General Michael Hayden: My Worry For America

General Michael Hayden is worried about balkanization.

The Cipher Brief:

“OPINION — I was a Brigadier General 30 years ago, assigned in Europe as the head of intelligence.  Most of the time I was looking at the Balkans because there was a war going on. Yugoslavia lasted for 72 years and then it was gone; it fell apart. 

These were bitter rivalries. Many people were killed. There were multiple civil wars. It lasted 10 years; it’s hard to say, but we think 130,000 to 140,000 actually died.  The hardest hit was Bosnia where maybe 100,000 people died, mostly Bosniaks (Muslims).  Sarajevo in Bosnia had hosted the Olympics just a few years before. 

I went to Sarajevo many times. It was a modern city.  It was small and picturesque, on the banks of the Miljacka river.  

The First World War began in Sarajevo.  And in the 1990s, war returned.  Sarajevo was a war zone.  And I was in Bosnia, watching it happen.  What was going on?  Why were they doing this?  …”

I’m actually less concerned about this.

The United States isn’t going to disintegrate along regional lines like this for the simple reason that Joe Biden is down to 30% support with White voters. He is losing over 2/3rds of White voters now which is politically catastrophic. He is also losing support among “Latinx” voters.

The country ISN’T balkanizing.

This is just people like General Michael Hayden losing the country. Voters are so spooked by gas prices and inflation that political gridlock is breaking down.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election with 43% of White voters. He has dropped from 43% to 30% over the course of the past year. “Latinx” for Biden has gone from 59% to 51%.

If this is true, then it is a safe bet that Ohio and Iowa are gone. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are gone. New Hampshire and Minnesota are almost certainly gone. Illinois and Colorado are swing states. Joe Biden is fighting to stay above water in states like New Jersey and Virginia.

Maybe the country doesn’t balkanize because one side just becomes toxic and collapses into a regional party and it is the Democrats? That’s what we are seeing in these polls.

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  1. “General Michael Hayden is worried about balkanization”

    The cities ‘balkanized’ in the 60’s and 70’s, didn’t anyone notice ?

  2. The ex general is about right on the breakup. That is our future. The so called elections you talk about, Hunter, are window dressing. You really, seriously, honestly, realistically, practically, tactically, are not going to vote your way out of this.

    • In the short run, I think that is wishful thinking.

      There are too many people who are spooked and angry about inflation. Regardless of what you think about elections, Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to be blamed for it and are going to be voted out. That’s what is going to happen

      • I don’t think the votes mattered. The ones who own this nation decide. Biden is doing what they want. I think Trump put up some resistance on a few things, and didn’t offer that mid east ally exactly what they wanted.

      • Inflation, soaring urban crime, failing public schools, Negro racial violence, empty supermarket shelves and the never-ending Ching Chong flu scamdemic are all probably going to result in a sweeping Republican victory next year. But so what? The first thing they will do upon taking control is pander to the jews, queers and coloreds at the expense of normal White constituents.

        • Never vote in a rigged system where both parties pretend to be at odds while making deals with each other behind closed doors.

        • Exactly. The headless chickens will of course vote R-jersey and the voting machines will be programmed to permit it this time around. (See, U made a diff, goy!) The theft was blatant in 2020 and many eyes opened to it for the first time – but events like Youngkin winning work to keep the morons believing that voting makes a difference. You can be absolutely certain that CRT will not be leaving public schuls in VA or any other state regardless of who is in office. It might be “re-branded” as something less obvious sounding, but the essentials will remain in place.

          Never forget that the Gay Old Pedobears willing went along with a consent decree which fobade them to challenge vote-fraud in D-jersey strongholds first imposed by a blackrobe in 1983. The only reason the decree no longer applies is that the blackrobe had to renew it every few years and the creature finally croaked and is hopefully roasting in hell for eternity. Elections have been rigged for decades on end.

          So we’ll get a congress full of Youngkins, Ben Sasses and Trumptards who are even bigger liars and fools than Cheetohead himself is. As with the Ginrich congress and the Tea Party congress before, they will not do a damned thing apart from funnel more lucre to their (((masters))) and possibly gin up some additional wars for benefit of same. Vote however you like – either way you get a meat-puppet who dances to the wailing klezmer tunes played by the (((donors))). As the late George Carlin noted in his parting reference to our overlords: It’s a club, and we’re not in it.

