The Atlantic: Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun

In the main, I don’t really disagree with Barton Gellman’s new cover story at The Atlantic, as I have been excitedly documenting and covering these developments for well over a year now on this website and anticipated it was coming long before the “January 6th insurrection.”

My bet was that it would be better for us for Trump to lose the 2020 election and ideally to lose it narrowly. Experience has shown us time and again that nothing radicalizes the Right like having a Democrat in office. We’re not the ones who are really persuading our target audience. It is the Left that does this and especially when they have the national stage all to themselves. I even went so far as to endorse Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate races. Sure enough, we collected our $1,400 checks and nothing else has happened because Joe Manchin became president of the United States, which raised expectations to the moon among Democrats while maximizing their own internal divisions.

The 2020 election was a pyrrhic victory for Democrats. They were restored to office, but lack the power to do much of anything except pass an infrastructure bill (what else could they do?) due to their razor thin margins in the House and Senate. Joe Biden has wielded executive power to implement parts of his agenda which have profoundly alienated White voters. Overall, the big picture is that White voters have become significantly more radicalized over the past year, which began with normies getting angry enough to storm the Capitol. The electorate wasn’t nearly this radicalized when Trump was elected in 2016.

The Atlantic:

“Technically, the next attempt to overthrow a national election may not qualify as a coup. It will rely on subversion more than violence, although each will have its place. If the plot succeeds, the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2024. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or millions, to produce the required effect. The winner will be declared the loser. The loser will be certified president-elect.

The prospect of this democratic collapse is not remote. People with the motive to make it happen are manufacturing the means. Given the opportunity, they will act. They are acting already.

Who or what will safeguard our constitutional order is not apparent today. It is not even apparent who will try. Democrats, big and small D, are not behaving as if they believe the threat is real. Some of them, including President Joe Biden, have taken passing rhetorical notice, but their attention wanders. They are making a grievous mistake. …

“The thing that got our attention first was the age,” Pape said. He had been studying violent political extremists in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East for decades. Consistently, around the world, they tended to be in their 20s and early 30s. Among the January 6 insurgents, the median age was 41.8. That was wildly atypical.

Then there were economic anomalies. Over the previous decade, one in four violent extremists arrested by the FBI had been unemployed. But only 7 percent of the January 6 insurgents were jobless, and more than half of the group had a white-collar job or owned their own business. There were doctors, architects, a Google field-operations specialist, the CEO of a marketing firm, a State Department official. “The last time America saw middle-class whites involved in violence was the expansion of the second KKK in the 1920s,” Pape told me. …

Democracy will be on trial in 2024. A strong and clear-eyed president, faced with such a test, would devote his presidency to meeting it. Biden knows better than I do what it looks like when a president fully marshals his power and resources to face a challenge. It doesn’t look like this.

The midterms, marked by gerrymandering, will more than likely tighten the GOP’s grip on the legislatures in swing states. The Supreme Court may be ready to give those legislatures near-absolute control over the choice of presidential electors. And if Republicans take back the House and Senate, as oddsmakers seem to believe they will, the GOP will be firmly in charge of counting the electoral votes.

Against Biden or another Democratic nominee, Donald Trump may be capable of winning a fair election in 2024. He does not intend to take that chance.”

I disagree with all this stuff about voter suppression and election rigging.

Barton Gellman goes on endlessly about this. It hinges on the assumption that the 2024 election will be close and that Joe Biden will have an edge and that Trump and his minions will have to steal the election. Can you imagine how blackpilled Democrats are going to be after three more years of Joe Biden?

2014-2016 were great years for our movement. 2017 was a disastrous year. 2018 and 2019 were years of stasis and retrenchment. 2020 and 2021 have been another great leap forward. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that more White people became radicalized in 2021 than in the previous two decades. Among other things, the Great Replacement, secession and “anti-White” went mainstream.

None of the heavy handed authoritarian tactics which were used to suppress the “far right” and hold us “accountable” had their intended effect: censorship, lawfare, Antifa violence. Groups were sued. Accounts were censored. There were innumerable street fights. It all took a toll on individuals. At the end of the day, however, our views have become far more prevalent than was the case four years ago. Institutions have become more discredited. The public has become angrier and the establishment weaker.

God Emperor Blumpf began the year by being impeached and deplatformed from the internet. Today, Joe Biden is losing to him in all the polls after 24/7/365 hysteria about the “insurrection.” The fact that Blumpf is no longer dominating the news cycle and annoying swing voters helped him.

