Military ‘Extremism’ Guidelines Make Us Weaker

The United States military has many problems. It just lost a 20-year in Afghanistan that ended in a disastrous withdrawal and the deaths of 13 Marines. No one was punished except for a military officer who criticized his superiors’ incompetence. Last year, a sailor set fire to some cardboard boxes in an amphibious assault ship, which burned for days and had to be scrapped. It took incompetence throughout the chain of command to lose a capital ship that is supposed to survive bomb hits. The USS Connecticut, a powerful submarine that would be critical in any naval conflict in the Pacific, had to return to port because its crew crashed it into an underwater mountain. War games suggest that the United States would lose a fight against Russia and China.

There are morale problems. In 2020, at Fort Hood alone, 13 soldiers killed themselves, five were murdered, and 11 more died mysteriously. Suicides were up 16 percent in 2020 and four National Guard soldiers guarding the southern border killed themselves in the last two months.

There is organized crime in the services, which have lost explosives, mines, rockets, and other advanced weapons. Gang members steal fully automatic weapons. The Zetas, one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels, got their start when Mexican army commandos decided to switch jobs and smuggle drugs. With America turning increasingly Third World, we might see something similar here.

Many white advocates are veterans and though they are furious at “their” government, they respect the armed services. However, even that respect is fading. The Ronald Reagan Institute reported that the number of Americans with “a great deal of trust and confidence” in the military – still the most respected institution in the country – dropped from 70 percent in 2018 to 56 percent this year. Patriotism is at a record low, with even white conservatives turning their backs on the flag. Though the federal government favors blacks and Hispanics, whites are still the most patriotic. However, RamZPaul is right to say, “The Flag Wavers Are Gone” and the United States probably could not fight a any war that required a draft.

At least some Mexicans in the armed forces have dual loyalty, at best. In 2019, a Marine of Haitian descent tried to use his (exaggerated) military record as part of a scheme to make himself Haiti’s new president. On October 15, 2008, four blacks tortured and murdered a white Marine officer and his black wife. Prosecutors downplayed any racial motivation, even though the criminals spray painted racial slurs at the scene, possibly to throw off police. The case got the attention it did only because the Polish government protested (the white officer was of Polish heritage), making the story harder to bury.

In 2011, the FBI reported that gangs had infiltrated every branch of the service. Media coverage about this has declined in recent years, though my ex-military contacts and current service members tell me gangs are still active. Three recent cases:

In summary, patriotism is declining, Gallup reports race relations are at the lowest point in 20 years, the armed services just lost our country’s longest war and would probably lose a conventional war.

America still has the best military equipment in the world, but could it count on citizens to serve in wartime? Thirty-one percent of young people are too fat to fight. While the federal government gives non-whites countless benefits and privileges, the media, schools, and the government itself teaches them their country is plagued by white supremacy. Those who benefit the most from the current regime are the least likely to defend it. The military has also lowered standards for special forces to increase “diversity,” so our warrior “elite” may become as mediocre as our political and educational “elite.”

The federal government probably could not survive a conventional military defeat. It would destroy the country or at least the government. And yet, the federal government and the military are determined to purge patriots when they need them most.

This has been going on since the beginning of the Biden Administration. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a black man, told Senator Tom Cotton (a veteran) that “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are vital to the military. Soldiers get training in Critical Race Theory and the Navy put Ibram Kendi’s book How to Be an Antiracist on its reading list. On February 5, Secretary Austin ordered an effort to “address extremism across DoD,” including a review of what constitutes “extremism.”

A leaked PowerPoint presentation about the “Extremism and Insider Threat in the DoD” lists the Oath Keepers logo, the Three Percenters logo, and even the “OK” gesture as “symbols of extremism.” “Patriot Extremism” is first among the “domestic extremist ideologies posing the greatest risk to the DoD.” “This ideology holds that the US government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional boundaries or is no longer capable of protecting the people against foreign threats,” the report explains.

Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion Bishop Garrison is reportedly the head of the “Countering Extremism” task force. He says America has a “horrific history on race,” demands programs to counter the “nation-ending threat of white supremacy and white nationalist extremism,” and has said it will take the “totality of the national security apparatus to engage” what he calls “white supremacy.”

