CNN: White Power on Trial

I cringed.

The most charitable way to read this is that Spencer is obviously talking about Jason Kessler and Nick Fuentes. It is true that Spencer had rivals in 2017. In retrospect, it is also true that this clash of egos within the movement explains why the Unite the Right rally was held in the first place and why it was such a disorganized mess, but no one who watches this is going to see it that way.

For those who are unfamiliar with the backstory, there had been a previous flash rally in Charlottesville in May 2017 which had gone about as smoothly as a large rally in the People’s Republic of Cville could possibly have gone. There was no real reason to go back there except that it was Jason Kessler’s hometown. Kessler came up with the Unite the Right rally and Spencer signed on to be a speaker because it was swelling into such a large event. The two despised each other in private and fought behind the scenes over who would get credit for the event. The feud has gone on for five years and dominated the trial.

It is even worse than that though. The Spencer college tour was modeled on the MILO college tour. Richard Spencer complains that Jason Kessler and Nick Fuentes wanted to be Spencer, but the truth is that Spencer was trying to replace MILO. It was also MILO who leaked that “I rule the f***ing world” tape. You could say that the entire movement was brought down by ecelebs with huge egos fighting with each other.

Raw Story:

Why do you want to play the role of a narcissistic Bond villain on CNN?

NO ONE IS WATCHING YOU. You’re not going to persuade anyone of anything. The only people who are watching are radicalized Boomer cat ladies with post-grad degrees who are partisan Democrats.

Anyway, this interview with its overwhelming focus on “me” and wanting to become famous explains a lot. I don’t think the audience was ever focused on Richard Spencer, but rather the set of issues and interests that Spencer was talking about. In Charlottesville, it happened to be civil liberties and Confederate monuments and the larger issue of the plight of Whites in 21st century America.

Note: In 2017, Richard Spencer saddled up with Jason Jorjani, who had an even more ludicrous fantasy of harnessing the Alt-Right as his base in American politics and the Trump administration launching an invasion of Iran which would restore the pre-Islamic Persian Empire.

UPDATE: The account that is hosting these unlisted YouTube videos on Raw Story is literally called “Dem Donor.”

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    • Addendum:

      Anyone who is making the pretense to being a public spokesman and uses f**k in public or addressing multiple ppl is too crude and too simplistic to be taken seriously.

      • It’s a shame Lady Spencer doesn’t possess the character or temperament needed to be a Great Leader. He’s just another spoiled, narcissistic dilettante “to the manor born”.

      • Meh. It depends on what audience you’re speaking in front of. For example, a crowd of hard scrabble working class men wouldn’t blink twice at most profanity, but when women and children are present, the speaker should exercise restraint at using cuss words.

        Personally, I am not a fan of the stilted speech and word enunciation of Jared Taylor. It’s way too haughty and elitist for my taste.

  1. This is what coke does kids. In small amounts I don’t doubt it can be therapeutic but in large amounts it turns people into raving assholes.

  2. Spencer is a narcissist who never cared about White people. He just wants to be a media bad boy, and keep the niggers out of his yacht club. He can fade into irrelevancy (and insolvency) now.

  3. Spencer, Heimbach, Kessler, Enoch, Anglin, et al are comically flawed characters but for a brief period of time they did shake up the judeo political-media establishment. Think of them as the forerunners of something much greater to come.

    PS: I do agree with Spencer’s assessment of Assholemador. But why consent to doing another “gotcha” interview with that praying mantis faced Elle Reeve?

      • “The whole premise of the rally was flawed”

        Hey, the intentions were noble, the effort was serious , it was IRL activism.

        How were they to know the foes were so deviously cunning and would corrupt the law ?

        • …….the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        • Really?

          Jews and their gentile ‘water carriers’ never let little things like laws (international and domestic) or constitutional rights get in the way of their pernicious objectives.

      • WHITES don’t realise how much power, both financially and organizationally, is arrayed against us, it is gigantic.

        • We do. They are trying to take our jobs away by forcing businesses to fire their unvaxxed employees. They will take away government work, contracts, and vendors. So they don’t even need a “mandate”, they just threaten the companies, which is almost everyone out there.
          Pushing people out of jobs will leave a lot of openings for unqualified nonwhites (diversity hires = another form of welfare).

