Poll: Trust In Institutions Continues To Crater

“Journalists” need to have the “moral clarity” to be even more sycophantic and sanctimonious. We also need more censorship of “misinformation” because that has proven to be so effective over the past five years in restoring confidence in the PMCs who run our institutions.

The National Pulse:

“A new Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute (RRPFI) sponsored national poll on priorities and opinions of Americans on defense, military, and foreign policy issues has found a “sharp decline in trust and confidence in the U.S. Military” and a “growing ambivalence about U.S. leadership in the world.” …

From November 2018 to November 2021, trust and confidence in Congress has hovered between just five and six percent. Trust in the media has fallen again, this from from 16 to just 10 percent, while trust in the Presidency has plummeted to just 19 percent. …

Only 33 percent of adults under the age of 30 have high confidence in the military. Analysts of the poll stated that this is the “most troubling” aspect of the results, as Americans under 30 are the most likely candidates for “the all-volunteer force.” …”

Rod Dreher has an article about conservatives souring on the woke military which has suffered the largest collapse in confidence in the wake of the Pentagon’s defeat in Afghanistan.


“So many military people — active duty, or recently retired — I’ve met this year in my travels in the US, or who have written to me privately, tell me that they warn folks to stay away from the woke military. Obviously this is anecdotal, but I hear it so often that I believe it reflects a genuine larger trend. If you are conservative, or white, or religious, or some combination thereof, why would you want to put your life on the line to serve an institution whose leadership and whose policies hold you in contempt, or at least consider you to be a culturally backward heathen in need of conversion to wokeness? When my middle son, now 17, was enthusiastic last year about the military, I told him that service is honorable, and that I would support him whatever he decided, but that I did not want him to be in a position in which he had to disobey his conscience or disobey his commanding officer. He got it. He no longer plans on going into the military. …”

Elbridge Colby thinks the United States should defend Taiwan.

There are even people in the foreign policy establishment who think that Gen Z is willing to go to war with Russia over eastern Ukraine.

Note: Joe Biden forced everyone in the military to get the vax and has done everything humanely possible to undermine and polarize the institution by taking stands on divisive cultural issues.

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  1. All the top brass are Irish same as the FBI, and all those Irish henchmen are going to do exactly as their Jew masters command. They do not serve the American public, they serve the Moshiach, the anti-Christ. Hell is too good a place for these betrayers of Christ.

  2. Interesting how those self proclaimed rulers of America®, and super-patriotic, super -Americans, living in the sixteen states that make up Yankeedom, are grossly underrepresented in the armed forces.

    This might be something that Southern Nationalists could exploit.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • The first thing white southerners should do is stop signing up for the Banana legions. Those who join are making themselves eligible for a Darwin award. Morons.

  3. The map and chart show that northern Appalachia (West Virginia and “Pennsyltucky”) is much less pro-war (lower recruitment rates) than southern Appalachia VA, TN, NC, AL) – and we all know that South Carolina, led by rabid warmongers Lindsey Graham and Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley, is the most pro-war of all.

    The RT video comparing Russian versus U.S. recruitment ads is excellent.

  4. The downfall of the american military is a good thing. Soy boy queers and low-iq muds fighting in wars means more losses and humiliation for the jew empire. I will never root for these jew-sucking, terrorist- aiding military apes. To hell with all the patriotardism.

    • Agree. This is a key part of the strategy of passive resistance to the empire. Going over land and sea to fight foreigners on behalf of Jews and their Church of Woke lickspittles is not patriotism – it’s stupid, moronic and evil. Let Captain Shaniqua and Field Marshall Shitavious go over there to personally lead the orc-legions for Uncle Schmuel against Chairman Xi’s non-woke PRA. There will then be many hundreds of thousands of flag-draped caskets filled with orcs and foreign mercenaries as a result – which will hasten the evil empire’s well-earned demise all the faster.

  5. On recruitment map, note the Black Belt counties running from SE North Carolina to southern Alabama.

  6. Russia defeated Napoleon, Hitler and Imperial Japan, so defeating a woke army of pansies, lesbians, trannies, fatties and coloreds could be accomplished easily enough.

