Omicron Is Causing Half of Common Colds

Merry Christmas.

Omicron is real, but is nothing but the common cold. We had the sniffles for a day. It wasn’t even a bad cold.

Note: Imagine firing thousands of people from their jobs over something so trivial only to have vaccinated people get Omicron anyway.

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  1. There is no more NY Times, it’s just part of ZOG’s state-run media. They use action words like “soar” and “defiant” in a pathetic attempt to get attention. Unfortunately there are lots of people who actually like being afraid of something, no matter how unreal it is. Afraid, and being told what to do by “experts” and “officials”.

    • When was the NYT ?

      In the 1930thies when they covered up Holodomor and all Soviet crimes while trashed Germany and promoted Holy Hoax ?

      • Yes, I’m aware of the jew reporter Walter Duranty and his dishonest coverage of Stalinsm. What I meant to say is that the Times has lost all semblance of journalistic integrity/credibility.

        • New York Times supported Communism, the Soviet Union was never treated as harshly as Putin’s Russia by the Jew-owned media. Communism is fundamentally, if not always and everywhere, a front for the Jews.

      • Holodomor is Banderite (Khazar-krainian Neo-Nazi) anti-Russian propaganda, not historical fact. Only about one million died in the Ukraine from ALL causes including starvation, diseases, accidents, etc. during the so-called “Holodomor” period, not “almost four million deliberately starved to death by Staiin.” Read some accurate history.

        Today happens to be the 30th anniversary of the U.S.’s overthrow of Russian socialism. Holodomor was one of the propaganda weapons used to destroy it.

        Remember it was not Stalin and Russia. but Churchill and Britain, that forcibly took away the grain and deliberately caused a famine that claimed the lives of NINE MILLION “surplus” people in India. It was not Stalin and Russia but the U.S. and UK that destroyed entire German and Japanese cities, including Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, atomic-bombing or carpet incendiary-bombing to death over one million innocent civilian victims. Remember that Stalin and Russia could easily have genocided the Crimean Tatars, Chechens, Western Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians and other groups who had joined or supported Operation Barbarossa, and then used their territories as lebensraum for settling millions of ethnic Russians, but they did not. Thanks to Stalin and Russia, at least 500 million non-Russian people did NOT die in the twentieth century; instead, nearly one billion people were liberated from Western colonialism (but many have fallen back under Neo-colonialism) and today there would be no united, independent nation of China, and all of Southeast Asia and all of Africa would still be in full colonial dependence.

        • “Only about one million died in the Ukraine from ALL causes including starvation, diseases, accidents, etc. during the so-called “Holodomor” period, not “almost four million deliberately starved to death by Staiin.” Read some accurate history.”

          Please give source for your “accurate” history. Bolshevik.

    • “Omicron cases surge”

      Always, the verbal subterfuge !

      I don’t care about ‘cases’, I only care about the real consequences, deaths and disabilities. I don’t give a **** abt someone getting a runny nose .

        • I agree. Hunter was completely wrong in the beginning of the COVID nonsense and he has since failed to call out this scam in any meaningful way.

          • Re: “Hunter was completely wrong in the beginning (…) and he has since failed to call out this scam ”

            He has been on target the whole time, and remains consistent.

            “the COVID nonsense”:

            Like the twelve human beings who have walked on the Moon is also “just a hoax”? Science education has certainly failed in the U.S. The very poorly science-educated population cannot distinguish science from pseudo-science. They doubt or reject what they cannot understand.

          • “I agree. Hunter was completely wrong in the beginning of the COVID nonsense ”

            Hunter was fully rational. Taking all reasonable precautious and warnings in the initial stages of the outbreak, while the course of the disease was unknown.

          • @anonymous It’s pretty arrogant of you to assume that “only you” understand science. Most people know enough about science, to know how concepts become facts, and the scientific process of proving things.
            I doubt or reject what isn’t proven or has conflicting facts.
            Take for example, the whole “Out of Africa” theory, that ropes in the idea that man’s closed relative is the chimp, in the great apes family. We didn’t evolve from apes, but share a prosimian ancestor. But if you look at a chimp, with its prognathic jaw, then look at the face of a snow monkey, the black langur douc, rhesus, and macaques….they look more human than a chimp. They lack the big prognathic mouth that a chimp has. Yet. we are told we are 98% genetically common, but…they say the same thing about some of those Old World monkeys.

    • The Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos has become the stenographer of the ‘Deep State,” as Amazon provides the CIA’s cloud services.

