National Review: The United States Should Defend Taiwan

I don’t support going to war with China over Taiwan.

This is the surest way that I can think of though to bring down the American Empire and expose every domestic weakness that has accumulated here over the past forty years. It is a question on the same level of whether Britain should go to war with Germany to defend Poland and risk starting a World War. Maybe it is even worse than that because Taiwan is a renegade Chinese province.

National Review:

“The United States should defend Taiwan if China attacks it. Not out of altruism — although it would benefit Taiwan for us to do so — but out of self-interest. Our enlightened self-interest, surely, but self-interest all the same. It is important to understand clearly why this makes sense, because if defending Taiwan is to be a reasonable course of action, we need to be much better prepared, and remedying the deficits in our defenses will require substantial and sustained political support. Building that support will not be easy, since it is far from obvious why defending a small island lying just a hundred miles off the Chinese coast against the enormous might of the People’s Republic is in Americans’ interest. …

Our overriding purpose now must be to achieve that level of defense for Taiwan, through our efforts and Taiwan’s own. Bewilderingly, though, both we and Taiwan are failing to do this despite its being well within our power. The time is long past for dilatoriness. We must drop everything else and ensure that we and the Taiwanese themselves procure and deploy the military forces and systems needed for Taiwan’s effective defense. If we don’t, our future countrymen will very likely ask why we failed to take such modest steps to avoid catastrophic defeat — and worse.”

Contemplate what a war with China would look like.

What would that look like compared to our supply chain issues?

What would that look like in light of our experience with COVID?

What would that look like when China finances our national debt?

Is Gen Z ready to ship out across the Pacific to fight China over Taiwan?

What would that look like on the ground in places like Los Angeles or San Francisco?

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  1. Sounds like the same kind of argument that was used to justify the Vietnam War. Needless to say no one at the National Zionist Review will volunteer to fight on Taiwan’s behalf.

    • If they were serious about keeping Taiwan, they would base nuke missles in Taiwan, and launch them at China if they try to invade.

      If ZOG wants people to die in an old fashioned war for Taiwan, its because they aren’t serious about keeping Taiwan. Perhaps the idea is to send all the angry white men off to get killed in a fake war? A war would solve their immediate political problems.

  2. Taiwan has been historically more a part of China, than Hawaii is part of the USA. They knew when it was created, that the Chinese would eventually come. I feel bad about it, but Taiwan isn’t my or America’s problem. Although stupid neoconservatives will try to find some reason for us to be involved.

  3. I support going to war with China over Taiwain, and know what else? I hope it would escalate to another global general conflagration. Just as you say, “it would expose every domestic weakness.” Yes, good!

    The American Empire is doomed. It’s over. Really, it’s over. What is agonizing is the Democrat party style of “controlled collapse.” No, that collapse is being “controlled” to ensure that whites are systematically exterminated. We need a sharp and sudden collapse, and a new World War starting with the South China Sea situation would be just what the doctor ordered. Can you imagine our incompetent, gay, Woke military going up against China, Russia, and Iran on their own turf? We couldn’t pacify Afghanistan after 20 years of assaulting peasants with Woke propaganda every minute of their lives.

    • Re: “I support going to war (…) a new World War (…) would be just what the doctor ordered”:

      Other anonymous, I oppose all war, both hot and cold. The elites use it, but try to keep it under control. But suppose they ever lost control, this would be the New World War that the doctor (Devil) ordered:

  4. The US should defend its own borders 1st but no they have to get involved in a foreign war that has no bearing on this nation. Let the chinks and Indians kill each other. It’s none of our business.

  5. America can not fight a two front war. Putin knows it and Xi knows it too. And both are waiting for Biden to make his move. If Joe goes to war with China, then Putin responds against Ukraine and if Joe goes to war over Ukraine then Xi responds against Taiwan. What should Joe do?

      • If Red China and India launched an atomic war against each other, and tens of millions of Hindoos and Chinamen were killed as a result, would anyone even notice?

      • India will not fight China. They need China to stabilize Afghanistan, and to get the pipelines from the Caspian Sea. If it looks like global war they definitely will sit it out, because they would be the main beneficiaries.

