Poll: Young Republicans Are Giving Up On “Our Democracy”

I don’t believe in “our democracy.”

Here’s the way “our democracy” works: we have elections and nothing ultimately changes because the policies are sold to the donor class. Politicians engage in performance art.


“Young adults say, 55% to 44%, that they’re more fearful than hopeful about the future of America — a shift from earlier this year, when most said they were hopeful. Only about one-third now describe the US as a healthy or even “somewhat functioning” democracy, with 52% saying it’s a “democracy in trouble” or that it’s failed altogether.

Young Republicans are especially pessimistic: 70% say American democracy is in trouble or failed, compared with 45% of young Democrats who say the same. …”

Oh my …

There has been a stunning decline in confidence in the “liberal norms.”

Washington Times:

“Young Americans place the chances that they will see a second civil war in their lifetime at 35%; chances that at least one state secedes at 25%. Nearly half (46%) of young Republicans place the chances of a second civil war at 50% or higher, compared to 32% of Democrats, and 38% of independent and unaffiliated voters,” it continued.

Level of education (27% among college students and those with degrees compared to 47% for others) and whether young people live in urban (33%), suburban (33%), rural (48%) or small town (51%) environments are all significant predictors. …”

I’m the “extremist” though.

My views are conventional now in my demographic: White voters under the age of 45 in small towns and rurals areas in the South and Midwest.

Note: This is why I don’t really care about censorship anymore. They’ve censored the internet and it hasn’t made the slightest difference as more and more people are coming around to our point of view.

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  1. If “young Republicans” are so disenchanted with it all, why don’t they just leave the Republican party? It’s never going to be anything for the working class white.

      • ” who don’t really like Trump voted for him anyway”

        It’s not voting ‘for’, it’s voting ‘against’ the alternative.

      • Someone here once mentioned that “voting” was like the adult version of writing a letter to Santa Claus, so one might as well just do that. Even when the left does not blatantly steal elections, you will only be able to ever cast your “vote” for the establishment’s chosen tools.

        “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything” – Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (AKA Joseph Stalin)

        As for those who think there will be a civil war, there is not “going to be a civil war”. There is a bolshevik insurrection / civil war going on now. It is only one side who understands this, and is willing to kill you in the street if they get the chance, and regularly calls for White genocide. It is only one side who really gets what is at stake in the long run. The other side does not really comprehend that there is in fact a civil war on, and many live in the delusion that they are going to “vote” their way out of this situation.

        So, voat moar harder…

    • “Democracy is a country run by Jews.”

      Not just a democracy, that’s true of any system that doesn’t explicitly exclude them.

  2. You’d think that ppl who had passed middle school would at least know , it’s a REPUBLIC !

    Our language has been hijacked and corrupted, consequently so has our thinking.

      • I was really incomplete,
        Odd, how they never mention that CONSTITUTION thing. I wonder why ?

        ( YES, we still elect ppl that allegedly represent us, a republic.)

  3. Who are the %30 who still believe in “Our Democracy”? Do they live under a rock without access to information? Perhaps they have yet to enjoy the benefits of diversity up close and personal or have never brushed up against the Government and its (so-called) “Justice” system.

    Sooner or later the %30 will get enriched by diversity. At least now if they look a little bit they can find truthful information such as this fine blog, something previously censored by The Usual Suspects before the internet. When frauds such as David French are the best the controlled opposition has the ruling class is in trouble.

    That is why Hillary said the internet needed “gatekeepers”, to prevent people like Hunter from dissenting and informing others. Hillary is many things, all bad but she isn’t stupid. She recognized the threat the internet presented to the old monopoly of viewpoints controlled by The Usual Suspects but it’s too late to censor successfully. They have just made themselves look ridiculous and frightened of the truth with their banning of people from FB, Twitter, universities etc.

    • “Sooner or later the %30 will get enriched by diversity. .

      By that time it will be too late.
      They will be swamped by a tide of POC.

      Just like the Nordic girls in Morocco, they won’t know until the blade is on their throat.

      • Dear god I wish I hadn’t watched that video. It showed what sub-human orcs are capable of, though.

        • Every woman, especially young ones, should be compelled to watch that video.
          It might shock some sense into their vacant heads.

  4. Beginning to think that the more censorship, the better it gets for us. The squeezing of the gen pop has converted way more people than all of us together have.

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