the national security state and launched a witch hunt against “domestic extremists”
  • Used the most aggressive GWOT methods like no fly lists against alleged “domestic extremists”
  • Spread outright lies based on social justice ideology like the Atlanta shooting being an anti-Asian hate crime
  • Blamed White people for attacks on Asians by blacks
  • Toppled monuments of the Founding Fathers including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and everyone on Mount Rushmore including Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt
  • Repeatedly brought family members onto national television to denounce and shame their own relatives like Rep. Paul Gosar or Trump like in the old Soviet Union
  • Created a massive surveillance state and encouraged friends and family members to report people who they know to the FBI for “domestic extremism”
  • Shredded the Constitution to illegally spy on the public
  • Pressured cable companies to deplatform FOX News
  • Destroyed small businesses with draconian lockdowns
  • Weaponized vaccine mandates to drive people into unemployment
  • 2/3rds of the country self censor and have been intimidated and do not feel comfortable sharing their true opinions. The only people who feel they can speak freely are progressive activists
  • Stalked private citizens at their homes to intimidate their families
  • Stalked multiple mayors at their homes to intimidate them

This isn’t a comprehensive list.

What about the “authoritarianism” and the “fascism” of Trump supporters though? What did they do? Vote for Trump? Attend a political rally? Share a meme on Twitter?

What has anyone on our side in the broadest sense of the term done that remotely compares to what has been done to us by these people? What would these people say if all of this was being done to them?

Isn’t it something that the very people who attack every single amendment in the Bill of Rights who hate free speech and gun rights and who believe in spying and ritual shaming and cruel and unusual punishment and who want to get rid of states’ rights and mete out different punishments based on race and ideology are the same people who whine the most about our “authoritarianism”?

The people who want to ban meat eating and dictate your diet and force you to get vaxxed and tell you what you can drive and who want to police every word that comes out of your mouth and hold it against you for the rest of your life and who hate you for being White are very concerned about “fascism”!

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  1. 1) Who’s the author? Some godless KIKE, I imagine.
    2) Clearly, the Fauci facade is slipping, and the Judenreich is worried.

    3) Reading this article helped me understand NOT to ‘trust the science’ – at ALL, anymore.

    The corollary to that POV, is this:
    4) The Political Machine MUST be destroyed- by any means necessary.

    Which brings me to the point I’ve finally decided on. Political Hegemony by White Christian Europeans, and no one else. A Christian Theocracy, where biblical Law supercedes any other law code, because pagan, therefore illegitimate.

    “I prefer Luther’s model. He conducted himself… as a man or war who understood that eternal souls were hanging in the balance, not to mention Western Civilization.”

    “Problem: knowing what failed to work before is not the same as knowing what strategy will lead to victory in the future.”
    “Rushdoony is correct: ‘To limit salvation to man’s soul and not to his body, his society, and his every aspect and relationship, is to deny its Biblical meaning.’ ” – G. North, Political Polytheism.

  2. “We need to be vigilant against groups that undermine democracy by attacking judges, questioning election results, and promoting societal unrest based on conspiracy theories, racism, and anti-scientific claims about vaccines and climate change.”

    The absurd thing is that the Left has engaged in all of these, in many cases years ago – from routine attacks on the USSC to the 2016 election freakout, to Systemic Racism and Kendiism, to a scorched-earth campaign to abolish standardized testing and meritocracy. It’s the Left which brutally enforces adherence to religious scripture.

    In the 1990s and 2000s I was a devoted Democrat and considered Republican voters to be ignorant, uneducated knuckle-dragging morons, and Republican politicians to be just corrupt whores for big business. I was right and still am, but these days the Left is far worse.

  3. Your long bulleted list of the accomplishments of the empire’s so-called “democracy” (plutocracy) does not include:

    increasing inequality and class division;

    accelerating privatisation of the few remaining public spaces and social services;

    unnecessary and harmful “FIRE” (finance-insurance-real estate) and “PLP” (police-lawyer-and-prison) “industries,” MIC (the war industry) and imperialism all ballooning on steroids;

    accelerating extinction of species and other destruction of natural environment for the sake of greed and profit

      • I understand you were concentrating on that aspect of it.