The media worry about white supremacist soldiers. These are news articles, not editorials.

About a week ago, we finally got an official “Report on Countering Extremist Activity Within the Department of Defense.” It starts with Secretary Austin: “We owe the men and women of the Department of Defense an environment free of extremist activities, and we owe our country a military that reflects the founding values of our democracy.” Just like social media companies, the services have set up an arbitrary, ever-shifting standard about what is and is not “extreme.” Moreover, the “founding values” of America are hardly today’s values.

The hunt for political dissidents is supposedly necessary because “insider threats” pose a danger to service members. “Following a number of high-profile insider threat attacks in the early 2010s, the Department of Defense built a program to detect, deter, and mitigate such threats . . . .” (page 3) The actual attacks were “the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, the 2013 Washington Navy Yard massacre, and the 2019 Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and Pensacola Naval Air Station Shootings.” (13) Whites committed none of them.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who shot up Fort Hood, wasn’t shy about his “extremism;” he praised suicide bombers and said Muslims should “rise up.” Diversity policies that made it hard for supervisors to do anything about him. There was no need for a special program to “detect” this threat.

Aaron Alexis, a black man, killed 12 people in the 2013 Washington Navy Yard shooting. Despite his criminal record and an attempt by the Navy to revoke his security clearance, Mr. Alexis was able to stay on as a contractor. Would a white man with eight disciplinary citations, two arrests, and many mental health problems have got the same treatment?

Hispanic sailor Gabriel Romero committed the 2019 Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam shooting. He, too, had mental problems and disciplinary infractions. The Navy overlooked them. Was a task force necessary to seek out this potential shooter?

Finally, there’s the Pensacola Naval Air Station Shooting. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani reportedly had contacts with al-Qaeda. In 2020, Attorney General William Barr said it was an act of terrorism motivated by “jihadist ideology.”

Thus, this report mentioned four recent specific attacks, none of which fit its current obsession with “white supremacy.” In all of them, there were plenty of reasons to investigate these men. It didn’t, perhaps because any white officer who pried might have been accused of racism.

The report cites the Biden Administration’s “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” as a key reason for a new approach. Robert Hamptonanalyzed it in June and said it was “a clear blueprint for expanding the national security state to suppress white Americans,” ignoring threats from radical Islam and black nationalists.

The new report defines “extremist activities” as “advocating or engaging in unlawful force, unlawful violence, or other illegal means to deprive individuals of their rights,” using such means to “achieve goals that are political, religious, discriminatory, or ideological in nature,” advocating the overthrow the government, or preaching other unlawful and unconstitutional measures. (page 10) This is generally straightforward, except that banning “ideological” goals would gut the whole campaign against “extremism.” However, the report forbids “advocating widespread unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender identity, or sexual orientation.” This could mean that any opposition to foreigners serving in sensitive security roles, opposition to mass immigration, opposition to women (even pregnant ones) serving in combat, affirming America’s historic white identity, or opposing transgenders in the military is now “extreme.”

Service members are banned from “active participation” in “extremist activities.” One of the report’s goals was to define “extremist activities” and “active participation,” but it’s a muddle. “Active participation” includes unlawful acts or violence, and you also can’t make “personal contributions through donations of any kind . . . to a group or organization that engages in extremist activities, with the intent to support those activities.” (page 10) But what groups are “extreme?” The report doesn’t say.

“[P]osting, liking, sharing, re-tweeting, or otherwise distributing content” that has the “intent to promote or otherwise endorse extremist activities” is also possible firing offenses and military personnel “are responsible for the content they publish on all personal and public Internet domains, including social media sites, blogs, websites and applications.” (page 11) Even looking at an “extremist” website on a government computer is a problem, but what is “extremist”? The report refuses to say. I would call Black Lives Matterextremist, but to the military, former president Donald Trump’s website may be extremist.

A training system will provide a “script” to tell service members “how to make reports to local FBI and police or sheriff’s departments” about “extremists.” (page 12) Those leaving the service will be trained to resist recruitment by “extremists.” Screening will also be increased to weed out those who have “membership in racially biased entities and other extremist groups.” (page 14) While the report refers to gangs, clearly reports about blacks funneling weapons to criminals in Chicago shows the military isn’t stopping them.