      • Wall Street subsidized Jeff Bezos for a decade while he operated at a loss so they could lowball the rest of America out of business…they owe him, he doesn’t run that paper anymore than that small time real estate agent in Casino ran those Hotels that the Teamster’s Mobbed up Pension Fund owned. He’s a frontman for Wall Street, they call the big shots while he get’s to take his cut and play around with his hobby as Buck Rodgers in Space.

    • New York Times and Wall Street Journal writer Carlos Tejada, age 49, just died a few hours after posting himself on Instagram getting his 3rd booster shot

      There are Twitter posts saying you can’t go into the Trump hotels now unless you are vaccinated … despite 40% of US Republicans unvaxed

      Maybe the ugliest part of the vax death and injuries is what they doing in vaxing children … kids have essentially zero chance of dying of covid, whereas many are dead or have permanent heart problems etc after being vaxed … it is just sick and satanic to inject kids with this stuff

      The media excuses are a funny list, the reasons given for all these young people turning up dead, all the athletes dropping and dying on the field from heart attacks like never before, msm media says it could be – seriously, this is what they say:
      – pandemic stress disorder
      – climate change
      – mysterious sudden death syndrome
      – playing too many video games
      – coincidence
      Never the fact they were vaxed LOL

      Here’s the story of the dead NYT-WSJ journalist, on a helpful site with names, faces and documented stories of the vaxed-up dead and maimed

      • It’s gotten to the point where the the press and social media are complicit in the killing and crippling of health young people. I know exactly what I would do to those responsible if given half the chance. But for now all I can do is clench my fists in impotent rage.

      • Anti-vaxx and anti-masking right-wing podcaster Doug Kuzma finally caught “the cold” at a right-wing event, was hospitalized in Pennsylvania, and is reportedly now hooked up to a ventilator in a hospital in Virginia. When most of these anti-vaxx cases do survive infection they become much less strident about “the virus doesn’t even exist,” “it’s just a cold” and “the harmful effects” of wearing hygienic masks.

        • Covid exists, just like a lot of bad flues. But the vax doesn’t keep anyone from getting it, and who knows what it’s really supposed to do. Most vaccines work on a dead or diminished form of a virus, and the Covid vax works genetically on you.

      • They are psychopaths and morons like our resident Communist here. The hysteria of the mass media is the kind of propaganda of a one party state. Clumsy, outrageously dishonest, arrogant and devoid of objectivity.

  2. H1N1 was far worse than C-19. My wife and I were so sick that we actually thought that we were going to die. Yet it didn’t trigger the type of overblown response that C-19 has. Nor did Obama receive any recriminations or detractions over it.

    • @James Owen,

      Are you referring to the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009?

      Iirc, of the limited supply of vaccines, the elites grabbed the lion’s share for themselves.

      • @November

        “Are you referring to the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009?

        Iirc, of the limited supply of vaccines, the elites grabbed the lion’s share for themselves”

        The one in 13. I brought it back from town. It tore up North/Northeast Texas and DFW good. It took almost a month and a half for us to get well.

  3. I have the horse dewormer now, 1.89% Ivermectin. Tried to get the tablets but failed. Two orders were seized by customs. So I just bought the horse paste. Its the same stuff.

    A 6 ounce tube at 1.89% has 113 mg of Ivermectin. The tube is one dose for a 1200 pound horse. For a man, about 6 doses.

    Once a week unless you have symptoms, as a preventative.

    Rural King and Tractor Supply carry it. Amazon sells it, at a high price.

    Covid is just a common cold now, but what will they release onto us next? I will take my preventative Ivermectin weekly.

    “I came not to bring peace, but a sword.” (Jesus).

    Merry Christmas, all ye faithful.

    • @Tim

      “I just bought the horse paste. Its the same stuff.”

      The farm and ranch store is good place to get medicine. My neighbour lady got a big bottle of amoxicillin and needles and syringes for under $25. She uses it on her dogs, and on herself, to prevent infection from serious cuts and puncture wounds. She used it when she pulled a tooth, too.

      The only difference between what you get at the doctor’s office and the ranch store, is the price. I’ve noticed that veterinary Neosporin is more expensive than the Neosporin you get at Walmarts. Not that much difference, physiologically, between one warm-blooded mammal and another.

