Patriot Front Marches Through DC

UPDATE: Marjorie Taylor Greene has chimed in to remind everyone why no one should have any confidence in these people.

Patriot Front held another one of their flash rallies in DC yesterday.

The group has been around since Charlottesville and has been holding these flash rallies and distributing propaganda for five years now. It is not even the first such flash rally that they have held in DC. I met them at Richard Spencer’s speaking event at the University of Florida in 2017.

In the years since Charlottesville, Patriot Front has become the most active and one of the best known nationalist groups in the country, but yesterday the Grift Right decided that “no one has ever heard of them” and that they must all be “feds” and launched a coordinated attack against them.

Sadly, this episode has revealed that nothing has changed.

MAGA is still led by the same network of grifters who were around in the Trump years. Even if ordinary people are warming up and getting better, their leaders from Trump on down the food chain are still as useless as dog shit and will continue to hold rallies with based blacks and trannies. They want to circle back to bimbo porn stars and “MAGA YMCA” and Lil Pump and Dems R Real Racists.

Never forget that these are the same people who took the victory in the 2016 election and steered it into the Platinum Plan and QAnon and crackpots like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.

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    • I knew a guy who spent time in Patriot Front and attended one of their flash rallies. They aren’t Feds…but they sure as shit don’t come across as appealing or sincere either. I get why NormieCons are dismissing them as Feds. 2009 Me would have done the same. I never paid attention to or cared about “White Supremacist” groups, nor did I think they were any real threat. Its only paranoid Jews, hateful mudskins, and College Educated Whites who think “White Supremacist” groups are a problem or a threat to regular people (of any race).

      BTW, the quote tweets on that Marjorie Taylor Green tweet were revealing: I found maybe half a dozen out of 136 retweets that made any reference to “Dems R Da Real Raycists” or “DemonKKKrats,” and two of the ones I did find were by literal GOP accounts. The vast majority of the Normie accounts were like, “nah, this is fake.” I don’t think the message of “Whites are under attack” was hurt by conservatives here, and I don’t think their gut response was to resort to “Dems are da real raycists.” This is all a big nothingburger that gives 1.0 types their excuse to settle old scores when the rest of White America has moved on.

      Another revealing factoid: That Coal Burner who runs the “Dr. Interracial” account actually dropped a meme about White children being terrorized by CRT.

      Contrast *that* with the pure blooded Arisrocrat Richard Spencer, who “isn’t interested” in “sympathizing with victims” (his words after the Rittenhouse verdict)

      White children get terrorized by CRT

      The “Pro-White” Movement: “We don’t care about victims”

      Some Mudshark married to a Based Negro: “Teachers should be held accountable for psychologically abusing children.”

      Major L.

      I repeat


      If the Pro-White Movement doesn’t represent Normal Whites worldwide, who do they represent? I know this: Marjorie Taylor Green, for all her cringe statements about religion, represents me more then Mike Peinovich and that manlet commie castizo partner of his.

      • “Its only paranoid Jews, hateful mudskins, and College Educated Whites who think “White Supremacist” groups are a problem or a threat to regular people (of any race).”
        Yes, and it’s this group that hold power in the West, so the plan was and is to get these to be over-reacting and censor and oppress the many to get to the few.
        Since the hardcore hate virus super spreaders don’t exist outside the mind of the elite and their minions, silencing the imagines leaders is not going to work, as it’s not pro-whites that are spreading hate-viruses that creates more of us, it’s all the preventive measures implemented to keep the hate virus from spreading, that white people are growing immune to.
        How differently pro-whites and anti-whites are treated in the regime media, is one suck overreaction that make Whitey ever more immune to the Globohomo propaganda. .

  1. I have to add you shit on local governments sabotaging rights yet D.C. is respecting this to unfold unmolested. C’mon man

  2. Good for them. They don’t seem to advertise and tell their enemies where they will be protesting or organizing. Anytime a White organization can piss off our enemies because they were taken off guard is a good thing. We need to stop calling everything a “fed” operation when White people are trying to do the right thing. By doing that we are no better than our enemies. Give these guys the benefit of the doubt. All organizations have been infiltrated at one time or another. The KKK, Mafia, etc. At least they’re trying.

    • “We need to stop calling everything a “fed” operation when White people are trying to do the right thing.”
      It’s not WE that is doing it. It’s mostly the grifters that are more scared of angering the censorious jews, than they are of a backlash from their paypigs.

      After having seen this play out the last 7 years, where the grifters slowly follow their paypigs to ever more pro-white opinions, we can say that the “everybody I don’t like is a FBInigger” stage will pass as well, partly because the FBIniggers will be forced to quit doing gay ops if too many know that they are doing it.

      • I spend time on GAB and PF came up a lot. You would be surprised how many were calling them “feds and yes, there were many jew wise, pro Whites calling them feds as well.

  3. They did well, they incorporated many of the lessons of the past failures. Namely: get in, get out, do it again some other time. It will inspire others.

  4. I saw Spencer saying the masks are a weak point the enemy can criticize. I agree. But it won’t matter when they put 20,000 or 100,000 boots on the street. Keep going!

    Those box cars look a bit shady though. Is it legal to transport people in them? It could be really bad if they have an accident with all those men packed in like sardines.

  5. Didn’t you write (recently, in fact) that this sort of in-real-life parading no longer serves any useful purpose?

    • No, I was referring to preannounced volatile public rallies which are media spectacles and street brawls with Antifa. The League has also held these flash rallies around the South since Charlottesville.

