Ellis Islanders Run The Democratic Party

UPDATE: Twitter nuked Josiah Lippincott’s account for this thread.

Interesting thread.

Krafty has been saying this here in the comments for a decade.

This is why I refused to take sides in his ongoing feud with ATBOTL because there is something to this although I think it is much more applicable to older generations. The Democratic Party is controlled by Jews who preside over a web of subordinate groups like blacks, “Latinx,” Asians, LGBTQ, single women and Irish and Italian elites who used to run the machines in the big cities like New York and Chicago.

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  1. Seems like really surface-level stuff to deflect away from the uniparty nature of the American system. Frankly, I think you like stuff like this Hunter because you have very little real world experience outside of Alabama and it feeds into Southern sympathies. Never mind that it was “Ellis Islanders” tearing up NYC in the draft riots. It was “Ellis Islanders” from Italy and Germany [and to a lesser extent, Ireland] who formed the strongest anti-war support base in the run-up to the Second zionist War.

    The highest levels of government already self-select for a very specific type of person and the general interests of Irish-Americans certainly isn’t one of their priorities.

    • All immigration, starting with the Irish and Germans in the 1830’s and 1840’s has been bad for America and Americans. No one who does not have a direct male ancestor listed in the 1790 Census should be allowed any of the rights of citizens.

  2. Unitarians, Episcopalians, Southern Baptist Convention leaders. Mitt Romney. Southerners are related to each other, that why Brad, Jay Dyer, Zelda Fitzgerald all bear a passing resemblance to each other. Unfortunately, this gives them an extremely skewed and inaccurate notion of the demographics of white America. No need to beat a dead horse, an anti-Catholic Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist or similar types don’t care that the foreigners and their children in the Midwest outnumbered whites in the South in 1900. America hasn’t been predominantly “wasp” for a very long time. None of Donald Trump’s grandparents grew up speaking English, at least not as their first language. Nevertheless he counts as an Episcopalian/Presbyterian follower of Norman Vincent Peale white, it’s usually not American national identity going back to colonial days that matters to the people who talk about it non-stop, as if the country has gone to hell because the Know-Nothings like Thaddeus Stevens didn’t get their way . The rich wasps of the Northeast and California don’t generally seek political positions, but they have immense cultural clout that they use to keep the uniparty system going.

  3. Anglos aren’t the only ones that comprised the Trump demographic. Far more are going to be descendents of first wave Irish protestants, Scots-Irish (also protestant) and German (largely protestant).

    These groups have been the majority of the working class, middle class and military class and even now (in varying distributions predominate in the South, Appalachia, Midwest and Central Plains.

    Who he is talking about are second wave catholic potatoe niggers fleeing the great famine, pasta niggers (catholic) and descendents of slaves (field niggers who don’t really count as protestant because the only thing that really binds them together is hating Whitey) and of course Jews.

    The Catholic and Protestant dichotomy is more important to this than I think people recognize. Not so much in that these religious modes actually mean anything anymore, but that they are historically significant to the genealogy of the thing.

      • San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. All of the leftist movements in San Francisco from the 60s on, very much including the homosexual movement, has been a wash of Anglos! Only a small sprinkling of other races or white ethnicities. These urban-dwelling “Ellis Islanders” are cherry picked by the Democratic establishment to both appease and subvert their constituency.

    • My Irish descendants came over a generation before the famine, and they were Church of Ireland (Anglican) anyway. So where does my Cajun Catholic family fit it?

      • LOL. That Roman Catholic cajun politician who got shot by a crazy leftist on a baseball ballfield In Washington, that hasn’t changed his pro-leftist anti-White actions any has it? Remember when he called David Duke everything, but, a White man. He didn’t come to the defense of Steve King either did he. Pathetic.

  4. It’s not the Jews in particular, it’s the Ellis islanders!

    The Bushes, the Cheneys, Romney, the Portman types, the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention aren’t responsible! It’s career politicians from states with overwhelming immigrant populations! Gorsuch, despite attending Episcopalian Church and being old stock, is immediately tarred as a Catholic by the retarded SDA tier contingent. Faggot Buttigieg attends Episcopalian services. As does Trump, the man with the Jewish son-in-law, the immigrant wife, and four grandparents who grew up speaking something other than English. Old stock America stands behind Trump!

