Patriot Front Bewilders The Patriot Movement

There has been a lot of confusion about the Patriot Front rally in DC.

The major source of the confusion is that the look and actions of Patriot Front are simply unintelligible to folks in the Patriot movement. “They must be feds” because they come across as so different. This misunderstanding is largely due to a lack of communication and an assessment of the Patriot movement by Patriot Front. The two come out of different “far right” traditions.

  • Patriot Front holds unannounced flash rallies to avoid violent collisions with Antifa, to exclude “journalists,” to exclude unvetted people who show up at public events with their own agenda, to avoid set ups by corrupt local governments, to avoid lawfare, and so on.
  • Patriot Front holds these tightly controlled, highly vetted demonstrations because the group wants to control their message and public image to attract likeminded people.
  • Patriot Front doesn’t LARP around in public with guns because the point isn’t to show off their weapons. This isn’t central to their ideology.
  • Patriot Front doesn’t have fat people at their demonstrations because the group is focused on healthy living, sobriety and physical fitness.
  • Patriot Front wasn’t at the Capitol Siege like the Proud Boys or Oathkeepers because the group had no interest in being associated with or used and discarded by Donald Trump.
  • Patriot Front doesn’t have lots of mouthy, middle aged White women with tattoos at their demonstrations because no one is sleeping around with them.
  • Patriot Front doesn’t have fat Boomers parading around with Israeli flags at their demonstrations because those people are cringe.
  • Patriot Front doesn’t have legions of based blacks, flamboyant homosexuals or drag queens at their events because the group isn’t insecure. They aren’t trying to prove that “Dems R Real Racists” or the real homophobes. They aren’t trying to conserve liberalism. Confident White men don’t need to use minorities as tokens to speak for them or to have their women at their events.
  • Patriot Front isn’t a company that is selling merch on Facebook Live.

I’m not a member of the group.

I’ve encountered them before at previous events though. I understand what they are doing and trying to accomplish. I also have some passing familiarity with the Patriot movement from my days as an activist. These are very different scenes which appeal to different people.

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  1. There is no group of people on earth more retarded and cucked than the American “right wing.” These contards are the true barrier to any White progress.

  2. Some White men went for a walk in Washington DC, and everyone loses their minds…

    “There aught to be a law against that sort of thing!”

  3. The fundamental issue is this:

    Post-1965 nonwhite Legal Immigrant Policy….more fundamental than illegal immigration..

  4. I cannot criticize any pro-White group that is sincere in its beliefs and engages in IRL activism. Maybe RamZPaul and Styx666 will take Patriot Front to task for “bad optics” or “LARPing as Nazis”. But what do they recommend we should be doing instead? Besides “smashing” that like and subscribe button or making “superchat” donations.

    • I see two irrelevant groups with limited mass appeal and no hope of changing things. This is a fight the Moobment should have stayed out of. All its going to do is provide more justification for why Pro-White politics is ghettoized in the first place. Besides, the Patriot Movement itself is like a sliver of the whole MAGA scene. I seem to remember them being around in the Tea Party days, when Donald Trump was still a conventional Democrat.

      I think the Moobment should make up its mind about what type of White person it wants to attract. Right Wing Normies are the natural base of White Nationalism. If they are dismissed as a lost cause because they didn’t condemn Lady MAGA or because they are still queazy about the JQ and the BQ (biology question, as it applies to racial differences), then there’s always Mark Brahmin’s strategy of courting College Educated Whites with smart sounding arguments and platitudes. So cultured. So intelligent.

      Right Wing Normies will eventually have to choose between their colorblind delusions and reality, whereas Leftists and RadLibs – I’m using the later term from now on – have already made their choice. They know race isn’t real, that it’s a “social construct.” They know Jewish power is an “anti-semitic candard.” They know the races are 99.9% genetically similar. They know Blacks, Gays, and Trannies are oppressed. And on and on and on.

      A trend I’ve seen on Twitter lately is “Racist” Leftists resort to the exact same basic bitch Radlib talking points when it comes to U.S. politics. One I saw today was, “we know the GOP doesn’t support paid maternity leave.” This from a self-professed White Identitarian. Its like these people have figured out that a clever way to make their ridiculous policy agenda more palpable is to appeal to the demographic and family concerns of genuine White Nationalists. Spencer retweeted the same shit: “The Chad Leftist Pro-Family policy vs. the Virgin Right Pro-Family Policy.”