    • I remember him advocating for do-nothingism a few weeks ago. Hopefully he’s come to his senses. If anything these events prove how detrimental the establishment right wing and it’s grifters really are. This needs to happen until the GOP is dead.

      • *sigh*

        By doing nothing, I have always meant 1.) we don’t need people who go out and engage in violence out of the belief that they are going to spark a race war or 2.) pointless street battles with Antifa that end up grinding us down with exhausting lawfare. We don’t need to be the center of public attention when the Left is discrediting itself and radicalizing people, anyway.

        I don’t have a problem with these flash rallies. I have covered all the previous ones here and have spoken highly of them. I’ve written here about cutting Antifa and “journalists” out of our events since 2018. This includes those done by Patriot Front and League of the South. I haven’t said anything about the NJP event in Waukesha, but that was also fine. There are all kinds of ways to “do something.” We’ve done things like hurricane relief and private meetups.

        Here is a short list of bad ideas:

        – Mass shootings
        – Street brawls with Antifa
        – Going to violent Antifa and BLM events like Kyle Rittenhouse
        – Preannounced public events like Unite the Right 2 where people get doxxed and two sides shout at each other
        – Any situation which we cannot reasonably control

        Insofar as we do any kind of activism, it should cost us nothing and add value. We shouldn’t do things that leave us in a weaker position. It is always better to do absolutely nothing than do something that makes us worse off.

        Virtually everyone agrees with this now. Everyone from League of the South to Patriot Front to NJP to AIM has avoided volatile public events which we cannot control since Charlottesville. This has long been a consensus.

  6. If the anti-white liberal fags and kahnservative Israel Firsters don’t like Patriot Front then it must be a legit group. And unlike those ignorant Establishment assholes I have known about PF since their formation in 2017.

  7. The beer-bellied Jerry Springer Show “nazis” and “klansmen” didn’t make a lot of progress but maybe these Patriot Front guys can win over a few serious people.

  8. See all the MAGA shysters furiously protecting their Pied Piper scams. Gotta keep a death grip on their dupes & their wallets. “B-But we just elected Youngkin – and we’re gonna REALLY own the libs next year! LET’S GO, BRANDON!! Hey – over HERE, dammit…”

  9. It’s kind of annoying that so pro-white namefags don’t even try to see the big picture.

    We want it to be well known that the FBIjoggers are using gay ops to destroy for pro-white organizations, and that they are an active partner when it comes to destroying the lives of regime critics.
    The USA is according to the propaganda the land of the free where the law is King, so it’s really bad if the public opinion both at home and abroad is that the FBIjoggers produce public theater, use infiltrators and break the laws to manipulate the public opinion.

    We have known for years that the grifters are followers that will stab any pro-white in the back if they think it benefits them, and that they will follow when they see other grifters lose the good will of the masses for not being pro-white enough.

  10. MAGA Grift Right is spot on. They’re a bunch of cowards who accomplish nothing.

    The Jewish Question is right in everyone’s faces and they divert attention every time.

    They’re hoping for another Trump term after Blormpf failed so spectacularly.

    Maybe we can get some more Prison Reform with Kayne and Kim.

    Patriot Front are exceedingly superior to the MAGA Grift Right in every way.

    Along with the National Justice Party they continue to carry the torch and they have my complete respect.

    God Bless them.

  11. The MAGA Grift Right was happy about the unjust Jewish Lawfare – Sines vs Kessler and the resulting financial assessment against the defendants.

    They thought that would permanently silence the former Alt-Right remnants.

    Thankfully, the National Justice Party and Patriot Front are proving these vile snakes wrong.

    Yuge Whitepill for the Holidays.

  12. A hate group, they are called a hate group. There is nothing wrong with hating those who persecute and torment the weak an the innocent, be it Christ or innocent whites who only want to live their lives in peace according to Gods laws. The innocent must be defended and protected, God demands it.

  13. I’ve been saying this for years now. Trump and the MAGA movement are the true enemies of nationalism. Just watch the MAGA shills all talk in unison as if reading from a script. They are all on the payroll of powerful Zionists who hide in the shadows.

    • “Trump and the MAGA movement are the true enemies of nationalism. ”
      Yes. We should focus on explaining to the Democrats that they need to do something pro-white to win, as a way to force them to pretend to care about working white folks even more.
      God knows, we might even get some policies that help white people from all the political jockeying?

  14. The ultimate take away from this is that it was a major MASK OFF moment for the “right wing.” The universal conspiratard takes prove that these pundits are grifters, not actual advocates of change. They are cozy with their little internet storefronts in which they commodify your dissent and gatekeep it within what is still acceptable to the majority of the conservative masses. They do this in an effort to maintain their upward mobility within the “right wing.” It’s a way to appeal to the billionaire donor class and compete for Charlie Kirk’s job. Not a single one of these do-nothings are a threat to the anti-White system, in fact they enforce it by attacking actual dissenters. Take note of them, for they are the greatest tools against White advocacy.

    Death to the GOP!

  15. Regardless of the facts of the matter it is pretty telling all the grifters and brain dead MAGA adherents so cavalierly label these guys feds and then not bother to call for any action against the FBI or whatever agency they believe responsible.

    I don’t know how any ‘patriot’ can publicly claim there is a massive fed psyop against the American public and not demand an investigation and action be taken and instead laugh it off as if it is a joke.

    This media blitz by the grift right is just an attempt to mock a threat out of existence imo.

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