Jacobin: Catherine Liu: What’s Wrong With The Left?

Brahmin Left is the latest derogatory term for this group of toxic people with college degrees who are concentrated in coastal metros and who control the Democratic Party.

They are also known as the PMCs, the BoBos, the woke scolds, the shitlibs, people who use woke jargon like “Latinx” and “pregnant people” and who believed in Russiagate and who unironically watch Brian Stelter and Rachel Maddow and who are currently obsessed with the “January 6th insurrection” and the imminent death of American democracy.

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    • Alas that’s true, Slava Power!
      Some Chinese find pleasure in torturing the dogs before killing them. I’ve seen several clips where a dog was boiled alive. Regret watching it, as I can not shake off this cruelty, despite several months have passed since. Such cruelty is perpetrated by people who allegedly are equipped with higher IQ than us Whites. Kind regards!

      • >Chinese find pleasure in torturing the dogs before killing them.

        The believe it gives the meat better flavor, with zero regard for the animals suffering.

        >perpetrated by people who allegedly are equipped with higher IQ

        A fallacy. Asians are very conscientious about ‘saving face’. Their testing methods skew results to make them look good.

      • Some people object to boiling live lobsters, while others like to see “fresh” dinner prepared. Some people protest against mousetraps, most of which kill mice slowly. Front-line military, mercenaries, gang members, and others who are in the business of using violent force, killing people when “necessary,” become hardened to the sight of suffering and death, and some even learn to enjoy seeing their victims suffer. Butchers and meat packinghouse workers, especially those who do the actual killing, tend to become hardened and may enjoy their work. You can be sure that some of our European ancestors ate dog meat, as well as cats and rats, when they were poor and hungry enough. However I agree with you that dog torture is immoral. All torture is immoral.

  1. Left used to push back against big business, now they are in bed with them. The money is too good. We are living in a whoredom.

    • Calvin Coolidge….”the business of America is business.” Whoredom and profiteering is all it ever really amounted to, in the end.

      • So money rules above all else, correct? And if Moshiach wants to have his way with that jumbo rump of yours all he has to do is pay for it? Correct?

      • “Until recently, the pride of workmanship exceeded the quest for high incomes. However, we have been able to enslave society to our own power which is money, by causing them to seek after it. We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves they become our willing servants”.

        — Harold W. Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts, 1976

  2. I salute you, Hunter, for being able to watch an hour+ of nonwhites engaging in possibly anti-white, or at least white male-bashing content, and summing it up for us.

    I literally can’t even.

  3. “Brahmin Left is the latest derogatory term for this group of toxic people with college degrees who are concentrated in coastal metros and who control the Democratic Party.”

    Some of us still call them Yankees.

    The best thing that could happen for us, is for California to collapse, fall to Mexico, or secede. At the very least, Yankeedom would lose 56 electoral votes, and with them, the ability to out vote the South and the West. Which would force them to seriously consider secession for the first time since the War of 1812.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • “, is for California to collapse, fall to Mexico?

      Be careful what you hope for.
      What happens to Calif is usually a foreshadow of what will happen to the rest of the nation.

      I use to talk to Southerners about the Mexican invasion of Calif, and they would mockingly make derisive remarks about ” california deserves it”, but now I hear
      ” dem mexcans is movin in all over, taken jobs and houses, beat my kid up at school an tryin to molest my daughter”.

      Be careful what you wish on others, the same plight may visit you.

    • It’s places like West Hollywood and The Castro that make CA appear to be a deep blue state but in reality there are plenty of normal people who live there, many of whom are farmers and ranchers.

    • “The best thing that could happen for us, is for California to collapse, fall to Mexico, or secede.”

      That’s like saying…the Southern states with large Negro populations should fall to Africa.
      Mexico probably does not want California to “fall” to them. They probably like it just like it is, right now, where they get money sent back, and they send their worst here to live off of us and get free medical care.

  4. They are the XENOI, and are our Enemy.

    “…there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they (we) will [eventually] get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberties of the enemies of God.”

    “Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel.”- Dr. Gary North

    Q.E.D. (Merry 12 days of Christmas) Christ is King. Glorify Ye Him.


    “One by one, and silently…” until we aren’t.

  5. What they mean by the “end of democracy” is the end of their power. The shitlibs are far from invincible as they would have us believe.

    • I don’t know….. Those shitlibs have the power to close your bank accounts and revoke your credit cards. They can get you doxxed, threaten your family with impunity, deplatform you from the internet and fired from your job. They literally want people who openly express dissenting opinions broke, starving and homeless/in prison/dead. How do you think assholes like that should be dealt with?

      • ” They literally want people who openly express dissenting opinions broke, starving and homeless/in prison/dead.”

        Hey, just like the Soviet Union.

        Same ratz, same methods.

      • Good post. Yes to all of those points. The Constitution is gone. If they take your job away, or any ability to earn a living, you’re gone.

      • In 1980 the USSR seemed invincible. By 1990 it was over. Effective propaganda ended them. No different with the shitlibs.

