ADL Joins January 6 Civil Lawsuit

If you are reading this website, I assume that I don’t even have to tell you that it is Jews from top to bottom who are behind censorship and cancel culture and political correctness or Wokeism and Antifa, as was the case in the Soviet Union and communism throughout Europe in the 20th century. Nosferatu has been trying to get Tucker Carlson cancelled all year now.

It was Jews who were behind the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit and now this one. It was the ADL who funded it and the same New York law firm who were behind it. The Sines v. Kessler trial also ended up being all about them even though that wasn’t the issue which brought us all to Charlottesville.

Note: For years, the Proud Boys and Oathcucks clashed with us over this very issue, so it is fitting that we all ended up in their crosshairs. Interestingly enough, Stewart Rhodes wasn’t sued. Lots of people have been saying for years that guy is an actual fed or informant.

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      • Gee, ya think? And Luther, too…like KT said… just for ecumenical relations!

        “If you are reading this website, I assume that I don’t even have to tell you that it is Jews from top to bottom who are behind censorship and cancel culture and political correctness or Wokeism and Antifa, as was the case in the Soviet Union and communism throughout Europe in the 20th century.”

        HW, Best damn line you’ve ever written. Thanks. And Merry Christmas.

    • KT-88

      I don’t see Martin Luther as presenting a whole lot of practicality on the JQ or White racial realism. He just has one very strident anti J tract after a former J rabbi supposedly converted to Christianity (which Luther says is very rare) and this former J rabbi told Martin Luther what the Talmud says about Jesus Christ, the Virgin Marry and just about the Talmudic hatred of Whites/Gentiles.

      Martin Luther wrote so many hateful tracts against the Catholic Christian authorities at the time – this was just one against the JQs, he doesn’t propose any real solutions to the JQ just wishes they should be kicked out of Germany and all true Christian places and banned from usury. Like A Hitler, Martin Luther thought the re-establishment of a Jewish ethno state in Palestine wouldn’t solve the JQ because most Js would find some excuse not to go there as they would have to take real jobs and not exploit others as parasites.

      Also, Alfred Rosenberg and the racially conscious White NS Germans who favored making some type of pro White Christianity, positive Christianity blame Martin Luther for forcing the extremely ethnocentric, genocidal anti Gentile parts of the Old Testament on White Europeans/Germans.

      There really isn’t any way for us to make the anti Gentile, genocidal ravings of the Book of Esther or Exodus work for us, though Identity Christians try to do this by saying the Js of the Old Testament Bible were really White tribes. That’s ridiculous.

      Like I/we’re supposed to climb up on our roofs and paint some secret sign on our roofs to the Je*ish tribal God Yahwey/Jehovah that Je*ish people live under their roof so this J tribal God will “Passover” and not murder our first born sons.

      We Whites probably get a better role in Nation of Islam or Rev. Wright’s Black Liberation Theology than in the Old Testament J Bible.

      But if you are interested in the observations on the JQ including Martin Luther’s by the greatest minds Gentile and J*w the place to go is

      Grimstad’s Anti Zion the Colchester Collection/National Vanguard

      Some of my personal picks are:

      German Philosopher Frederick Neitzsche – blames the racial J St. Paul the former J Pharisee Saul of Tarsus for forcing a universal race denying slave religion on the classical Greek and Roman pagan world.

      Mark Twain – blames Js for Carpet Bagging in Reconstruction and being history’s eternal swindlers – Getting $ money without doing honest work.

      HG Wells – says the J Messiah was to place the boot on the neck and enslave all of humanity.

      Lots of honest real socialists who named the JQ as enslaving real workers and for creating Communism as a false opposition to their own international finance, usury Capitalism.

      Lots of Js bragging about their sponsorship and leadership of Communism.

      Some solid Catholic Popes back in the day when the Catholic Church actually fought for a European style Christiandom.

      The Js in the ADL, Soros, the J Media mafia are really making as*ses out of themselves now. One small good thing is that J Neo Conservative war mongers seem to have lost a lot of their power in GOP, in the White Christian Right.

      Internationally Victor Urban seems the best on racial/Islam and the JQ – gave the boot to George Soros NGOs, didn’t apologize for Hungary in World War II, didn’t back down to that horrible French international J Bernard Henry Levy in his The Atlantic Magazine interview.