    The people who talk about “Ellis Islanders” (as though there aren’t huge swaths of the country settled by immigrants who didn’t go through Ellis Island) are on the same page as the Jews like that Romanian Costin Alamariu suspected of writing “Bronze Age Mindset.” It’s incredibly stupid politically, as stupid as Hillary Clinton remarking that Trump is of German descent. (google won’t even pull it up anymore)

      • The Republican Party is run by Jews and Catholics, because Jews and Catholics have been allowed to run the Republican Party. Where as in the Democratic Party the Jews and Catholics ARE the Democratic Party.

        That’s the difference.

        • Some odd things…Evangelical Christians are far more in bed with Jews than Catholics are. They worship Jews. Maybe Catholics are just competing for their attention?

          A lot of these Catholics probably grew up in very white suburbs, and had the best of everything, even if just midline Middle Class. They had no experience with blacks, and think blacks are just like whites.

          I don’t know if any party is run by any dominant religious based politicians. I say it’s the other way around…that these politicians are more defined by their attitudes and world views, than their religion. Most Christians, and that includes Catholics, are fairly liberalized.

          I’d say that about the Jews, too, even with their constant signaling to Israel, I would say that’s more about them being in power, than their religion. Even when they go on about God giving them this and that, it’s just a way to claim righteous power on their part.

    • That’s right. Kikes & Catholics: socially leftist coastal urbanite “ethnic” shit call the shots in both parties, they comprise most of the Ivy League-credentialed “intelligentsia” who come up with policies; are most of the Supreme Court fartbags & anonymous fed bureaucrats. They’re now an exclusive club, and they vigilantly screen out Flyova Whites who would rock the boat in favor of nigs, spics, fags & Asians to give the important veneer of (non-ideological) Diversity.

  5. Ellis Islanders Run The Democratic Party . . . and they have been running the country into the ground; sometimes out of spite, sometimes out of incompetence, most of the time both.

  6. @Brad It’s practical real world politics, the kind they don’t teach in college anymore. LOL.

    The Jews would be nowhere without the Catholic votes in Congress, the State Houses, and City governments. There are not that many Jews, while the Catholic population is huge and growing everyday, mostly because of Catholic immigration from Latino America, and places like Haiti & Nigeria.

    Our Catholic friends must be made aware that we understand the game they, and, the Jews are playing against the founding stock, the old stock Americans as Brad has put it.

    If we start to let the Catholics know that we understand their game, and I see this starting to happen, the Jews will get nervous and go to ground. Until we let the Catholics know, that we see them as Jewish allies, and members of a foreign cult, nothing will improve!

    @Brad, btw, Chief Justice Roberts is of Polish Roman Catholic ancestry, on both sides of his family, or so I have been told. Roberts mother was Polish, but, according to my sources his father was too.

    • Yet, über evangelical WASP George W. Bush not only nominated Roberts for the SCOTUS, but appointed him Chief Justice as well.

      So is there some bizarre circle jerk between Protestants, Catholics, and jews with Protestants using both hands?

      • The Bush family is one of THE worst traitor WASP families in American history. Wilmot Robertson in Instauration was defending President George HW Bush up until the end, but Robertson did back Pat Buchanan’s insurgency campaign against Bush Sr.

        The Bushes are very much like the Kennedy family – just go with the flow, if anti Communism is popular, go that way. People don’t like Liberal Republican rich folks from Connecticut that go to Yale, then try to repackage the family name as a “Tough Texan” – that actually worked for the Bushes.

        If Hispanic demographics are taking over, then the Florida Governor Bush son marries a really ugly connected Mexican wife.

        The whole Tri Lateral Commission thing with Bush Sr. was sort of a WASP alternative/Skull and Bones alternative to the heavily Jew Council on Foreign Relations and these WASP always got jobs in the CIA, Federal Reserve.

        Bush Sr had a couple of advisers that periodically mouthed off that they weren’t slaves to the Israelis – what was that adviser I think Lebanese Christian writers guy John Sunnu or something. Romsfeld and I forgot the the other Bush Sr adviser pissed of the Israeli lobby a couple of times.

        But in the end, these are just Grachiites WAPA like Nelson Rockefeller

        George W Bush Jr always reminded me of “Jethro from the Beverely Hillbillies” – like Jethro, Dubya never could get a real job so his daddy made him Governor of Texas and President of the United States. WTF?

        Military Industrialists just like wars, any wars so they are happy to go along with pro Saudi, pro AIPAC wars.

        Our country, our WASP “leaders” (yeah right) have fu*#&$# us. But they still live great.

