Éric Zemmour Attacked In France

Hey, you still believe in the liberal norms, right?

The Washington Post:

“French far-right provocateur Éric Zemmour was placed in a headlock by a protester at his first political rally on Sunday, just days after entering the country’s presidential race on an anti-migrant platform that has drawn comparisons to Donald Trump’s.

Videos online appeared to show a man lunging toward Zemmour as he walked toward the stage to deliver his campaign pitch, and grabbing Zemmour by the neck before security officials intervened.

Zemmour was injured in the scuffle but went on to deliver a speech lasting nearly an hour and a half, promising a “reconquest of the greatest country in the world” if he wins the election. A doctor later ordered him to rest for nine days, Le Monde newspaper reported. …”

The French presidential election is shaping up to be a wild ride.

Zemmour went on to give another barnburner of a speech, explicitly invoking the Reconquista of Spain in the Middle Ages, and illustrated once again how lacking Marine Le Pen is in that department.

Yes, I know he is Jewish. Yes, I know he stops at offering assimilation to Muslims. Still though, my overall impression is that Zemmour is playing with matches. He is lighting the torch in France which is the core of the EU with this type of incendiary rhetoric. It is not too difficult to imagine how this could spiral out of control when you knock down taboos like this. White people getting over their fear of being called “racist” and asserting themselves and not feeling intimidated anymore is really the whole ball game.

Note: I’ve found a rough transcript of the speech.

Zemmour spoke yesterday at his first rally since last week’s announcement speech. It is another remarkable speech, and I want to share it with you. Thread follows. 

But first—this speech is much longer than the announcement, so I am not doing a full translation. Instead I am giving you a detailed rundown of the speech, with key quotes and a little commentary. So to begin: 

After thanking previous speakers, Zemmour begins where all populists must begin: crowd size. “There are close to 15,000 people here today.” A remarkable number. Trump’s 2016 rallies generally attracted ten to fifteen thousand people, in a country five times the size of France. 

He continues: “15,000 French who have braved political correctness, the threats of the extreme left, and the hatred of the media.” At the mention of the media, the crowd breaks into boos. Are you getting that 2016 feeling? I am. 

“15,000 French with their heads unbowed and who are determined to change the course of history.” Zemmour will repeatedly claim the ability to change history’s course, a direct rebuke to those who claim history possesses an arc that bends leftward. 

“If I win this election, it will be the beginning of the reconquest of the most beautiful country in the world.” Here Zemmour introduces his theme of “reconquête”, or reconquest, which is now also the name of his movement or party. 

The Spanish for “reconquête” is “reconquista”. Some of you may already know what this means. It refers to the expulsion of Muslims Spain by Christians. Many will find his use of this word extremely inflammatory. 

“This country has suffered so much, has been so forgotten…during these last forty years,” he continues, listing off the issues of importance: economy, environment, cost of living, the bureaucracy, immigration, insecurity. Zemmour will now unveil policies to address these issues. 

But first – he attacks the authorities, the media, and even the Right [boos] for accepting that next election will be a formality, ratifying 5 more years of Macronism. 

“France will continue quietly exiting history and the French will disappear in silence in the land of their ancestors…. But a little grain of sand has seized up the gears. No, not me – you!” 

He then proceeds to tell a “nice story”. Six months ago, everyone knew the outcome second round: Macron can only win. But now, “we are here, and we have broken the tacit pact among all the actors in this farce.” 

“The political phenomenon of these meetings isn’t me, it’s you. Your presence is that of a people who never lays down, who stands up to and against everything. This people they have forgotten, they have underestimated, they even thought they had pushed out, far from the city centers and nice neighborhoods. They are wrong. The French people have been here a thousand years, and wish to still be the master of their own home for a thousand years more!” 

He speaks for a while on the theme, “when they attack me, really they attack you.” But they do attack him personally. “My opponents want me dead politically. The journalists want me dead socially. And the jihadists just want me dead.” 