        The big picture is that liberal (and so-called left) authoritarianism is in the service of plutocracy.

    • >increasing inequality and class division;

      You regularly leave a variant of this same comment — I already answered this ‘inequality’ bullshit before: ‘inequality’ exists naturally because people are not the same; in particular, there are significant average differences between races/ethnic groups (e.g. cognitive ability) — where ‘inequality’ naturally exists, classes also naturally form; class in America today is synonymous with SES (socioeconomic status), which is largely related to the aforementioned average differences between races/ethnic groups — fiscal/tax policy can’t really do much to ameliorate these SES discrepancies, since when two groups differ in their innate abilities as much as Whites differ from Blacks, any such remedial measures will not really be compatible with living in a free society.

      Make a note of this you whiny dumbass.

      • Re: “inequality exists naturally because people are not the same”:

        The inequality exists as long as clever and well-positioned parasites are able to impose it on the rest. You know well that inequality, usury, class, etc. have little or nothing to do with individual differences in physical strength, intelligence, etc.

        “there are significant average differences between races/ethnic groups e.g. cognitive ability”:

        True, but that has nothing to do with the inequality, usury and class in a capitalist empire or state.

        • “True, but that has nothing to do with the inequality, usury and class in a capitalist empire or state.”

          Actually, it does. Divine Predestination and the Election of only some to superior position and authority. Christendom, in other words.

          “Though the gospel has been announced to all nations, to pretend that it has been, or can be, embraced by all ethnicities equally is supported neither in Scripture, history, nor common experience. The mandated genocides of the Cainites and Canaanites, the divorce and collective reprobation of Israel, and apostolic missionary emphasis on the Levant and Europe, all militate against it. Alienists may delude themselves to the contrary, but the Westminster fathers, in their very Calvinist doctrines of nations and providence, and whose lives were defined by opposition to Rome and Spain, did not believe every ethnicity had an equal relationship to the Kingdom of God. They, like the continental Reformers and all Christians of their day, used the ethnic terms “Turk” and “Jew” as synonyms for reprobate.” – http://faithandheritage.com/2018/01/the-westminster-confession-is-kinism-part-2/

          Even Huxley understood this in the secular realm…if you don’t.

          “… [T]he existence of a common and distinctive quality of all humans need not imply their social, political, or existential equality, any more than the fact that all material objects have mass imply that they all have the same weight…”.

          “Even granting a “brotherhood of men” under Christ, “the brotherhood of men does not imply their equality.” He continues: “Neither does men’s equality before God imply their equality as among themselves.” Even if God, from his divine and lofty standpoint, views us all as equals, any putative inter-human equality “is entirely irrelevant”…”.

          “The historical and psychological researches of the past century have rendered the theory which lies behind the practice of modern democracy entirely untenable. Reason is not the same in all men; human beings belong to a variety of psychological types separated from one another by irreducible differences.” – A. Huxley – all from https://www.unz.com/article/america-must-die-so-that-the-people-can-live/

  4. What is best in life?

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!

    • What’s ironic is, I never wanted to do any of those things. The Left has goaded me into it, and made it sound so…appealing. This includes the lamentation of their women part. RadFems see White RW Men as “demons,” whereas they see Leftists who inject their children with puberty blockers as “an unfortunate distraction.” The Left is “messed up,” whereas the Right is “demonic.”

      Lefties and Cultural Progressives in the Moobment love to claim that the Right fails because we “don’t provide a compelling vision of what society should look like.” But that’s because we don’t need to. There was nothing wrong with how America existed for basically all of its history. The things that needed fixing or improving – basically, the kind of things socialists and commies love to WhatAbout – can and were fixed through reform and the occasional shake down.

      We already have a vision – keep what was working so well for White Americans all those years! – but, like Esau trading his birthright for a bowl of stew, that vision was rejected by High Whites and Low Whites – the spiritual cancer of our race – in favor of Modernism and Post-Modernism.