        Who do OD writers think have been worse the Bush family or the Romney Family? Tough call there.

    • John Glover Roberts Jr. was born on January 27, 1955, in Buffalo, New York, the son of Rosemary (née Podrasky; 1929–2019) and John Glover “Jack” Roberts Sr. (1928–2008). His father had Irish and Welsh ancestry, and his mother was a descendant of Slovak immigrants from Szepes, Hungary.


      • Yeah, that’s what the Wiki says, currently. My sources differ, for one reason that part of Europe had it’s borders completely redrawn after WWI. Robert’s father’s ethnic background is claimed by people who were actually acquainted with his Father, could be bullshit, or a joke. But, I doubt it.

        Btw, Roberts looks Polish, not Irish, or Slovak. LOL. Maybe Ruthenian or Carpathian? LOL.

    • You and the Reverend Hagee – tier people keep talking about how you can’t stand Catholics. That will show those Jews that you mean bidness! You white nigger.

  7. @ if I may, I would like to compliment the host of O.D. on another enlightening commentary, you have given substance and structure too a theory, I have about how this republic of ours got so jacked up !!! There was and still should be a pecking order, now we have a fully entrenched pecking “DISORDER and alas! We live with the sorry results, of this societal imbalance, we the saxon, celt people of this so called republic, lorded over by interlopers and usurpers , I loathe those people and despise what has been done , too us here in our own house, sitting around and damming these people, if I may take that liberty, will accomplish nothing!!!! This is really a issue we need too address, most of my saxon, celt brethren are too stupid, too know how these interlopers, took it and took it all, any suggestions? founding stock, Saxon, Celt, people !?

  8. The Germanics who founded the country largely preferred to be left alone to live their own lives and expected the same of their neighbors. They didn’t base their existence on politics and telling other people how to be. Allowing the Catholics, jews, and all the other groups in was a huge mistake. Nobody ever seems to learn the lessons of history.

    • The jews were here from the very beginning. In fact, without the loans arranged by George Washington and Robert Morris’ mutual friend Haym Solomon.

      The philosemitism of the British founding stock literally goes all the way back to William Bradford.

      • I read somewhere that the Bank of England was here in the late 1770s, so they came as soon as they saw the colonies get their freedom.

  9. The states with the highest percentage White Evangelical are the most conservative.

    The states with the highest percentage White Catholic are among the most liberal.

    Don’t blame the real Yankees for the liberalism of Mass., RI, Conn., NY and NJ. Irish and Italian votes did that. The rural counties of Greater Yankeedom voted for Trump.

    Of course, the liberal agenda doesn’t actually serve the best interests of Irish and Italians any more than it serves the interests of real Americans. The liberal agenda is pure Jewish supremacism.

    Why do the Catholics go along with it?

    Poles – The best of the bunch. Jew wise, anti-Communist, and with no sense of resentment against real Americans. Poles have one major flaw, Russo-phobia, which leads them to support neocons.

    Italians – Absurdly proud of the sleazy, dishonorable, cowardly cruel mafia, don’t realize that Lucky Luciano and other Italian gangsters were mere errand boys for the real beneficiaries of organized crime, Jews like Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Segal. Also, they are so proud of the Roman Empire, Renaissance Italy, and the Papacy, that they look down on real Americans (but if Italy is so great and old-stock America so awful, then why the hell did their ancestors leave Italy and come here?). They don’t understand that wise statesmen such as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were immeasurably superior to gaudy tinseled tyrants such as Julius Cesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. Still, there quite a few Italian names among prominent immigration patriots, Barletta, Tancredo, Arpaio, DeSantis, DeAnna etc. Although they take longer to truly assimilate than the Poles do, when they finally assimilate they do so with more verve.

    Irish – The world champions at holding a grudge, they are still bitter that the English stole their potatoes 500 years ago, and they take it out on the Americans.

    • Oregon and Washington State are not very Catholic at all. The 1920s larper KKK and Antifa originate from the same groups. New York and Massachusetts are shitlib as much because of the Jews and the Yankees as they are because of the Irish and Italians. Rural Southern whites are practically a minority in their own part of the country, when you consider the sunbelt transplants.

      • It’s not a coincidence that Jews, Antifa and groups like SDA, JW, people like Krafty, rage almost non-stop about Catholicism. There is more in common there than they are going to admit. Claiming to be against Jewish power is just a disclaimer, a fig-leaf. We get these people in here who promote discord among white Rightists as eagerly as if they worked for the SPLC, we see Catholic churches burn when Antifa riot because the shitlibs know that the Krafties get jollies out of it.