      Sorry guys, but no matter how much you might hate the MAGApedes and their Based Negroes, they’re never going to be as awful and treacherous as RadLibs. There’s no version of reality where Artists and AWFL’s – Racist or otherwise – make for better WN recruits then football watching, beer drinking MAGA dads. Doesn’t matter how “dumb” or unsophisticated they are. The people calling Patriot Front “feds” are the only people who White Nationalism genuinely appeals to. And eventually, those people are gonna figure out that Oathkeepers and the militia scene don’t give a damn about the never-ending attacks on Whites.

  5. In my hyperactive imagination I see armies of fit and determined young White men in paramilitary uniforms marching into Washington in the fall of 2022, ready to take control of the Government like Mussolini’s Blackshirts did in Rome exactly 100 years earlier.

  6. Reading comments below your Twitter links. Mainstream politicos and twits really just lie to each other. I’d guess around 10% of this PF group are informers and opportunistic agents of one sort or another. Some may be infiltrating from Republican organisations and ANTIFA some may be journalists or police state. Hitler started off an a German army spy checking out the NSDAP. The rest are radical young men who might other wise have just joined the army or police themselves in another age. They are not Republicans they are probably not Democrats but are instead young men who have no political allegiance inside the Superstructure of a multiracial multicultural Democracy. It’s odd to read these fools disavow and condemn these marchers and then turn around to try to score points missing “the point” entirely. If enough of these guys reject the current system it collapses. Simple as.

  7. We are living in very very strange times.

    A right wing patriot group must be feds because over 95% of them are in good physical shape.

    Of course, Jack Posobiec’s Jewish ally Ron Coleman is in the comment thread intentionally trying to misdirect Whites. Coleman knows that Patriot Front aren’t feds but is pushing misinformation to steer MAGA Whites far away.

    Jewish Will Chamberlain also knows they’re not feds but is doing exactly the same.

    We have a group of younger White males who have rejected drugs and degeneracy and instead chosen physical fitness, brotherhood, activism, and a higher consciousness.

    We can’t have any of that though because the Dems are the Real Racists and Anti-Semites.

    We must take back Congress in ’22, reelect Blormpf in ’24, defeat Socialism and invade Iran for Israel.

    • >A right wing patriot group must be feds because over 95% of them are in good physical shape.
      It’s quite telling for the once blue lives matter supporting boomerwaffen to have suffered such a loss of confidence in the FBIjoggers, that they now think public protest are gay ops meant to cause violence and bad press for the real patriots.

  8. The funny thing is that the “patriot movement” itself was literally started by feds and astroturfed through organizations like the John Birch Society as a part of cold war strategy. And many of the leaders of the oafkeepers and proud boys etc. have admitted to being federal informants.

    Patriot Front seems different from the patriot movement because they aren’t astroturfed or feds. The reason they can pull off successful events like this without it turning into street brawls is because they aren’t packed with feds leaking all of their info and plans out to antifa groups.

  9. Anytime a pro White organization can beat Antifa at their own game by just showing up without letting anyone know is a good thing. Never let your enemies know your plans.

  10. I like the masks too. Not just for the security purposes, but for the subtext. It says “the message matters more than the personalities.”

    The mask defeats the ego-driven narcissists and the grifters looking to make names and develop their personal brands.

  11. They seem ok. But all of Trump’s shills are yelling feds. They don’t look like feds to me. That march was based.

  12. Imagine of the Alt Right / LoS had a lick of common sense, they would have done just what Patriot Front did, but 4 years ago.

    It’s a question of leadership, which itself is a question of the integrity of the followers not to follow stupid leaders.

    • Everyone has been doing flash rallies since 2018.

      The League held several flash rallies in Tennessee. You’re forgetting that the major difference is that Patriot Front is a bunch of guys in their 20s and 30s. Some of them were teenagers at Charlottesville. Not only has everyone else been focused on the Sines vs. Kessler lawsuit for years, those of us who were activists are older now. Lots of people have gotten married and have kids now. I barely have the time these days to update this website and approve comments. I don’t have the time to do activism anymore.

    • @ ” They would have done just what patriot front did, but 4 years ago”, yep I agree, should have been southern white people, marching, carrying Confederate flags by the thousands, our people marching and singing, surrounded safely by southern fighting men, southern pride, southern strength, southern love on martial display for the world too see, No shame, no fear………………God made this world and he made us and put us here in it, we have just as much right too live as anybody else………….with no shame or fear…….

  13. They are on the right path. I would advise them to require polygraph test of all prospective members and do background checks. Practically nobody in the Racialist Right does that!

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