          • Then of course they’ll want us to fight for them in the Ukraine or Taiwan. Unfortunately, I see too many Whites going along with it.

    • Meth will turn you into a raving asshole even quicker than coke. I think I can count the number of recovered meth addicts I’m aware of on one hand and these are generally forced sobriety from a prison term.

    • @Spahnranch 1970,

      I wouldn’t necessarily put Peinovich (Enoch) in the same category as the rest of those jagoffs. His little group did a very good job of getting the truth out co concerning the jewish and blm inspired act of terrorism in Waukesha Wisconsin.

      Europeans had the leader that would lead them out of darkness of international jewish financial and political power and gentile malfeasance, but the usual suspects chose to destroy their liberator. How can we expect another “Man against time,” when the last one was betrayed from all sides?

      I’ll tell you what though; if or when that next revolutionary leader does appear, we better be willing to risk life, limb, and fortune to protect him from all the slings and arrows that will assuredly come. Everyone will have to have ‘skin’ in the game.

      • We have so much “extra baggage” due to decades of rampant, Anti-White propaganda and programing.. This is what needs to be changed.

          • @KT8: Based but until hwite guys can figure out the clone thing (hopefully never), white women, however programmed against their own kind they are, need a place.

            Also (and no sarc either), at least 2 & even 3 generations of white girls (now mothers & even grandmothers), have been brainwashed by the ones who want to destroy western civilization.

            Tattoo removal will at some point too will become fashionable – hopefully VERY soon after face masks as fashion accessories go the way of bell-bottoms.

  4. I remember how Jason Jorjani backed down like a whipped dog when the jews accused him of antisemitism. Disgraceful.

  5. “The only people who are watching are radicalized Boomer cat ladies with post-grad degrees who are partisan Democrats ”

    That the hate experts focus on Spencer and the Spectacles is not bad, given that they decide how we are best suppressed. As we can see today, shutting down Spencer and the Spectacles did not work at shutting down pro-white narratives growing mainstream, and it will not help them that they continue to do it.

    Humans instinctively dislike cheaters, so the more the more whites see anti-white cheat, the more pro-white they become. Hitler noted that suppression needed to be short and brutal, because if it lasted over time, then it would be the persecuted that would get sympathy. Globohomo even breaks this rule, as it’s lasted 5 years now, and they added all the anti-vaxers to the voiceless pariahs.

    As for Spencer, I never really read his blog, but I must admit that it was fun during the meme wars, and if not for Spencer it would have been somebody else less deserving that got his life destroyed. That the response from the regime has been to destroy the lives of the likes of Spencer, is big sign of weakness, since it forces the regime to show it’s ugly anti-white face, and that at the same time as they need the support of white people in the new cold war against China.

  6. Spencer is one of the sad cases in the movement. Of all members, he had among the best wealth resources, and yet never was able to put his ego in a box long enough to make anything work out for the long turn. If he had been less public, invested his money in projects wisely, and become a funder of smaller projects, who knows what could have been created and done. Everybody who’s a leader in the movement Could never get past their own selves to do anything that lasted. You, Brad, did it right. You stayed on building your website, becoming something of a respected historian of dissident history. Always something interesting here. Spencer, not so much. He never grew up.

    • Spencer never got his hands dirty, so he has no appeal to ordinary people. Lives in a 1930s fantasy world. I remember seeing part of a “debate” he did with Charles Barkley and some other B-ball black dude. Say what you like but dem niggaz worked dey AYUSS off to get where dey beez at. Along comes Spencer looking like a slapped testicle, bleating about “nature not being equal”. What a fag.

    • It is a tragedy Spencer wasn’t born middle class. He has the looks, intelligence, and temperament to be a world-historical leader, but never learned humility, how to cooperate with unlikable people or those from different backgrounds, or how to order his passions. He never will. Like the Buchanans (old money WASPs) from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, even his voice sounds “like money.”

      “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

      • Spencer clearly has no empathy with the common man. How can he relate to White oil workers in Texas? He can’t – he feels superior to those kinds of people, and it shows.

        • In the alternate timeline, Richard Spencer is a Theodor Herzl for European peoples.