      • “Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to be blamed for it and are going to be voted out. That’s what is going to happen”

        And who will take office then? The party of Jeb! and Mitt?

  3. His map is wrong. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are going to become part of Mexico. There’s enough of them here. More than 50% in California speak Spanish, according to the figures, but I bet it’s far higher than that.
    If this general was so worried about balkanization, he’d remove all of the Mexicans and Central Americans from the US and send them home.
    But he isn’t…he’s more worried about whites going and forming a new state. They always love Mexicans. The military is full of them.

    • If/When the US splits up then both California and Texas split as well. Northern California splits from SoCal (and they have most of the water….) and southern Texas goes to Mexico with the fight being over who gets the oil fields and the coastal ports.

    • That isn’t the general’s map. It comes from a book written 10 years ago. American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America by Colin Woodard

    • Generals only worry about balkanization, because if it happens their part of America won’t be able to use the resources of the rest of America, to boss other countries around.

    • I would love to see the formation of a Free American White Republic, especially if it includes Orange County, CA.

      • Spahnranch 1970,

        I know that you want to keep Mexifornia, but it is too far gone.

        Too bad “the big one” doesn’t rip Mexifornia from the continental United States, and become a huge island in the Pacific Ocean.

    • @Pilot, you’re forgetting one thing:- Mexican invaders don’t want to live in Mexico. That’s why they left it to begin with. The minute said states join Mexico, they suddenly become what they left in the first place. Then they’ll attempt to invade what is still the US to get a better life. They love Mexico culturally and racially, but not economically, or enough to want to return to it.

      • I don’t give a damn if they don’t like their countries. It’s morally wrong for the US to take them in, AS IF they are refugees, because they refuse to fight for what they want.

        There’s quite a few old Mexicans coming in, along with the pregnant ones. They come, get right on our Medicare and Social Security, but they’ve never paid into it. You see, our government has made it easy for them to get on it, as if we were keeping them off of it…They pay NOTHING. They get it all free. America’s benefits and standard of living are free to the whole fecking world now.

        It’s not just Mexicans…it’s Central Americans too. OF COURSE THEY DON’T WANT TO LIVE THERE, when they come here, not work a day for the rest of their lives, have as many kids as they want and not worry about supporting them, get free housing and food, and all of the free medical care they want, and free utilities. Why WOULDN’T they come here?

  4. The neoliberal oligarchy in DC is running the country into the ground and post 1965 immigration means the US may not have sufficient unity to stick together if the current regime falters.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Balkanization along ethno-political lines did end up occurring, but the process would only start with a breakdown of the current political machine, it wouldn’t end there.

  5. The “worried” imperial general doesn’t regret his role in the U.S.-NATO invasion, rape and genocide of Serbia (Operation Deny Flight, Operation Deliberate Force, Operation Joint Endeavor, etc.) enormous war crime that still remains unprosecuted and unpunished.

    • @Anonymous,

      None of the kippah wearing criminals on Wall Street were ever prosecuted for their financial crimes involving the so-called “sub-prime loan” mortgage meltdown of 2008. As a matter of fact, jewish bankers were bailed out by US taxpayers to the declassified amount of 700 billion dollars (the largest financial bailout in American history).

      These White hating “too big to fail” jewish banks went on to flip the script from “Occupy Wall Street ” to virulently anti-White corporate wokeism. The snake that bites the hand that feeds it.

      The only jews that went to prison that I can recall are Michael Millikan and Bernie Madoff. Madoff only went to federal prison because his Ponzi scheme defrauded other wealthy jews.

  6. There is no real balkanisation, and Democrats versus Republicans, and liberals versus conservatives, are not real “divisions.” They are all one and the same capitalist party. There is no alternative to the U.sury S.ystem for the U.S. population and most of its satellites. The U.sury S.ystem is strong and secure, and there is no alternative, and no real division.

    • Agree. Besides the fact that the Federal government is not going to allow any state to just pick up and leave. People act like any state can just opt out anytime they want. The government looks at each state as more money. They are having trouble even now, supporting the millions they let cross the border. They aren’t here to work.

  7. OT (but related to ‘My Worry For America’)

    This woman has 48k followers:

    Twitter/Julia Angwin

    Critics have long suspected that predictive policing software was racially biased. … Today, we have the answer: @themarkup & @gizmodo analyzed 5.9 million algorithmic crime predictions. We found they disproportionately target Black & Latino areas.