      Yes, folks, we live in an occupied country the JQ is a big part of the occupation but not the only part. BRA is another huge part, so is the Hominterm – the international homosexual power community/movement.

  1. But the jews having power in the courts and govt is just another right wing conspiracy theory. The next demonstration should be at the adl’s main office. Put the fear of Hitler back in these jews. That’s the only thing they understand. You can’t reason with a demonic entity.

    • F*CK demonstrations. Imprecatory prayer, and then, lawfully, Kristallnacht 2.0.

      Exaudi oratione nobis, Domine.
      Remember Thy Son on the cross, O Lord. – and just who put Him there.

      “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
      (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)-

      • We need to move away from Talmudic currencies. Barter is basically illegal unless you monetize and pay taxes on it but could be used to some extent. Silver ingots would be pretty easy. Making coins is illegal too of course. The gold “market” is Shlomo controlled so unless you are mining it yourself it would be a bad choice for artificial currency.

      • God or Jesus is not going to come down and save us from the jew subversives.

        Not everything is retrofitted in religion. Man has to take responsibility for his actions and inaction’s.

        My uncle was a priest his whole life and lived in the Vatican for 6 years. All he learned from that experience is religion and politics are one in the same. Before he went to Rome he was a big believer until he saw how politics corrupts even the most godly of religions.

        • John- Your comment does not negate the premise I made. As Dr. North has noted:

          “Problem: knowing what failed to work before is not the same as knowing what strategy will lead to victory in the future.”

          “Rushdoony is correct: ‘To limit salvation to man’s soul and not to his body, his society, and his every aspect and relationship, is to deny its Biblical meaning.’ ”

          “Man thinks that he is disobeying God on his own account, in his own authority, but in fact, man must serve only one maser. Ethically, he subordinates himself to Satan when he refuses to obey God…”

          ‘God has established three monopolistic institutions: Church, State, and family. The head of each can serve God or satan, and those under him are sanctified (set apart) institutionally… Thus, to deny that God’s law applies to your covenantal superior is another way of saying that it really does not apply to YOU…in short, covenantal authorities are important.’

          ‘There are theologians today who say that god’s law applies only to individuals, that nations are not under God’s Law. [they insist] there is no national covenant; this is a basic philosophy of all modern secular political theory, and few ‘Christian’ scholars disagree.

          “God’s Principles’ is the code phrase for fundamentalists who are nervous about appearing totally antinomian, but who are equally nervous about breaking openly with the teachings and language of dispensationalism, ie., ‘we’re under grace. not law.’ Finally, “God’s moral law” is the code phrase for the evangelical and Reformed man who does not want be branded an antinomian, but who also does not want to be bound by the case laws of the Old Testament. In all these, cases, the speaker rejects the idea of the continuing authority of the case laws.”

          ALL ACTS are religious.
          ALL ACTS are political
          ALL ACTS, therefore, must be under God’s Laws.


          Your choice.

          • You wrote, “ALL ACTS, therefore, must be under God’s Laws.”

            Then everything that happens “God’s Will”? Or part of “God’s Plan”? So why would you want something different, than what you see? Why ask your God to change his plan?

      • Wrong thing to pray for.

        Instead, you should pray for strength, success, resiliance, and willpower to withstand against the enemies who wish to bring you down. Nothing hurts them more than having their enormous attacks fail. Look at Afghanistan.

        • Kind of weird for someone to pray to their God, and ask for strength to deal with his chosen ones. I don’t think the bible ever said anything about God being about equality.

  2. It’s not often you have a pure example of being blinded by hate, but what the jews are doing with jan 6 is just self-defeating.

    Bankrupting the Proud Boys and the III%ers don’t hurt pro-whites one bit, but the boomerwaffen will become redpilled from the jews jewing them this blatantly.

    • Yes, this is just a broader part of normies being radicalized by the judeoleft. Websites like this are right to just sit back and watch in fascination as it happens. On some level, elite jews *want* to be “persecuted” (i.e. having people resist their oppression even the slightest bit). It really is incredible seeing them, over time, make societies un-livable.

    • >but the boomerwaffen will become redpilled from the jews jewing them this blatantly.

      They won’t. They aren’t intelligent enough to find their way out.