Next he discusses how the judiciary and the media control acceptable speech, tries to prevent them from defending their ideas. “They want to steal democracy. Don’t let them do it.” 

(Zemmour has been convicted twice for “hate speech” in France, which has much more restrictive laws on speech than the US.) 

In France, to qualify for the first round in the presidential election, you must collect 500 signatures from elected officials. He calls on mayors to support him. 

He speaks at length about his supporters’ spirit not being one of vengeance or hatred, but rather a desire to save France’s culture. 

“During these last few months, I have put forward the question of the survival of France. If I was wrong to do so, think about how everyone has started to talk like me.” This is true. By raising these questions, he has had the effect of pulling the whole field in his direction. 

“They call me fascist. Me, fascist?” He says it mockingly and lets the word hang there, letting the crowd infer his Jewish ancestry and reflect on the accusation in that light. This is a key claim of his candidacy, particularly vs. Le Pen (whose party has an antisemitic image). 

“Right. Whatever. But I’m the only one defending freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to debate. Meanwhile the other side wants to ban our meetings and put me in jail.” 

He addresses accusations of misogyny. He speaks lovingly of his mother, and how she taught him an immoderate love of France. 

And it is thanks to her experiences (in Algeria, where Zemmour’s parents originate) that “I was able to understand before others the repression of women taking place in those neighborhoods where mass immigration has brought an islamic civilization that is so cruel to women.” 

“Doubtless that is why I am the only one… to establish without false modesty the obvious link between this immigration from the other side of the Mediterranean and the threats that weigh every day on French women: on their liberty, their on integrity, and even on their lives.” 

“Meanwhile, the feminists avert their eyes, and talk to us about inclusive writing.” [Boos] 

“They call me racist. But I am the only one not to confuse the defense of one’s own with the hatred of others.” He speaks against racism, while at the same time preserving the French heritage. 

“The preservation of our heritage is not the enemy of modernity – it is in fact the condition of its existence.”

He speaks further about preserving French heritage. “It is for this reason that I stand before you, to become your next President.” [Chants of “President Zemmour!”] 

He thanks the leaders of two other political movements who have joined with his Reconquête party. “Yes, thanks to them and you all, the reconquest is launched. The reconquest of our economy, of our security, of our identity, of our sovereignty, of our country.” 

He talks about not being a career politician. “They think it is my weakness. I think it is my strength…. I will lead this country without compromise, without cowardice, without weakness.” 

“I refuse to choose between my memories of yesterday, the issues of the present, and the challenges of tomorrow.” He describes how his son convinced him to run.

“Well, dad, you’ve been a commentator for 30 years. It’s time to take action.” 

“I meet with the French people and two fears haunt them: degradation – impoverishment of the French people, the decline of our power, and the collapse of our schools; and that of the great replacement – with the islamisation of France, mass immigration, and public insecurity.” 

He speaks at length about salaries, cost of living, and taxes. Then he comes to a major theme of his candidacy, and a major theme of the nationalist movement throughout the west. 

“So that our country ceases impoverishing itself, I make the choice for reindustrialization… because industry creates jobs, generates innovation, is the source of wealth, and is the guarantee of our independence.”

 He speaks about reducing the administrative burden on the French people. It is here that he says “Why is the State so powerless against criminals, and yet so ruthless with honest people?” 

He goes on to advocate ensuring businesses can be transmitted to successive generations, so that they remain in French hands and are not sold to Chinese enterprises or American investment funds. 

Moving to security, he argues that France must renew its tradition of independence, and leave the integrated military command of NATO. Atlanticist heads explode. 

Moving to education, he says French education must get back to fundamentals and put particular attention on mathematics and the humanities: “classical culture, scientific studies, promotion of manual know-how, transmission of knowledge, and a belief in merit and excellence.” 

“We will give back to teachers the tools they need to do their jobs: we will reestablish their authority, we will ban inclusive language, and we will banish all forms of affirmative action.” 