    Similar to climate (see Greta Thunberg), any society that tolerates stupid, shallow, emotion-driven women like this, or worse grants them power and influence, is fucking doomed.

  8. The jewish elites who control both parties don’t really want secession to happen, because that would break up this satanic empire and the jews would lose bigly, so they will find ways to keep the masses pacified. The elites aren’t upset that youngkin won. They can rig the 2024 election in favor of trump. Like another poster said, it’s all window dressing. The jews on the right want to keep the civic nationalism alive, the foreign wars, etc. It’s all fake. This country is becoming like Brazil.

  9. How could inviting every ethnic, racial, and religious group into our country have lead us to this situation? How?!

  10. It would be nearly impossible to find anyone more “Deep State” than Michael Hayden. He was director of the NSA, director of the CIA, and co-director of the National Intelligence Agency. He was the top spook in charge of listening to your phone calls with the passing of the Patriot Act.

    Now he is a member of the (((Chertoff Group))) whose founder is the co-author of The Patriot Act (((Michael Chertoff))), whose grandfather and father were both rabbis and Talmud scholars.

    The company you keep says a lot about a person.

  11. I’ll be the one to say it, because it might very well be where the United States is heading: The future of American politics is a multiracial Right Wing coalition that secures the future short term but withers and dies into a third world country long term due to the IQ issue. I say bring it on. The Boomers figured one thing out: Shit don’t matter in the far out future when all of us are dead anyway.

    Florida has flipped from a purple state to a red state because the Hispanics there are conservative. Texas will stay red for years to come for the same reason. Arizona and Georgia, if they become purple states, will only go that way because White Liberals moved in, NOT because of growing diversity. I’m still waiting to see what happens in Minnesota because that state hasn’t voted for a Republican since Nixons landslide in 1972, but if Biden and the Democrats have indeed alienated Independents and the White Working Class so much that Minnesota goes red, then yeah, 2024 will be a landslide victory for whoever the GOP candidate is.

    I’ve seen the RadFems on Twitter harp on this, and I’ve seen Richard Spencer despair over it: The GOP is being changed by its new radical vanguard that didn’t exist before 2016 but exists now. The Dissident Right is that vanguard. All the commenters here complaining about “grifters” and “co-opting” and all sorts of other Black Pilled shit are just lefty Democrat voters who happen to be Racist. They don’t oppose the GOP or the Right because it insufficiently opposes the Left, they oppose the GOP and the Right because they are Left Wingers themselves. They actually think “anti-vax conspiracy theories” and “Climate Change” are legitimate concepts. Just like every other basic bitch anti-white, lunatic leftist.

    The Democrat Party is the Party of College Educated Whites and professional non-whites such as Ibram X. Kandi. It is not the party of the average American. Once the old GOP political class dies off, Corporate America will pool all its money to the Democrats, and there will be yet another struggle like there was in the 1890s between Elite interests and Populist interests. And the Populists will win, because at the end of the day, none of these corporations are armed. None of them have paramilitaries. The only way they can change things or control things is psychological bullying, which works up to a point until people snap, then it stops working. Klaus Schwab is ultimately just as powerless as Joe Six Pack, metaphorically speaking.

    If and when Republicans become “America’s Party” in the same way Ron DeSantis has become America’s Governor, the Democrats will be reduced to screaming Cassandras. The College Educated Whites and their seething non-white allies will become the minority. Spencer’s prophecy from December 2019 will not come to fruition. (He wrote an article predicting SWPLs would determine the outcome of American politics in the 2020s. Its pretty clear from where we stand in December 2021 that the SWPLs have alienated everyone and are being politically marginalized)

  12. “Maybe the country doesn’t balkanize because one side just becomes toxic and collapses into a regional party and it is the Democrats? That’s what we are seeing in these polls.”

    But the Republicans aren’t going to do anything viable, either. If the Republicans were viable, we’d still have 1980s demographics and the Democrats would have long ago slit their own wrists. There is no way to make America work at this point. It’s gone, and I have no idea what comes next.

      • @Pilot,

        Germany didn’t want war in Europe or anywhere else. The only conflict that was perhaps inevitable was between NS Deutschland and the Soviet Union.

        England and France started WWII in Europe. Most people believe the (((all-lies))) jewish propaganda that Germany began hostilities.

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