Joe Biden Addresses the Nation About Omicron Threat

Omicron is shaping up to be a huge disappointment for progressives.

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  1. The only treat is the CDC, WHO, Biden and the rest of the media and politicians that are pushing this to stifle your freedoms.

  2. Don’t fear the deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis is your friend. You want to be a great American don’t you? I will give you a hundred dollars.

  3. Let’s not pretend the entire covid-19 situation has not been a severe disappointment for a certain Blog Host who, along with the usual Establishment suspects at the “Dissident Right” website Unz Review, was steadfast in his assertion that said Establishment was acting with the best of intentions and in absolute truth in reacting to the China Virus.

    You, Sailer, Unz, and other fellow travelers best hope the rest of us consistent naysayers can thwart the Great Reset playing out before our very eyes here in the Empire of Evil, f/k/a the United (Ha!!!) States. Otherwise, they are going to jab you and your family by force, then you all will die sometime in the near future after having your immune system wrecked by the ((vaccines)). Like I and others here at Occidental Dissent told you, over and over. Trust No One with authority over you. NO ONE. Got it?

    • In retrospect:

      – COVID 19 killed more people than anything else in American history including the Spanish Flu and Civil War

      – It overwhelmingly killed off elderly people

      – As with all novel respiratory viruses, it was a pandemic for a few years and has evolved into milder strains and is on track to becoming one of several cold viruses in circulation

      – These things happen two or three times a century

      – Millions of people didn’t starve to death

      – The military hasn’t been deployed to inject anyone with the vaccine

      – The vaccine mandate is being litigated in the courts

      And yes, we didn’t lose our minds over COVID and jump off the cliff into retarded conspiracy theories like Daily Stormer

      • Sirsly, HW? The Ching-Chong Flu has a survival rate of over 95%, even for the elderly and infirm. I’m going to guess that around 20 or 30,000 Americans have died as a direct result of it, the overwhelming majority of whom were very old and sick anyway. Far more have died from taking the so-called vaccine, as a result of suicide or from undiagnosed/untreated illnesses because the victims had COVID-related fears of going to the hospital.

      • How can anyone believe a government that lied about the Kennedy(s) assassinations, Gulf of Tonkin incident, USS Liberty attack by our greatest ally, MIAs left behind in Vietnam, Agent Orange, arms for hostages (Iran-Contra scandal), Iraqi soldiers disconnecting Kuwati incubators, 9/11, WMDs, Michael Brown (Ferguson, Missouri), Charlottesville, George Fentanyl Floyd, and last but not least, the 2020 US Presidential election being legitimate, but somehow we are supposed to trust the US government’s narrative and data on COVID-19???

    • “Trust No One with authority over you. NO ONE”:

      Sounds like anarchism. Man is a political animal, and without some trust in authority there can be no human life. In a capitalist or feudal system, there is reason not to trust authority, but in a democratic system with direct, bottom-up people’s input and meritocratic leadership, there IS reason to trust government.

      “you all will die sometime in the near future after having your immune system wrecked by the ((vaccines))”:

      Absurd. You are much more likely to die of cancer from ubiquitous industrial waste (microplastics, etc.) being over-produced for profit, or radiation from the “limited” nuclear imperialist war being planned. or of some new zoonotic disease released from the natural environment by capitalist over-development,

    • The faggotry about Covid in the dissident right was about the 2020 election, and hurting Trump.

      It worked, as it helped give cover (muddying the water) on the right for the Democrat party to stuff the ballot boxes with mail in ballots and take the counties they needed in swing states to shift the electoral college. This isn’t a stop the steal conspiracy theory, its plain as day this is what happened.

      You will never see anybody in the blogosphere of the dissident right ever take any amount of responsibility for Biden.

      The gayop was coordinated on the Left certainly, and the more I see in hindsight how little there ever was to covid, the more I suspect it was coordinated on the Right too.

      Be careful who’s bullshit you click on. Its all over the place and takes all shapes.

  4. If Omicron does turn out to be the mildest as well as the most communicable strain of Covid so far, and the U.S. population quickly goes back to “normalcy” (business as usual) will the U.S. population ever learn their lesson? – which is that universal free public health care is a human right, and people need and deserve a real, People’s public health system, and that the elites resist this movement while they use every opportunity including the real pandemic to steal billions, and trillions, from the working class, with the approval and assistance of the government they control.

    • “Universal free public health care” = shit expensive public health care.