The report denounces “racially biased entities,” but the military’s celebration of various racial heritage months suggests such entities can only be white. Anyone who joins any pro-white group, donates to one, or even visits a website on a government computer might get in trouble, even if he breaks no laws. We get a hint, though, about what groups are banned: “A partnership with the FBI now allows recruiting commands and the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIOs) access to the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP), offering a wide range of information on local gangs, white-supremacy and nationalist groups, gang signs, and extremist symbols and tattoos.” (page 14)

“A senior defense official” quoted by the Miami Herald said there is no list of banned groups because they change “so quickly and it can vary a lot region-to-region, state-by-state.” Of course, this also means “extremism” is anything bureaucrats say it is. A Confederate battle-flag tattoo would have been uncontroversial a decade ago, but today, the flag could end your career. Our national political police will make it up as they go along.

The report proposes a vast new system of training, “education,” awareness, and coordination to track extremist activity. Tips on contacting the FBI or other organizations will encourage snitching and paranoia. (page 16) The report doesn’t even mention “Islam,” “Muslim,” or “jihad,” though those were clearly relevant to at least two of the attacks that supposedly justify all this.

Regime Media will help combat “extremism.” In a story about the new rules, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby admitted that the Defense Department can’t monitor social media. Instead, it will rely on “various streams of reporting.” In other words, snoops and watchdog groups will have the job of turning in “extremist” soldiers. Because “extremism” is so broadly defined, just about anyone can be vulnerable. The hunt will be on for 19-year-old soldiers who clicked on the wrong link at Facebook.

This will be a catastrophe for morale. Every white person could be a target. It’s risky to cite pop culture, even when it is based on real events, but there is plenty of racially and religiously insensitive language from Marines in Generation Kill or from the soldiers in RestrepoWar, and Korengal. Listen to how veterans talk about battle. If American soldiers ever fight rather than study woke nonsense, they will sound “extreme.” If a white angers the wrong person or if a reporter wants to collect a scalp, the ax could fall.

The report says the new disciplinary system will “improve the readiness of our Total Force, ensuring that the United States continues to have the finest, most disciplined military in the world.” (page 18) This is foolishness. Soldiers train to kill enemies. In war, they will “otherize” the enemy. We will probably see classic anarcho-tyranny. The military can’t stop crime, arms trafficking, and violence on its own bases, but it will leap into action against lawful speech.

The military is supposed to defend America, but our media, government schools, and now even the top brass tell soldiers the country was founded on racism, which is embedded in its institutions. No other government in history has ever undermined its own foundations as ours does. The military is training soldiers to despise America.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley told Rep. Matt Gaetz that he wanted to understand “white rage,” and defended studying antiracist ideas. He doesn’t understand that this will encourage black rage. Stoking non-white grievances won’t make men fight for their country. Whites with any self-respect will learn to remain silent lest they get a dishonorable discharge. What unit cohesion is possible when the system encourages messmates to spy on each other? After lecturing Congress on the benefits of Critical Race Theory, General Milley presided over defeat in Kabul. His career hasn’t suffered.

What place does a white or a conservative of any race have in today’s military? It celebrates nonwhites racial identityhomosexuality, andtransgenderism. It now pays for sex-change surgery. The values that practically every American held until recently are now “extreme.” The new effort to control thought will hardly build esprit de corps among soldiers who need to believe they are fighting for something. It would be far more straightforward if the military just appointed commissars who waved copies of Ibram Kendi books – unless the enemy it is preparing to fight is white America.

Certainly, American military heroes have no place in today’s armed services. George Washington, Andrew Jackson, “Chesty” Puller, George Patton, and other legends would not be welcome in “Our Democracy.” The Washington Post recently took a shot at the “Greatest Generation” that won World War II because most servicemen had sensible views on race. The war itself has been recast as a struggle against our own racial and national identity, not foreign enemies. If World War II veterans had known what their “victory” would unleash, would they have left home?

They certainly couldn’t enlist today. That’s just as well. This report and its consequences will keep patriotic whites out, even if they wanted to join up, so patriots won’t be killed in the next war the Potomac Regime starts and loses.