        Japan will sit it out, also.

        • @Bob Sykes

          I can’t see Japan staying out if China moves on Taiwan. Whoever controls Taiwan controls the sea lanes to Japan. There is a very nasty history regarding Japan/China (see: the Rape of Nanking by Amy Chang).

          The chinks haven’t forgotten, nor have the Japs.

  6. They are insane. These idiots want to run a huge bluff against China in the misbegotten hope that China will never call this bluff. China will call this bluff sooner or later resulting in a real U.S. defeat, not like Afghanistan or Vietnam either when the U.S. basically just packed up and went home. As NR noted, Taiwan is only about 100 miles off the coast of China.

    The geniuses writing for the NR assume the U.S. is even capable of defending Taiwan about 8,000 miles away from the U.S. when the U.S. is in serious decline by every measure. Good luck gaining public support for conscription to raise a military capable of defending Taiwan. The racial and ethnic fractures in the country are so deep now that the U.S. Government cannot rally public support like it did as recently as 2001. Add to this that the industrial base is now only a fraction of what it was 60 years ago so that means there is no way to quickly build up the military.

    These assholes are also risking nuclear war with China for Taiwan when the people of Taiwan are unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to defeat a Chinese invasion. The lesson here is that Taiwan, like Our Greatest Ally is willing to fight to the last American soldier then the ruling class flees with the money to the U.S. where they bitch about White privilege and racism. NR needs to ask the question: what will happen when China is victorious and the U.S. Government is forced to accept Chinese terms for ending the war?

    The idiots at NR and the rest of the ruling class need to flip their calendars from 1959 to 2021. They are living in the past when the U.S. was a giant on the world stage. Those days are gone and they aren’t coming back. NR and the rest of the geniuses in charge of the U.S. have wrecked the country yet they still act as though the U.S. were capable of accomplishing what it did more than half a century ago.

    • @12AX7,

      The Chinese military also have operational hypersonic missiles that our Aegis, Patriot, and (in a telling shift) Israel’s Iron Dome anti-air batteries cannot defend against.

      China is also testing anti-ship hypersonic missiles against full-sized Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier cutouts in the Gobi Desert. It would only take one devastating hit on an American carrier, and the death toll would be higher than 20 years in Afghanistan.

      • ” . . . It would only take one devastating hit on an American carrier, and the death toll would be higher than 20 years in Afghanistan.

        That’s it, right on the money. Apparently the Chinese are still working out the details of their new weapons but I wouldn’t underestimate the determination and ability of China to field large numbers of these new weapons quickly and effectively. The “Defense” Department of the U.S. is just another grifting operation fundamentally, the very Military-Industrial Complex Pres. Eisenhower warned against, they aren’t really interested in defending the U.S.

      • The USS Harvey Milk has a specially-lubricated compartment in its rear that is designed to take in those missiles, then infect them with some kind of virus.

  7. Taiwan has a Shlomo controlled central bank. Of course Shlomo will defend it even if it kills millions of Americans.

  8. What the Chinese are counting on, is that their fellow Chinese on Taiwan, will come to see themselves as better off under the Chinese umbrella, than under the American umbrella! Deals can always be made.

    • I don’t have a good understanding of Jewish control over China. They control the import export bank and probably more but I would probably still take my chances with China if I were Taiwanese. Taiwan is occupied territory.

  9. @ These evil Satanist, that rule babylon, probably will start a nuclear war with China, sitting comfortably in their underground bunkers, happy to see us turned into radioactive dust, even a conventional war with China, will bring the world too it’s knees, you can think I am crazy if you want, but I really believe V.Putin knows about occidental dissent and the league of the south, I think that explains his patience with babylon, despite the provocations these devil’s here in babylon, are always hurling at him, for the sake of our own survival, perhaps it might be a good idea, for some of our better minds ,here at occidental dissent, too craft some kind of open statement to the chinese,informing them, these war pigs, want war with you, we don’t, just a thought……….

