Secular Talk: CONFIRMED: Biden Abandons Student Loan Debt Relief

Kyle is right.

Joe Biden is a neoliberal corporate stooge.

At this point, you have to ask yourself whether Trump would have been worse. Trump paused student loans. Trump sent out stimulus checks. Gas prices weren’t this high under Trump. Grocery prices weren’t this high under Trump. Rent wasn’t this high under Trump.

Note: Cool guy Anand wrote the funniest article of the year. And yes, it would be hilarious to see him shot out of a cannon and into the sun.

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  1. Nothing is for free. Once those “stimulus” checks were giving out, you had to know the govt was going to get back that money 10 fold. Be careful what you wish for because you’re paying for it now.

    • “chose to be Jimmy Carter”:

      Biden is credited with ordering the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, whereas Jimmy Carter actualy started the war against then secular, socialist Afghanistan, and also against revolutionary Islamic socialism in Iran (the overthrew the U.S.’s puppet Shah dictatorship) and a few other wars, although Carter gained the reputation of a peacemaker, which is impossible for a President of the United States (empire) that has been at war continuously since its founding.

      Re: the payment of student loan “debt”:

      There was never any doubt that it would finally be required to be paid. The system cannot allow anything to be free for the people, except the air we breathe (for the time being at least). Every drop of workers’ blood must be licked, every penny of rent and interest extracted (from the commons) because this is “a free country,” the “free-est” in world history. It doesn’t matter who is President or which party wins the (s)elections.

      • I was referring more to public image than what these people actually did.

        Public image of FDR was public works, freedom from wants, social security, etc. Public image of Jimmy Carter was ineffectual leader who presided over high stagflation while focusing on niche progressive issues disconnected from the reality most people faced. Biden more closely matches the latter in public image.

      • I am aware of only one brief period in ZOG’s long, bloody history when it was not at war against somebody: 1975 to 1980. And maybe 1902 to 1915?

  2. As someone who worked his way through school, I applaud Sleepy Joe’s abandonment of education grifters.
    Education post high school is mostly networking and learning how to copy/paste while being indoctrinated by a Marxist Professor to be a woke liberal anyway. Highly overrated.

    Want a good paying job with benefits? Learn a trade and maybe a degree in business management/administration from one of the 5,000 online universities. You won’t rack up six figures in student debt either.

    • A well-known personality on Gab and former truck driver named Joe Prich has great advice for young white men trying to decide on a career: learn how to either build stuff or repair stuff.

  3. You’re wrong on this,

    “At this point, you have to ask yourself whether Trump would have been worse. Trump paused student loans. Trump sent out stimulus checks. Gas prices weren’t this high under Trump. Grocery prices weren’t this high under Trump. Rent wasn’t this high under Trump.”

    The time to ask this was before everybody decided to kneecap Trump in the 2020 election, or openly support Biden. Its too late now.

    Certainly many of us, myself not the least of whom, were under no delusions about the lesser of two weevils in a comparison of which would be preferable in real quality of life terms, unambiguously it was Trump, which is why I voted for him.

    I recall some pretty dubious arguments about brown hero general who was droned and bombing syria, poor brown Palestinians, the jewz (who will not replace us), platinum plan etc. in defense of the idea that Biden or anybody couldn’t be any worse than the orange man (who is still bad). All of these I have been clear weren’t good enough reasons to fag for Biden, or fag against Trump. Whichever way you want to slice it is irrelevant in a binary choice where one has to be selected. Opposition to one is defacto support for the other. Everyone understands this intuitively. Its also irrelevant whether you or I or anybody else agrees on this because its too late anyway now. Trump is out, Brandon is in.

    I also recall some more abstract arguments about right leaning normies needing to have their candidate lose before they pay attention and can be radicalized. An effectively accelerationist argument which a year on I am also willing to say is correct in praxis as we’ve seen.

    The question I think should be asked then instead of what we already know the answer to and can do nothing about, is whether the radicalization we are seeing (which we are in agreement is a good thing unequivocally), the increase in coherence of White Identity, loss of faith in all institutions, understanding about Whites being targeted etc. is worth the loss of quality of life we and everyone else is subjected to, to create these conditions.

    Its this honest discussion I’m more interested in, because this is what is pertinent now. How much pain is it worth, and who decides.

    Radicals are always willing to inflict harm on others for their ideological gain, or gain towards the realization of it. The true believers are willing to accept it for themselves also for ideological gain, or gain toward the realization of it. The difference between what the two are willing to sacrifice creates the crucible by which grifters and dross are separated from the body politic.

    We, the dissident right have, as many proscribed dissident groups have in the past, already made these sacrifices because of direct discrimination against us, so don’t stand to suffer much more than we would have anyway, which makes it easier to decide to support an approach that will hurt normies to accomplish broader radicalization.

    I have very definite ideas about what I think is worth the cost. I’m sure folks presented with the argument in a straight forward way would form their ideas about whats worth it also.

    What I’ve not seen so far, is an honest attempt at making this argument openly (on the right). Instead I think the braintrust of the former Altright has largely taken this upon themselves to decide, with the intention of orientating their outward discourse (podcasts and blogs, coordinated social media brigading etc) to further whatever conclusion they reach. I know for certain that factions have long since decided this, and suspect as much of other factions.

    I’m unsure if its an argument that its beneficial to discuss openly, or one that has to be kept occulted.

    I do know it needs consideration.

    • If Trump had won the election, there wouldn’t have been another stimulus check. He would also be dealing with the same problems – inflation, gas prices, supply chain issues – which really have less to do with Biden than global issues in the wake of COVID. It is funny to blame Biden though for it. The price of oil is set on the global market. The supply chain is global due to decades of outsourcing. Inflation is due to trillions of dollars in spending which Trump contributed to with the CARES Act and the mismatch between the recovering economy and the devastation of fracking a year ago

      • It isn’t really important to hypothesize about whether the same would be happening under Trump. Maybe or maybe not it doesn’t matter.

        Certainly the border would be in better shape.

        I’m more interested in what we are getting for this shit sandwich, and whether you and other folks think its worth it longer term.

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