  7. I see that the counties in Virginia with the highest Sucker Rates are all in the North/Eastern parts of the state: that of course means mostly niggers & spics. OTOH, the far Whiter Real Virginia (west & south regions) are as free of that as W.Va.

    Good. Starve the anti-White pro-fag (((Pentagon))) of its source of competent White cannon-fodder. OTOH the Deep South White patriotard shitheads epitomized by South Carolina need to wake the fuck up & follow suit, although maybe more of the recruits from there are now nigs & spics, IDK.

    • The combat units in Afghanistan were majority White in their composition. Whites were also overrepresented in casualties unfortunately. Most of the colored troops are in supply, transport and other rear echelon, non-combat roles. They are still serving in combat zones but the danger they are exposed to is more remote than combat units i.e. infantry, armor, artillery, air defense artillery and combat engineers.

      Under the regime of equality no doubt many of these colored troops have been promoted way above where they should be. The Air Force has a huge push for more black female pilots in combat aircraft for example. That is sure to work out well.


      It would be one thing if the U.S. Government were withdrawing from wars, had stopped meddling in other countries’ affairs and generally avoiding conflict while engaging in the self destruction of the military. Instead, in its infinite wisdom the U.S. Government is both meddling continuously in shithole countries around the world, antagonizing serious opponents like China and Russia and destroying the military at the same time.

      This will not work out well. After the first military disaster with China, the Near East or somewhere else there will be a hue and cry for conscription which means conscription of White males to get the military somewhat competent again. The proper response from White people will hopefully be a big middle finger. Let the U.S. Government fight its wars with their tranny brigades of colored people. They can put The Buttplug in charge, he served in the Navy, he has military experience.

      The U.S. Government is inviting military defeat unlike anything seen in this country since 1951 during Korea. A better comparison though is 1942 when the Philippines, Wake and Guam were captured. There were also big naval battle casualties at Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal. This is something the public is not ready for and will come as a shock to the whole world. It will provide excellent evidence that the wages of diversity, inclusion and equality is failure.

      • America’s ruling class has an almost unlimited capacity for delusion. The failure of Afghanistan didn’t even register for them. None even seem to have the ability to analyze the causes of these failures correctly, due to their ideological blind spots. Now they’re out there talking about insane things like nuking Russia to protect Ukrainian democracy or starting world war 3 with China over Taiwan.

  8. “the wages of diversity, inclusion and equality is failure”:

    It is the wages of IN-equality, camouflaged by diversity and token “inclusion.” There is more and more diversity, while what little remains of equality is being taken away.

  9. There is more and more diversity, inclusion and self deception along the lines of ” . . . All Men are created Equal” in the U.S. now, enforced at the point of a gun when necessary, than ever before. There is also more failure in the U.S. than ever before. Just walk through most U.S. cities to see “equality” on parade but don’t walk through at night especially, daytime is bad enough.

    The belief in “equality” is like a belief in phrenology or scientology, a false philosophy when pursued and used as a basis for making important decisions that results in catastrophe. Non-Whites are unqualified for important positions in Government, business, science and military affairs etc. When diversity become F-35 pilots, medical doctors, government minsters etc. they fail because they don’t have what it takes,“The Right Stuff” as Tom Wolfe called it in his book about the enormously successful U.S. Space Program. The minorities are held up by Whites (whom they can do nothing without), not held back by Whites.

    The Diversity, inclusion, Equity program is a program of national failure because all races are not created equal.

    • You obfuscate about equality. The U.S. is extremely UNequal and the inequality is increasing.

      The System imposed on the world causes the flow of refugees into the Imperial “homeland.”

    • Equality has always been a lie. It even appears in the book of Genisis, where the snake told Eve that if she ate the fruit of the sole tree in the Garden God warned both she and her husband to avoid – they would become like (equal) to God, for their eyes would be opened and able to distinguish good from evil. All places where “equality” is the ultimate goal end up like Animal Farm, where Napolean the pig noted that “some are more equal than others”.

      • I am not suggesting that men can be gods or equal to God, and Animal Farm is a terriible, misleading story. It is propaganda.

  10. “You obfuscate about equality. The U.S. is extremely UNequal and the inequality is increasing.”