There are reasons to join the military: to get training and financial help or to challenge yourself. However, you must trust no one and make sure to have no social media accounts. Keep your mouth shut, do what you are told, and keep an eye on non-whites. Even if you fight and die, your rulers may call you racist anyway. The military is an honorable calling, but don’t be deceived into thinking the military has anything to do with defending “our freedoms.”

If your goal is to defend America and Western Civilization, don’t join. The struggle is here. If there is a war, let those who have a stake in the Regime do the fighting. Journalists and affirmative-action Americans can defend Ukraine or Taiwan. It’s not our fight.

This report makes it clear that we are under occupation just as the Afghans were. That thing on the Potomac disgracing the name of Washington doesn’t represent the historic American nation. We aren’t obligated to save our rulers from their own stupidity. They don’t want us, anyway.

The United States military will probably never win another real war. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

First published on American Renaissance on December 28, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. In spite of all these failures the Regime is antagonizing two great powers at the same time in their own backyards, Russia and China while ignoring “Our Greatest Ally” inching its way into a war with Iran which it will promptly turn over to the U.S. once it starts the war. This is a recipe for catastrophic failure that will destroy the legitimacy of the ruling class. Conscription would be necessary to fight a large war yet conscription would fail as both the Right and Antifa protest in the streets against conscription. The geniuses in Washington may finally unite the country, against the regime itself.

    • “unite the country, against the regime itself”

      A great hope and dream but the deliberate multiracial/multicultural and diversity policies ensure this will never happen. It’s literally impossible just based on this. In addition, Jews control both the Left and the Right further ensuring it will never happen.

  2. We will know of course but I would bet good money those marines killed were killed by Mossad and their vassal elements in the “US” military. The Taliban already did a deal with Shlomo and China and had no reason to disrupt the withdrawal.

  3. >How bad is that, really?

    Are you looking for a number on a scale of 1 to 10? — or what?

    The DoD is currently the 2nd largest federal budget item (and will be for a few years more, until interest on the debt overtakes it later this decade) — considering that Americans are taxed to (nominally) cover the military budget, anything that reduces the efficiency of that spending, i.e. ‘makes the country weaker’, is bad enough.

    The National Security Act of 1947 and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 are both top contenders for the worst pieces of legislation in American history — the former led directly to the current ever-expanding national security state, with its attendant permanent wartime economy and massive annual military spending, something that was heretofore unknown.

  4. “extremism.” “extremism.” “extremism.” “extremism.”

    “extremism.” = any opinion we don’t like.

    The military faces a dilemma, as technology becomes ever more sophisticated the need for more intelligent troops becomes increasingly necessary, but intelligent troops are less likely to swallow SJW propaganda. They can fill the menial jobs with minority misfits, but they can’t fill the technical specialties with “affirmative action”. As a consequence, more technical slots are filled with civilian contractors. Civilian contractors cost more and aren’t as flexible in geographic assignments.

    The great question being, when the bullets start flying , will the civilians man their jobs, or just vanish ?

    During Vietnam, lots of troops despised ‘race relations’ coercion, which led to a lot of revenge sabotage, which the military did everything to keep quiet. Pilots get very reluctant to fly, when they see the angry White faces of groundcrew.

    The more they push this forced racial coercion, the more performance problems they’ll have.

    (Really good article)

  5. I’ll echo what so many others have said,
    “The surest way to make someone a racist, have them join the military”

    At present, ZOG spends big bucks to plaster over the racial cracks inthe military and government. When those bucks dry up , the cracks will become structural failures.

    ( i will say that the military’s requiring at least a high school diploma has kept out the greater portion of minorities, which mitigates a lot of racial problems.)

    • I became a “racist” by joining the military in the 1980s. I was a leftist when I went in and a confirmed race realist four years later.

      • Yeh, nothing like a cold splash of reality , to wake you up.

        Did you come from an area with few blacks, where you grew up ?

        • The military is a replacement for college. It’s another form of welfare for the nonwhites, guaranteed pay, food, and lodging, no matter what. I don’t know how anyone can stand that. In private industry, you aren’t equal. You have to compete.

  6. Very good article, and I agree. Unfortunately, some of us are stuck in this faggot army for the time being.

    My advice to those wanting to learn martial skills: youtube, books, and training courses. The truth of the matter is that 10% of the Army is good fighting and field skills, and 90% is absurd bureaucracy.

