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    • All of whom the new traitor government has made it easier to become “the new Germans”.

      Perhaps there is a sane, non-inverted Earth in some alternate universe. This one can get wiped by an asteroid as far as I’m concerned.

  1. In the US: Illegals crossing the borders are free to roam around without being “vaccinated” or tested while Americans are force fed their poison of choice. (Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, etc) of lose your job, liberty and freedom.

  2. Demanding honestly counted elections = attacking democracy.
    Demanding judges follow the law, school boards listen to parents, elected officials serve their constituents = terrorism.
    Demanding that black criminals and antifa rioters and terrorists be restrained and punished = racism, right-wing extremism.
    Demanding our rights enumerated in the Constitution be respected = insurrectionism
    Demanding that the people not be subject to the rule of un-elected politically motivated bureaucrats who operate in the name of “Science” while they force dangerous injections on the population = “Anti-Science.”

    The Jews running this country have created a tyranny, and they get very angry that we call out their lying media monopoly. They call that “attacking the First Amendment.” Having your own opinion that is against the dominant media narrative that is centrally controlled by the real rulers of this polity is “attacking the free press.”

  3. @JPS – Very well said above! As to the subject of the Germany lockdown for the unvaccinated, this is the goal of all (formerly) “Western” countries, including the U.S., although it’s a steeper hill to climb here.

  4. The situation in Germany is really tough for anti-vaxxers. The government and their media whores are totally freaking out now. The more the vaccines turn out to be crap, being rather ineffective against Covid after few months, but with serious side effects, the more the people are compelled to take these vaccines. There is a massive agitation against unvaccinated people by politicians and media whores. Covid hysteria, day in and day out. Whats going on here is beyond believe. And meanwhile the invasion of Arabs, Afghans, and all kinds of niggers goes on and on. This country is such a mess. The Merkel monster will be gone next week. But the new government will be even worse!
    Der Alptraum geht weiter. Und kein Ende in Sicht…

  5. Yes and no. It’s complicated. Then again, since it’s something Germans are doing, you should have known that from the get go.

    If you have read the terms 2G and/or 3G coming from German news sources or English language versions of German news, it doesn’t have to do with cell phone technology. It relates to three different German words that all start with G, and even more, GE, because adding GE to the front of a noun is part of the process of converting it into the past participle. In English, you usually just add -ed to the end of the noun.

    And those three words are: Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet. Meaning vaccinated, recovered, tested. (The last one was sorta obvious.) A 2G rule means you must be any two or any specific two of those three things to enter the establishment or certain places, 3G means all three.

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