  6. As to student debt, the naive ‘students’ don’t realize they are subsidizing the lunatic left college climate. The taxpayers rebelled to the leftist colleges in the 70’s, so ZOG shifted the burden to the simple-minded students.

    • Education is virtually free from pre-school to grade 12. Then for some strange reason after the 12th year, it magically skyrockets in price, and young people have to take on debts they can’t repay, with a low chance of joining the middle class.

      Students are forced to pay mediocre teachers to repeat the same thing for decades, when with current technology, lectures can be recorded once by the best teacher in the world, and then played online for students for a couple of dollars.

      There is no need for expensive university campuses for many courses, except for the ones that require equipment. Cheap tech schools could handle these courses instead of universities.

      If the above was done, the cost of higher education would be 1% of what it is currently, and the Professor Priesthood scam (The Left) would be ended for good.

      • Yep, college is a mid 20th century American version of the Cargo Cult. The rubes back during the depression looked at the 15% who were connected or the cognitive elite and saw them prospering. They noticed only that they went to college amongst all these variables and then concluded that IF EVERYONE WENT TO COLLEGE WE WILL HAVE A SOCIETY OF ALL CHIEFS AND NO INDIANS! Of course this was impossible, the people prospering were connected and from the cognitive elite, sending everyone, (now even expanded to Jamon and Laquisha, is the family cat next?) to college just means your burger flipper has a useless degree in “social science.” Yep, expecting taking on homeownership level debt at age 20 for a degree in French Poetry leading to anything but financial disaster and zero employability is as foolish as building fake bamboo control towers in the jungle and expecting DC3’s to show up laden with free gifts.

    • There is a war only “manly” occupations. A major western University not only fucking tore down the School of Mines a few years back now they eliminated Geology completely. “People and the Environment “ will probably replace academic biology soon too. Did you know you can get a B.A. in biology? How the fuck does that work? Photographing donkey shlongs?

      • The younger generations don’t want to do manly work, for the most part. Our society is going to suffer for it, but it is deserved.

  7. 15:00 Anglo academia? How many Anglos do these people think still have institutional power? On the federal front, Biden has 1 Anglo in his cabinet. 1! There’s more blacks in his cabinet than Anglos.

  8. Most non whites who invade us want to live in majority white countries. Yeah well………we want that too!
    In Australia, fucking Chinese are just taking control. Their slutty women love White men, not their own…….. leading to you know what. With their small stature and giggly personas, they come across as harmless, allowing them to do more damage whilst slipping the radar.
    I’m just fucking sick of the sight of them. Whether they’re for or against us, I don’t care. I just want these cat eaters gone.

    • “In Australia, fucking Chinese are just taking control.”
      So I’ve heard.
      How about the japanese, they were once using OZ as a big retirement community?
      The japs bought much of the Gold Coast, are the chin buying the rest?

  9. In the 80s Fauci killed off many millions of sodomites and blacks. Robert Kennedy in his book seriously considers that Fauci is a sadist, who tortures and kills them for fun.

    Fauci belongs to intelligence. They are all sadists Thats how he can do whatever he wants, and how Mitch told Trump that ye would be removed from office if he fired Fauci.

    Yes, 40% of Americans are mentally ill, crazy, totally crazy. And they are starting to die off. Faucu had something for them. His final act, his biggest mass purge of all. He lives it, he loves it. The idiots stand in long lines for their death shots.

    Within 10 years they will be gone, replaced by spics and rugheads.

    As an aside, why did the Jewish wife of Alex Jewnz beat the crud out of him on Christmas Eve? Someone said she went off when he put the lights on the tree and not on the Hanukhah bush. Triple vaxxed no doubt. Never marry a whore (Jewnz met her when she was an ‘escort’).

  10. Rhetorical question: What’s wrong with the GOP?

    linkThis type of leadership is why conservatives are 10th class citizens. At the end of the day, GOP politics at the retail level is just cattle feed. What really matters is the energy politics at the top, spoils for the handful of resource mafias

    The national security state is always looking for enemies.

  11. @James Owen:

    You must think it’s 1950; the south died years ago; Negros destroyed our Monuments with the approval of the Murikan ‘Right’! Evangelical Zionists stink.

    • James will be shaking his fists at the “damnyankees” while Texas gets overrun by 3rd-worlders and turns blue.

  12. When the money ($USD) goes bad through inflation all of the Left Wing institutions will crumble. The Left is a Coalition of the Fringes (HT Steve Sailer) united by hatred of Whites and funded by taxes, NGOs/charities (so-called) and wealthy, corrupt individuals, the Usual Suspects vastly over represented. The U.S. Government can print as much money as it wants backed by nothing but it can’t guarantee the purchasing power of its money which is diminishing rapidly now because of inflation caused by printing money ad infinitum.

    Inflation will not only destroy the legitimacy of the ruling class and their institutions but also promote domestic and international instability. Confidence in the Government will evaporate as the country goes from one crisis to another with obviously incompetent hacks in charge. It’s difficult to see how anyone, especially ministers in foreign chancelleries can come to any conclusion other than the U.S. is in a downward spiral.