“School must rediscover its primary objective: transmission of knowledge, not reducing inequality. It must no longer seek to be the most inclusive possible, but rather rediscover the belief in merit and effort.” 

Now he turns to the issue that towers over and aggravates everything. Immigration. “Faced with accelerating changes in population, we are the only ones who dare say the truth, the only ones who pronounce the words that enrage, who propose the necessary measures. 

In 2019, France allowed onto its soil between 350 and 400 thousand foreigners, more than the population of Nice, which is the 5th largest city in France. Over five years, that is the equivalent of the city of Paris. 

The issue – the issue – in the upcoming election is whether we want to allow two million more to enter over the next five years.” 

Then he discusses the increasing islam-ization of the French population. “Yesterday, the media denied it. Today, they celebrate it. Tomorrow, they will tell us we have no choice. They lie. We have the choice. We have the power to decide the civilizational destiny of our country.” 

Now he gets specific on immigration policy.

He says there are three pillars to his policy. 

The first pillar: Stop the Flow. From the first weeks of my administration, zero immigration will be the clear objective. Limit asylum to a handful of individuals each year. 

Handle asylum cases at consulates. End chain migration. Make student visas more strict. Dismantle the NGOs that bring these immigrants into Europe. 

2nd Pillar: France must not be an El Dorado for the third world. Abolish social services including state medical aide for non-European foreigners. Abolish birthright citizenship. Make the conditions of citizenship drastically more strict. 

3rd Pillar: Remove every illegal immigrant from our soil. Immediately remove every foreign delinquent, and stop putting them in our prisons. Strip French citizenship from binational criminals. Remove unemployed foreigners after 6 months without employment. 

“Every measure should be submitted to the French people by referendum.” 

“Our existence as French people is non-negotiable. Our survival as the French nation is not subject to the goodwill of treaties or European judges.” 

He extends the hand to Muslims and any other foreigners who wish to become French and says, “to you I offer assimilation. Assimilation is the most beautiful gift France can give you. If you make France your mother and each Frenchman your brother, you are our countryman.” 

“We are setting the bar high. France is not an à-la-carte menu. France requires total commitment. For those who refuse, for the bi-nationals, for the foreigners who violate our laws: the door is wide open for you to leave.” 

Now Zemmour begins the call to action. He calls on his supporters to join the battle. Chants of “let’s go!” break out. 

He calls on the supporters of the National Front (far-right party dominated by the Le Pen family) “who have seen their ideas vegetate in a sterile opposition for decades”. 

He calls on the supporters of Les Républicains (LR, mainstream rightwing party) who have had enough of the injunctions of the left and political correctness. 

“This Right that loves France is a majority in our country.” 

Now he makes a direct call to the supporters of “my friend, Éric Ciotti” to great cheers. Ciotti was 2nd place in the LR primary, and ran on a platform similar to Zemmour. “Your place is among us, by our side.” 

He goes on a long discussion of the course of the mainstream right over the last thirty years. All of this is very specific to French politics so I’m not going to describe it in detail. Key quote: 

“The right as usual submitted to the injunctions of the left, the media, judges. The right as usual betrayed its voters as soon as it entered into power.” 

Now he directly attacks the nominee of LR, Valérie Pecresse. “She promises everything, and stands for nothing.” 

Zemmour takes the position that he is the candidate for supporters of both the National Front and LR. He seeks to bring the right together around his candidacy. “This is not the hour for byzantine fights. Tomorrow, France could disappear.” 

Finally he attacks Macron directly. “In ’22 it is not just the person of Macron that we are going to beat, but moreover his ideology. This system of which he is the standard bearer and spokesman. 

The person of Macron doesn’t interest us, because he is fundamentally uninteresting. Find me one Frenchman. One who can explain the thought of Emmanuel Macron. Just one. There is no one, not even him. Nobody knows who he is, because he is nobody. 