      Low Whites were failures under the old system and tore it down so they could have their gibs. There are still Low Whites who vote Democrat because they literally need their gibs.

      High Whites are guilty of all the sins and crimes described by Hunter in this piece. They are basically spiteful mutants. Randolph Bourne and Virginia Wolff – among dozens of other from that time – are their archetypes.

      Its a damn shame their Victorian parents ever tolerated their degeneracy and didn’t strip them of their inheritance and cast then out into the streets where they could choke on blood and die as street shitting paupers like the Pajeets their liberal children and grandchildren infested our cities with.

      I’m not convinced that wealth and prosperity produce degeneracy in Upper Class Whites. Or, in any case, I don’t think wealth is the direct cause. I think these kids were simply born condemned. They were born trash. I’m appropriating calvinism here, because its the best explanation that makes sense. Its a spiritual thing with Leftists, not a material thing. The material conditions of the Upper Middle Class don’t cause Leftism. Its like God or Nature marked them at birth to grow up to want to protect trannies, street shitters, and gay anal rim jobs.

      The Victorians scoffed at these people and dismissed them as cranks. That was a mistake. They are cancer, and they are going to take down the whole White Race and all of Western Civilization. Screw it. Lets engage in total war against these people. Yes, we want to subordinate Left Wing Whites and reduce them to a slave caste that does all the service sector labor and menial work. We need to reduce them to a slave caste and ritualistically humiliate them so that they never consider acting out ever again.

      • “Lefties and Cultural Progressives in the Moobment love to claim that the Right fails because we “don’t provide a compelling vision of what society should look like.” But that’s because we don’t need to.”

        Actually, we do. “Eternal vigilance is the price for Liberty.”
        [ http://www.thisdayinquotes.com/2011/01/eternal-vigilance-is-price-of-liberty.html ]

        Because man is innately sinful (the doctrine of Total Depravity- that we [White/Christendom Men] aren’t as bad as we could be, but we ARE as bad as we are….),whereas the non-Elect can descend into the truly demonic…quite easily, because they are acting according to THEIR nature.

        Therefore, godly men in EVERY NATION must:
        a) punish evildoers (and those who think themselves above their station- non-White races, and the Perfidious Jews, above all)
        b) hedge around the godly nation, with the fence of the righteous Law of God.
        Psalm 119:99 (CEB) “I have greater insight than all my teachers because I contemplate your laws.”

        (By the way, this is the counterfeit reason for Islam, and their Shari’a. It’s a pale imitation of the Law of God, and the blessings attendant on those peoples/race that uphold YHWH’s Law. [Ps. 119:43]

        Jefferson’s BS phrase (“All men are created equal”) is -we now see, nothing short of blasphemy.
        It must be ripped out of every book, tract, magazine, building, and the minds of lesser men.
        Because even the thought, “All WHITE men are created equal” is, in itself, STILL a blasphemy.

        “The entire Bible is filled with Race, and nothing can substitute for True Religion. As One President said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”- President John Adams. And as Jesus said, ‘I am come only for [and then He denotes ONE race, alone], etc.”

        Disraeli noted that idea of Race often, and he knew whereof he spoke. Born of Jewish heritage, he was yet baptized and a member of the Church of England (when it mattered) and lived while Kipling was around- author of ‘The White Man’s Burden.’

        As Howard wrote in the New Statemen: “Disraeli [wrote] Tancred – or, The New Crusade…published in 1847. Its hero believes he can find inspiration in the Holy Land, where his ancestors once crusaded. Before departing, he takes advice from Sidonia, who articulates his belief in Jewish superiority and the centrality of race in human affairs. Tancred and Sidonia share a disdain for modern ideas of equality and democracy. Sidonia regards progress as a sham. Scientific change and social forces do not explain the rise and fall of nations:

        “It is an affair of race . . . And when a superior race, with a superior idea to Work and Order, advances, its state will be progressive, and we shall, perhaps, follow the example of the desolate countries. All is race; there is no other truth.”