          In this timeline, Spencer is a less dysgenic version of Matt Forney. Just a big ball of spite.

      • @Some Dude,

        Spencer isn’t qualified to fill Blondi’s water bowl.

        If you want to study a world class leader, look no further than Uncle Adolf. He treated both princes and paupers equally. He was a true man of the people.

        • @November

          Eastern Europeans had a negative experience with Uncle A. I respectfully decline to shit up Brad’s comments section by arguing this further.

  7. A CNN producer calls and Spencer doesn’t immediately hang up? He is either stupid, desperate or both.

    I vote for both. He is stupid in the sense of having fatally flawed judgement, he is not to be trusted.

    Hunter, I don’t recall you being interviewed by CNN or anyone else from the Lügenpresse, that will be the day.

      • Reeve’s interview with Heimbach & Parrott was conducted with everyone curled up facing each other on couches – very weird, & not worth watching. Heimbach is the most zombie-like person I’ve ever encountered (at TPC events & Shelbyville), but I expected more from Parrott.

        Respect for not talking.

        • @WS: Agreed re Parrott – unfortunate decision his sitting down for this interview; (or more accurately, curling up on a couch for this anti-white dog & pony show. Not a good look in more ways than one.)

          I trust HW wasn’t that pose while sitting down to his recent guest shot on Poli Cesspool – much much better stuff that to this. Bravo Edwards, HW, White Rabbit, & NWG.

          But just the same, HW’s endorsement France’s “based” Jewish Algerian a head scratcher. But hey what do I know, just a dumb goy me.

      • @John L. – Greg Johnson is a brilliant, first-rate thinker who gets it ‘right’ about instilling moral courage into the White Nationalist narrative. He is a tireless, dedicated and talented asset to the survival of White people.

    • I’m sorry that Spencer doesn’t give you that twink energy that Fuentes does, grindr greg. But I guess the white race will just have to cope with that.

    • Greg,
      I agree Spencer has no idea how mediocre he is. But he seemed to be very consciously wallowing in his own vileness during this creepy interview with a reporter who is rather creepy, herself. I have to admit you were right about Spencer all along. I had to learn the hard way.

      • The irony here is, Spencer once accused *Greg* of being the WN leader who wanted everyone else to bend the knee. Boy, did that ever turn out to be a major case of projecting. Greg was never a gloryhound like Spencer. Major W for Counter Currents.

        Next on the chopping block should be Jerome Schmitt. I want that insufferable faggot banned from the internet. Even more so then Mark Brahmin, who has been reduced to a blackpilled crank. RadLibs and their garbage tastes don’t belong in White Nationalism.

    • I agree, we need more guys like HW, Dr. Hill and James Edwards of Political Cesspool fame. Drama queens, closet homos and former mental patients need not apply.

    • And defended Trump’s pussy grabbing comments as acceptable behavior for Alpha Males towards the Married with children White Working Class Secretaries….Go read his comments at the old radix journal…

      Pat Buchannan’s were boring policy wonkery…….

  8. Jared Taylor blew it with his IQ psychometric jibber-jabber at a time when Native Born White Males were being race-replaced with Asians in the Tech labor markets….2000 was the crucial year that this issue should have been the laser beam American Renaissance and Jared Taylor…..Instead Jaylor went on radio-tv shows saying:”According to IQ test score psychometrics…Asians on average are more intelligent than Huwhite Americans…and therefore I am not…a racist..”

    I have never forgiven Jared Taylor for this…

    • Asians use everything we invented. They are smart, but not as smart as Whites. Their ideas of success are exactly what the Western world creates.
      Taylor also says Jews are smarter than Whites. He’s also said that Jews play an important role in American Renaissance. Taylor claims, “they look white to me!”, yet, he claims to be this big “racial realist”. If Jews were white, they wouldn’t get to scream about antisemitism.
      His site says Asians and Jews get to inherit the earth. So I avoid that site. They just go round and round about black crime and Muslims. Sort of like Fox News…”conservatives”…

    • Lord Jared is one of those “respectable” conservative racists that Tom Metzger, Dr. Oliver and Cmdr Rockwell couldn’t stand. Nor can I.

