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  1. HW keep rocking!

    A rocking Christmas/New year!

    Thanks for posting my half dork incoherent sentiments of current issue that can’t get a free speech blog!

    Your a True Southern!

    A! Trailblazers!

    My blessings to your kin!

    Keep rocking in a free world you create!

  2. Merry Christmas to all my American cousins. Best wishes to you all. We will never go quietly into that good night. Never.

  3. Not to be a downer but modern Santa was a marketing campaign by Coca Cola. Even
    Europeans celebrate the Coke Santa rather than Sinter Claus (or whatever their local version was) on the 25th. Sinter Claus is the patron saint of bad poetry and is about to be erased from history because his elf slave is a POC.

    • KT-88,

      In the Christmas film “Miracle on 34th Street,” Kris Kringle sing the Sinter Klaus song with the orphan from the Netherlands.

      The “Black Pete” episode of “The Office ” was hilarious.

  4. The Twelve Daze of ZOGmass:


    (From the Whigger Problem Christmas Album)

    The first Day: Jeremy Visser gave to me: A Pisser-Possum in a Persimmon Tree

    2d Day: Bryan Reo gives me Two Nigger Lips

    3d Day: David Duck gives me Three Craigslist Skanks

    4th Day: Baal Finck gives Four Papist-Preterists

    5th Day: Klunt Downey gives Five Herpes Sores

    6th Day: TraitorGlenn Miller gives Six Grand Jury Indictments

    7th Day: April Gaede gives Seven Anal Warts

    8th Day: Axis Skanky gives Eight Hand jobs

    9th Day: Kevin Alfred Strom gives Nine Kiddie Porn Pics

    10th Day: Alex Linder gives Ten Colostomy Bags

    11th Day: Corn Cobb gives Eleven Years Hard Labor

    12 Day: Eli James gives Twelve Mamzers in See-Eye Dentistry

    And while the above seems messed up, remember there is always re-gifting.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  5. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, Brad & Family! I intend to send you a few dollars, and I hope everyone else does too.

  6. FYI, Trump is getting roasted by commenters at two blog websites that are reliably pro-Trump, Ace of Spades HQ and Conservative Treehouse. The AOS proprietor has some willingness to criticize Trump for his more foolish inactions, but “Sundance,” the Treehouse Host, is 100% on Trump’s side in everything.
    Both have noted recently that Trump was touting his Operation Warp Speed and the vaccines created therein as his greatest accomplishment, and ignored all evidence of the vaccine’s harmful side effects and general ineffectiveness in stopping the spread.
    As noted, commenters are strongly criticizing DJT for being out of touch with both the negative impact of vaccines generally and the totalitarianism of the Establishment in using vaccine mandates to corral its opponents. It appears it is not true that Trump can literally say or do anything while retaining his political support.
    So the danger we Regime Dissidents perceive in Trump getting back into the White House only to be neutered for 4 more years we will never get back might just be abating. Seems people are not as slavish in their attitudes towards perceived saviors as suspected. Trump had his chance; he displays nothing showing he has learned from his prior occupancy of the Office of the Presidency how to govern or even that he did not actually do so previously. Good riddance,

    • Yes I note even Vox Day is now siding with Alex Jones in his criticism of Trump, acknowledging a year later that Trump was always just a boomer who would never ‘get it’ – though still strangely claiming him to be the best president since Andrew Jackson.

      Andrew Jackson actually accomplished something while president. He put an end to one of the earlier attempts by (((City of London))) Yankee puppets to install a central bank (government-chartered usury-counterfeiting racket). What did Cheetohead accomplish? Tweeting his days away by “owning the libs”? No wars were ended, no swamps were drained and the judges appointed were of the typical Republican back-stabbing type. Unless one considers pardons of Jew swindlers and violent negroes an “accomplishment”, he accomplished nothing at all for his supporters and much for their enemies – like all Republicans.

        • He was taking that position for several weeks as I recall. He’s right on many things – like building your own platforms (to give one example) – but I think living in the EU for as along as he has leads to some false assumptions about the situation here in the states. Still can’t quite put down the fake-orange hopium pipe all the way – yet. It looks like he’s finally headed in that direction though.

          Hopefully J.R. Chloupek is correct. Trump’s endorsement of the Fauci narrative and taking credit for the disastrous ‘operation warp speed’ might well derail him for with his base. This would be welcome news, since it has by now become apparent that he works for the same parent company Ol’Joe the Pedo does (lots of trips to Epstein’s places too). The larger problem of course is the bogus opposition Republicans and that fact there is no effective opposition at all to the uniparty and the Khazarian mafia is serves.

  7. BTW, I join other commenters in wishing you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This forum is excellent in allowing our Host and guests to express perceptions of reality and conceptions about what it all means. Disagreement is no problem. Live long and prosper, as an old-school TV icon once said.

      • Fr. John, don’t hold Leonard Nimoy’s Jewish heritage against him. By all accounts he was a consummate gentleman who treated fans and other normies respectfully. And the salutation “live long and prosper” is likewise an appropriate wish for others, despite its Jewish origin.

        OD commenters like yourself are right to oppose Zionism as it is practiced within the commanding heights of the socio-economic-political complex. But we must never lose sight of the basic humanity of people, whatever their appearance or belief system, and their capacity as potential allies in the fight of the insecure against TPTB.

        Like former commenter Ivan T preached, we gain nothing in belittling others who are not exactly like ourselves, because their total personas are a part of the human genetic condition. The only issue that matters is whether a person can live their life without fear or favor. If not, that person is one of us, and should be treated as such.

        Live and let live, but collaborate to obtain additional material security. That is the ticket to a good life, as least potentially. Do not be fooled by the divide and conquer/bread and circuses of the Empire of Evil.

  8. To the commenter that’s always Irish/Celt-bashing…. I give you this article.


    Had JFK lived, we NEVER would have had Vietnam, nor would the Deicides have gained as complete a control over our nation… like it did under ‘WASPS’ Johnson/Nixon/Ford/Carter/Reagan, etc.

    Biden is an antichrist, and no true Catholic. But then, neither is Bergoglio!

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