CNN: White Power On Trial (Heimbach and Parrott)

This wasn’t as damaging.

I still can’t find a link to the whole episode though.

While I never would have consented to giving this interview to Elle Reeve in a million years, I would have responded by pointing out that there was no evidence that James Fields, Jr. was ever in the Unite the Right Discord server or that he ever saw Tyrone’s shit posting in the chat. Therefore, the idea that James Fields, Jr. crashed his car into that crowd because he saw and was influenced by Tyrone’s posts is a false and debunked conspiracy theory. We can definitively say that no one who saw those posts crashed their car into anyone in Charlottesville and everyone who did left town when ordered to do so.

No one knew who James Fields, Jr. was or had ever heard of him until after the car crash. In fact, no one knew for years what happened until more information came out about him at his trial. It is unfortunate the car crash happened, but this was hours after the Unite the Right rally was cancelled and occurred after we had dispersed and left town. The Charlottesville Police Department is responsible for maintaining law and order in their own jurisdiction and allowed Antifa to parade through town for hours into McAuliffe’s “State of Emergency” without a permit. Heather Heyer showed up during the “State of Emergency” and would still be alive today if the Charlottesville Police Department had dispersed Antifa.

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  1. A jewish defense lawyer who slouches in chairs and wears a Rocky and Bullwinkle t shirt for an interview with his client present? OK…..

    • After being shunned post-Trailergate, he joined up with some deradicalization group, but his heart was never in it and he never really believed it. He is doing something called National Bolshevik radio now on Odysee.

      • He sounds like a real hypocrite than. You don’t switch ideologies if you truly believe in one, whether shunned or not. I never trusted him anyway.

          • “not interested in anything Heimbach has to say.”

            Nor I. He and Parrott were baptized and christmated Orthodox Christians. He has not only sinned greatly (adultery with another man’s wife) but in identifying with bolshevism (even in name) he has trampled on the blood and bodies of the Russian Czar-Saint Nicholas and his family, who were murdered by the Jewish Bolshies. He is now little better than a Simon Magus, in that he used his supposed Christian faith as a tool for money gathering. Anathema sit. May God judge him.

    • He publicly disavowed National Socialism, Neo-Confederates, and called racism “gross.” He then admitted to being a communist “well if the red star fits…”

      Bottom line, he is not trustworthy in the slightest. Committing adultery with your best friend (and chairman’s) wife, screwing over both families, and making everyone in TWP look like trailer trash is unacceptable. Fuck Heimbach. Dude needs to get the fuck away from the spotlight and try to make some money for his kids. His ego is WAY out of control. Vain prick.

  2. If you find yourself in the position of having to rest your case on such hairsplitting as the above article engages in, you know you lost. Who care is if James Fields Jr. was in the discord. Literally nobody, and thats the point. Quit trying to salvage this. Its unsalvageable. It serves more utility to make sure this travesty, of which you (HW) were only tangentially involved in, is hung around the necks of the real dipshits of the Altright, with no ambiguity about what we lost because of this retard strength self aggrandizement.

    We lost a tremendous amount of reach, and influence because people with autism were taken seriously by people who didn’t know better, were naïve, or had the specific intention of derailing the thing by encouraging the worst and stupidest elements, while brigading against anybody who spoke reason to madness.

    This is how our beer hall putsch turned into a late night march with anti mosquito torches through a college town populated with people terrified of us, who it was decided needed to be told that “Jews would not replace us”. Because they honestly thought that was the correct message for that audience, at that time.

    I for one, have no reservation about mercilessly ridiculing CVille for what it was, an abysmal strategic failure, and egregious tactical blunder.

    • If you’ll pardon my off-the-cuff psychoanalysis, your problem is, you’re too easily cowed by power-structures. This was built into you by your government education, so I don’t blame you too much for it.

      If you were thinking like a free man, you’d realize that however quirky its organizers (or participants), the Charlottesville rally was simply the right thing to do for the Alt. Right. Any decent white person should have shown up to protest the removal of the statue. Period. Any wrongs were not the fault of the rally organizers. Period.

      Your sneers and ridicules are those of a coward in hindsight.

      • Charlottesville and the James Fields trial opened the eyes of many fence sitters to a lot of issues. The heavy hand of der Staat in blatantly suppressing Constitutional rights, the show trial for political offenses and Government using mob action for political ends. It also showed how useless Republicans and “conservatives” are as they formed up in a mile long line to condemn the UTR protesters who had a permit granted by a Federal judge to exercise their Constitutional rights to Free Speech.

        This is the silver lining to the fiasco. Many normies were appalled at the mob action on the part of the State which BTW was used as a template for the rioting in the Summer of 2020. The UTR also provided instruction as to how to properly protest i.e. no Lügenpresse interviews, no advance notice, avoiding lunatics in the ranks, no confrontations with Antifa etc. In 2020 it was people like the My Pillow Guy, Fox TV, and various loose cannons and grifters who got the limelight by fighting with Antifa in Washington DC and a few other places. Most of the Right knew better and just let it rip; let the State’s insane pets burn the bitch down, it’s not our concern.

        Send Rand Paul out to show Antifa the blessings of Liberty while the My Pillow Guy gives another %10 discount to Antifa. The “conservatives” can make the “conservative” case for burning the bitch down while that smug prick David French buys another colored pet for his wife. When the viciously anti-White U.S. Government gets its tit caught in a wringer in Taiwan or Ukraine they can send in the Tranny Brigades, they wouldn’t want racists anyway.

    • “We lost a tremendous amount of reach, and influence because people with autism were taken seriously by people who didn’t know better, were naïve, or had the specific intention of derailing the thing by encouraging the worst and stupidest elements, while brigading against anybody who spoke reason to madness.”

      True as that may be, I don’t think you should dwell on that now. These guys were mostly young. There had been alot of talk about getting off the internet and doing things in real life. They actually did have a permit and thus a legal right to assemble.

      Since lessons were learned, and it has been proven that the establishment hates white political organization, I think you should let the past be water under the bridge and try to part of the solution going forward.

  3. HW,

    Honestly, I doubt Heather Heyer would still be alive today. With her myriad of comorbidites, she would have been a prime candidate to die with Covid-19 being a factor, but not the predominant reason for her death.

    Heyer was also likely to have to “pay the toll” with her life like 1000s of other women of all races do every year for their entanglements with North American Urban Pavement Apes.

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