      • I wish the “respectable” conservatives were replaced with “disrespectful” conservatives instead of the kind of punks and weirdos Metzger and Rockwell recruited. Revilo Oliver was a top-tier critic, I’ll say that. His commentary on Jews and Christianity helped radicalize me.

        But anyway, its sad for me as a Right Winger to see the baby get tossed out with the bathwater. Being “respectable” is the dreadful legacy of William F. Buckley and David French. The Right + Balls + Racism is the correct recipe. The Alt Right was sort of heading this way in 2015 and 16, then the deplatforming happened.

        • @Double Penetration 84,

          Lame right wing nuts shouldn’t throw stones when they live in a glass bathhouse in the Castro district of SanFagSicko.

          Blaspheming Rockwell and Metzger is something that a member of the GOP (gay old pedopiles) would do at an AIPAC convention.

          • I don’t live in San Francisco. Wish I did though. The Presidio is beautiful, Union Square is fun, and I highly recommend the Top of the Mark restaurant. Take away the homeless people and give it a deep cleaning every three months and its a great city.

            As for Metzger and Rockwell, both were good thinkers, especially the Commander. But I stand by my count that they both recruited trash people. White Nationalism, as an ideology that defends the White Race, should be composed of normal Whites, and should attract normal Whites.

            I know from your comments on here that you’re basically a Nazbol. Maybe Heimbach has room for you on his podcast.

          • Not a NazBol. Aleksander Duggan is not anyone I admire, and I am not they type to play nice with anything that reeks of bolshevism.

            My preference would be for a National Socialist secular ethnostate. Economically, neither communism nor capitalism will suffice. Ideally, something where labor understands it needs capital, and capital acknowledges and respects that it needs labor. Wealth would be capped, and a living wage that would allow a man to support a wife and 2-3 children on a single income.

            Btw, I began elementary school in what is now called “Silicon Valley,” so I am fairly familiar with SF. I enjoyed the climate a lot. Maybe a bit too much rain.

    • There was nothing Taylor, Spencer or Heimbach, Anglin etc could realistically do to influence much until /pol/ becoming pro-white brought in the audience , but they all tried their thing, so when the interest exploded they thought they had found the correct strategy. I don’t really fault anybody for thinking that their strategy was the best either, as it looked to be so FTPOV, and they all did it. That a group where all though they were correct, all started to fight over the correct strategy once the resistance from the regime started, was thus unavoidable.
      I never wanted a new political orthodoxy connected to the pro-white movement, but most of the namefags wanted that, so the circular firing squad among the ideologues was in many ways a blessing FMPOV.

  9. Some history:

    When I started reading Majority Rights it was right after my family buried my quadraplegic brother. I know for a fact that I had serious debating encounters with both Brad and Richard Spencer on majority rights…

    Brad will remember Fred Scrooby or is it Scooby…Fred memed into existence two memes:‘the Great Replacement-race-replacement immigration policy….and WHITE GENOCIDE…I have no idea whatever happened to Fred Scrooby…an anonymous commenter who very well may have passed away…God Bless his Soul…Fred did by many orders of magnitude more for the White Working Class than Richard Spencer with his incessant internet meming of these two phrases which have are now broadcasted on mega-media platforms-by our enemy…it’s called free publicity…

    • It was old Bob Whitaker that developed the white genocide memeplex, and it was the anons at /pol/ that popularized and updated it by calling the white anti-whites for cucks. The seeds to the meme war that made the Alt-right famous, was also done by anons.

  10. Spencer’s not ideal. But compared to conservative filth and Jew c**ksuckers like Kessler, Fuentes, and Anglin, he’s a giant.

  11. The “I rule the world” tape was leaked by the anti-White Papist critical race theorist Dave Reilly. He leaked it because he’s a Papist snake. He gave it to MILO as an intermediary because Papists are generally worthless cowards.

  12. We need Whites with backbones, doesn’t apologize and melt when the jew media calls you names. Also stay away from the media, they’re not your friends and will twist every word. Spencer wanted to give interviews and be known. He thought he was a politician.

  13. I really liked the answer that Keith Woods gave when questioned about his split from “The McSpencer Group.” Woods responded that, “Richard Spencer has lost 109 friends, but it was never any fault of his.”

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