Yahoo News: Democrats’ Disconnect With Rural America Is Getting So Deep It May Jeopardize Their Razor-Thin Chances for 2022 and 2024

You think?

In between inflation and gas prices, the vaccine mandate, the crime wave, open borders, censorship, “trans,” the assault on civil liberties, the fetish for toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers, cultural degeneration, a 24/7 show trial on cable television, Wokeism and the usual mainstays like guns and abortion, those rural margins are going to be uglier than ever in 2022.

Yahoo News:

“In the vast rural expanses of Southwest Virginia, Democrats were once at the top of the political pecking order. For decades, Rick Boucher, a Blue Dog Democrat, represented the Commonwealth’s conservative 9th congressional district, consistently winning over voters who were increasingly supporting Republicans at the presidential level. First elected in 1982, Boucher won most of his House races rather handily — in 2008, he even ran unopposed in the general election.

However, by 2010, the headwinds against Democrats had become too much to overcome, with Boucher losing his reelection bid to Republican H. Morgan Griffith. Across the country, a multitude of rural Democrats — which included House stalwarts like Reps. Chet Edwards of Texas and Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota — were defeated. Fueled by the Tea Party backlash against then-President Barack Obama, Republicans picked up 63 House seats and gained six seats in the Senate, winning control of the lower chamber in the process.

In 2012, Democrats had a strong showing in rural America. Obama won Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — which all have substantial rural populations — in his successful reelection campaign. And Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Jon Tester of Montana won their respective Senate races that year. Heitkamp — who served as state attorney general from 1992 to 2000 — won her Senate race by roughly one percent even as Obama was losing North Dakota by nearly 20 percentage points. In the upper chamber, she struck a bipartisan tone, relentlessly advocating for rural issues like energy independence and broadband access. However, in 2018, she lost her reelection bid to then-Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer. …”

Joe Manchin is the real president.

What do Democratic strategists have in their arsenal that can compete against “Let’s Go Brandon”? If we are being honest, they have nothing that can address that level of alienation.

All the social conservative, economic populist Democrats who used to represent rural America and who could outvote Joe Manchin are gone now. Those people have gone over to Trump and people like Josh Hawley since 2008. The Democrats have made their choices and are left with this.

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  1. My Grandfather was a union coal worker in Eastern Kentucky at a time when it was dangerous to unionize because the robber barons would send in pinkertons to burn your home, kill your livestock harass your family.

    He left on the hillbilly highway for union work in Detroit and later, Indianapolis. All his life he voted Democrat, because at that time they were the only ones that have a shit about rural White people, because the Republicans only cared about niggers and industrial capitalism.

    Today both parties only care about niggers, queers and globalist capitalism.

    This isn’t any improvement.

    • It’s crazy because Pinkerton himself was a Charterist chased out of the UK by the Yoeman cavalry.

  2. I’m really happy that Joe Manchin has held up under pressure, and that he has showed qualities of leadership that have surprised me. I didn’t think he had it in him. If he folds, at least he has shown more than I ever expected from him.

    Sherrod Brown, former Christian Conservative, has been a big disappointment.

  3. What they really mean by “rural,” is the intractable South, and the distant and barely relevant Interior West. Those pesky people who are always standing in the way of transforming America into the utopian United States of New England.

    In the long run, they’ll eventually convince Yankee Corn Belt farmers, and the lunatics in California, to vote the Mexicans a farm, and vote themselves out of existence. Just to stick it to those evil Southrons, and Wyoming cattlemen, that they look down their noses at.

    The self proclaimed rulers of America®, ensconced in Yankeedom, are in for a rude shock, when they’re forced to eat the poisoned fruits of their foul, 1865 victory. Then they’ll wish that Jeffersonian America had prevailed, instead of daemonic Massachusetts and her fifteen possessed, and politically insane minion states.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  4. I doubt the rural votes, even if the voting system works, can offset the huge Mexican voting block. Remember, even if you are not a citizen, you can get a drivers license, and vote in the US. There’s probably MORE Mexicans and Central Americans in the US, than rural white citizens.
    They could even have Mexicans in Mexico City voting…since anyone can be an American and vote.

    Remember, there’s no one representing us. They’re even afraid to say the word, “white”.

  5. Mexicans and Central Americans were never into the kind of racial hatred that some Anglo-Saxons once practiced, but they also don’t at all get the silly negro worship and pro-criminal mentality that dominates the Dem Party and the anti-Trump wing of the GOP. They’re probably giving Trump too much credit and that’s why the latest polls show a 50-50 Hispanic split on which party they plan to vote for.

    • Oh, and the “Dreamer stuff…getting millions toward college educations. So they can become scientists and engineers? Or are they going to major in “Current Outlooks of Amerinds in the Americas”?
      They come here and insist on waving the Mexican flag, and demand we speak Spanish to them. I would never go to Mexico and demand they speak English to me.
      They come here to live off of us, and if you don’t know that, you should. Follow the money.

  6. The Democrats should remember popular Democrats of old such as President Franklin Roosevelt. He got giant support from the American People. Seems like Democrats have forgot that. He was loved by everybody here in the US from the City to rural areas. Now Democrats support extreme socially liberal policies that nobody really likes. Gun Control. Illegal Immigration with no end. High Taxes while still not really increasing funding for government programs. Hatred for the Confederate Flag and God. The list goes on and on. You can’t support these far left wing policies that divide Democrats away from White and Southern voters. You can’t win like that. Same goes for Trump and his bully ways which turn so many Americans off. He’s gonna forever be known as the President that dropped the ball on Covid-19 and it turned into a Global Pandemic and he’s gonna forever be known for Black Lives Matter and Antifa burning cities all over America while he and the rest of our elected officials looked the other way. He’s a failure as a President and a politician in general. We must represent ourselves and put our people in office that love the South and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

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