  3. Johnathan Greenblatt and Yoram Hazony embody purportedly dueling, yet symbiotic, strategies for Jewish relations with European Gentiles. The former demonizes European gentiles while the latter infantilizes them. Both are rabid Zionists. Both represent the left and right wings of the Jewish-constructed mainstream. If you are to the right of Hazony, then you should expect that Greenblatt and his ilk will attack you. If you are to the left of Greenblatt, then you should expect that Hazony and his ilk will attack you. The neoliberal and neoconservative poles reinforce each other in the goal for gatekeeping Judeo-critical gentiles. Anyone who criticizes Diaspora Jews or Israeli Jews falls within both of their sights. I admire Greenblatt in that he does not conceal his contempt for European gentiles in the way that Hazony does. Greenblatt has evidenced his desire to eradicate gentile Europeans on multiple occasions like this one. Christians United for Israel and the Edmund Burke Foundation promote neoconservatism while the ADL and the SPLC promote neoliberalism. This Caducean structure obfuscates the Jewish role in dispossessing and ultimately eradicating gentile European Americans.

    The normal observer would state that there are rightwing and leftwing Jews that work to mutually exclusive ends. The learned person understands that both rightwing and leftwing manifestations of Zionism serve the same masters for the same end. This is why mainstream American discourse has the aesthetics of a barking match between two, equally neurotic Yeshiva students. This is also why “Constitutional Interpretation” has morphed into Talmudic pilpul and hair splitting. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Jared Taylor remains an unabashed philosemite given his goals and knowledge of the past and present state of Jewish-gentile relations. I would be very grateful if Hunter could provide some insight here.

    • Exactly. This is a case of leftist Jews suing controlled opposition groups funded by Zionist Jews. There is no side for nationalists to get behind here, both sides are Jewish. American politics is just a Jewish stage production. The battles are fake. It’s a one party system.

      The January 6 protesters are not our guys. They are morons and willing tools of ZOG. They will NEVER come over to our side based on appeals to reason and logic because they get their opinions from Zionist TV personalities. I have no idea why pro-white activists keep appealing to these fools. Anyone who was still pro-Trump by 2020 is a lost cause.

      • Yes, those people were foolish to still believe that Zion Don the Orange Con had their backs when they appeared at the ZOG Capitol to demonstrate on January 6th. But that doesn’t mean they deserved what happened to them, especially Ms. Babbitt.

      • >I have no idea why pro-white activists keep appealing to these fools.
        Because it’s when folks get blackpilled by the mainstream paradigm that they become pro-white.

        • I don’t think those types are all unreachable, it’s just that there are many who would virtue signal about having black grandchildren and supporting Israel even as they’re fully aware of who is persecuting them. Those are the types that make me hopeless. They’re not all like that of course.

    • “Both right wing and left wing manifestations serve the same masters” is accurate! Good analysis as far as it goes.

    • “I cannot understand why Jared Taylor remains an unabashed philosemite given his goals and knowledge of the past and present state of Jewish-gentile relations. I would be very grateful if Hunter could provide some insight here.”

      I’ve heard a few times that it’s because he has a Jewish wife. Although I’m not sure if that’s true or just a rumor.

  4. The ADL getting into fights that don’t involve them, is a dumb idea. Even among normies of red states, the ADL is getting negative connotations. Tucker attacked them publicly, and wasn’t hurt at all. This might give the ADL some shivers of joy, but only makes them seem petty attacking people like this, Charlottesville is one thing. This is another. Like I’ve said before, these people aren’t 900 feet high. They can be quite dumb. I don’t regard Jews like some here do as invincible superheroes. They put their pants on one leg at a time too

    • You’re right, the Anti Gentile League is not invincible. It’s in the jews’ nature to constantly insult and provoke their gentile hosts until those hosts begin to fight back. It’s a very risky game the jews are playing but they’ve been doing it since ancient times.

      I’m no spokesman for or supporter of Patriot Front but when conservative spuds ask what was the point of their recent flash-march through Washingcoon DC it might have been to show everyone that they don’t need ZOG’s permission to peacefully assemble.

  5. You are going to get a black jury in DC.The Jews want blacks to do their dirty work. The Jews want blacks to be their Pontius Pilate. The Jews want blacks to punish the innocent.

  6. >it is Jews from top to bottom who are behind censorship and cancel culture

    Bravo dude.