    • >if Italy is so great and old-stock America so awful, then why the hell did their ancestors leave Italy and come here?

      Risorgimento was backed by the British and would not have happened without their support. The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was the most prosperous part of Italy, having more gold reserves than all of the other Italian states combined; it was a strong protectionist state with good infrastructure that created a decent standard of living for its inhabitants. Naples produced philosophers like Giambattista Vico — way ahead of Hume and Hegel about historicism — attracted composers like Donizetti and Rossini to produce new works at the Real Teatro di San Carlo, and was a center of science and learning. But the regime was deemed reactionary by British finance capital and was targeted for destruction. After unification, laissez-faire was imposed, the inhabitants of the south were economically wiped out, and many had to immigrate to Argentina, the USA etc. to survive. Most Italian-Americans if you talk to them (I am not Italian in any way) are from southern Italy.

      Today you see people like Edward Dutton acting like southern Italy is poorer than the north because of IQ, but this is just the English ideology, aka laissez-faire, rearing its brainless head again, as English elites cause mischief and act like the results of their behavior are invisible impersonal processes. I’m sure the Chinese getting addicted to opium in the 1840s was also the result of the invisible hand too and had nothing whatsoever to do with the imposition of liberalism by military force.

      • OK, fair enough. But there is a reason Whiter, Northern Italians used to say “Africa starts at Rome”. There is a reason Sicilians are considered at the lower, lowest end of the White scale – they are dark, hairy and swarthy. They don’t look like Black, Black Africans, they look more like Arabs.

        The reason why is that Sicily got conquered by Arab Muslim Moors and fu*#&$#d up the White gene pool in Sicily.

        It’s in that scene “Sicilians” in “True Romance”.

        Here’s the link:

      • “After unification, laissez-faire was imposed, the inhabitants of the south were economically wiped out”:

        Interesting comment worth reading.

  10. The Last Heritage Americans in the Democratic Party were Southerners, and that scalawag corruptocrat traitor Lyndon Baines Johnson drove us out of there.

    • @ spahnranch666, that’s exactly what the negros say about your rectum, wore out and overated…………….

  11. Which ethnicity and Christian denomination were the overwhelmingly vast majority of the political leadership and combatants during The War Between the States?

    Were the “Ellis Islanders” responsible for the brutal Reconstruction policies, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution?

    Did “Ellis Islander” pass the Federal Reserve Act in 1913? Who has appointed all the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve?

    Was it an “Ellis Islander” who got us into World War One, and used Edwars Bernays Freudian propaganda to gaslight the American people?

    What two religious groups and ethnicities led America into the Second World War from which the present ethos was birthed?

    Were “Ellis Islanders” the force behind the Founding of the United Nations, and its placement inside the USA?

    Of the eight jewish Supreme Court justices, what ethnicity and denomination of Christianity was the president that nominated seven of them?

    What two ethnicities got the United States into both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    What was the ethnicity and Christian denomination of the president and his inner circle of cabinet secretaries and advisers who were recognized the state of Israel and created the national security deep state?

    It appears some of America’s problems pre-date “Ellis Islanders,” and that while the ones mentioned above are absolutely horrendously awful, they are the caboose of the runaway train of corruption, betrayal, and villainy that has destroyed America.

    • @ November, you made your point as usual, but the hyphenated white people, are just some people, we have been forced too tolerate and share this country with, not all, but a lot of those people.are just a real drag and for the most part of if the truth be known, they don’t like or respect us either, I would rather not, have too look at these people as enemies, but I don’t see them as friends or allies either………

    • Well said. Reviving old ethnic and religious hostilities isn’t going to save our race from irreversible destruction. Are you pro White or pro White Genocide is the only relevant question today.

      • Yes, agree and the gender wars are the same. All women are bad. All men are bad. They are just stirring the pot, to set whites up against each other, so collectively, there won’t be much there. When people say Southern Europeans aren’t white, when people go on and on about the Irish, Italians, Germans, British, blah blah, it’s really worthless and doesn’t help us. They know whites are pissed off, and the only people whites can criticize is their own.

  12. They’d love nothing better than to have whites at odds with each other over ethnicities. But remember…the government only acknowledges one “ethnicity” and that’s “hispanic”. They’ve tried this with gender, to get men and women clashing and at each others’ throats.