    The U.S. Government has a choice; it can fight inflation by curtailing spending and letting interest rates rise to levels which would crash the stock market and drive unemployment up to 1932 levels. This is the choice the Reagan Administration made in 1981 which curbed inflation, increased unemployment and set up the rest of the 1980s for relative prosperity with low inflation and low unemployment. The Reagan Administration, being Republican, of course sold out the country to Wall Street and exploded Government debt squandering an opportunity to reform the economy and put it on a solid, long term footing with minimal debt. .

    The Dementia Joe administration has made the opposite choice; they are going to let inflation rip rather than allow sky high interest rates and unemployment to curb inflation. The tremendous indebtedness of the U.S. at all levels: government, corporate and individual probably forecloses the option of raising interest rates since that would make adjustable and new debt servicing impossible. High inflation will destroy existing fixed rate debt though, one of the benefits to the debtor class.

    When the U.S. Government is composed of half wits like a President with dementia and a degenerate family, a stupid, cackling mulatto waiting to replace him, Idi Amin as Defense Secretary, a State Dept. in disarray led by a wannabe rock star, a cabinet of morons whose most presentable character has a nickname of “Buttplug”, a Secretary of Energy who has no idea how much oil is produced, where and how much it costs and an administration policy of relying on obese, angry negroes for directions it’s difficult to see a good outcome in 2022. The Republicans are licking their filthy chops, waiting to loot the country as it disintegrates, just like the oligarchs in the USSR.

    • 12ax7

      Exactly, on target.

      But here’s my quandary, inflation usually feeds on itself, leading to an exponential rise.
      If it starts to run away with itself, the dollar would drop, gold and all real assets rising would force ZOG to raise interest rates, it would have no choice, no matter how dire the consequences ?

      Our economy is nothing like 1980s, the debt is fantastic. If ZOG raises rates, everything plummets to a very low level, like you said , 1930ish or worse.

      I can’t see how this will unfold………clueless 🙁

      • Arrian,

        You make an excellent point regarding interest rates. Even if the Government (i.e. Fed) tries to prevent interest rates from rising market forces will drive rates higher anyway. This has not happened yet because when necessary, the Fed has been buying Treasuries with freshly printed money to prevent rates from rising to attract buyers otherwise.

        Obviously this is unsustainable long term. Apparently the U.S. Government is hoping for some sort of Deus ex Machina to occur that allows the Government to print money balls out, keep interest rates low and reduce inflation all at the same time. I believe this is called “magical thinking”.

        The regime is incapable of changing to save itself so events will overtake it. A foreign policy failure will probably be the catalyst for the next financial crisis like 1929 – 1932/2008 combined. Take your pick which place will blow up first: Taiwan, Ukraine or the Mid East. My money is on the Mid East with an attack on Iran by “Our Greatest Ally”. Regardless of where the trouble comes from financial and other disasters are coming which will end the legitimacy of the reign of the Globo Homo Shopping Mall.

        As you also noted in your reply: Our economy is nothing like 1980s, the debt is fantastic. If ZOG raises rates, everything plummets . . .

        That is their dilemma in a nutshell. They must raise interest rates to clip inflation but they can’t raise interest rates or they crash the economy and the financial system. In 1937 $1,000 USD bought more than it did in 1927, money became more valuable because of deflation. The opposite will happen this time, money will become less valuable quickly causing interest rates to rise in spite of Government actions. The idiots in charge are one trick ponies, they will print and spend endlessly, it’s all they know.

  13. The trouble with the left is they aren’t left, they are in the main, a bunch of over educated, decadent, fucked up elitists. Abortion has nothing to do with working class politics, neither does promoting sexual confusion, or promoting ‘sex change’ operations, or blaming working class white people for the evil the swamp has done.

  14. The fake “Left” tend to be well-off (moderately to very wealthy) and consequently they really love capitalism; and they tend to ignore Zionist war crimes (yesterday Israeli war planes bombed the Syrian port of Latakia yet again) and they don’t care and don’t want to be told that for the third year in a row the “Committee to Protect Journalists” has excluded Julian Assange from its “Jailed Journalist Index.”

    • Actually, ‘tribalism’, i.e. an affinity for one’s own kind, is perfectly natural — it represents a healthy ‘immune response’ (if you will) to the potential threat posed by ‘the other’, and is no doubt a product of human evolution.

      It’s the lack of ‘tribalism’ among Whites, a phenomenon largely created artificially by social mores (‘racism’) within an environment (civilization) where literal physical survival is no longer a daily imperative, that is destroying America.

      If I were you, I would not pay too much attention to known conservatard midwit VDH.

  15. I stopped watching after he made the sweeping characteristisation of the South that there was no middle class in the antebellum period.

    The yeoman farmer, who generally had no slaves, was a major component of southern and mid southern culture (think bluegrass region of kentucky). The south was not just White trash, black slaves and plantation owners.

    I wrote my english final freshman year on the subject in an attempt to make the case to my shitlib professor that I could contradict everything she was teaching in an unassailable form that she couldn’t find any fault with technically and would have to give me an A for.

    I was owning libs before it was cool.

    I got my A too.

    • The motto of every university’s history, poli-sci and English departments: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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