  10. The jews also make a big deal about these uyghur Isis terrorists being genocided supposedly, and how xi jinping is evil and like hitler. It’s funny how the warmongering establishment always sides with terrorists against the good guys, whether in Libya or Syria, Iraq, or supporting isis-k against the nationalist taliban in Afghanistan. They use these sunni terrorists to destabilize anti-zog nationalist countries in the Middle East. Israel doesn’t want any competition. It’s also funny how the patriotard right sees Iran and hezbollah as sponsors of terror, and how we need to go to war with China to destroy communism. That’s what fox news and ben shapiro tell the flag wavers. It’s clown world.

  11. “I don’t support going to war with China over Taiwan.

    This is the surest way that I can think of though to bring down the American Empire and expose every domestic weakness that has accumulated here over the past forty years.”

    Perhaps that is exactly why it would not be the worst thing ever.

    • If a war with China breaks out, many countries will get involved. It’s not as cut and dry as it seems. You have India one one side, Pakistan on the other. All three have nuclear weapons. Now bring in the Russians, their allies and so on and so forth.

      As Terry said, what do the elites and jews care about nuclear war, they will be safe in their nuclear bunkers while we all die.

      • I don’t think anyone will “get involved” against China. Taiwan is on its own. It can fight and inflict huge losses on any invading Chinese force – and possibly spark a revolution that would topple the commies – or roll over like the Afghans did when the Taliban came knocking.

  12. So some “lords” in this decadent crumbling Yankee Empire seem to favor the smaller combatant in a “civil war” on the other side of the world and yet we all know which side they are on in their own backyard and these stuffed shirts are still allowing us peasants to be attacked by outside invading forces these “lords” can control and which they all seem to support. Anything that hurts White people in general is a plus to all these fat cats either liberal or conservative sitting on the top of the heap…

    …Arkansas suffered one of the most violent Reconstruction periods in the entire South, with the worst abuses of the era taking place during a reign of terror from November, 1868, to March, 1869, known as the Militia War, an event all the more incredible for how utterly forgotten it now is.

    Nature abhors a vacuum; action lusts for reaction. Suffering under an immeasurable array of humiliations and cruelties at the hands of an occupying force which declared open season on their families, White Arkansans finally fought back—this resistance often took the form of the Ku Klux Klan, an indispensable, heroic organization at the time of its formation. It was against this backdrop that the Militia War was born.

    A major precipitating event was the October, 1868, assassination of Radical U.S. Representative James Hinds, a despicable New York Carpetbagger and the highest-ranking government official to be slain in any State during Reconstruction. Though the Klan was scapegoated for the murder, many speculated—not without considerable evidence—that the murder was committed on the orders of Hinds’s main political rival, Governor Powell Clayton, serving the double purpose of inflaming Northern opinion against Southern Whites.

    Governor Clayton set in motion a plan to wage war upon the people of Arkansas. Through an agent in Detroit, Clayton purchased an arsenal, including 4,000 rifles, 400,000 cartridges, 1,500,000 percussion caps, and more, arranging for its shipment to Arkansas by way of Memphis. This arsenal, mind you, was even larger than that which had been furnished General Zachary Taylor for his invasion of Mexico.

    Before Clayton’s shipment arrived at Memphis, however, a Democratic newspaperman learned of it, and widely publicized it, warning that the arms were “to be placed in the hands of the negroes of Arkansas…for the purpose of shooting down inoffensive citizens. …Woe to the steamboat that prefers such freights as swords and guns to plows and pruning hooks.” Due to an immense public outcry, the boat lines that usually operated to Little Rock refused to handle the cargo, forcing Clayton’s henchmen to charter a private steamer.

    Hardly had the steamer set out for Little Rock when it was set upon by a band of Memphis Klansmen, disguised as river pirates. They overtook the vessel, boarded it, broke open the crates, and tossed the guns into the depths of the mighty Mississippi. Clayton, needless to say, was livid, but for two reasons: first, at the loss of the arms for his mercenary army; second, at the loss of the profit he had expected to make from selling the guns to the State. The invoices, you see, had been altered to show a cost of $35,000, instead of the actual cost of $15,000.