He goes on a long diatribe against Macron, listing off his shortcomings. He finishes: “we leave behind this adolescent, eternally ‘finding himself’.” [Chants of President Zemmour] 

“Yes, leave him with his self-obsession. Our courage, our intelligence, or strength, and our commitment: we hold to those ideals, against globalism, against multiculturalism, against mass immigration, against gender theory, against islamo-leftism – all these demonic machines – which have one goal, one mission, one ideal: tear down our people in order to destroy it.” 

“A marvelous, exceptional task awaits us. The commitment of an entire lifetime. France is at the crossroads. It’s now or never. Frenchmen, I ask for your enthusiasm. I ask for your warmth. I ask for your joy. I ask for your pride.” 

“We will leave Macronism a bad memory. And when this phantom has left the Elysée, when the left has lost its latest puppet, we will replace it with France.” He turns the Great Replacement around on the left. 

“Be strong. Be joyous. Be heros!” At this point the crowd breaks into a spontaneous rendition of La Marseilleise, the French national anthem. 

He concludes with a peroration on the theme “France is back.”

He praises the French genius, hitting many of the same notes as his announcement last week. 

“Yes, France is back, because the French people are standing up.

The French people stand up against all who want to make them disappear, all who want to deprive her children of their heritage and grandeur– The French people, who will never bow the head to those who vow to defeat them. Yes, France is back. Long live the Republic, and above all – above all – long live France!”

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  1. A real barn burner. Just like Trump. A stealth candidate to divide nationalists. At least we were swindled by an Aryan. The Frogs will really support this rat face Algerian Jew?

    • sure they will. Didn’t scores of millions of White ‘Murkans fall for Trump’s (((Wall Street))) Jew-owned con artistry not once…but twice?

      and are about to do it again.

      • “Trump’s (((Wall Street))) Jew-owned con artistry”

        which was known as the Kushner-Trump administration.

        Also note that the right-populist actor Zenmour wants to further dismantle social services, which are already too meager. The French people as well as the immigrants will be slaves. There is no equality, and thus no liberty for the vast majority. Le Pen will take the same course as Zenmour, as will all the other candidates. The so-called “left” candidates and parties of France are synthetic and useless.

    • He’s saying the right things; that’s enough for now.

      There is no alternative — MLP cannot and would not win — something, and someone, new is needed — he is a start.

      • The French male, at heart, is a chauvinist. Thank God. Unlike the testosterone-less American White Male, by and large. Feminism is the first shibboleth to come down. And the right to Abort.

        We have to overturn Roe v. Wade. But, we won’t as long as we play ‘nice.’ Randall Terry came to mind this morning, for some reason. Thus, this comment.

        Now, Zemmour. I never heard DJT talk ANYTHING like this. Zemmour is sticking his middle finger in the Globo-Homo eye. Yeah, so he’s a Schlomo. At least we KNOW he’s a KIKE. Unlike DJT.

        So, his calls for RECONQUEST are nothing less than ‘hard-making.’ This is how Western Civ became the Stupor Mundi. Knowing you are supreme, and acting like it.

        Words? Perhaps. But words lead to actions, and if the OTHER J-words don’t like what he’s saying, then, I do. How to view him?

        First, you win. Then you replace.

        Dieu te Bénit, Zemmour.

        Until you win.

        • Re: “Dieu te Bénit, Zemmour”:

          You are well wishing Zenmour? What do you know about Zennmour?