    Religion and European ethnicities are not the dividing lines. “Race” is.
    People need to stop looking for something else, or someone else to blame.
    Everything is about race.

    Whites are so horribly fragmented. North/South. Liberal/Conservative. Old/Young. If we had our own nation, that is what would matter, and we don’t. We don’t need to hate ourselves.

    • @Pilot,

      That was yet another one of the great accomplishments of National Socialist Germany. Protestants, Catholics, and Pagans all rowed in the same direction for both folk and nation.

      What other Western nation can make that claim?

      • Yes, this is true – it was all for one, one for all in NS Germany for the German folk.

        The big mistake, the crucial mistake was not extending this generosity to Slavic Christians and humiliating some of the conquered nations in Western Europe – that was the fault of Hitler, Himmler and Martin Boreman.

        Hitler made the French surrender in the same train car the Germans surrendered in World War I. Why humiliate White French people in such a needless way? It’s similar to the Treaty of Versailles.

        Victorious German/Nordic NS marching in to Kiev should have all taken Slavic Christian Ukrainian wives – been blessed by Catholic anti Communist priests. Most of the Ukrainian Christian men were starved to death or forced to Soviet slave labor camps, the young men were gone. Why not create lots of new Ukrainian German Cossack boys? The Nordic gene is very strong – plus Slavs are tough that’s why the Soviets won World War II.

        Once the war in the East was once using Slavic Christian allies, then Himmler, Boreman, Hitler could have fazed out the negative elements of J Christianity and gone White pagan.

      • @November Exactly! I find myself relating to an idea or concept, and it doesn’t even matter who adopted it or invented it….it’s just that it resonates with what I find important. I’m sure those groups did too, and knew in order for them to survive, they had to unite as Germans and embrace NS.

  13. Addendum:

    What two groups are responsible for bringing negroes to the United States, emancipated them, and agitated for their citizenship and civil rights?

  14. ‘Josiah Lippincott’ misses the mark by a country mile—seems like deflection to avoid naming the J__ . Odd definition of Anglo. Steny Hoyer’s father born in Denmark Høyer, is ‘Anglo’? Does Lippincott consider Trump ‘Anglo’?

    Democratic Party used to be party of Northern ethnic Catholics…when Democratic Party was also party of the Solid South. Democratic coalition c. 1865-1965 was Northern ethnic Catholics+White Southerners vs. Northern Anglo-Protestant establishment that incited war in 1861.

    Twas not old-stock Yankee WASPs who had kids in public schools and opposed busing—in 1968, George Wallace won 10% of the vote in New Jersey; on Staten Island, NYC; on Long Island…plus if Italians were running the show, would the landscape be littered by more toppled monuments of Christopher Columbus than any other historical figure?

    Joe Biden is in no way an “Ellis Islander” anymore than he’s “working-class Scranton Joe”. ‘Anglo’ Joseph Robinette Biden has one Irish ancestor named Finnegan from County Louth, Ireland in 1840s. The Bidens came from Sussex, England whence William Biden emigrated in 1820s. Joe’s Robinette ancestors trace to Samuel Robinette of Cheshire, England who fathered Nathan Robinette in Pennsylvania in 1717 (by contrast: Donald Trump has no Colonial ancestry).


    “Ellis Islander” is fantasy invented by Hollywood Jews to try to rally goyim to share Jewish enthusiasm for immigration. As documented by [papist!] Kevin MacDonald: Jews aggressively sought non-Jewish frontmen (Irish, Italians, Slavs, Hungarians, etc.), yet the project to open America’s borders to the Third World was always 100% kosher. Emanuel Celler spent 40 years in Congress backed by AJC, ADL, etc. to subvert American immigration policy.

    White Catholics are a mostly conservative working class/middle class demographic—e.g. in crucial swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin—the single largest religious denomination in America, White Catholics voted 2/3 for Trump 2016 on “Build the Wall”. Not at all like 1% population Jews who vote 4/5 Democrat (and wield vastly disproportionate influence in many other ways).

    Only one ‘tribe’ has been waging War on Christmas to erase all vestiges of America’s White Christian roots (well, beside Yankee Puritans who banned celebration of Christmas in 1659 Boston…but they were Anglo-Saxon Protestants in Massachusetts at the time of the Revolution so Josiah on Tweeter must see them as natural allies..?)

