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  1. Get a load of those Philthy pigs endangering their lives by forcing them out of their trucks & into the worst nigger ‘hood, with the clear intent of provoking violence against them which of course would be used as the excuse for C’ville-style (((lawfare))).

    Blue lives don’t mean SHIT.

  2. “Nooooo, you can’t join Patriot Front, you have to stay at home with your wife’s black son and voot moar harder! ”

    – PILOT, President of the Ricky Vaughn Fanboi Club, December 2021

  3. If those guys can survive a night of being threatened by ghetto apes and asshole cops in Philadelphia they can endure anything.

  4. My spidey sense tells me there’s some faggotry afoot here.

    Patriot front has been doing flash rallies and demonstrations like this, with decent optics, since not long after our great intellectual brain trust was marching with tikitorches in college towns frightening the locals, screaming about jews.

    They neither need cover on social media from the shambling corpse of the altright, or the affirmation of the grift right who are engaged in this coordinated gayop.

  5. If conservatives can spot Feds, and think Feds are evil, why is it when they last had power, they did not defund the Fed program?

  6. Snopes says otherwise: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/patriot-front-rally-dc-fake/ – but the truth is probably somewhere in between: a little “intelligence service” versus entirely or none at all.

    But in any case it is definitely an “opposition” that supports the system. If right-populist “opposition” (and fake “left” populism) did not exist, a capitalist state or empire in crisis would need to invent it. Populism, whether right or “left,” is mere temporary reform, a strategic pause or step backwards or lightening-up, before a doubling down of plutocractic usury as soon as the current crisis passes.

  7. My apologies, you got me, the videos cleared up my misconception that they’re not all feds. This time this LARP has no feds, we promise, some people on this site met some dudes, so there’s just no way. And if your at all skeptical of this new nationalist LARP, your a Trumpthumpin migapede mickey dees lappin faggots for Dump boomer, lol is that your guys’ other side of the spectrum version of calling people the phobes or racist for being critical of your LARP?

  8. If the feds want to infiltrate you, you’re not going to fully stop them. PF from what I understand makes it hard for them get in.

  9. I know someone who actually helped create Patriot Front. She is the furthest thing from a fed. She in fact vetted people. The definition of Irony.

    Conservative Organizations are just controlled opposition.

  10. Thanks for posting these videos.
    PF looks like they are trying hard to become an effective movement. They – or at least Thomas Rousseau – appear to have learned a lot from the Charlottesville debacle. They can still make mistakes, however, as when a couple of years ago Rousseau & a friend were busted by police in Weatherford, Texas (a very red community), for vandalism (i.e., placarding an otherwise pristine tourist area of shops & restaurants). Not good, but survivable, & another lesson learned, I hope, although I saw some placarding & fence cutting in the videos. Any major misstep and PF will be instantly crushed by the regime, or turned by the regime into its tool. I also hope these very young guys are soliciting some mature advice from people like Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, James Edwards, and you, Hunter.

  11. Matthew 7:17

    I don’t know if members of PF work for the Federal Government or not. I do know that no one who is calling these brave patriotic men “Feds” has any idea.

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