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  1. This article documents the greatest threat to America’s democracy. Only by supporting the John Lewis Voting Rights Act can it be offset. The Democrats need to wake up and recognize this threat or face losing the election in 2022 and 2024. The Build Back Better Act is meaningless if we lose the elections in 2022 and 2024.

      • In a White supremacist system, everything but those few affirmative actions which so infuriate White supremacists, and the bulk of activity which isn’t privilege oriented, is “pro-White”.

  2. Leaving aside why you spend/waste your time reviewing/critiquing this kind of absurd alarmist midwit trash, you usually do so without mentioning when the author is a Jew — why is that? — do you not agree, or see as significant, that prominent media Jews are much more likely to engage in this kind of fear-mongering aimed directly at white America?

    The rhetoric from ordinary people that I saw online about the Jan 06 ‘insurrection’, including how the ‘insurrectionists’ ought to be treated, was disturbing — Gellman’s kind of fraught prose, with its ominous warnings about a ‘coup’ and the future of democracy, just stokes the hate among the NPC types who swallow that kind of bullshit whole — and the Jew Gellman is fully aware of that.

    In terms of demonizing Whites, and thus justifying repression and even violence directed against them, I personally regard this kind of writing as just as serious as the propaganda about ‘white privilege’, ‘institutional racism’, etc.

    But thanks for the archived link which denies The Atlantic traffic.

  3. Barton Gellman, who wrote the Atlantic article discussed above, is the friend and biographer of Bush Vice President Dick Cheney

    But even more significant – tho now obscured – is that Cheney’s boy Gellman, long of the notoriously CIA-tied Washington Post, was in fact officially (and quite laughably) the first person to whom ‘Edward Snowden’ allegedly ‘leaked’ his ‘revelations’

    Assisting was Mika Brzezinski – daughter of old decades-long CIA advisor Zbig Brzezinski – breathlessly pumping initial Snowden ‘news’ on national and international television

    If you were a ‘brave whistle-blower’ with hot info … of course you would first think of ‘leaking’ to the Jewish best pal of Bush VP Dick Cheney at a big CIA-tied newspaper, wouldn’t you?

    This stupid story of ‘Snowden leaking to DIck Cheney’s best buddy Bart Gellman’ was so idiotic, it nearly blew up the whole Snowden scam … so a hasty switch was made, to a different ‘brave Jewish’ journo, the Rothschild employee and ex-seller of gay p-rnography, Glenn Greenwald, who had earlier worked for Bill Gates on his e-zine

    Media-promoted ‘heroes’ are mostly fake ones … For those who ask, what do Assange / Snowden accomplish as scammers:
    (1) Rat trap the rebels and dissidents, locate, silence and even kill whistle-blowers duped into contacting Wikileaks / Greenwald etc … 3 people trusting Assange are known dead
    (2) De-legitimise real rebels (‘NY Times / Greenwald would cover it if it was true’), encourage ‘trust’ in big corp media ‘so brave’
    (3) Sell various side agendas – pro-Israel Assange; he & Snowden both against 9-11 truth; Snowden normalising mass spying with his ‘nothing really new’ revelations

    More on the Gellman scam, the massive evidence of Assange-Snowden fakery

  4. We need a President who will seize the big media. All tv all radio, all the internet companies, and the newspapers, the school book publishers, all of it. He could call out 30 million white men as the militia. Then we can win.

    The end result would be a civil war and a national breakup. Just what we need.

  5. Taking demographics into consideration, Democracy will become more of an evil for Whites with each passing year.

  6. What we need is a Koba the Dread or a Vlad Tepes, not some damned boomertard con-man whose grift never ceases. I hear Kang “Cyrus” of Izruhl is starting his own Twatter knock-off (where one dare not mention the massive nose in the room) and has already raised a billion in fake-dollars from (((investors))).

  7. It’s like democrats looked at the polling and decided to go with all of the most unpopular positions simultaneously. It won’t be a “coup” but their own stupidity that undoes them.

  8. QUOTE:
    “(The democrats) were restored to office, but lack the power to do much of anything except pass an infrastructure bill (what else could they do?)”
    Let’s see:
    Let millions of illegals across the border and fly them all over the country.
    Surrender in Afghanistan and arm the terrorist regime with $87 billion worth of munitions.
    Go from energy independence to begging OPEC for more oil.
    Investigate parents who complain at school board meetings.
    Increase crime by defunding the police and eliminating bail.
    Embolden Iran by waiving sanctions.
    Embolden China and Russia by surrendering in Afghanistan.

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