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  1. I remember all the future cat ladies getting worked up over Hillary when slick Willy came on the scene. Willy was a Rhodes “Scholar” which implies he was being groomed from the start. I would love to know who the sponsor was. Poor white kids don’t get into Harvard as a general rule\ and Willy is no rocket-scientist.

    • There’s a substantial rumor , with lots of circumstancial evidence, that Bill Clinton is the illegitimate son of a powerful Arkansas senator.

      • That would make perfect sense. Once they start drinking babies blood they seem to become a permanent fixture but they need a sponsor.

    • Most Americans think “Rhodes Scholar” is a great thing. They do not know that Cecil Rhodes hated America, and with his friends and owners worked overtime to undermine this country. I hope he churns in his grave, watching what his owners are doing to England.

      • There is an article floating around how ridiculous the current crop of Rhodes Scholars are. I’ll come back and post if I can find it. It might be on Revolvet.

    • Not to worry, Arrian. The syndicate has it covered (as you likely already know). The ‘judge’ in Ghislaine’s trial is a Jew lesbo, and the ‘prosecutor’ is the daughter of none other than James Comey, and FBI capo. Wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘jury’ was picked from list from a nearby Synagogue. After all, that’s the only way a Mossad agent can get a “fair” trial in Murika.

  2. There was a conspiracy theory that she had Parkinsons that was being covered up, but apparently she doesn’t and was just sick with a bad cold or exhaustion during the 2016 campaign.

    • Her brain damage is just a fact. I know someone who was at Columbia when she went in for her problems. The kosher media with Biden has just decided that health is no longer a legitimate issue to discuss. That wasn’t yet firmly established in 2016. Lol imagine any Republican collapsing like that and getting stuff into a vehicle like that!

  3. As much of a dud as Blormpf was, I am still glad the psychopathic, sadistic monster lost. I drank her tears with great joy and laughter! Thanks for bringing back some of that 2016 ecstasy. We memed, she saw, she lost!

    Hulk Hogan, brother

  4. See my previous comment about the US being a gerontocracy (link) — the woman is now 74 y/o, and has no political future — she ought to have the decency to retire from public life, or at least not take part in mawkish spectacles like this.

    Speaking of decency, review the video of her cackling like a raving lunatic over the gruesome killing of Muammar Gaddafi — in a morally decent country, she would never have been on the ballot.

  5. Didn’t the Q-oracle say she was already under arrest and imprisoned in some sooper-dooper seecrit Gitmo cell or some such? Whah append, bro??

    • Nothing to worry about, Q the Retard says Emperor Trump will be secretly sworn in as Mr. President in August, last August that is. When people reach My Pillow Guy levels of delusion they are gone. It’s time for them to be taking meds and kept away from the computer.

    • Au contraire, mon frère, Frau Clinton’s performance was knee-slappingly hysterical. It will leave people around the world roaring with laughter for years to come.

  6. What a dumb broad,Kamala is the first poc and women veep and potentially first president if Biden doesn’t croak.

    • Cackling Kamala as Mr. President, Gap Toothed Stacey Abrams as Mr. Vice President, all 400 Lbs. of her. A double chocolate treat this country richly deserves, the logical result of 100 years of “equality” and more than 50 years of multiculturalism, diversity and enrichment. Ain’t “democracy” grand?

  7. Her values are the values of the Moshiach, the anti-Christ. She is a witch. She is evil. She is anti-Christ and she my friends is going to hell as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow. I guarantee it in the name of all that is good and decent in this world. There is a reason why this witch did not become president, God could not take such evil in such a high position.

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