    One more point for veterans out there: if there is anything wrong with you at all that has a connection to your service, you need to file a disability claim for it. Duckduckgo and Youtube around to find more info. This is critical. Get what is owed to you. They are printing free bucks every day for Jewish bankers and minorities who hate you, so what’s a few hundred/thousand more a month for you? I’m not urging people to commit fraud, but do get what you are entitled to. Don’t be too prideful.

    • @ good post blip blip, take care of yourself in there, your a smart guy, there is a good future for you, when you get out, best of luck in the new year.

      • God Bless you sir. I am building a good future to fall in on now. I imagine my time is short, given the forced vax issue.

    • I know a clown who gets disability pay for sleep apnea. No way that is connected to his service. He is just a fatass who knows how to scam the system.

    • >>> if there is anything wrong with you at all that has a connection to your service, you need to file a disability claim


      ZOG gets away with jevving too many troops.

  7. A lot of military careerists are simply time servers with an eye on retirement, GI Bill and all the bennies. They’re not going toe-to-toe with Vlad in the Ukraine. They’ll be calling out sick with “Long COVID”.

  8. The DOD will implement a new anonymous reporting system.
    1-800-728-3465. Which is easy to remember.

  9. My Lai was mostly blacks and Mexican soldiers too. The Pentagon probably decided to end Vietnam after noticing how it was impossible for junior officers to control the black NCOs in urban and village areas.

    • @ true general, but it was the white officer Lt.William Calley. that was court martialed and put on trial, he had a bunch of draftee’s under his command, america’s metropolitan liberal young white elite, was too busy spitting on white soldiers, coming home from the southeast asia theatre of the war, too commit any atrocities themselves, except upon the society and culture of there birth, don’t get me wrong, the vietnam war, was as jacked up as could be, but it was america’s white fighting men, that caught hell, the War Pigs only got richer and moved on to other profitable enterprises.

      • Yes, one who made a name for himself as a war protester was the especially loathsome Jerry Rubin. He battled with the 82nd Airborne on the steps of the Pentagon in 1967 and took a beating. Later he became a scumbag ‘bidnessman’ on Wall Street, got rich and touted the wonders of capitalism. He was a hypocrite, liar and all around scumbag par excellence.

        Jerry Rubin’s story does have a happy ending however. He was hit by a car while jaywalking across Wilshire Boulevard in LA and died two weeks later. Good riddance to bad trash.

  10. it is intentional. Nuclear war most be the only option. Moshiach loves nuclear war. And Miley and Austin love the Moshiach like there is no tomorrow and will do anything to please him. Anything.

  11. The last war ZOG won was the war before they integrated the units. I had two uncles who refused to fight in Korea. Uncle Ike told them plainly, i aint fighting next to no nigger. My uncles were honorably dischaged, went home, and that was it.

    Look up bugout fever. They were refusing to fight. Same in Vietnam. After that they never tried again. Went to asymmetrical war but mostly to proxies.

    The faggot generals have dreams of winning wars with robots. But all the MIC will hire is Indian coders. They are going to win wars with robots coded by street shitters? Not.

    Havent won a war since 1945 and never will.

    And thats a good thing, a very good thing.

    Break this abomination up. We need a new beginning.

    • Good for your uncles. The pastor at my old church had two bastard uncles who changed their German family name and volunteered to go fight their cousins in Europe.

  12. When they desegregated the military and lowered physical and mental standards along with scores on the aptitude test for blacks and women, the military signed it’s own demise. If today’s military had to fight the Japs and Germans 75 years ago using the same weapons, the US would be defeated easily.

  13. There is nothing honorable about joining the US military. Any White person who does so should be considered a traitor.

    • Dart, that’s too harsh.

      A lot join so they can get medical care for their family. What other entry level job provides medical care ?

      Plus, there just aren’t that many jobs for young WHITES. They’ve been squeezed out of the ciilian labor market by affirm action.

      • No, it isn’t harsh. The US military is the enforcement arm of global white dispossession. Every person who joins knows that going in because the military explicitly states it as a part of their mission. There is no excuse. All military fags are race traitors.

        • All US military personnel that ever fought in and/or occupied any European nation was/is nothing more than the jew’s pawns on their tulmudic chessboard.