    How do I obfuscate about equality? All races and all individuals are not equal, that is a fact of nature itself. I accept that as the truth and have always acknowledged it in my comments. I am not “obfuscating” anything, I am telling the truth.

    When you say “equality” I assume you are referring to incomes i.e. money or accumulated wealth.

    The U.S. Government has had numerous programs since FDR to lessen “inequality” by spending more money on coloreds, integrating them in White schools and neighborhoods, innumerable welfare schemes and preference in hiring. This has reduced income inequality in the U.S. through anti-White racial favoritism, destroying White housing wealth and giving employment to unqualified minorities that would have otherwise gone to Whites. This has raised colored incomes relative to Whites by reducing White incomes and subsdising minorities. This has also made the entire country poorer than it would otherwise be and wrecked most cities in the country.

    Here is just one example from before the so-called “Civil Rights” laws were passed in the 1960’s of colored favoritism that failed and wasted money and time. This example could be multiplied a million fold too:


    Ed Dwight was pushed through the astronaut training program because he was black. He was given numerous second and third chances when he failed, things no one else was given. He still failed. Pres. Kennedy was trying to get a black astronaut in the hopes that it would lessen pressure on him regarding the so-called “Civil Rights” movement which he wanted to go away.

    There are three ways to reduce income (wealth) inequality. 1.) subsidize lower income people. 2,) impoverish higher income people 3.) a combination of the above two methods.

    The U.S. Government has chosen option 3, wrecking White areas thus reducing White wealth while transferring wealth to minorities increasing their net wealth. This has reduced the overall wealth of the country and turned once massively productive and wealthy places like Detroit into today’s Detroit we know and love so well. It has also reduced income (i.e. wealth inequality) between colored and White by making Whites poorer and transferring wealth to coloreds through free (to them) housing, food, medical care, clothing etc. increasing their net wealth that Whites pay for.

    There is increasing inequality in wealth in the U.S. but not the type you are referring to. The wealth gap is between the tiny elite connected to the financial and Government side of the economy who profit massively from Government policies including anti-White discrimination policies. The warmongering of the U.S. Government has indeed increased the flow of refugees from which the corrupt “religious” and other NGO groups massively profit, it’s their bread and butter.

    The weapons contractors also feed at the trough enriching themselves beyond measure as well as Wall Street through access to Fed printing, insider trading and rigging financial markets. Whites are injured by these policies because they make saving impossible, make people dependent upon the vile Government for their daily existence and corrupt every institution in the country.

    No doubt you would find the millionth of an inch thick veneer of “equality” these very Government/bidness/university/”religious” people constantly spout appealing while ignoring the mile deep policies of anti-White destruction of the country.

    Apparently your Hasbara style training has taught you to troll by accusing others of doing what you are doing. You really need to up tour game here.

    • @12AX7 – As revealed in your comments above, you are unironically a clear and brilliant thinker. You haved dissected this platitude-laden subject in a way that is no-holds-barred, while not over-the-top, that is worthy of a much larger audience.

    • “There is increasing inequality in wealth in the U.S. but not the type you are referring to”:

      No. It is exactly the type I am referring to. Deflecting the charge of inequality by pointing to differences in average intelligence among racial or ethnic groups, and among individuals in those groups, does not change the reality of inequality: that a privileged class owns the means of production, most of the real property, and finances, that should be the common wealth of a people, and from this position is able to exploit the working masses.

      Re: “There are three ways to reduce income (wealth) inequality. 1.) subsidize lower income people. 2,) impoverish higher income people 3.) a combination of the above two methods”:

      You do not mention the only method to bring real equality, and real liberty and fraternity, to a nation, which is to abolish private property and private profit, including interest.

      Re: “The U.S. Government has had numerous programs since FDR to lessen ‘inequality’ by spending more money on coloreds, integrating them in White schools and neighborhoods, innumerable welfare schemes and preference in hiring. This has reduced income inequality in the U.S. through anti-White racial favoritism”:

      That is populist reformism designed to placate and to divide and control workers. It hasn’t even reduced income inequality, only created an illusion of improvement. New Deal and other populist “deals” are designed to fool exploited people. But you can’t fool all the people all the time.

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