Best and Worst Predictions of 2021

I don’t have many misses this year:


  • The Wokelash – In 2021, woke became a joke and a political albatross for Democrats. As we close out the year, the backlash against Wokeism is still gaining momentum with reforms like “Defund the Police” backfiring and being disavowed by Democrats.
  • Red Wave – Republicans are on track to retake Congress in the 2022 midterms. This was also predictable based on historical precedent. We’ve seen wave after wave of backlash politics since 2006. At least one branch of Congress has shifted to the opposing party in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018.
  • Radicalization – Trump voters have radicalized under Joe Biden with the term anti-white, the Great Replacement and secession going mainstream. Nothing moves public opinion on the Right like having a Democrat in office whether it is Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or now Joe Biden. Trump was a dam who as president was holding back the further radicalization of his supporters.
  • President Joe Manchin – We anticipated that a 50/50 Senate would be a divisive poison pill for Democrats and that nothing but the $1,400 checks and maybe an infrastructure bill would pass Congress due to the opposition of President Joe Manchin.
  • Charlottesville – The verdict in the Charlottesville trial in which nationalists got screwed combined with the decision to melt down the Robert E. Lee statue is consistent with everything we have previously seen in that corrupt city whether it was the police stand down at Unite the Right or the acquittal of DeAndre Harris.
  • January 6 – I repeatedly said before the 2020 election that the only thing we knew for certain is that the loser would not accept that the election was legitimate. If Trump lost, I also predicted there would be less violence and that is pretty much what happened. Overall, it was a very quiet year after the outburst at the Capitol Siege.
  • The Peak – I called the peak of the Biden presidency after the passage of the COVID relief bill and around the time he delivered his Joint Address to Congress.


  • Inflation – The return of inflation was definitely my biggest miss although it isn’t surprising given the supply chain issues and the sheer size of COVID relief packages that were passed under Trump and Biden.
  • Delta variant – I assumed that COVID would fade over the summer as the vaccination rate rose and that the public would turn its attention to other less favorable issues for Democrats like crime and immigration in the summer and fall. The latter happened, but I didn’t anticipate Delta or the return to wearing masks or Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.
  • Afghanistan – I didn’t anticipate that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would be so ineptly managed or would look so bad on television or that it would be as unpopular as it turned out to be. I thought it would be a win for Joe Biden
  • Child Tax Credit – The child tax credit wasn’t nearly as popular as I expected it would be. I attribute this to partisanship though. If Trump had enacted the same policy, it would have been more popular because his base opposes it out of lib owning and because it has Joe Biden’s name on it. The same people supported withdrawing from Afghanistan until Joe Biden did it.
  • Joe Biden’s Collapse – I didn’t think that Joe Biden would be this unpopular and would fail this badly as president or that Independents would turn against him so hard that even Trump could lay claim to being the lesser of two evils and the favorite in 2024. Inflation, Delta and Afghanistan sent the Biden presidency into a tailspin in August from which it still hasn’t recovered.

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    • Yep, they do.

      Collapse of communism is always ugly. Soviet Union went also from bad to worse before it collapsed. After that we had a lot of secessions separatism and some wars but finally every ethnic group got their ethno state and now we all are better off.

      Unfortunately, liberty has price.

  1. I almost feel like it’s impossible to be president & get 2 terms right now. We are just too divided and the country feels like a game of tug of war. Kamala Harris can’t win a clean election. Guess they’ll have to roll out Grandma Hillary. ?

    The Covid thing is really hurting Biden & the Dems. They will have to begin withdrawal soon, they cannot take it with them into the 2022 midterms. Probably taper it off to coincide with the warming weather in March & call it a huge vaxxy win.

    The “Alt-right,” or whatever you want to call it, would have been a million times better off, had Hillary won.
    We just didn’t realize it at the time. Trump hurt, not helped, us.

    I’ve been following all of the on-going trials very closely, because I feel like thats a good metric on the folks on the ground in a certain area.
    My advice? Get out of the MN area. If you’re white there, getting a fair trial will be nigh on impossible. Cops that stayed after Chauvin are now leaving en masse after Potter. You don’t have to go full Teddy K in a shed in the woods, but maybe try to become more rural?