    However it should be noted that Karl Racine (link), AG for the District of Columbia, the person nominally behind these civil suits filed on behalf of the DoC, is black — a Haitian immigrant, one whose career has no doubt been massively boosted by affirmative action based on white guilt, which illustrates a long-standing problem with AA: its beneficiaries are often non-whites, including migrants, who’ve suffered no obvious harm from discrimination or racism in America, nor did their ancestors.

    • Looking at the named defendants (link), both ‘PROUD BOYS INTERNATIONAL, L.L.C’ and ‘OATH KEEPERS’ are named as organizations; the rest appear to be individuals — somewhat surprisingly, far down the list of individuals one finds ‘HENRY “ENRIQUE” TARRIO’, yet reportedly he was not only a ‘leader’ of the Proud Boys, but also an FBI informant:

      Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was an FBI informant

      A Proud Boys member and FBI informant was texting his handler during the January 6 Capitol riot, report says

      So someone who, as ostensibly a ‘leader’ of the Proud Boys, may have played a major role in instigating/organizing Jan 06 (on behalf of the FBI?), all the while keeping his FBI handlers informed (so presumably they knew beforehand what would happen, at least in part), even in real-time, is now a defendant — ?

      This promises to be a real circus, like Sines v Kessler — will Deborah Lipstadt testify again? — LOL

  7. Jews are also making a big stink about putting wreaths on military cemetery graves. Fox had an article about it to rile up their base and the leader of this “religion free” type group has as jewish a name as you can get but runs under the “atheist” cover. This easily fools a lot of the commenters denouncing the hate of “atheists” not seeing the forest through the trees, the “hate” comes from ethnic bigotry, not religion. Still though one lone commentator brought up the jewishness of the agitator and had 92 likes suggesting a lot of people are figuring it out. Just putting up the article an noticing yet another name involved in deconstructing our society people should notice the pattern, problem is too many people have to have their nose rubbed in it like a puppy and don’t take hints. One lesson for sure for all the “constitution fetishists” is the recipe for America failed, it was very easily subverted, any king could have told you that would happen. You can’t tolerate activity that subverts your order or you will get subverted.

  8. This ADL creature Greenblatt doesn’t even look human.

    He looks like the vampire Nosfaratu in the Black and White horror film.

    The Js are an ethnic group – race is too strong a word as they mate with everyone everything around them.

    Please treat individual J people fairly. There are decent individual Js. As a group – they tend to be terrible, fitting all their negative stereotypes.

  9. This is total Judeocracy.
    And Mister Grünblatt’s “anti-hate organisation” seems to be the most hateful organisation ever.

  10. I found no Wikipedia bio or entry for Esta Epstein, the current director of the ADL. Interestingly, her predecessor Abraham Foxman was “baptized Catholic and raised Catholic” (Christian name: Henryk Stanislaw) laying claim to “interfaith” background like the (crypto-) Lutheran prime minister of Germany, Angela Kazner (Merkel).

    Re: “it is Jews from top to bottom who are behind censorship and cancel culture and political correctness or Wokeism and Antifa, as was the case in the Soviet Union”:

    You probably don’t mean that cancel culture, p.c., Wokeness, et cetera existed in the Soviet Union. There was censorship, which was necessary however, in resistance to relentless capitalist propaganda and the constant struggle for national survival in the “cold” war with the U.S. that continued from the 1920’s (except three years during WW2) until Gorbachev and other traitors voluntarily surrendered in 1991. Also, realize that the majority of Russian communists, even early Bolshevik leaders, were Gentile, not Jewish as many WNs claim (repeating Robert Wilton’s yellow journalism). The majorities of even the very first Central Committee, and the first Cheka, and first Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR were ethnic Russian Gentiles, and the Gentile majority of Russian leadership increased over time as the Jewish/Trotskyist element was gradually purged. Furthermore Russian ethno-national socialism is historically of Christian not Talmudistic origin and basis, predating Marx.

    Re: Karl Racine, Haitian-American immigrant, basketball player, lawyer, and the Attorney General of D.C. who is suing the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers: Haitians may carry giant chips on their shoulders, and the White “insurrectionists” appear to be an ideal target for their anger and retaliation.

    Haitians toppling a statue of the hated Christopher Columbus, discoverer of Haiti: //

  11. “If you are reading this website, I assume that I don’t even have to tell you that it is Jews from top to bottom who are behind censorship and cancel culture and political correctness or Wokeism and Antifa, as was the case in the Soviet Union and communism throughout Europe in the 20th century.”