          “Zemmour is a political mouthpiece for sections of the financial aristocracy (…) he became the prime personality of the CNews television network, created by billionaire Vincent Bolloré in the aftermath of the ‘yellow vest’ protests. Zemmour has been promoted because his policies have support within the French financial elite (…) he is a frequenter of the elite Parisian clubs where the financial elite meets and discusses its policies. Two weeks ago, on November 18, he dined with 240 CEOs at the Circle of the Union, a Parisian club for the ultra-wealthy near the Élysée presidential palace, which was followed by a book signing. He also took part in events at exclusive gatherings like the Jockey Club and the Club de l’Automobile (…) In a further sign of Zemmour’s close ties to the army, it was announced on Monday that retired Major General Bertrand de La Chesnais will be his campaign director. Zemmour’s candidacy is just one particularly toxic expression of the rightward lurch of the entire French political establishment and its turn toward authoritarianism. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the leader of the far-right National Rally, announced on November 15 that she was prepared to have Zemmour in her government (…) The Macron government itself has continuously worked to legitimize Zemmour and lay the groundwork for his rise (…) Like Trump in the US, Zemmour demagogically attempts to exploit genuine social anger over inequality and the pro-business policies of the political establishment and channel it into right-wing attacks on migrants and Muslims (…) Zemmour is being brought forward by the French ruling class under conditions of rising anger in the working class at the murderous policies pursued by the French and European governments throughout the pandemic, which have ensured the enrichment of the financial elite and the impoverishment and mass deaths for the broad mass of the population”: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/12/08/zemm-d08.html

          • Since you are a pagan, and know not Christ, let me explain. Blessing someone is a two-edged sword. If they do the will of God, they are blessed, as is God. If they go against the Will of God, they are cursed, and God’s will is STILL done. And God will favors only His own, and bypasses the non-elect, whose own actions still damn them. [ Ex. 8:19, Deut. 2:30, Rom. 9:20]

            My blessing has both aspects. Hope that illumines you.

            St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    • I thought it was common knowledge among pro-whites, that it’s the memes that matter, not the messenger?
      Trump gave us nothing, and the alt-right e-celebs were silenced, but there are now so many pro-whites, that DeSantos say anti-white to win votes, and a French presidential candidate is campaigning against the Great Replacement.
      If Zemmour wins or not, probably doesn’t matter much, as one guy can’t turn an oil tanker on a dime no matter how honest or well intended.

  2. “Zemmour went on to give another barnburner of a speech, explicitly invoking the Reconquista of Spain in the Middle Ages, and illustrated once again how lacking Marine Le Pen is in that department.”

    LOL! Who else was kicked out of Spain that set of the greatest economic expansion since Rome?

      • Both Muslims and Jews were given the option of conversion or expulsion, and the majority chose the former. Moorish and Sephardic Jewish ancestry are common among Spaniards. Of course, many of the Muslims were native Iberians who had converted to Islam centuries ago and their conversion back to Catholicism did not alter the genome as did the conversion and assimilation of North African Muslim and Sephardic Jews.

        I suspect Zenmour’s reconquest, if successful, will have an element of assimilation into French Laicite – a genome-altering event.

        • In Spain you can see the Arab blood in the south, where the Muslims remained in power centuries longer. Where they ruled only briefly – e.g. Catalonia – there are a lot of Germanic blondes and Arab features are far less common.

      • Shlomo made good money castrating 10’s of thousands of Slavic prisoners to be sold into the Muslim slave trade through Spain. The Reconquista kinda put a stop to that. Funny how I never learned that in school.

      • Hunter

        Let s republish our best ever OD history lesson about 15th century Spain

        White Christians
        Muslim Moors
        A certain J people we re not supposed to notice

        • “The united provinces experienced the dutch golden age, while Spain became backward”:

          Good point. Then, many of the Financiers moved from Netherlands to Britain, and finally, the U.S.

          But, Protestantism was also a factor in the rise of Netherlands, surpassing Spain under Papism.

          • Until Cromwell overturned the Orthodox Expulsion of the Deicides, which brought about the Schlomo-ization of the English People. Ever watch the old film ‘The Rothschilds,’ with Loretta Young? Playing England off of France, to make their accursed race richer. God Damn the Jews.

            And God DAMN Cromwell to hell. And sectarian prots. The word ‘sola’ is NOT in the Scriptures, next to gratia, in either the Vulgate or the LXX. But the Epistle of James, is…..

            RJ Rushdoony makes clear how aberrant American Xtianity has left us open to the ‘machinations of the Jews,’ from a more honest era- on just one heretical construct- allowing N-words to think they are of the Elect:

            “How much of the Negro’s Christianity was really Christianity, and how much of it was really paganism under a semi-Christian guise? I think most of it was paganism… He picked up the old-time religion, but he put into it African paganism.