    Rather than call for Federal troops, Clayton organized his own army. On November 4, 1868, he declared martial law in the counties of Ashley, Bradley, Columbia, Craighead, Greene, Lafayette, Little River, Mississippi, Sevier, and Woodruff, to which Conway, Crittenden, Drew, and Fulton counties were later added. The targeted counties all lacked the influential newspapers that cities like Little Rock, Fort Smith, Helena, Fayetteville, and Pine Bluff had.

    The counties were divided into militia departments. The militiamen, mostly black vagrants and criminals, numbered over two thousand, and pillaged their way through the State for the next four months, preying upon the White citizenry, looting, imprisoning, raping, torturing, murdering, and burning in a gruesome saturnalia from the fiery pits of Hell itself. Radical Phillips County Representative Joseph Brooks, who would go on to lead one faction of the Brooks-Baxter War, wanted to reduce Arkansas to “a waste-howling wilderness” from the Missouri line to the Red River, “until we shall not have a habitation here, except for moles and bats.”

    D.P. Upham, the bestial militia commander of the Northeast, was a penniless Massachusetts Carpetbagger. After failing in business in New York, he followed his friend, Alexander Shaler, to Arkansas, settling at DeVall’s Bluff, where Shaler was stationed as a Yankee cavalry officer. There, Upham quickly became one of the wealthiest men in the area. The secret to his success? His friend, Brigadier-General Shaler, had control over the leasing of “abandoned” lands and the granting of business licenses. Through Shaler, Upham thus secured exclusive rights to operate saloons and purchase cotton, which were activities under U.S. Army supervision. Upham sold these rights to Northern investors in return for ownership interests in each enterprise. He talked his brother into coming to Arkansas, too, and the two of them bought up vast tracts of land that the Army had stolen from their rightful owners. Cases like this occurred in the South over and over again.

    Upham, in his own words, believed that Southern Whites should be exterminated, noting: “There is no other way, as I told Governor Clayton, nothing but good, healthy, square, honest killing would ever do them any good.” Clayton, Upham continued, “agreed with me exactly.” From his base at Augusta, Upham’s militia went to work, focused on murdering as many people and plundering as much property, from livestock to money, as it could.

    These monsters ran down and shot to death any citizens whom they encountered alone, men, women, and children of all ages and conditions. Countless Arkansans had their homes and businesses looted and incinerated, their barns emptied, their fields stripped. Hundreds of families already near starvation yet again lost all of their earthly possessions. People were dragged from their homes and tortured to death in front of their families; the militiamen often extorted ransom money from their victims and then killed them anyways. Prominent citizens who dared even mildly criticize the militia, from schoolteachers to physicians, were summarily executed, their corpses tossed into the White River. Even a British officer, traveling through Arkansas for his health, was slain.

    Confederate veterans met with the most brutal treatment; hundreds of them organized under a former officer and alleged Klan leader, Colonel A.C. Pickett. As Pickett and his men prepared to attack Upham’s headquarters at Augusta, Upham took fifteen leading citizens hostage and promised to kill them and raze the town. Reluctantly, Pickett called off the strike, and Upham ransacked the town anyways.

    Meanwhile, Clayton’s men worked much the same carnage in the Southwest. At Center Point, a force of five hundred militiamen converged from three directions and fired indiscriminately into the crowd of concerned citizens. In an all-too-common incident in Sevier County, black militiamen invaded the home of a Mr. Brooks and forced him and his children to watch as they gang-raped Mrs. Brooks.

    A Crittenden County woman echoed the near-universal recognition that the Federals, the Carpetbaggers, the Scalawags, and the freedmen who served as their blunt instruments, all were the “emissaries of the Evil One.” Indeed, no thinking man could look at the unforgivable crimes committed against our people and fail to see the hand of Satan. As Christ, through the Apostle Paul, warned us: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    That very same Satanic evil afflicts us today. Just as our forefathers faced the end of all that they had ever known and loved, so too do we. General Lee is reported to have said that, had he “foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in my right hand.” Imagine what our Confederate heroes would do now, in our stead.

