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    • Someone needs to take Spencer down a notch on the anti-Christian anti-Plato stuff; he slavishly apes Nietzsche without any reflection, as if it were Holy Writ, and no one pushes back.

      It was Europe’s scientific superiority — its nerds — that caused Europe’s military dominance, not shitbirds like Cesare Borgia, who couldn’t accomplish anything without daddy’s Pope-bucks. As Bacon would later say, knowledge is power.

      The influx of Greek professors like Gemistus Pletho and Ioannis Argyropoulos into Italy after Islam conquered Constantinople supercharged Europe precisely because of Plato. Knowing how to think is much more advantageous than waiting to be told what to think. Plato means not just being a slave to sensation, but thinking about the source code of reality, its mathematical structure, its abstract representation.

      If one thinks this is a mere theoretical exercise, consider one of Argyropoulos’s students, Leonardo da Vinci, who, with his brain running on Plato, goes on to theorize all sorts of weapons systems like choppers and tanks centuries before their introduction into warfare. One of Pletho’s students, Marsilio Ficino, inspired academies in Florence and Pisa, and a generation later, we have Galileo Galilei in Pisa, under the influence of Plato, developing mathematical physics.

      While I’ve complained a lot about the hazards of freedom and individualism, this is the upside of European universalism, which goes back to the Greeks. This is who we are. It is the same craftiness we see with Odysseus in Homer.

      Nietzsche hated all of this and proposed Africanizing Europe. He broke from Wagner, despite the Dionysian and modernist nature of works like Tristan und Isolde (1865), because Wagner was too heavy, too sophisticated and avant-garde, too long-winded, too German, too serious, too Christian. Nietzsche praised Bizet’s Carmen (1875) instead because it was “African” — carefree, light, immoral, tacky, catchy, simple, criminal, impulsive, vulgar, in the moment. E. Michael Jones doesn’t get everything right in Dionysos Rising, but it is a good book to understand modernism, Wagner, Nietzsche, and how Europe’s music, especially its popular music, became Africanized, along with its spirit.

      Carmen: Habanera

        • >It is better to just ignore him

          Advice taken. Sorry for the effortpost; I got carried away. I’m looking forward to your 2022 predictions!

          • I enjoyed reading your effort poast, although I would certainly not equate the music of Georges Bizet with Kool and the Gang.

      • Nietzsche decided to inflict his compositions on Wagner, because he was basically a delusional and mentally ill poseur.

        • They say Wagner had to summon all his strength to keep from LOLing when he heard Nietzsche’s music. What exactly caused their falling-out, though? Did it have something to do with der judenfrage?

  1. There is some truth in what Liberal Larry says. I celebrate this time of year for what it is – the Winter Solstice.

  2. Oy gevalt, thats right white man, you haven’t “included” enough nonwhites into your culture/society until you become a voiceless, powerless minority in every one of your countries!!!

  3. Why does Christianity have to be inclusive? It’s for people who believe in Christ as the savior. What difference does it make what the ragheads, devil worshipprrs, or bone heads believing in thor and loki think?,

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