      If you have any recent experience with Britain’s NHS, you will know this to be true. You pay upfront with much higher taxes for inferior, 3rd World service and reams of useless bureaucrats.

      • The NHS is being slowly dismantled and privatised, and the private “health” industry is worse. Neither the U.K. nor the U.S. could ever have a real, functional public health service. Cuba’s national health service is setting an example for the world.

      • That’s the problem. What he wants would be workable and just in a homogenous society. It doesn’t work when you have lots of orcs screwing up the system from both ends.

      • India has the best healthcare model. Most drugs are over the counter and cheap. They have cheap or free clinics for the peasants and if you have money you can go to absolutely top doctors for 5% of what it costs in the US. Hindu medicine vs. Jewish butchers/ drug pushers is no contest.

  5. Playing the clip. What does Biden mean by saying, almost everyone who has died had been unvaccinated? One shot? Two shots?

  6. Has PresJoe had Jocelyn Wildenstein-style “cat” plastic surgery done recently? He doesn’t look like himself in those pictures. The poor bastard, think of how his female handlers are taking out their frustrations on him just like they did to their dolls just before puberty.

  7. Japan’s ethno-centric government has been quite different:

    – on the website of Japan’s Prime Minister, the country is told that vaccination must always be voluntary, and that there must be no discrimination against the unvaccinated
    – they have put warning labels on vaccines about hugely dangerous possible side effects, as few other nations have done
    – Japanese scientists openly said there are weird unexplained substances floating around in vaccine samples they tested
    – Japan’s medical people have talked about using the cheap ivermectin as a reliable therapy curing early covid, against the Western pharma ‘our pricey stuff only!’ narrative
    – there is very little ‘covid’ in Japan right now

    Overall in the West we see – your choice:

    the many scientists tied to government and big pharma, all able to get grifting and career rewards by helping sell the official Western covid-plus-high-cost-vaccine big pharma narrative, using gov authority to ban cheap therapies that work

    versus independent scientists suffering attacks on their careers and reputations by trying to say what they think is true – mRNA co-developer Robert W Malone MD, Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, many others

    which group do you trust?

    • “Japan’s ethno-centric government”:

      It may seem ethno-centric because everyone in Japan is Japanese (except the few remaining Ainu on Hokkaido) but Japan is a plutocratic satellite of the U.S. and there is great inequality. Japanese intelligence and culture of self discipline explains their relatively “good” outcome in the pandemic – better than the U.S.’s but far worse than the Chinese outcome.

    • Japan doesn’t have millions of nonwhites to blow trillions of dollars on, so they spend it on their own people. Which is what some European countries used to do.
      The US spends trillions on savages that hate us and blame us for their inferiority.

    • Possibly. But are the counties Trump won just filled up with older residents? The cities are around 10 years younger on average than the rural areas. That means rural USA is 1/6th older than metro USA. That accounts for the per 100,000 disparity. Also you have to factor in old Hispanics, jerymandered blacks and old Injuns in these backwater areas like Mississippi or North Dakota. The headline is provocative but would you prefer to be in a rural area or a city during a plague? Chicago and New York will be horrific by middle of January. Idaho won’t change much apart from refugee rich whites riding out the contagion.

    • The test data was sneaky. It starts in May1 and ends in Autumn. Large Northern Cities were badly hit in Winter 2021. Test data excludes these dead. Covid seems to be worse in the tropics during spring and summer and goes away by autumn vanishing in Winter. That’s a repeated global trend consistent between 2020 and 202. New York and Chicago will get hammered in the winter and this article is an attempt to blame rural yokels for diseases arriving off the plane from Africa. Many of the dead in Spring and Summer in the US are just the final expression of the Alpha-Delta mutations in the last pockets of rural isolated populations. Omicron will have fun in NYC and Chicago and the city niggers will blame some farmer in Nebraska for it anyway.

    • I think that we do not know what the system wants

      Why do you think that Israeli Jews and liberals have any value to the system ?

      Sometimes all systems need great reset and build back better . Wiping off garbage who by Stalin words ” lives too well and knows too much ” is the central part of this process.

    • “counties that went 60% or higher for Trump in November 2020 had 2.73 times the death rates of those that went for Biden. Counties with an even higher share of the vote for Trump saw even higher COVID-19 mortality rates. In October, the reddest tenth of the country saw death rates that were six times higher than the bluest tenth”:

      There is no reason but ignorance and misinformation why people in open, rural areas should be infected and die at a much higher rate than people in crowded urban areas.

