Kamala Harris Insists Joe Biden Is The Real President

Joe Manchin is unquestionably more powerful than Joe Biden.

Note: The child tax credit expires next month.

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  1. Its always good seeing the left fragment. But thats the problem, the base of the Democrat party is radical. The top is neoliberal. How are they going to navigate those waters without a revolt from below if they aren’t going to deliver on economics: attack whites.

  2. Who’s that Charlamagne fellow, a Negro version of Joe Rogan? Speaking of Rogan if he was really as edgy as likes to portray himself he would invite HW on his show.

  3. Charlamagne the God leaped into national prominence in 2020 when Rush Limbaugh went on his show because Rush was so concerned about the riots after George Floyd. It was weird, Rush going on to semi apologize and trying to ‘understand’ blacks while Charlemagne’s staff completely tore into Rush.
    One wondered what was Rush’s point. Was it his fatal cancer? The usual ‘conservative’ bent to show that yes, they love blacks? Or was he ordered to do this?

    Charlemagne was fair to Rush, but really, why waste your time with people like that?
    It always struck me how Rush, with his hundreds of millions of dollars, never really told the truth about things…I guess being cut off has that fear.

    As for Charlemagne and Kamala, Andrew Anglin noted how weird that was. At one point, the tech. tried to cut off Charlemagne when he was asking about Kamala and Joe’s legitimacy, and Charlemagne remarked how phony this looked, and Kamala came back on and just did the usual talking points about ‘how we are doing good things.’ Anglin wondered who’s really in charge. it’s obvious neither the Prez nor Veep are, and this interview was so obvious at how incompetent the system is, but, since they assume they have total control, they can as incompetent as they want to be.

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