    Doing everything we can to radicalize Trumpster types, is a good thing. These recent trials of Rittenhouse, Chauvin, and Potter have been excellent material.
    Anything to get them to stop yelling “Let’s Go Brandon!” is a great thing.
    The supply lines for goods show no sign of improving in the next year.
    China is too busy trying to get HK back under its boot to get our plastic garbage to us in a timely manner, lololol.

    Alec Baldwin will skate. ?

  2. I think worst prediction of the year from anyone was Cheetohead’s boast that he would be back in the white house by August. It tells you all you ever really need to know about that particular clown.

    Merry Christmas to HW and OD readers!

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  4. First of all, Merry Christmas to Hunter and to the (mostly) fine folks who tune in here.

    This was a good summary. As an evaluation, the first year of Biden’s presidency has been cause for much more optimism than Trump’s first year, fully substantiating the thesis that having easily identifiable shitlibs in power energizes white identity (and the right more broadly) far more effectively than having Republican cuck sellouts in power. Obviously there is a limit to how far this “strategy” (insofar as it even is one) can be pursued without it becoming self-defeating – ultimately, truly winning requires having your own people in power – but in terms of buying time in order to weed out the cucks, it’s extremely valuable (while always being mindful that “wars aren’t won by evacuations”).

    Anyway, so I take a hiatus from all things political for a few months, and I come back to all this “Let’s Go Brandon” business. I initially ignored it as some silly cuck slogan, but since learning the backstory to it, I haven’t smiled so glowingly since going to bed when the vote-count was paused last year, innocently assuming Trump had it all sewn up. Not only is this some quality lib ownage, the enthusiasm with which what, at bottom, is a rather vulgar phrase (“Daddy, what does Let’s Go Brandon mean?”) has been embraced is a tentatively encouraging sign that the gloves are coming off. Of course, Republicans have proven that they can cuck out as suddenly as a nig can chimp out – even worse, they’re actively seeking the slightest pretext to – so you have to remain wary, but as both a cause and an indication of the deepening social division, there is much to be pleased with.

    Lastly, I see that David Brooks decided to throw in the towel. On the slim chance he’s sincerely bewildered by how it all came to this, perhaps I can clear a couple of things up for him. Dave, it’s one thing to sell Burkean conservatism to a population that is 80% white (or pick some similar supermajority) and confident of it, but it’s a different proposition entirely to pawn it off to a population that is 60% white and falling fast, demonized and demoralized. There’s really not much more to it than that. Was it more dignified to beat a retreat squirting oodles of sorrowful yid ink to cover your tracks than pretending to get religion about “white privilege” (the way Max Boot did a couple of years ago)? I’m not sure I can even grant you that. Either way, good riddance.

  5. 2022 prediction:

    Security companies like Simplisafe, Ring, ADT, Brinks etc. will continue to use White “burglars” in their commercial and print ads while Blacks actually commit the bulk of burglaries and robberies.

    Hetero White couples in commercials will continue to be culled until they are a thing of the past, like old cigarette commercials.

    Literally the best thing one could do with a television set is drop it out of a window on the head of a leftist. Two birds, one stone.

    Wishing everyone a White New Year.

  6. link … I’m accustomed to blacks. I think it is a manageable issue, particularly if we were to gain independence, …

    What is ‘manageable’, and how can it be ‘managed’? — this reminds me of what someone who runs a website said to me not that long ago: the black v white achievement gap could be fixed by Garveyism — and he was totally serious.

    Unquestionably, social metrics for Blacks, e.g. crime, out-of-wedlock births being among the most important, have deteriorated significantly when compared to the pre Civil Rights era — but the limitations that prevent Blacks from creating or contributing commensurately to modern, first world nations are genetic, not social — Whites will always be burdened by Blacks; Whites are effectively enslaved via coercive taxation to provide a standard of living for Blacks they could never provide for themselves — no matter how you try to contrive a way to ‘manage’ living with Blacks, that’s what it will always amount to: fiscal enslavement of Whites.

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