          The last war the United States fought that was a matter of necessity was the War of 1812. I suppose to a lesser extent the Indian Wars, but from The Spanish-American War until today, its all been for the jewish and WASP elites benefit.

      • @ Arrian, agreed, for a lot of white guys, the military is the ticket out of the trailer park, the hollar, the once solid working class neighborhoods, some of us, have too learn the hard way….

        • So the argument is that a person working for the enemy is justified if it increases his income? How does that make sense?

          Imagine a Palestinian working as an informant for the IDF against his fellow Palestinians or something, and when his fellow Palestinians call him a traitor he responds with “no, it’s okay, see the IDF is paying me.” If anything, that makes it worse because the person sells out for something as petty as a little bit more money (not as if military homos are rolling in cash either).

        • “military is the ticket out of the trailer park, the hollar………., ”

          Yes, because jewmerica doesn’t give a good education, apprenticeship, trainiing or distance learning.

          ALL BY DESIGN !

  14. The American military is there to defend the United States, it’s not there so Washington blowhards can micro manage the planet. It’s not international 911, it’s not a court system, it’s not there to punish the guilty, or see to it that justice is done. Every war that America has fought since 1950 has involved smaller countries that had done nothing to the American people but had annoyed the foreign policy obsessives in the U.S. capital. They have been joined now by the Israel first bunch and the ‘woke’ progressives who are determined to destroy American civilization from within.

    I assume these people are from more or less the same backgrounds, Ivy League schools who don’t seem to teach anything except the joy of sexual abnormality, and what a crap country the United States is and has always been.

  15. America no longer needs an effective military. There’s nothing left to fight for, either at home, or abroad.
    Fighting in Afghanistan whilst the left and diversities are destroying America at home…….makes a lot of sense.
    Tell your son’s not to sign up. The queers and black wamam can have it.

    • “There’s nothing left to fight for”:

      One young man I know is planning to enlist in the new U.S. Space Force, that will expand U.S. imperialism to the Moon and Mars, militarize and privatize outer space and Earth-orbital space providing protection for corporate commercial satellites, and U.S. corporations to claim property on the Moon, to mine the Moon for rare earth metals, etc.

      • @anonymous,
        You mean rare Moon metals! Lol.
        But yeah it’s inevitable that once we’ve outgrown earth and overpopulate and pollute it to hell, we’ll be taking ourselves, and our problems, to the next great frontier.
        I’m so disallusioned with the human race, including my own, now that I don’t care what becomes of it after I’ve gone.
        Whites are more likely to be liberal, gay, transgender, start wars, defend LTBGQ and all that shit, surrender their technology to regimes that shouldn’t possess it………… it’s past time for the real whites, and real men, to stand up and take back control.
        We’re so weak that we let half of Afghanistan relocate to the West after a failed war that the Jews and Israel wanted. Yet, did Israel take any Afghans?
        We shouldn’t survive if we can’t be strong.

        • @Goose I’m convinced the pull-out was in agreement for taking thousands of “refugees” from Afghanistan. After all, we don’t have enough nonwhites living off of our paychecks.

          • @Pilot,
            In twenty years time, expect ten million Chinese and Taiwanese refugees into Kansas because they ‘helped us’ and chose to get involved. Australia and Europe……..the same scenario.
            Along with filling labour shortages for fruit pickers and students using our Universities because it helps the economy, just another method of sending us extinct.

        • @ Goose They will need enough whites around, to work and generate tax money to support all of these so-called refugees. These people who come here have no problem taking from us and our children and their children. They are parasitic. They will yell at you for not speaking their language to them, in OUR country. Someone must be coaching them to be so bold and arrogant. I am really tired of Mexican and Central Americans, too, and their attitudes. Instead of trying to better their own nations, which they obviously don’t care to do, they come here to live off of us. A white woman from Eastern Europe in her 30s told me that to come to the US, she had to prove she had a job here and spoke English. She saw the discrimination right away.

          • @Pilot,
            I’m sure the nose have plans in place to keep just enough whites around to aid their shenanigans. Who else will provide the IQ, manpower and submissiveness to assist their agenda? Somalians or Pakis are of no use to them. Jews are smart. They want us outnumbered, but not gone.