        People foolishly have ignored the parts of the Bible that are obviously ‘racist’ and have excised them (contrary to biblical prohibition) due to purely mercenary motive$, and called it religious (removing the Apocrypha)- conscience assuaged, they then think it’s the whole cloth, when it isn’ [Rev. 22:19]. Things like Tobit 4;12, and Sir. 12:5-7, for example.”

        Dr. Elhaik’s DNA research proved (Jews are not Semites) it. And therefore, so is the status of ‘victim’ valid no longer- witness the recent massacres in Palestine. Religion tempers Race; and Grace tempers the pride that Race can engender. Remove one, and you end up with either Zionism or Hitlerian statements- both are evil. Both are anathema. For there IS no Neutrality. -Josh. 24:15.

        No, Disraeli was merely iterating that which every Anglo has known for thousands of years. Race, Religion, and Reality are the REAL three ‘R’s… and we better start teaching them to our children, or be genocided by the Liars/Xenos in our midst. Because it’s ALREADY too late.” – my comment on an AmRen thread.

        “The people should be led, not followed, as God has ordained… Those who say, ‘The voice of the people is the voice of God,’ are not to be listened to, for the unruliness of the mob is always close to madness.” – Deacon Alcuin of York to Charlemagne

        “Equality is known to produce strife. Therefore God allowed the human race to be a monarchy, not a democracy. But the family is constructed in a similar way to an army, with the husband holding the rank of monarch, the wife as general and the children also given stations of command.”
        St. John Chrysostom, Homily 34 on I Corinthians, 7

  5. Such a stupid comment on the face of it. 99 percent of the Native White Working Class Men who fought and died during WW2 would have been slaughtered by todays Democratic Party if todays Democratic Party was sent back in time to 1945…

    Larger point the Democratic Party wants to expel the Native White Working Class from America and replace them with Hindus from India…and Muslims from Pakistan……and the Hindus and Pakistanis in America are on board with this….

    As the Native Born White Working Class becomes more and more aware of the Democratic Party Policy of WHITE GENOCIDE….The Democratic Party becomes more and more open about what their violent intent is…which is:WHITE GENOCIDE….don’t be coy about stating this obvious fact….

  6. “Liberal Democracy” is one of those lying constructions that is like the “Holy Roman Empire”, which Voltaire noted was neither holy, Roman nor an empire. “Liberal Democracy” is an even more brazen lie.

  7. If Trump lived in Germany he would have a platinum plan for jews because we all know jews were victims of the “Nazis”.

  8. I’m convinced now that leftist Jews write these kind of articles to help their fellow right-wing Jews trick patriotic goys into supporting their Zionist controlled opposition. Trump and the MAGA movement is the opposite of National Socialism in every possible way.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s not the feds that are infiltrating the right wing movement, it’s the jews. If there’s ever going to be another right wing movement, they better start investigating the people they let in.

  9. “Trump and the MAGA movement is the opposite of National Socialism in every possible way”:

    Not complete opposites. Naziism is more ethno than MAGA but both are right-wing populism. Naziism is socialism in name only, and was launched as a weapon to destroy it.

  10. “Jonathan Chait is back to crying about the growing menace of “fascism” and “authoritarianism”

    Fighting “fascism” is a Jewish neurosis.

    Historically, it took authoritarian/totalitarian government to remove the Jews from power, and to reign in their sociopolitical/economic destructiveness. Think of Imperial Rome, Imperial Russia, and National Socialist Germany, particularly.

    The Jews are afraid that it’s gonna happen again.

    In America®(K).

  11. Supporters of the Christian Democratic parties in Germany deemed the far right a much larger threat.

    Just this week, several high level people with the suddenly reduced power Christian Democrats, both CDU and the Bavaria-only CSU, have declared open warfare on the AfD.

    Side note: A lot of people around here are going to pay a lot of attention to what happens next door in France in April, because it will be very consequential for the future of the European pop-nat sector(s). I actually think that the American sector should take heed, because I think that it will resolve the optics/message war that has been raging since 2018.

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