Jews Attack Éric Zemmour

I don’t know what to think about Éric Zemmour.

I understand that he is like the Tucker Carlson of France. I’m not familiar with him, but he is a well known figure there and has a record of weighing in on controversial subjects that goes back decades. I thought his announcement speech was fantastic. It was one of the best speeches I have ever seen.

Is there such a thing as a pro-White Jew? There are definitely White people who are anti-White like Emmanuel Macron. There are blacks who are pro-White like Jesse Lee Peterson. There are Asians who are pro-White like Michelle Malkin who spoke at the American Renaissance conference. Ideology and biology are not always neatly aligned. There are conservatives, moderates and liberals of all races.

A pro-White Jew though … that’s like telling people you have spotted a Sasquatch. Anyway, the Jews are not happy with Éric Zemmour who has played a major role in pushing the Great Replacement into the mainstream in France. A majority of the French believe it is happening.

New York Times:

“France is the home of “Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité” and the birthplace of the Rights of Man. But running simultaneously through the country’s political traditions is a much darker strain of racism and antisemitism. It looks as if a new, more virulent chapter in that history of French bigotry may now be opening — with a seemingly unlikely champion.

Éric Zemmour, a far-right polemicist who officially declared on Tuesday that he is running in next April’s presidential election, is the loudest and most extreme voice of French racism today. While his poll numbers have started to slide from their highs earlier this fall, Mr. Zemmour’s divisive campaign has resonated with a significant portion of voters and he is still among the leading candidates. He is capturing national headlines and unleashing vicious bigotry into the mainstream in a way unseen in years. …

The Jew as the stalking horse for anti-immigrant racism, as the voice of its normalization in public discourse, is a new, frightening development. The results of this are unforeseeable, but they bode no good.”

I don’t know much of anything about Zemmour who I have never written about before on this website. I’m inclined to monitor the situation and see how it plays out. I agree with a lot of what he is saying, but the same was true of Trump in 2016 and we saw how that worked out. The French speakers who I know tell me that Zemmour genuinely identifies with France and is a true believer in everything he is saying.

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  1. “A pro-White Jew though … that’s like telling people you have spotted a Sasquatch.” I tend to concur. Did not Lenin allegedly say something to the effect that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it?

    • It’s possible. But – as I believe either WL Shirer or Churchill wrote (referring to napoleon and Hitler” – “the partial outsider became the ultra-nationalist”. France has become very dangerous for Jews thanks to Third World immigration. It amazes me that any Jew would not back Zemmour. But it seems the most prominent (like B-H Levy) want to howl about Dreyfuss and Vichy instead.

  2. ((((They)))) can not have France turning on Israel. The French Muslim population is growing and that possibility exists. So the Christ killer is trying to get white Christian French to his side to protect the kyke state. Zemmour candidacy is not about France or the French people is it about protecting Israel.

    • Most French – of whatever color – are pro-Palestinian. French elite policy is generally pro-Arab and Third Worldist. Goes back to De Gaulle trying to position France/EEC as a counterweight to the USA and USSR.

  3. Well, even Uncle Adolf himself named a few jews as honorary Aryans, so hopefully this is one of the extremely rare exceptions.

    Interesting point, though:

    “Antisemitism” is one of the things the (((New York Times))) accuses Zemmour of. Yet nowhere does Zemmour mention jews directly, or even obliquely.

    It’s basically an unforced error — a confession on their part that most jews want, and are working toward, the destruction of France. Everything Zemmour describes is pro-France and in favor of the survival of the White French people. Yet the NYT labels this “antisemitism.”

    (((They))) tell you they want you dead, your people extinct, your race and culture gone forever, if you just listen to (((them))).

    • Maybe Zemmour loves France the way Disraeli loved Britain. But whether or not he succeeds, I believe unstoppable forces are building in that country in the direction of serious civil conflict.

      • @Yunus Z,

        Did not several hundred retired French army and naval officers sign a declaration that the situation in France had better change quickly, otherwise a military coup d’etat of the present government was a work in motion?

        We all remember the television verbal brawl between the curly haired jew wearing spectacles and the retired French general. Qui?

        • Well, from what I remember they warned that there would be a civil war. I’ll have to revisit that declaration.

  4. “Is there such a thing as a pro-White Jew? ”

    He’s put his finger to the wind and is moving with popular sentiment.
    Being a jew, he will not suffer the withering attacks that a WHITE would.

    • Part of the reason Le Pen had to moderate her message is the banks in France were shutting down her party’s accounts and making it difficult for them to raise funds.

      Zemmour faces no such difficulties, and is himself backed by Jewish banks.

    • Zemmour has been consistent for decades, as Hunter pointed out. He’s not jumping a bandwagon. He is being attacked. If not Zemmour, I feel the French Right will at some point find the leader it is looking for. Perhaps Marion Maréchal?

  5. “Well, even Uncle Adolf himself named a few jews as honorary Aryans, ”

    Another instance of his civility being his ruin and that of Germany.

  6. Yes, pro white non whites do exist. They likely don’t want to live in a third world Islamic cesspit anymore than we do. They know that removes what drew them to a white nation to begin with. They can reside here………as long as not too many of their kind join them. They know why there’s a distinction between say, Africa and Australia.
    With Jews, they know a Muslim run France will be detrimental to their existence there. Most Jews likely want white nations to be diverse, but with just enough whites left to serve them in a way blacks and Muslims can’t, or won’t.
    Zemmour is an oldish looking man. Why is he only kind of showing up now? The white proportion is finally looking too low for him perhaps?
    To summarise:- who will serve the Jew once we’re gone? They know that a few of us need to remain.

    • @Goose

      “To summarise:- who will serve the Jew once we’re gone?”

      Like all self proclaimed “geniuses,” they always overlook the one detail that ends up being their undoing.

  7. He playing the Trump card and telling the French what they want to hear the same way Trump told the right what they wanted to hear. If he wins, more money for Israel and more laws for jews.

    • “France is the home of “Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité” and the birthplace of the Rights of Man.”

      “To the meaningless French idealisms: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, we propose the three German realities: Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery.”

      Bernhard von Bülow

      Like Yankeedom in America, France is the main source of the Leftist/Bolshevik corruption that is dissolving western civilization, and destroying the people who created it.

      It’s proof of the maxum that a newly minted Conservative is a Liberal who got mugged. If the French people ever get their country back from the mud flood, they’ll just go back to their same old Leftist ways. France has always been consumed with crackpot, peculiar notions. I’ll be surprised if they can sustain an effort to reclaim their country, and their/our race.

      End Reconstruction. End the War.

  8. All evidence I have seen leads me to believe that Zemmour is a counter-jihad neocon and civic nationalist. He advocates assimilation (i.e. miscegenation and the dilution of French ethnos).

    He may love France, but only in abstract, divorced from the actual French people. Not really different from a US neocon like Ben Shapiro who genuinely loves “America” while abstracting that from the historical White American people, not caring about “the browning of America” in his own words.

    • Mongrels like him always want more mongrels so they don’t feel so out of place. They are nothing but death for our people.

  9. Zimmer/zemmour is a subversive. He is controlled opposition who will do nothing to stop non-whites from entering France, but instead he will give the muds citizenship and will tell them to race mix with the native whites.

  10. His message is still better than the pusillanimous trash that Marine Le Pen is putting out. How cucked would you have to be to disown your own father.and eject him from your party. Watch Jean Marie Le Pen declare for Zemmour eventually.

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