    General Social Survey data: All Euro-descent ethnic groups want to reduce immigration, by overwhelming margins—except Jews, who support increasing immigration by double-digits. All White Europeans assimilated in America; only one ‘tribe’ migrated from Europe to push open borders (except in Israel) as ‘tikkun olam’…nowadays the same enemies push the same agenda on every country of Europe too.


    Immigration Enthusiasm among European-descent US residents by ethnicity (% increase – % decrease):
    *Jewish +14.4%?
    *Scandinavian -30.9%
    *Polish -31.3%?
    *British -33.0%
    *Irish -33.1%?
    *German -36.1%
    *Italian -38.1%

    • The facts are the Roman Catholics vote with the Jews on any legislation the Jews want—even when it is against stated Roman Cathoic principles or interests. All you have to do is watch the votes in Congress.

      Any White man who votes for a Catholic, might as well vote for a Jew. The political effect is the same.

      Catholics, don’t understand that the exception doesn’t make the rule. Naming one good Catholic is like naming one good Jew. LOL.

      As far as I’m concerned you Catholics can tell it to your Priest in Confession.

      • “the exception doesn’t prove the rule” – I guess we can write off your type of people as pro-Zionist morons who would vote for McCain or Bush before Pat Buchanan.

        • Paddy has never been elected to anything. But, he has made a good living off of writing about his politics.

          Have you ever looked over Buchanan’s portfolio of investments?

  15. If it wasn’t ethnicity, it would be values and education. The White Race is not destined to unite. I wanted to deny that, then I mourned over it, then I accepted it. Now I embrace it and welcome it.

    RadLibs may not be the only group of people harming Normal Whites, but they are the X-factor. Remove them from the equation, and the project of Great Replacement, humiliation, and misery is not possible.

    Gas The Leftists, Brothers* War Now

    *I’m no brother of Brian Stelter. I have nothing in common with filth like that.

  16. When have Anglo-Protestants stood up to Jews? It really seems that they never have, and never will. We don’t even hear discussion of the vax side-effects here. A section of American prods would rather be subservient to Jews than co-exist with the Catholics in the country. This is part of the nature of Anglo-Protestantism, going back to its origins.

  17. Renegade mentions Conan O’Brien is half jewish. I can say, I have seen two jews on the normie internet with Irish surnames trolling propaganda at the kids. One was doxxed, so his real fake Irish name and religion was revealed. The second one used his real fake Irish name and religion on twitter. Both looked white, were very fat, had curly hair, and had anti-white secular jew politics.

    One day mass DNA tests will be used to end these shenanigans once and for all.

  18. Sigh. This is true.

    And we can’t even count on a large % of tribal ethnic Irish Americans being traditional Catholic Christian Americans, anti Communists like Father Coughlin and Pat Buchanan. Hell, the Catholic Pope Francis is a pro homosexual, pro Muslim, pro Great replacement Liberation Theology cult marxist from South America!

    It’s a danger to overload on negativity and bad news.

    We need to try to mess up this Ellis Island, POC, homos and J*ws co-alition against us.

    We’ve tried and failed to get English speaking Black Americans to take our side against mass Hispanic migrations, immigration. No luck. Blacks keep voting 90% + anti White Demorat and Black Pols are protected promoted as the #1 victim group.

    The Obamas don’t even mix at all with working class Black Americans hurt by mass low wage Hispanic and other migrant workers.

    Think we need to switch sides – take Hispanic side against Black Criminals, just against Bad Black culture like the welfare underclass, Black rap music, BLM riots and looting.

    John Wayne married what 3 Latinas, his granddaughters are beautiful and very White. The Nordic gene is strong.

    Let’s run Enrique Ingleses for higher office – his wife is Anna Kournikova and their children are gorgeous. Women voters vote for wives and girlfriends and for good looking children.


    Nobody on our side has done much of anything successful about the JQ. Hungarian nationalists seem to be the only Whites in the world with the will to do anything about the JQ.

    • The laws need to be changed, first. The antidiscrimination laws need to be revoked. Anyone effective will lose their freedom. I always wonder if there are any successful barristers in the Right, but never seems like it. There was the Augustus guy from the South. I guess his wife ruined him.

    • Yeah, a “conservative” Pope, Pius XII told Coughlin to be silent, and Coughlin didn’t speak for the next 40 years. Roman Catholicism is a cult.

      • Gotta love the rednecks, hamburger for brains. plenty of ketchup. This cartoonish illiterate sucker Krafty is simply the best.

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