Harry Enten: Joe Biden’s Economic Ratings Are Worse Than Jimmy Carter’s

The economy is also the top issue in the country.


“(CNN)President Joe Biden is struggling in the minds of the American public. While his approval rating is down on a slew of issues, his difficulties are perhaps most noticeable on the economy.

Biden now sports the lowest net economic rating of any president at this point through their first term since at least Jimmy Carter in 1977. …”

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  1. Of course Jimmy Carter’s economic ratings are terrible. After all, he showed some compassion to the Palestinians and criticized Israel’s treatment of them. Jimmy Carter never controlled the economy. The jews do and Carter was victimized by the jews for his impertinence. But now the jews are fully in charge and they don’t care what the American rubes think about paying 2 or 3 times as much for everything.

    • Gas lines, versus Gas at all time highs. Screwed if you do…… if you don’t.

      I LOATHED Carter. It’s why I voted for Reagan in 1980- my first election, too.

  2. “Biden now sports the lowest net economic rating of any president at this point”

    And that’s by the American ppl, who are largely unaware.

    BTW, rents across the country have risen by abt 22%, but the CPI shows them up 4%.

    Goy, you’ve been jevved !

  3. Donald Trump’s and Ronald Reagan’s economic popularity ratings should also be extremely low, since they presided over major rapings and pillaging of the working class. It is not intelligent to jump on Biden’s back (“Let’s Go Brandon”) and discriminate against him as if he is an aberration, misfit or mistake for the U.S.. He is in fact, a perfect fit. just another puppet figurehead of the system. ALL Presidents of this evil plutocratic, imperialist system (even Jimmy Carter) are ipso facto bad.

    • Dementia Joe is there, in the White House. He wanted to be President all his miserable, corrupt, petty, bumbling, incompetent, dishonest political life and now he has it, he can choke on it now. He deserves whatever abuse is heaped on him, it goes with the job. If it’s too much for him he can always resign then we will enjoy Cackling Kamala as Mr. President.

      If Jimmy Carter is the yardstick used to measure incompetence now Pres. Cackling Kamala will break that scale with her vast incompetence. At least Dementia Joe and Jimmy Carter will then be able to boast that they weren’t as bad as Cackling Kamala so there is that.

    • Biden is one of the most powerful men in late twentieth and earthy twenty first century life. Fuck you. As the other poster said, he got his presidency and he can choke on it.

  4. Jimmy Carter lost me when he dismissed any criticism of Obammy as racist. Still, 1977 in the Rust Belt where i grew up was better than this.

    • Carter doesn’t even break the top 6 of worst presidents: Lincoln, Wilson, the idiot Roosevelt Cousins, Truman, and LBJ. Carter is 2nd tier with Bush the Greater, Bush the Lesser, Obama the Pretender, Clinton the Philanderer, and Nixon the Shifty.

      Our best president was William Henry Harrison. Would that more politicians followed his example.

  5. With Antifa and Black Lives Matter scum being out of the streets….the economy is most definitely the top issue. That and Covid-19 is still an important issue and any economic success goes along with Covid-19 numbers staying way down. Gas prices are a big problem and driving the problem. Around here in northeast Mississippi the stores are busy with Christmas shopping season going on. However high gas prices and the price of everything else being high takes money out of people’s pockets. That’s always a problem. You gotta keep prices affordable on everything including gas. People’s money goes much farther that way. Deo vindice !

  6. I was born in in 1979!

    Jimmy Cart year’s!

    The Band the Cars, released the Album?

    Candy -O! In 1979

    Brandon era going into 2022!

    Can’t complete with the New wave of that?

    ERA 70s/80s Musizac




  7. There’s every reason for anyone with normal sensibilities to want to be politically engaged right now.

    That its virtually impossible to be, as a White person, when we’ve all but lost our franchise to coons and queers, is the genesis of the growing anxiety of the middle/working class (is there still a distinction?)

    The longer the dissident movement contents itself with being ineffectual, trusting to our enemies to make mistakes that help us, the less likely there will ever be anything relevant or coherent to come from the Right politically, local or national.

    As conditions erode in meatspace, people are going to gravitate wherever they feel they can best meet their needs, and its going to be people like Trump that continue to soak up all the oxygen because nobody better makes any effort.

    I see no signs of life on the dissident right. The media is stale. The blogs are self referencial echo chambers. The podcasts are formulaic. If even these propaganda outlets can’t create fresh material to catch folks interest, no pool party, book club or any other local organization is going to fair much better with grassroots organization.

    Its like the whole dissident movement, which got hijacked by big egos in the media outlets of TRS, DS and others who collectively ran us into a ditch fighting over the wheel have now decided they like it in the ditch amd are just gonna chill there until…. what.

    Everyone in meatspace can see things are getting worse. Unless the right is prepared to capture the momentum of the coming groundswell of discontent, the only thing we are going to get is more backlash politics.

    • This is coming down. All you can really do (legally) is surf the wave. The internet is a house of cards on a rotted foundation. The grid and water are sturdier but need regular maintenance that is certainly not happening in places like California.

      • Good advice. Keep a low profile, prepare for the worst and avoid the coloreds. Here is an example of what enrichment in Venice Beach is like:


        This is bizarre even for Venice Beach. California is a lost cause at this point, there aren’t enough White people there to maintain civilisation. It is becoming a giant barrio with mostly brown poor people everywhere and super wealthy elites living like kings above the fray. The place is disintegrating.

        • LOL -like that cracked out sow can swing that pickaxe…lol
          Whenever i see a nigger at Home Depot or Lowes buying tools like a pickaxe or a hammer, i wonder what type of a chimpout is about to take place or how they will be used against a white person as a weapon.

          We all know 99.9999999% of stinky violent niggers dont work , especially niggers who aren’t in rural parts of Jewmerica like where Brad lives.
          I am sure some of them in places like Alabama actually work and have some sort of primitive understanding of how to use tools but where i live in FL our niggers are not “southerners”..

          They are Salt water (Caribbean) niggers or transplants from Miami or Yankee land somewhere.
          I hate them all , so it wouldn’t matter to me where any knuckle-dragging rape ape was from.
          In my world they are from HELL…niggers are satans foot soldiers on earth

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