    We know how they responded to another totally illegitimate election, 160 years ago. Demon though he was, at least Abraham Lincoln was mentally competent, rather than a human sock puppet for demons unknown, like our current “President.” Our people have been reduced to a new kind of slavery, under a Regime more than ten times as repressive as that which our forefathers gave their all to defeat. The majority population of our nation is slandered and dehumanized at a fever pitch which worsens by the hour. Millions of aliens pour across our wide-open border every day, replacing us in the nation that our fathers built…

    — “Reconstruction in Arkansas”, by Neil Kumar, the keynote Confederate Memorial Day (2021) address, given at the Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for the Southern Memorial Association of Washington County.

    There is no need to fret about a problem on the other side of world when we still have 160 year old problem to take care of close at hand.

    Secede from the Yankee Empire now!

    May God Save the South!

  13. If the JewSA was a sane nation, it would allow Japan to expand its territorial military force, permitting it to build offensive military capabilities, including nuclear weapons.

    Former (and longest serving) Japanese Prime Minister Shinz? Abe recently said that the US needs to come to Taiwan’s aid, if mainland China attempts to take the island by force. Abe’s concern was more about some disputed islands with China than Taiwan’s independence.

    The Japanese should play a larger role in Eastern Asian politics and military capabilities.

  14. The article is published on NR; they also publish a response — it was written by someone named Elbridge Colby — here’s his bio on the DoD website:

    U.S. Department of Defense — Elbridge A. Colby — Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development

    It appears he is now a co-founder/principal of something called the Marathon Initiative:

    The Marathon Initiative

    The mission of The Marathon Initiative is to develop the diplomatic, military, and economic strategies the nation will need to navigate a protracted competition with great power rivals. … Marathon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research organization. It is funded by private individuals and foundations, as well as by grants from or contract work for the U.S. Government. Marathon does not seek or accept funding from corporations or from foreign sources.

    I guess Marathon is meant to convey that they take a long-term view; in this sense it sounds similar to PNAC: The Project for a New American Century.

    It’s interesting that they claim no corporate funding.

    A question arises: Why should the USG pay an external organization to tell the USG that, if necessary, it ought to go to war with China on behalf of Taiwan?

    A 501(c)(3) is REQUIRED to make its financial info publicly accessible; this normally includes not only major funders, but also the salaries of the main employees — since I could not find financial info on their website, or via the usual 501(c)(3) tracking sites I use, I sent an email to ask for it.

    Looks like a typical swamp/deep state operation.

  15. I hate China for so many reasons. Their abuse of animals and the environment. Their unfair trade practices which has depleted my nation of manufacturing capability. I hate having Chinese women in my nation and breeding with immoral white men more than with their own.
    For all that, I don’t want a war with China either. It’s not our war. What will happen is this:- hundreds of Americans killed, thousands permanently disabled, a war lost………….and then thirty million fucking Chinese and Taiwanese ‘refugees’ suddenly in your city because they ‘helped us’ during the course of the war.
    The only war should be big tarriffs imposed so that these CEO’s are incentivized to get out of China.
    Japan and Indonesia, South Korea or the Philippines should help Taiwan instead……… they’re right there.
    We just shouldn’t be involved.
    America has issues at home to sort through. Does Taiwan give a shit about that? Ummm…….nup!

  16. “Defending” Taiwan wouldn’t even benefit Taiwan, since China’s victory is assured either way. All Taiwan would get out of it is to become a war zone with hundreds of thousands if not millions dead and massive destruction.

  17. The formerly United States®(K) are still living in the 1980’s, while the rest of the world lives in the 21st Century. We have armed forces that are designed to fight the Soviet Army in Central Europe, in 1985.

    Taiwan will simply reunite with China, without a shot being fired. China will use currency manipulation, not missiles, to devastate USAZOG, per Alvin Toffler’s series of books on the 21st Century.

  18. Contemplate what a war with China would look like.

    Them destroying USZOG with currency manipulation and information warfare.

    No aircraft carriers or bombs needed.

  19. I have noticed that the foreign policy obsessives who are always so concerned about Taiwan, the Ukraine, or the Korean border never seem to want fight in these ‘wars for western civilization’ themselves. Nor or their kids fighting in them either.

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