Joe Rogan: Patriot Front Are Feds

Patriot Front are feds.

How do we know this? Patriots are known for being old, fat, dumb and disorganized. They also have poor graphic design skills. Only feds are this high agency.

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    • Why would you show such disrespect for the Lord Jesus.I equate atheist Jewish garbage with hearing such as”JFC”.

  1. Well, some could be. But either way they are still supporting the system. Both right and so-called left “oppositions” play their parts to do that. This 21st century Weimar Republic in crisis needs its Freikorps and Kapp Putschers to help preserve the system.

    • anonymous,

      I bet you would be heaping praise on PF, if they were carrying the hammer and sickle USSR banner or Red China’s, eh? You know, “real socialism.” Haha.

    • What do you suggest we do, Genius? Sit in front of our keyboards anonymously poasting Pepe and Apu memes until the Feds finally get around to dragging us off to the DC Metropolitan Dungeon? That is the kind of room-temperature take one would expect from, I don’t know, Pilot?

  2. PF celebrates Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford. That’s probably why insufferably kosher boomer goys like Matt Bracken are calling them Feds.

    • It’s hilarious you should mention that old boomer fairy Matt Bracken. He has me blocked on Gab. What a spiteful bitch!

  3. Conservatives are flipping out over Patriot Front, accusing them of being Feds. Yet they show virtually no interest in the FBI’s connections to Antifa. We’re dealing with levels of retarded faggotry heretofore thought unimaginable.

    • I saw it as well Rob and I curse all those who mock our ancestors.We have the Jewish string pullers,the White females,the White brainwashed college educated,the White wealthy,the Blacks,the Browns and the Yellows.All hate Whites and all are animated by the Satanic Christ-hating Jews.I will stand back with satisfaction as it all crumbles under its own weight.As Jesus said this world is not our home and if anyone loves this world then the love of the Father is not in him.We are to good for this mongrel world,I say let the Jews and their sheep have it.Heaven is going to be beautiful and White.

      • I saw that, too, about the General Robert E. Lee Statue. Many called it out as a ritual humiliation for those who are pro-Southern heritage, and even just pro-White. The message I get from this travesty is that our enemies are craven, base, ignorant and soulless sub-humans.

        @Rebel Roy – Serious question: Was/is your mother a “White female”?? You do the White race no favors by slandering “White females” — who are the ONLY humans who can give birth to White MEN.

        • Haha Well Old Enough,I see you got a bee in your bonnet over the mention of the useless White woman.But I also berated wealthy Whites(who only love money not their race)and White college educated(majority female but also many males,all brainwashed)as you can read.Each time someone defends the White race or our ancestors in my experience it is a White man.I never see White women give their race or ancestors a second thought,they could not care less.In a White male dominated culture we saw that White women supported them,but when the chips are down they desert us.You may be that rare White woman not like them.So I ask you are question in all earnest:Why do you get defensive on behalf of worthless White women who betray you as well as me?You surely know I am correct in my estimation.I would be proud to have millions of White women backing us up in this fight,but we do not.So I welcome and embrace you but I will continue to hold in high disdain all those I named in my original comment.Personally I believe we are in the End Times and it matters not if a single White baby is born from now on because the Jew system and their brainwashed useless mothers will only create self-hating Whites.Only the Master Jesus can save us,and he is going to come back to do just that.I will defend myself against the hordes until that time comes but I hold out no hope for a massive White revival to bring about a change in our overall fortunes.God bless you and keep you and all here.And my advice is don’t waste your breath defending White women because the majority of them will always side with the enemy.They not only buy into the flimsiest propaganda but they welcome it.They crow about BLM and Emmett Till even while their Black lovers are bashing their heads in.Done wasting my time on why such imbeciles think the way they do.And once again you aren’t them so why take offense when none was meant towards you.

        • “who are the ONLY humans who can give birth to White MEN.”

          Every good attribute i have i owe to my mother……Napoleon
          My mother made everything that i am………….Edison

          If WHITE men had any spine, they’d never let society decay .

          (Stay resolute ‘Mother’, you’re absolutely right !)

      • The guys operating the equipment to melt down the statue will be White and local talent too. The blacks are incompetent and too many Whites have no appreciation and respect for their past and their ancestors.

    • You need to be quite fanatical to not understand how petty and evil this makes them look. Normies might understand that statues of white men needs to go, since they are so painful for POCs, but to destroy them out of spite in stead of relocating them, is bad optics to say it mildly.

  4. There goes Rogan’s small amount of credibility. At best he’s a shitlib degenerate who gets some things right.

  5. It’s really bad for the FBI that so many think they run all the regime critical orgs, and the level of normie trust lost is nothing but spectacular. Only four-five years ago, most burger thought they lived in the land of the free, where the law is King.

  6. American conservatards are irredeemable turds, which makes them conservaturds. I need to step away from politics for a while.

  7. Joe Rogan DOES work for Jews. But Axios found that his audience is half of what is was before he went exclusively to (((Spotify))). And yes, his wife is one. A glorifier of the drug culture. Joe Rogan’s future is behind him.

    That meme of the blimp in the tactical gear is hilarious, btw.

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