        • They’re talking about mining asteroids, too. How will they land the tons of mined material on earth safely? The U.S. Space Force is about militarizing space, buying billions and billions of dollars of space weapons from the weapons industry. Putting more unecessary commercial and military satelites and nuclear reactors into orbit is more disaster in the making, since what goes up eventually comes down. But I am in favor of purely scientific space exploration.

  16. My introduction to “affirmative action” was as a young soldier in the late 1970’s. I was denied an advanced training slot so a black could have it, and I was told he got it because he was black, not because he was qualified or even cared about it.

    Most Americans are not aware that recruiting advertisements have been run in Spanish for many years. If you think they will not recruit from the waves of illegal military age third worlders pouring over the border, you are mistaken.

    These few mentioned items should be a serious wakeup call for White people. But, as always, most will remain willfully ignorant of the fact that the marxtards now have the apparatus to build a new Red Guard. One that hates White people.

    Wait! I have an idea! VOAT MOAR HARDER!

    • “My introduction to “affirmative action” was as a young soldier in the late 1970’s. ”

      Just remember , ” we’re all just different shades of brown”.

      • @Arrian

        My dad retired in 1974, with 26 years service. He said that if the service had been like it was beginning to become in the early 70’s, he would have never volunteered in the first place. He was glad he got out when he did. I decided not to serve, for the same reasons he was glad to get out. My parents taught me to avoid all entanglements with government, as much as possible.

        As an elderly neighbour lady used to say back in the early 90’s; “We don’t have a country anymore.”

  17. Because the US military fights for Israel / globohomo / bankers/ corporation these developments are to be welcomed.

  18. I was in the active army and National Guard for sixteen years, and I agree with Blip Blop that most soldiers never get near a gun. There are rewards of being in the military and I was glad I served, but you also see a lot of incredible waste and stupidity. Also, I got my first real view of blacks, and that was helpful. There were no nasty incidents, just that you see them for what they are. You see a lot of life in uniform, and like it’s said in Macbeth, I said the less and thought the more.

    As for Vietnam, Colonel Anthony Herbert, one of America’s most decorated soldiers, wrote SOLDIER, his memoirs and especially his service in Vietnam in the Americal division, dealing with discipline and atrocities. You have to read between the lines, but he wrote most of the problems were with blacks, especially the undisciplined ones in the rear. Too many officers were in the ticket-punching mentality, and a bad report on race would hurt their careers, so they ignored racial problems.

    I note Milley, the army and armed forces head and the one who stabbed Trump in the back, was the one who brought back the old brown colored WWII army uniforms. I think they look tacky. Milley chose them because, as he said. “they were the uniform of my father, who was of the Greatest Generation.”
    It’s almost totemic, relying on some kind of historical magic to make the army feel stronger and more united…sort of like the Sioux in the ghost dances believing their chants and dance would make them impervious to soldier’s bullets.

    How good is our military? We do have a lot of fancy hardware, and there’s no doubt the elite units are groomed to excellence, but America has never really fought an equal foe since 1945, and we have to remember it was, like in WWI, where the game had gone on for several quarters until the American junior varsity came on the field.

    We have always relied on superior firepower. American military prowess will likely end when (1.) our Air Force is decimated…when we send out dozens of planes on more saturation bombing, and two thirds of them don’t return, or (2.) the economy simply collapses, and no more ducats for defense, or what’s left will go to salaries and pensions of the brass, and not to weapons.
    I’m sure the system has some secret units somewhere, perhaps from Blackwater and the like to defend to the last round. Maybe just turned loose on the population to keep them in line…where army brown turns out be the new Black and Tans.
    Of course, if the economy flips over, mercs will be a problem. Their motto is “no money, no battle.”

  19. America was invaded and conquered in the 16th and 17th Centuries. By 1815, any real, external enemies America® had, were completely eliminated. But for a potential naval rivalry and fight over Cuba, with Argentina and Brasil, in the late 19th Century, we were done with wars.

    Now we’re being invaded and conquered by the descendants of the Aztec, Mayan and Incan Empires. And conquered from within, by the Jews, their coloured auxiliaries, and their ostensible White, Yankee stooges.

    Our armed forces are useless to stop it.

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