    • tractor supply pulled it off the shelves where i live in the boomer infested ,republicuck town of Naples , FL…

    • The war on Ivermectin (threatening doctors, pharmacists, US customs seizing it!) tells you everything you need to know about the bad faith of the Jew-controlled US government. They put a sign at tractor supply warning you of death. They sure would love to ban the veterinary version, they would have to explain why animals have to suffer from worms to promote the vax.

  4. How do you know if you have the omicron version of “covid or a cold when they both have the same systems? People are so afraid of this BS they lose all sense of reality.

    • >People are so afraid of this BS they lose all sense of reality.

      The power of mass media.
      (Especially when it is coordinated by a certain tribe.)

      Kinda like they lose all sense of reality on race.

  5. I also watched John Campbell earlier today. He does not say Omicron IS the common cold, but that it is more like the common cold than it is like Delta and previous SARS CoV-2 variants. This is very good news to end the bad year, perhaps spelling the final end of the almost two-year pandemic, which is ending in a whimper rather than the bang that Delta would otherwise have caused without Omicron.

    John Campbell is a reliable, level-headed source, and like him, I am ready to follow science/facts/reality/truth, wherever it leads.

    On his second-last video, Campbell apologized for “sounding political” when he said he is disappointed that the President of the United States doesn’t have the best medical science advisers. He said Mr. Biden should have the best advisers but apparently he doesn’t.

  6. “Rural King and Tractor Supply carry it. Amazon sells it, at a high price.”

    I’ve gotten it twice from Tractor Supply; last time they gave me the cancellation run-round at first, then delivered it. And yes, Amazon jews people on the price: I bought one tube to have on hand in case I catch it: $20, Tractor Supply sells it for less than half that much.

  7. “China has much better control of its borders than the U.S.” is understatement, and “Zero Covid” policy gives further impetus to its strict border control. The current partial lockdown in Xian was caused by a border control mistake or neglligence that allowed an infected person to enter China from Mongolia where the laissez faire “herd immunity” policy prevails. All cases of infection in China in 2021 are traceable to mistakes or negligence in land border control and airport control. China’s strong ethno-social cohesion (China is more than 90% Han, all other ethnicities in single digits) and its Confucian social morality and increasingly well-disciplined Party leadership, from local level up, are making the policy very well work and keeps the borders solid. We must remember as SARS coronavirus becomes endemic around the world, a perennial potential danger like Influenza, that it was the U.S.’s (Empire’s) bad example and mal-direction that made it so, and China shows the world what could have been. Incidentally, speaking of disease control, tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the U.S.’s overthrow of Russian socialism and the “shock” imposition of capitalism from which Russia has still not recovered. Global Times says the fall of the Soviet Union is like a vaccine that gives China the immunity to resist the U.S.’s evil influence seeking to overthrow and re-subjugate China:

    • anonymous,

      You are aware that China’s government and policies are not communist or what you call “socialism ” anymore. They have evolved into Third Position National Socialism.

      • It never was communism, only at the transition stage of socialism with perfect class-less-ness as the future goal. The ethno-socialism “with Chinese characteristics” is under constant attack by Western, capitalist imperialism. Thus it is a war economy.

        So-called “third position” is anti-communist fake socialism.

        • Who pays you to post this silliness? Xi or Putin? “perfect class-less-ness” is fundamentally impossible for any biological system, there are always some more gifted by nature for survival and those prone to extinction. You’re fighting Darwin.

          • The goal of classlessness is not a denial of natural biological differences. “From each according to his abiity, to each according to their need” is clear recognition of differences, that not all are the same. Some have more to give than others, and some have more needs than others. We share and live for others, not only for ourselves. Socialism is not fighting Darwin. It is “fighting” Usury, greed, etc.

            “Who pays you to post this silliness? Xi or Putin?” Certainly not Putin who grew up in the generation of Western propaganda-created doubt of socialism and faith in “The Invisible Hand” aka “The Market.” If after the disastrous nineties he still has not gotten over it he will never change.

            Not Xi either, who is teetering on the edge, but better than Deng who was fully revisionist and thought Singapore was a good model for China.

  8. link*watching video in which a woman is made the center of attention for her Medical Condition* Wow i can’t imagine why anyone would pretend to have “long covid”

    The COVID cult appeals to psychologically neutered lemmings and literal attention whores — it’s mental pathology promoted by the state to inculcate dependence and deference to authority.

    • >literal attention whores

      Women in the lead:

      Twitter/Elizabeth C. McLaughlin (she/her)Good luck to everyone who went to a holiday party and took your mask off for even a minute. … Hope the gods spared you, because the next few weeks are going to be fucking brutal.