    Nonetheless, there is absolutely NO chance that the last election for POTUS was stolen,; right Brad?

    • I don’t believe it was stolen.

      I believe White Independents in the suburbs voted for Joe Biden because of COVID. The results are pretty consistent nationwide. He lost because those suburban ring counties swung to the Democrats. How was the trend faked everywhere even in Red States?

      • In many “red” (GOP) counties people voted for Trump because of Covid. They were bragging in the lines at the polls that when Trump wins he will order an end to all the masking, social distancing and other public health measures that they hate. The pandemic deniers and anti-vaxxers did not vote for Biden because of Covid.

        Interestingly, the pandemic is approaching its grand finale over the holidays. At least one million (official count over 800,000) or about .33% of the census-counted U.S. population has already died of, or with, Covid, and by March, when the Omicron variant wave has likely passed, I expect there will be at least another quarter or half million casualties in the U.S. More than one out of 100 U.S. citizens above 65 years of age has already died of or with Covid. But as Ebenezer Scrooge would say let them die then, and reduce the excess population. And lighten the burden on Medicare and Social Security. Pandemics actually benefit the system (not common people) in many ways.

        • More people voted Biden in hopes that the blackmail from the left would cease if Trump were punished and expelled. A lot of people voted Biden to appease you fucking lunatic assholes. Get ready for total war.

          • @Captain John Charity Spring, MA I see the opposite. I think more Boomers voted for Biden than younger people. Most Boomers never think anything is wrong. When over a million illegals come in one month, it doesn’t bother them. Nor does it bother them that there’s probably well over 50 million of them living here off of us. Too many Boomers own several homes, are always on a vacation, and watch TV.

        • Average age of death from COVID = Average age of death from OLD AGE.

          The vax companies have made $30 billion profit from this op so far.

          It must be great for them when they have the government, and coporations enforcing their outrageous profits at gun point.

          No need to pay for research, because the government paid for it up front.

          No need to pass safety tests. Government waves them through.

          No need to pay for advertising to convince people. Government and mass media did their propaganda for free, and the people who didn’t want it got fired.

          No need to answer questions from the public. All dissenters censored from the billionaire owned media.

          Your outrageous profits mandated by the government, and corporate monopoly, is the mark of a true capitalist!

      • C’mon man…

        Massive evidence of widespread election fraud in multiple states never seen before in our lifetime.

        Hate Blormpf all you want but deal with reality at the same time.

        • It looks to me like the same consistent trend across all states – Biden winning in the suburbs and outperforming Hillary. This happened everywhere whether it was Tennessee or Oklahoma or Arizona or New Hampshire. Blumpf underperformed his 2016 margin in all kinds of places he won like Northwest Georgia

      • >I believe White Independents in the suburbs voted for Joe Biden because of COVID

        So maybe all Biden has to do to help Democrats win is put the country into lockdown again over omicron COVID and impose even more draconian vaccine and booster mandates?

        Sorry, that is not believable.

        I imagine your average independent leans libertarian, and so would be more likely to reject COVID tyranny than embrace or demand more of it.

        >Hunter any comment on Derek Chauvin pleading guilty to the federal cases against him?

        He did so because his conviction was a foregone conclusion — the police union paid for his state defense, but once he was convicted that ended — he was denied a public defender for his ongoing state appeal, so he probably could not afford a lawyer for a federal trial — if via a deal and guilty plea he can get a short federal sentence that runs concurrently with his state time, then in this sense it is strategically understandable.

        Federal charges against him are another kind of SLAPP tactic aimed at Whites.

  12. Where’s the ADL when there is BLM rioting and looting?
    Where are they when blacks spit out racist, anti – white bile? In every way, they’re a racist, anti – white hate group with an agenda.
    People may argue some Jan 6th rioters are controlled opposition, not aligned with us, etc, but many would have been ordinary people who don’t understand the politics behind it all, and just want their nation back.
    At heart, I think many want what we want.
    Rest assured, the ADL are attacking these people because they see them as people like you and me.
    You could be next.

    • It’s not about being fair or equal. It’s about their agenda.
      Whites think if they JUST could convince the other side how unfair all of this is, and make the Left see that we want OUR rights, just like blacks and latinos…then they’d agree and be uphold our rights and punish the nonwhites who commit crime against us. They don’t care…they are doing all of this on purpose. They don’t acknowledge the Constitution anymore.

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