            For example, I mentioned recently when I returned from Jackson, Mississippi, the report of this elderly minister in the delta country, a southern presbyterian, a white man, who said that he had spent most of his life—I think he was close to 80—not only taking care of his own pastorate but teaching Negro pastors and laymen the Bible every week, and he said he had not been able to get across to them that fornication is a sin. They still had the African…idea that it was just a connection. Nothing wrong with it. Only when you took somebody’s woman was it a sin, because then you were stepping on somebody’s toes, and you could get into trouble. But any other kind of sexual relations with a woman was entirely alright. And you find mixed up in their religion all kinds of paganism, to the nth degree, and this is true today.”

            For US, and OUR Posterity.

        • Spain became backward? Spreading its language across the globe becoming a superpower hegemon for 100 years? Lol. Nice try. The main event of the 1500s was the decline of the Ottomans and the liberation of Europe from the Silk Road/Ottoman 200% mark up on pepper, opium, sugar, coffee and other commodities. Try again Isador.

  3. See my previous comment (link) about why Hitler/the NSDAP formed the SA: it was to protect his and his party’s political events from violent attacks by leftists — today the ‘brownshirts’ or ‘storm troopers’ are universally reviled, and often cited as an example of fascist evil — yet hardly anyone knows why they were needed.

    History repeats, but there is far less excuse for ignorance today.

    • The is a video on Youtube called something like “Paris during WWII”. The French looked very, very happy with the new management. The “French Resistance” was clearly just butthurt Jews and Communists with backing from Wall Street. France and Germany used to be the same country. The Germans would never have let it fall into the state it is in today.

    • Antifa even uses the same logo from that period. They are basically doing a victory lap now that there is no real opposition.

    • The commies at the time really had cadres with little to lose but their chains, while the current commies only do violence when it’s safe, preferably when they know the target will not fight back.

      There are simply too few radical commies willing to do violence when it’s dangerous, for a fairly big political actor to need more than personal security. Antifa have not stopped a single Trump rally I’m aware of, and 15.000 is far too many for Antifa to beat up. Especially as the glowniggers can’t act as auxiliaries to their Antifa minions in situations where they might get caught and outed.

  4. Oh my word! This guy is going to win! Incredible speech and a fine summation by Hunter. The only way they can stop him is by assassination and that, unfortunately, is a real possibility. Eah is correct: he needs absolutely first rate security. Vive la France!

  5. He may be controlled by the Zionists/Sionists like Trump. I’ll wait and see to determine his real agenda.

    Sadly, it takes a non-ethnic “Frenchman” to supercharge the ethnic French. What’s wrong with this picture? Why are white men so damn weak these days. Being browbeaten into submission is no excuse. Neither is soy.

  6. In France a lot of Jews have been seriously injured or killed by Muslims, so this maybe a little bit of self preservation on Zemmour’s part. Very few if any Jews have been killed or seriously injured by Muslims in the US, Greg Guttfeld would be running for President if they had.

  7. He’s a (((perfect))) candidate for pissing off Muslims without deporting them after the incitement.

  8. He’s saying all the right things, but will likely never win because of the very thing he’s speaking out against:- high non white (meaning leftist) numbers who will outvote conservative whites. The media will obviously have a field day with him, painting him as a ‘danger’ to France. Nobody knows France’s exact minority numbers as it’s illegal in France to gather stats on race……..which is absolutely treacherous and dishonest.
    The problem for candidates like this is…………… minorities vote too.

  9. Zemmour’s Presidential announcement speech and the video /music that accompanies it is THE greatest European/pro White speech/video since Triumph of the Will.

    All should promote it, study it – if you/we have issues with this Algerian born Jewish guy, well – study it, do your own version.