      When is the last time someone told this bitch to shut the fuck up? — and check out the replies: all similarly deranged women.

      Congrats to the proprietor for contributing to and enabling this lunacy.

    • ‘Karen’ caught on video slapping passenger in Delta flight tirade

      A crazed woman was arrested by the FBI after she went on an expletive-laced tirade and slapped a fellow passenger aboard a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta. … “Put your f— mask on!” she yells, as her own mask sits below her chin.

      This is the only form of ‘long COVID’ worth worrying about: literally millions of demented, paranoid women whose minds have been altered by constant COVID fear-mongering and propaganda.

      • They’re trying to paint anyone who doesn’t fit the narrative as crazy. We only get a small part of what happened. This guy could’ve been coughing all over her. Or one of the “I’m vaccinated so I don’t need a mask” people. The vac doesn’t work, so that’s why a mask is required. But the whole mask debate is silly. The real question is what the vax does to your body.

    • linkI’m going to blow your mind right now. Type in any 3 digit number then ‘new cases’ on google

      Use any search engine you like — no matter the number, you can find news reports of that exact number of ‘new cases’ — the first number I chose was 851:

      Egypt’s COVID-19 cases witness surge on MondayEgypt’s Ministry of Health and Population on Monday reported 851 new coronavirus cases, 31 deaths, and 546 recoveries.

    • Guess who?

      linkAs we recognize that covid-19 is not a deadly or even severe disease for the vast majority of responsible Americans, we can stop agonizing over “cases” and focus on those who are hospitalized or at risk of dying.

      Omfg lmao

    • an MDYou do realize that the next stop on this dystopian merry-go-round is for the CDC to recommend us to stop testing anyone who isn’t sick

      Like I said: the ‘pandemic’ was created and is being sustained by randomly testing large numbers of apparently healthy people — positive results, apparently including a great many false positives, are then counted as ‘cases’, regardless of whether anyone is ill or not.

  9. The latest worldwide excess death estimate indicates a global pandemic death toll of 18 million, so far.

    ISRAEL is reporting that Bird Flu is rampant in Galillee and Jordan Valley, in the main avian migratory path between Africa and Eurasia. Israelis exposed to wild birds are being preventively treated with Tamiflu and watched, and chickens are being slaughtered as a precaution resulting in egg and meat shortages and price inflation. If a mutation of Bird Flu adapted to humans begins to spread in the population it could become the new pandemic of 2022. H5N1 virus may be called “just a flu” but the human fatality rate has been as high as 50% in previous outbreaks – and as proven by Covid and many other communicable diseases, laissez faire capitalist for-profit “health” industry definitely won’t be able to control it.

  10. A trusted source, “Moon of Alabama” (Bernhard the Barfly, located in Germany) weighs in today on the U.S.’s failing-grade, big business-dictated Covid protocols: He says “I feel somewhat sad for the people in the U.S. whose health gets screwed by its ‘elite’ over and over again (…) Angie, it’s the system that is sick not the man at the top.”

    In his latest video, John Campbell says people ARE being hospitalized with Omicron just like previous strains, and there is “only 11% less chance of being hospitalized for Omicron” than for Delta and other strains IF one has never been vaccinated or has no previously acquired natural immunity. He says he thinks about 98% of the UK population already has antibodies from vaccination and/or previous infection, but for those who still are virgins, the “intrinsic pathogenicity” of Omicron is “only 11% less” than previous strains:

      • And now Biden is going to force unvaxxed workers to pay for their own testing. They say can go get the simple jab free instead. They never address all of the people who had Covid already, either. Their goal is to make this as hard on people as possible.
        This is becoming more tyrannical every day.

    • Gatewaypundit takes the CDC a little out of context. Of course Omicron does not take over THAT suddenly everywhere at once. O is just getting started while Delta remains prevalent in many areas, and many countries. O from Africa and D from India are perhaps the most highly-transmissible variants “created” (by nature) so far, and since O outcompetes D, it will become predominant everywhere until an even more transmissible (if that’s possible) may appear.

      John Campbell says O is actually only about 10% less pathogenic than D for “virgins” (those who have never been vaccinated and never been infected by any previous variant) so although it’s symptoms are mostly milder than D for the vast majority, who already have anitbodies to some form of Covid, it can still cause serious illness and death in Covid virgins.

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