The Bulwark: Were the Clintonites Right After All?

I listened to this podcast and interpreted it as the centrist or establishment wing of the Democratic Party getting ready to blame progressives for the devastating defeat that both factions are anticipating in the 2022 midterms.

The Bulwark:

Note: Damon is correct about how insane the Left has become on racial, cultural and gender issues.

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  1. It seems the dems obsession with racial, cultural and gender issues have rubbed off on many Republicans. They’re just as woke as the dems on those issues.

    • The way this usually works is the Republicans get one backlash election cycle where they win.

      However when in office, they do nothing and all the social changes become permanent.

      The voters eventually get fed up and the left gets back into power.

      • This time, they are not going to wait to take office before throwing us under the bus. Other than a brief feel good moment, it won’t make a difference.

        Biden has been worth about $5 billion in republican campaign funds.

  2. Potter Aftermath: Women should not be allowed to be police. They can’t do the job physically, and they have to resort to weapons. Also, women become PMS and have other hormonal imbalances that cloud their judgement.

    • Nature did not design women for combat,
      They are designed for motherhood, not physical violence.

      The jevvs are twisting everything contranatural.

    • We are seeing an epidemic of childless cat ladies. It’s not that there is a lack of interest in older women I think it is that they are just too toxic to want to be around.

    • 99% of this stuff takes place up North, or on the Left Coast. Going by the news and entertainment mass media and popular mass culture, you’d think that the “United States” was just the sixteen Northern States, and the coastline of California, Oregon and Washington State.

      Which brings me to my main point. In the South and the Interior West, there’s huge room and scope for Southern Nationalists, and
      for Western activists, to make tremendous advances, unopposed, and almost completely ignored by our enemies and opponents.

      Virtual nonexistence is the next best thing to practical invisibility.

    • An obvious truth that women should not be cops, but our society is mentally deranged and denies reality.

  3. Clintonism can defeat Reaganism and retard conspiracy theories. It isn’t enough to defeat a protectionist Republican.

    Free-market Tony Blair “smart” policies are cancer in the rust belt, which is why the Democrats lost in 2016. It is also why Dolan’s 2020 TPUSA Paul Ryan agenda failed in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

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