Does Joe Biden Have The Omicron Variant?

He says it is just a cold.

This would mean it is a coronavirus.

I’m just joking around, but you know he doesn’t look so good up there. It is not inconceivable that Biden could be felled by Omicron and Kamala could become president.

Note: Biden looks like the Democrats in the polls.

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  1. He looks really old for a guy of 57.

    (In a recent interview, he said he looked forward to celebrating his 58th birthday.)

  2. Warning: serial use of alleged/allegedly ahead.

    So an alleged SARS-CoV-2 variant was, we are told, only recently discovered, allegedly in Africa — yet already there is allegedly a test for it, one so accurate that it can detect this exact variant, to the exclusion or all other variants, with perfect accuracy, so perfect that the media speaks confidently of COVID cases caused by this alleged new variant.

    You have to be the worst kind of credulous idiot to believe this shit.

    • Re: “already there is allegedly a test for it, one so accurate that it can detect this exact variant, to the exclusion or all other variants”:

      Not a hoax. It really is possible, and being done. Some science deniers (and science-illiterate) also claim it is impossible for men to have landed on the moon. The earth is flat. Science is hoax.

      Here is more true news about the discovery (at UNC) of a “universal” human antibody that protects against all forms of Covid and many other coronaviruses:

      • LOL — sorry, but if you think a new variant could be isolated, its genome determined, the key differences between its genome and the genomes of all the other variants analyzed, and the SW of (relatively expensive and uncommon) PCR instruments of various manufacturers all over the world (the new variant does seem to be popping up anywhere and everywhere, doesn’t it?) updated to detect it in such a short period of time, then you’re the sort of credulous idiot I mentioned previously.

        Just stick to comments about inequality and class division — that seems to be your forte.

        And stop commenting as ‘anonymous’ — pick a moniker (‘Name’, mine is my initials ‘eah’); you’ll be just as anonymous, and perhaps a bit easier to take seriously.

        Fucking retard.

    • First you need to sequence the genome then you can make a unique TAQ-man sequence probe with a fluorophore to look for the target gene sequence in a RT-PCR. I think you are both right. They capable of doing this but are lying too. Coronavirus has been able to be synthesized in a lab for nearly 20 years. Pretty obvious target for a bioweapon but I don’t think it is anywhere near as deadly as Fauci & Co. were hoping for.

  3. Eventually, he’ll haf to step down “for health reasons,” sooner or later. It’s part of the plan. They want a woman in there, cost what it may. Especially one that’s a puppet.

  4. I think the anal probe was a cover. Biden looks worse than Keith Richards. It could also be all the drugs they are pumping him full of are taking their toll.

      • Indeed. I can’t wait for Cackling Kamala to become Mr. President but who will be her VP? She can’t make her husband VP so why not Gap Toothed Stacey Abrams, she is still available, all 400 Lbs. of her. Gap Toothed Stacey wants to run for Governor of Georgia but why not be VP instead?

        If Gap Toothed Stacey is unavailable there is always The Buttplug. The Hag and the Fag, that could be the ticket too.

        When Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President the roof will cave in on this Globo Homo Shopping Mall, it will be Katy bar the door. The colored people will run things into the ground immediately. Bad as things are now they can still get worse.

        The ruling class is petrified of the colored pets they have championed for more than fifty years at the expense of White people and the destruction of the country but it’s too late now. These hypocrites are going to choke on their diversity, fuck ’em. They just need to remember in their nightly prayers to St. Floyd, patron saint of fentanyl that All Men are created Equal . . and Diversity is Our greatest Strength like it says in the Bible.

      • Remember she was Wall Street’s favourite, their top choice for vice (back-up) puppet months before the primary. I predicted or knew she would be on the ticket long before Biden “chose” her. The elites know what they’re doing, don’t make many big mistakes.

      • I bet his minders keep looking at him to make sure he’s wearing clothes instead of his favorite nightgown. Remember Reagan and how the comedians viciously laughed at how he called his wife Mommy? Biden is in this strange state where nonwhites can’t make fun of him at all, but you can see how they’re barely containing themselves, practically weeping in frustration that they can’t make easy “Mommy Jill” jokes.

    • I hope the dirty old bastard coughs all over Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and every other scumbag in Congress, the Supreme Court and the Lügenpresse too. It’s probably dementia and his old syphilis acting up again.

  5. You can imagine what the cooking help in the White House kitchen look like. It’s probably a diversity fair in there.

    • “You can imagine what the cooking help in the White House kitchen look like. It’s probably a diversity fair in there.”

      I was recently in New Castle DE. A beautiful town. I toured a historic mansion that until the 70s was privately owned. They had pictures in the kitchen of black servants bustling around in that same kitchen in 1975 while the white scion, looking like JFK Jr, amiably looked on. Since Joe B is from Delaware, technically a Southern slave state, I’m sure that he brought the best black cooks and kitchen staff from Wilmington with him to the White House.

  6. The Democrats have run the US for a very long time. I’m personally a big fan of President Franklin Roosevelt and believe he was the best President of all time. We’ve had other good Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and others. I’m pretty fair in talking about this subject because I believe that both Democrats and Republicans loved this country for many Years. However that’s most definitely changing now with Democrats openly embracing Black racism against White People, Homosexuals, the demographic replacement of White Americans, hostile against Christians, and so on. As for Republicans….they’ve always been in love with money and because of that are all for the Jewish Supremacists that are still running America into the ground. I think this country was better off when Democrats and Republicans had more Moderate and Populist views. Obviously that’s changed now. What’s pretty sad is the President Joe Biden could be the last White, Christian, and Straight President elected as a Democrat. That’s pretty sad if you ask me because it means Democrats will struggle getting elected in the overwhelming majority of the country and will focus even more on Big Cities full of non Whites and push even harder for Amnesty and Open Borders for all Illegal Immigrants. The country will be worse off because the issues that Democrats are right on will get less and less focus. As for Trump….he’s just crazy and all about himself. Enough said on that subject. We’re all seeing what happens when a White Majority is “Silent” for years and we lose a political party or 2. Regardless…we must go forward and represent White Folks. Deo Vindice !

    • Even if they could close the border right now, there’s enough nonwhites in the US to keep breeding and just finish the job. The US will never be a white majority unless someone comes into power and deports them. The US of yesterday is gone.
      Most of them are having a half dozen kids, while whites struggle to even have one. Nonwhites get everything paid for, and most don’t even work, while both white parents have to work full time.
      Voting is not going to fix this.

    • Many believe FDR was the best U.S. president, but he would not have gone populist if it had not been necessary. The New Deal in the Red Decade was done to save big business (capitalism) not for the sake of the working class.

      The Vice President, Henry Wallace, was better or more sincere than FDR, and was forced to resign because he opposed the Cold War.

      • anonymous,

        FDR was the US president most responsible for our present dystopia. He set in motion jewish hegemony in the West as much or more than even fellow anglo philosemite Churchill.

  7. If and when senile Joe leaves the White House before 2024, POTUS will remain (((Ron Klain))) under a Hareetz administration.

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