    • You’re assuming everything is being done the same. Awhile back, some vax vials were found to only have saline in them.

    • The Israelis are now starting their fourth booster. Yeah, there is no way this is some kind of depopulation scheme when the “Chosen” are the most vaxxed on Earth. I am still unsure about the long-term effects, however.

      • What is happening in Israel should not be surprising, since jews are neurotics. Israel is a nation of Woody Allens. Also their celebs were the ones making threats against those who didn’t want the vax.

        I read they found vaccines that were bad batches that killed people, and these batches were more likely to be shipped to red states. Antifa would like to put all of us in extermination camps and worse. We all know there is a relationship between the Democrats and Antifa, because the Dems won’t put them in jail. Would you trust someone to inject chemicals into you, if they want to beat your brains out? I wouldn’t.

        • If they can’t get us to take the vaccine, that’s why they will take our jobs from us. I’m truly amazed at all of the people who don’t need to work, that went out and got the vax. They could have helped things by NOT getting the vax, the more people who aren’t vaxxed helps us all resist the tyranny. Yet, people just freely went and took it. The reasons are silly. Being able to go to restaurants. Being able to go on a cruise or vacation. Being able to go to a sports event. OMG.

  8. Shitpants/Incest/Dementia Joe is (unintentionally) funnier than any SNL parody of him could ever be. Even if it was done by Will Ferrell or Tom Hanks.

  9. Early on blacks were manifestly a vector for Covid19 and were dropping like flies. Ahem, we endured that hysteria and blame game, but since then going through summer and autumn of 2021… the race data has more or less evened out to reflect the respective percentages of the population. An early lack of practicing racial distancing spread it around to every pocket of the country.

  10. The US Government and other countries should stop developing and testing out Biological Weapons in medical labs and stop releasing them….problem solved. Deo Vindice !

  11. Australia (and New Zealand and other U.S. satellites) are changing course now, completely ignoring China’s example of successful eradication and slavishly following the U.S.’s lead in “living with” the pandemic. This week Australia’s National Cabinet of federal, state and territorial government leaders announced “Living with COVID-19 means living with COVID-variants,” signalling the end of mitigation measures in Australia, except for vaccination and booster shots, just as the surge of Omicron is beginning. The “draconian” (according to amti-vaxx pandemic denial cultists) limited, ineffective “lockdowns” and compulsory quarantine and testing requirements are all ending.

    Evangelical “Christian” conservative prime minister Scott Morrison joked that indoor mask wearing is still “highly recommended” but so is the wearing of hats and suncreen outdoors.

    U.S. average life expectancy dropped by almost two years in 2020, and almost certainly dropped even more in 2021. A full four-year decline in life expectancy in the imperial “homeland” contrasts sharply with the increases of life expectancy in real nations that have real public health care systems and social services. The U.S.’s population-wide average birth rate also continues to drop except among recent immigrants. The imperial “homeland” is very sick, but the population (I don’t call it a people) still loves (knows nothing else but) the so-called “freedom” (to exploit others and be exploited) that makes it sick.

    • Bugger off, communist vermin.


      You low-down sanctimonious lying scumbag.

  12. “Australia (and New Zealand and other U.S. satellites) are changing course now, completely ignoring China’s example of successful eradication”

    I hope so. I’d rather die free, than live on my knees under neurotic commies, just to eradicate a flu, which is impossible, because they come from animal populations.

    I’d like to see the Chinese rise up to overthrow their neurotic masters, but the entire country is an ants nest. All they know how to do is obey their queen ant.

  13. Over 90% of American Covid deaths are either deaths from other causes, or they are iatragenic deaths ( murdered by the doctors). They are still murdering thousands of people using remdisivir, which destroys the kidneys, and does not cure Covid. Actual Covid deaths probably number less than 10,000 total.

    As Robert Kennedy points out so well during the conclusion of his book The Real Antony Fauci, Covid is a long planned military/CIA coup attempting to turn America and other nations into Military Dictatorships.

    Warp Speed is/was run by DOD and CIA, as Kennedy points out. This is a military coup, over 20 years in the planning. You may believe the descent into dictatorship can be stopped by voting, but you are wrong.

    It is a military dictatorship. It can only be overturned by force. There is no internal counter force, so only a lost foreign war can over turn the dictatorship. Which is why I pray for war.

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