    This is awesome:

  10. Note well what the speech left out. “Stop the flow” indeed! It is not the social services (which are too meager and declining) but capitalism and imperialism that CAUSES “the flow.” The capitalist little empire of France is the main perpetrator (besides the U.S.) in the ongoing destruction of Libya, Lebanon and Tunisia, and is deeply involved in the removal or genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq on behalf of Israel, and is the main neocolonial power preventing the rise of socialism and prosperity in west Africa, formerly French West Africa. Look what it did to Thomas Sankara and Burkina Faso when it began to rise.

    I could go on and on, having barely scratched the surface of how capitalist-imperialist France really CAUSES “the flow” that the populist actor Eric Zenmour, like the populist actor Donald Trump, promises to stop.

    The Far Right is a lying disaster for the working class of any nation. With Zenmour the French people will definitely lose, and many other peoples will lose. The people better stop their ears now, and turn away, and not be led like herd animals by this right-wing populist crowd stirrer.

    Similarly, Belgium has extracted tremendous wealth from its Congo colony, while the Congo colony has “flowed” into Belgium, diluting and mixing with the Belgian people.

    The prompt removal of Patrice Lumumba by Belgium and the U.S. is analogous to the French removal of Sankara:

    • And yet the far left (and center right) is the only thing violently stopping the rise of National Socialism, allowing the capitalist class to more easily clamp down on genuine opposition in myriad ways, which is the only system that will genuinely help the working class while simultaneously preserving their identity, history, and culture. Your “working class” politics come at the cost of having their kids getting mental illness drilled into them to the point they come home with the desire to mutilate their genitalia. Where they have to sacrifice basic safety, comfort and solidarity in the name of anti-racism.

      You’re right, capitalism and Zionism are the two main causes of mass immigration. There’s no serious left wing opposition to either, especially the latter, because you refuse to engage with the reality of race and how race informs our Jewish ruling class. West Africa will also always be a shithole, which is something you will continue to scratch your head about until the day you die, or more likely you’ll just blame Whitey.

  11. His speeches are amazing. So much better than anything Trump has done. Still, half the country will also be trying to put Trump in a headlock here soon when he runs again. It’s going to be a wild ride watching the collapse of any still functioning institutions after he wins.

  12. Wanting to be led by a Jew from Algeria? Yes I forgot to mention Algeria, which is still a French colony, or call it a neo-colony, where France is still involved, but now much more discretely, using soft power, etc.

    The only good reconquest would be the French common people reconquering (recovering) their rights, by the completion of the French revolution that was cut short by the Directory, coopted by Bonapartism and followed by bourgeois constitutional monarchy. Now let there be equality of the French people. “Pas de république sans les paysans!” (There is no republic without the peasants)

  13. You need to see the big picture. The (((bankers))) are dismantling the EU, which will be replaced by the EAEU (EurAsian Economic Union).
    Zemmour is playing his part in this great reconstruction, which will see the bankers control from Lisbon to Vladivostok, thus embracing Mackinders Heartland thesis.
    Zemmour is ushering in the kinetic phase of this long term process.

    Remember we are dealing with people who think in terms of decades and centuries whilst most do not.

    There will be such chaos in Europe that Russia will be compelled to intervene, and then the EAEU becomes a giant on the world stage.

    Trust a jew? You deserve everything that happens to you.

  14. He also gave an interview to an Italian paper where he spoke of re-immgration of foreigners (mass deportations) but says that he was poorly understood and now refuses to answer questions about it. In any case, it would be fun to see how much of his agenda he could actually accomplish if in power.

  15. “we are dealing with people who think in terms of decades and centuries”:

    Ingrained knowledge learned by doubling and trippling wealth by loaning-out and charging interest.

    “Zemmour is playing his part in this great reconstruction, which will see the bankers control (…) Zemmour is ushering in the kinetic phase of this long term process”:

    Well said.

    • Unclear. Do you mean “they” really lead, when we appear to lead? Or that they derail every revolution and redirect it against us?

      • No, It’s a phrase lifted verbatim from the protocols. I should have put quotation marks around it. Apologies. It’s meaning should be clear enough within that context.

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